Creating An Edible Pancake Landscape

Good Mythical MORE

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    Today, we're seeing who can make the most beautiful landscape out of pancakes. Check it out on Good Mythical MORE, the show after the show! GMMORE #1855
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    1. Marvina Bigby

      They love what they do it seems.I am sure thier teachers are both proud and envious at the same time.

    2. RoDRoc 07

      The mythical pigs...

    3. Luke Hendrickson

      I actually really enjoyed the music they should put it in every episode

    4. Lilpeej D

      Loved it ... so creative!

    5. mike chapman

      Batter Daddy Merch Please!

    6. Tao Stone

      I'm surprised no one in their production crew or either of them have thought about installing overhead cameras for times like this I feel it would be a worthwhile investment.

    7. Meghna Satheesh

      Link won, hands down, even though this wasn't a competition

    8. Autumn Riley

      I have seen every season of GBBO that's on Netflix, some of them several times. It's amazing, and I'm loving this GBBO convo

    9. Aeris Hixson

      I can totally picture Paul Hollywood just G L A R I NG at them while they did this!

    10. Victoria FitzGerald

      The Mighty Boosh love all day everyday!!

    11. Karis Richardson

      dude every time rhett cheats the wheel of mythicality so it lands on gifticality i feel a surge of happiness from seeing that these are genuinely good people

    12. コルビーeCSTatic

      thank you for the tips, batter daddy

    13. Hilary Gladstone

      The Mighty Boosh is amazing!

    14. nanana2454

      I love seeing their rawselves

    15. Nakota Shaner

      The bananas in the peanut butter are giving me flashbacks 😳

    16. Jessica Brighton

      Link you were the clear winner don't worry and I have a visual Arts Bachelor.

    17. Seth Cain

      Butter flavored syrup is trash. U gotta soak the butter into the pancakes it's not the same.

    18. Seth Cain

      I love how they pretty much have a live studio audience but it literally just the crew.

    19. Coltography

      I don't know why but this episode, specifically, always auto-plays after every single episode I click. I don't get it.

    20. Loren Pitti

      They can finally use their engineering degrees!

    21. Krystal Keyes

      Amazing jobs fellas ⭐⭐

    22. Mohammad Ikhsan

      Watching Rhett & Link talk about Noel Fielding makes me feel warm inside

    23. Hanna W

      "Maybe I'm British" is my favorite quote from Link

    24. sarsippious

      I wish I could do this in real life ... 8:08

    25. Raven Reigns

      I like my pancakes about 85-90% dry, and I can't stand butter on them unless it's flavored

    26. Raven Reigns

      When given and art proud my elementary school teacher would play classical music and it always made me feel free to make my art, which in my opinion would be bomb!

    27. TheMagentaPuppy

      I'm seriously impressed with both of those creations!

    28. Cameron

      I actually love Link’s. The use of the banana stems blew me away

    29. Brooke Middleton

      Petition to change Mythical Beasts to Mythical Pigs

    30. LoyalGamingYT

      My dad does the same thing

    31. Chris Moon

      The Good Mythical Pigs "You can't call the crew that any more." OMG 🤣🤣🤣🤣 You seriously need to make that a 2021 merch thing!!!!

    32. Chris Moon

      I wish Link's bacon palm tree would have stayed together

    33. Princess Sarah

      Rhett's: Look's dilicious Link's: What??????? But butiful

    34. Kevin Sullivan

      Batter Saturday? Not Batterday?

    35. Gamer Zaps

      I not very happy at the moment because my whole class had to go home being called close contacts but this made me smile

    36. Emma Rose Patrick

      link: wouldn't wanna mess up my *cashmere sweater* link, immediately afterward: *drags his wrist through peanut butter*

    37. Jaime Moore

      Yay! Boosh fans!

    38. Scott Nelson

      They still haven’t learned.. Don’t give Link knives 4:00 Sorry Link

    39. Beth Orr

      I freaking LOVE banana pancakes!🍌🥞

    40. exhalevibes

      Links kids got 3 parents?

    41. wordsinahandle

      Link should've poured syrup down the blueberry waterfall and used some strawberries

    42. Donnen Glover

      Look up what’s Vanilla extract

    43. Username 4343

      Yees mighty Boosh. Always thought Rhett and Link would make good crimpers 😂

    44. Diane

      hahahaha good mythical pigs lol

    45. Nicholas Granato

      Watching Link's process is fascinating in the way that Planet Earth is fascinating. I love Planet Earth.

    46. RoseMarie M

      Link won, by far. 🏆 (They should've both been female trees 😀).

    47. BenoProductions

      "We Americans feel like we need to be dramatic for no reason" uuuhhhh... Gordon Ramsay?

    48. Mae

      Rhett, I giggled at that Marxism joke even though they all ignored you. Applause, my dude.

