Bass Fishing the TOUGHEST Lake in TEXAS - Road to the Classic Ep. 26 Lake Lewisville Practice

Scott Martin

54 миӊ. көрүүлөр7

    We have 2.5 days to figure out where the big ones hide in one of the stingiest lakes in Texas so we can qualify for the Bassmaster Elite Series and Bassmaster Classic.
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    1. Scott Martin

      MAN THIS LAKE WAS TOUGH! How is the fishing where y'all are from?

      1. Bassing Boy

        It's very easy if you know what the pattern is but most of the time we catch them in the reeds or lily pads and even drop offs.

      2. Milesh fishing Outdoors

        Do you know pat shlopper

      3. PB Hunting&FISHING

        It’s been good on lake istapoka

      4. Scott O,Donahoe

        Getting some big small mouth while walleye fishing up here in WI. Fish are moving into deep wintering holes .They haven't stopped feeding , just getting ready to nap till spring ! Pool 6 Mississippi river !

      5. I Don't Know Fishing

        18 mph wind and crystal clear water, 52 degrees. It's not a consistent bite now.

    2. Damage INC Outdoors

      The best of the best!!!!!!

    3. Rodney Rowe

      Little fish would be a good luck charm for the place your fishing.

    4. Nathan Thompson

      It was a striped bass but I call them stripe

    5. Brock Johnson

      Dude how bout that damn deer? Good job bro

    6. Brock Johnson

      Dude it’s hilarious watching Scott talk to us, and everyone else is like “duh whatever” guess it’s too early in the morning! Hahahah love you guys

    7. Conrad Marshall

      I miss brandon


      The stripes on a sand bass are straight but a hybrid has zig zag stripes. Ture fact. 100%


      Sand bass 100%

    10. Taylor Warren

      That’s a striped bass

    11. Christopher Miller

      I’d love it if you said what bait you use throughout the video. Even just as you pick it up. Or, in the video description. I can see how you twitch, reel, and pause those baits, but I don’t know what they are!


      My family lives on that lake. I want to fish it so bad

    13. Jon Acree

      One thing I've learned from the house walk thru and practice vids is Castledine doesn't really like ol Billy. lol

      1. Jon Acree

        Oh and every house y'all rent NEEDS a intercom system.

    14. Tyler Fish

      No wins cmon Scott your a legend

    15. Russ Keith

      Sand bass. The Lake Lewisville is full of them.

    16. rippin n lippin in tx

      Rattle trap is the best thing for that lake

    17. rippin n lippin in tx

      I fished lake Lewisville last month for a high school bass fishing tournament and i caught one that was 2.81 off rocks but its hard the lake is know for small fish

    18. Eric Mullins

      What does a person got to do to get a fishing trip with you

    19. Jason Olivo

      You haven’t fish canyon lake in Texas. That’s a tough lake!

    20. Brent Sorensen Outdoors

      Awesome video. Especially love the Vids with Billy in them love that guy. Billy you rock.

    21. Bill Oldham

      Roland your still the man.

    22. Connor Beacham

      @7:20 You can interrogate him all week. “Tell me where your friends are!”

      1. Scott Martin


    23. Jordan Karr

      Seen you driving down 121 last Saturday!

    24. Patrick Rasmusson

      Why don’t I see your name on bass master live

    25. Edward Wells

      I am pretty sure I know every spot and brush pile you were fishing! Ive hit many of them in my Yak several times throughout the year. In fact I was living were those lofts were before they emminent domained us. That marina has given up a lot of 8-10 pounders over the years. You missed a great spot thats always a winner for me thats almost directly across from those lofts on the north side of the lake at Oaklawn Park (park is closed to public). Its a submerged rocky point that comes off the shore. North side is shallow and gently slopes...the east side drops pretty quick and there are a lot of stumps there in about 12-18ft that are 2-4 ft high on the bottom. Few locals hit that spot and its the first spot I go to! I kill 'em on a jigging slab or Chatterbait with a fluke on it!!!

    26. Jackie Moon

      Everytime billy pops up I feel like if I asked him what's 2x2 he would say potato lol...

    27. BassGeek

      You know I LOVE that the tournament season has been moved back. Watching the best in the world chase the easiest bite (pre-spawn, spawn, post spawn) from Florida to NY every year isn't really showing us why pro's are pros. I want to see what you do one bad lakes in the toughest times of the year. Show us why your the best. Do what we can't.

    28. GOT'EM!!!

      🙏 for your ✌.... you can do it...

    29. Joshua Hettich

      This guy sounds like Theo von

    30. skullcrusher 5594

      Ay Ima be down at lake Okeechobee this weekend you trying to meet up to give me pointers on fishing I’m an amateur fisher who wants to get good at it

    31. Adam Smith

      Upper niagara is still fishing good for slob smallies. Trophy season. 1 fish over 20 inches. I wouldn't keep any bass when the river is full of nice walleye to eat. A white bass and a sand bass are the same fish.

    32. Adam Smith

      Tomorrow is NOT gone billy !

    33. Brent Hull

      "Illegal, But im with it"... hahahahaha

    34. jdogg661420

      i just want to catch fish!> i feel that.. my motorcycle was having electrical issues for the past few months.. finally got it fixed now.. and of course.. its tough fishing now.. skunked the past few times out on shore.. but hey cant get em if we aint trying.. i just been slow dragging or weightless but no luck.. usually thats all i do from the banks anyways.. gl out there. the worst part of fall winter.. its dark by time i get off work so just getting to lake is a pain sometimes during the week. one bonus though.. its colder so the lake is less packed on weekends usually especially if it isnt the nicest weather out. nice ones.

    35. Jeffrey Schoolcraft

      Lake Lewisville. baitfish will be jumpin and swirlin, bass be jumping out of the water like dang great white sharks, and you'll still catch NOTHING. I kayak fish Lewisville a lot and it's TOUGH. but that much better when you do catch one

    36. jasontheryan

      I feel like the cat is out of the bag now. The secret to Billy being Billy is 12oz cans of Mountain Dew.

    37. Stephen Jumps

      The Cayman Islands is easy to catch fish

    38. Steven Maness

      125th? May want to start focusing more on fishing than videos.

    39. John White

      That's the Justin Rackley white bass

    40. Mark Webb

      Billy is the coolest ever..

    41. JNB Grading & Gravel

      Even the pond fishing has been off here in North Texas this fall...but the turtle bite is ON!

    42. Rob B.

      Should have gone to sheels instead of bass pro.

    43. ThrillerBassing LMB

      I'm 15 and I recognized all of those songs

    44. Brian Clark

      Please do not take a fish tank around with you. A 50 gallon tank would barely be large enough for him. It would cause the fish so much stress in moving and then putting them back. You greatly increase the chance of the fish dying for no reason. If fish are going to die it should be for lunch or bait.

      1. Brian Clark

        @Scott Martin I like the idea of you guys having it in the tour house. At least it wouldn’t go to waste. I think Billy would eat it without being told it was chicken.

      2. Bradley Hallman

        @Scott Martin Southern Fried

      3. Scott Martin

        “For no reason”...that fish could have the time of his life hanging with us...

      4. Scott Martin

        We could just eat him

    45. Alejandro Suarez

      Martin I caught alot under the bridge 423 in the colony but weather seems tough and now we got rain

    46. luke stalnaker

      Hey Billy not sure how I feel about the stash

    47. Chris Anderson

      Looked up the results from the tournament. Wow. That’s a tough one

    48. Andrew Flanders

      That’s so funny. I know your second spot well. Over there at the end of the dam by pier 121

    49. Jason Riddle

      Your personal little pet for the trip, that's funny. Goodluck out there

    50. bent rodguy

      im still shocked at the catastrophic beatdown this lake gave you after this practice, you have caught more in your practice than i have in 2 weeks on lay lake , although i did have one epic day , but beside that you easily caught way more for the last 2 weeks, so bad i dont think im going to fish the open as it stands now, i will not make my final decision until the last minute

    51. Justin Dowis

      That was a white bass the sand bass have a yellow belly but look the same white bass get bigger than sand bass and hybrid bass look the same as white bass but they get bigger. Good luck also love the videos and congrats for Jacob on the monster buck.