    49. Elizabeth Michelle Billeaudeaux

      Batter day Saturday...Batterday 🤓

    50. Tanya Lucier

      Just Link shuffling pancakes for 5 minutes.

    51. Stephi LaReine

      Hearing people from the US talk about the Mighty Boosh makes my heart sing.

    52. Светлана Николаева

      watching two middle-aged dads playing

    53. hellagood67

      Noel Fielding is eclectic 😉

    54. Ahmed Ismael

      Rhett’s face when he was waiting for a reaction Good Mythical Pigs 😂

    55. Jackson Cantrell

      Do they really do these like early early morning

    56. Fern Fernis Fernie

      As if I couldn't love them more they mention they're fans of Noel Fielding and The Mighty Boosh. Legends supporting legends - I love to see it.

    57. Michael Berryman

      Rhett making a Gazebo reminded me of the Time Rangerers

    58. cynsen

      Cashmere sweater! Link have you watched Schitt’s Creek?

    59. Erica Chetek

      GBBO is my second favorite show after GMM 😍❤️❤️❤️

    60. Daisy Kowalczykowski

      Rhett's looks like a turtle with giant legs

    61. hXc Hector

      Good Mythical Pigs?

    62. Kennedy Dotson

      this is a great example of the mores that are unexplainably perfect

    63. Laura A

      Loved the music added in hahaha

    64. pezzersify

      GBBS is my happy place!

    65. Amanja Devedzc

      Link’s song! 😂 9:10

    66. Rafael Sánchez

      RAP! What was that? 🤣

    67. paft

      It's nice to see Americans understand that "[...]the way we Americans feel we have to make everything dramatic for no reason[...]". But at the same time as a Brit, I've never even watched it. Just the odd clips.

    68. Klara Stern

      hmm... now I'm not sure if it was ever true that they give their food from the show to pigs...

    69. laurindax

      It makes me so happy that they like The Mighty Boosh and Noel!

    70. becky kay

      Rhett starts doing sumthing with height, Link starts doing sumthing, then looks at rhetts and changes his mind to do whatever it takes to get his higher than rhetts lol.

    71. Shannon Pinette

      This is my moms account but anyway Rhett needs a haircut BAD!!😂🤣

    72. Monica Burnett

      Looks like a house from the Grinch

    73. Piccasobeat D.

      Batter daddy’s got secrets

    74. Asya Jackson

      Rhett and Link talking about Noel Fielding and the Mighty Boosh brings a massive smile to my face : )

    75. Katelyn3666

      This was so much fun watching them, I think they both did a great job. This would be a fun, if messy activity for kids.

    76. Maryann

      I always think its sweet when Rhett stops the wheel on giftacality

    77. Gabriel Moline

      Since covid, GMMORE is way better than GMM, and GMM is better than most things, already.

    78. Patricia Rodriguez

      Rhett always stops in gifticality we must protect this show

    79. Sa rah

      I'm sooooo glad you know about Mighty Boosh!! I was thinking that some of your stuff from Buddy System looked as though it was inspired by them! :)

    80. Be Yourself

      Love the pancake landscapes! Looks like fun too!

    81. shirakikuu


    82. Grace Bauer

      GGMore is so DEEPLY SOOTHING

    83. Batoul N

      You have 3 youtube channels?

    84. Snickers Eats Cookies

      Rhett: “Theres a protein pancake.....” Link: “Oh are those the ones with the protein in them?” Well how’d he guess?

    85. Elijah Cee

      Good mythical pigs lmao

    86. Joely Dorman

      never expected them to talk about Noel Fielding on GMM but here we are. 😅. Love it

    87. Franklin Francis

      What an ending XD

    88. LC-98

      “Batter daddy’s got secrets.”

    89. Trinket Zex

      I friggin KNEW IT! their puzzle sketch song was inspired by Mighty Boosh crimping!

    90. Shankrish Cube Tube

      Lmao "Good mythical Pigs" xD

    91. Samantha Elizabeth

      Rhett knows what’s up with The British Baking Show.

    92. azhurelwarrior

      All of the Marxist references were hilarious The animal farm joke didn’t fly over my head either, nice one Rhett

    93. NotSilkOrSatan

      Rhett could get a Hollywood handshake for that show stopping pancake art

    94. Lindsay F

      Mighty Boosh!!!

    95. lavendel

      Does anyone else wake up to Good Mythical Morning, but then save Good Mythical More to fall asleep to at night?

    96. Lindsay F

      Banana pancakes are my FAVORITE

    97. Nico Silverman-Lloyd

      Is anyone really confused as to what Link put on top of that tree

    98. Dimitri Boukas

      Link and Rhett your show is wholesome and perfect.

    99. Marlynn Williams

      Good Mythical Pigs = reference to Animal Farm 😂😂😂😂

    100. Dimitri Boukas

      Btw the “top” link for good mythical more is at the bottom lmaoo