    52. bent rodguy

      love the way billy used the sofia to keep his portable bed closed,,,,,we need more footage of him,,,,,,he is truly a naturally gifted comedian!

    53. Gavin Rome

      Well you had the waypoints to at least cash a check!!

    54. TheBlindkiller85407

      Don’t keep an aquarium for bass, the ammonia cycle will not work and you’ll be harming the fish. None the less it’s never advised to release a kept bass.

    55. Mitchell Traxler

      When we started fishing it was all about having fun. We tend to forget that. I really think we catch more fish when we fish for fun. Keep it up Scott, nice work

    56. Danny Drummond

      On your last video when I made the comment “good luck with Lewisville” it was not an expression, I know that lake. It can be brutal.

    57. Byron Hendrix Fishing

      Will you do a tutorial on how to get the colorized depth lines on your Garmins. I can’t figure it out

    58. Jeremy Newhouse

      Congratulations to your son, that was a awesome animal

      1. Scott Martin

        Thank you

    59. J Tee

      Scott swiped somebody's lure!

      1. Scott Martin


    60. J Tee

      Billy Gotta Bass, even bigger than Scott's on the first day, and Scott put it in the video! Will wonders never cease?

      1. Scott Martin


    61. K.C.

      It's great to see you come to the greatest state, my home... Texas!!!

      1. Scott Martin

        I actually like it in Texas..just not Lewisville lol

    62. Lewis Marshall

      White bass

      1. Scott Martin


    63. C&A Slots

      Ray Roberts is tougher

      1. C&A Slots

        @Scott Martin Roberts fishes good from mid February through May, there should be some huge sacks in the classic, I think we will see several 30 lb sacks

      2. Scott Martin


    64. bcamcam2

      It was a white bass, which is also a sand bass, LFG catches tons of them there...

    65. CGreat Things

      I’m so curious to see what happened day 1! I assume the fact that it was cloudy and windy kept you from fishing the brush piles effectively. Those almost always play.

      1. Scott Martin

        Correct..the clouds and wind after sunny slick hurt it bad..but still thought it would be ok

    66. Todd Cooper

      Lake Whitney is has and alway's been hard since that allege.

    67. Matthew Riddle

      Lol I was going to say something about billy mustache but I am going to keep it to myself lol 😂 😂😂😂

      1. Scott Martin


    68. Colby Bryan

      we call it lovely lake lewisville for a reason

      1. Scott Martin

        Lake Humble

    69. JaySoos O

      Pretty sure that was a Striped Bass @ 25:00, they get pretty big too, that one was a small guy.

    70. Sol1dus2

      so we are not going to talk about the green pickle rick lure?

      1. Scott Martin

        What green lure..🤫

    71. Josh Keith

      Hey you know it’s a good meal when there’s a roll of TP on the kitchen table!!! 😂😂

      1. Scott Martin


    72. Alex I

      That was definitely a sand bass which is a white bass

    73. Warren Whitaker

      Welcome to our world fellows. Nice to see ya’ll here

    74. J B

      i so hope you get to the classic... BASS needs you... wishing you the best of luck... go get em Scott... from New Hampshire

    75. Ayson

      out here in az we call those stripers aka the bass you caught with the stripe pattern

    76. Chris D

      10:10 that is a chartreuse pepper bubble fry. That is money in Texas.

    77. Michael Cobb

      Hickory creek side is good fishing

    78. Jolly Giant

      How's that Yamaha working out so so far this year?

      1. Scott Martin

        Its working great

    79. Tim Phillips

      Listening to Scott's excitement on day one of practice is a gut blow to me knowing how his day 1 of the tournament went. :(

      1. Scott Martin


    80. Joe Baker

      It was the water management of the lake that help create the tough fishing ! They should of left the rain we received in October rise and then stabilize the water level instead of dumping it. Lake would of opened up much more . Not sure why they dumped that water before a BASS event...made no sense. I emailed a complaint to them

      1. Scott Martin

        Most water management organizations seem to do the opposite of what would be good for a fishery

    81. Big Chad

      I swear I always do good at lakes people say suck. But I suck at lakes that are supposed to be real good. I catch good fish every time at lewisville.

    82. Action Jackson 618

      I thought lake fork was the toughest lake in Texas?

      1. Scott Martin

        No way

    83. Jake Porter

      Bring back the UFC fighter!

    84. Grimes Finds

      Awesome, that’s about 20 minutes from us.

    85. Captain Ron And Platinum Club Member

      Scott u finish in top 20 next tournament or should I say last tournament u should be in top4 and get invited to the elite

      1. Scott Martin

        Ready to get this over with🤙🏻💪🏼

    86. Jim K

      Yeah!!! Billygottabass and teaches math. Tough fall but you guys have to stay positive.

    87. Kevin Smith

      Hillary could have quadruple the bag u finished with , sorry bout the bad tournament Scott . But u can’t deny Hillary would have beat ur bag..

      1. Scott Martin


    88. Nathaniel Trowbridge

      I am crying right now. Yall are cracking me up. I am recovering from covid so these videos are really good to watch quarantined in my room. Great video!

      1. Nathaniel Trowbridge

        @Scott Martin thank you been a rough one. But the Lord is faithful. Be praying for you!

      2. Scott Martin

        Glad I can help hope you get to feeling better 👊🏻

    89. Mark Marshall

      You better pray that Biden doesn't get to be President or you won't be fishing at all Scott. I'm hoping that you guys get to keep fishing. 💯👍🙏🙏🙏🙏

      1. Big Banana Fishing

        Da hell you talking about son? First off, Biden won the election. He will be President. Secondly, Biden ain't gonna do nothing but maybe help clean the water in 20 years or so. If Trump taught me anything it's that Presidents aren't really that important. Governors have more power over you than anyone else.

    90. David Roulston

      Sand Bass

    91. Tony Pascale

      The fall bite has been way off this year. The bass are not feeding like usual and are definitely not where they are supposes to be.

    92. m t

      Scott, I've taken tons of Sandies outa that lake, they eat real good.

    93. The Great Outdoors With Parker Strickland

      what’s a top speed on the z520 with the 250sho and i was wondering how far do you trim the motor up once you plane off.

    94. Dbars19

      all those texas lakes this time of year are going to be white bass Olympics

    95. Zach Moran

      Great video! And White Bass.

    96. Mark Marshall

      You really do need to get a fish tank and put the first smallest fish in it and name it. Whichever one of you guys that catches the smallest one first has to name it and put your last name with the fish. That first one that you caught would be named Lewis Martin. 🤣👍🦈

    97. Matt Clark

      That would be awesome to have a pet bass for the week. Maybe it will give you good luck. Keep up the great work and enjoy your time on the water. Everyone is so funny

    98. Sonny Morrison

      You guys have the best of the best and you can't catch fish the excuse we use if we had a top notch graphics or the top notch trolling motor or the best reels what do you guys use? Not trying to be a smart ass

    99. Chris Adams

      I can't believe someone hasn't beat the hell out of Billy by now.

      1. Scott Martin

        It getting real close to

    100. Dbars19

      if you wanna be a pro you have to be able to catch em all year round, all over the country.