How do I come up with new colors to make? #shorts

Tonester Paints

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    My creative process for making paint colors. #shorts

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    1. YouTubeChannel 1

      The moment when 3000 commenting people self diagnose something and are 100% sure about it

    2. YouTubeChannel 1

      I ThOuGht iM thE onLy OnE

    3. YouTubeChannel 1

      He's talking about mixing colors like it was a rocket science. Sorry but that's just sad

    4. Jonathan Mallett *JT*

      If you need new music and haven't heard of andy mineo you definitely should listen to so of his tracks

    5. Alexander Bohorquez

      I’m pretty sure evryone has it

    6. Ryverse

      “How do you come up with new colors to make?” The long story, short: Paint go in more paint The long story:

    7. Ryan 'B.Eatz' Conner

      You should do videos on mixing colors by the sound of independent music artists!

    8. tallspidey

      i mean everyone has a sense of it? like were taught to correlate colors with ideas and concepts, but then that leads down the path of people doing it themselves.

    9. TheTastyMarmot

      That’s called blue nigga

    10. Bruhmomentngl

      Chew five gum let me see if it stimulates your senses

    11. Ohmlord

      Hmmmm.... Territorial pissings by Nirvana

    12. Soph Da Snail Loaf

      Brendon Urie also experiences this

    13. G Rodriguez

      And it's not always useful! Signed, the musician and composer with smell-taste synesthesia

    14. AndroidMan

      I call that dsi blue

    15. jayden pringle

      It's all fun and games until you find out you colourblind

    16. ai boy


    17. Ran

      W a i t t h i s w a s n t n o r m a l?

    18. Bhadrun Chaudhari

      Hey my name is Noophekha cna you make a color of my name

    19. XxBlooIsLyfexX

      Tbh- When I'm writing a story chapter on Wattpad, I listen to music and it's really soothing. I got a lot of ideas when listening to music too

    20. Emily Hsiao

      Perfect pitch too?

    21. Greg and The big man

      I have the same boots

    22. Sebastian the cat

      I do to except it's mainly my ears and it feels like things are extremely loud when they aren't

    23. just a carbon based life form

      I mean I give personalities to numbers and colors Does that count

    24. Duck Kween

      I don't think I have it but I do read words and think of certain colors. It's can be names, months, ect. Name: Christine = a purple Month: January= bluey gray Yea idk just somethin I do

    25. Molly Mooo

      That’s so cool! Wish that happened to me.

    26. StrangerThings Addict

      My LA teacher has synesthesia

    27. karma

      I think of words as flavours like flowers r raisins Anxeity is honey

    28. Boo

      I always thought that was normal. . .

    29. Kareem Saheb

      I have the same thing and numbers make me think of different colors

    30. MsCookie

      I have this then cuz certain words make me think of certain colors like the word money makes me think of a Green or darkish green

    31. Rao Harshwardhan

      No White ⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪ base

    32. MeliMelon

      What color was this song in the background?

    33. •LunaAtMidnight_ •

      Like how math is blue and science is green

    34. Been

      Well I guess I have synesthesia

    35. Sam Fletcher

      Oh my gosh I thought I have rhat

    36. Slasher shark

      the same thing happens to me

    37. The cool color blue

      R is feminine

    38. Strawberry Milk Wearing Silk

      That was a beautiful baby blue 😍

    39. Niklas Fächner

      5 gum

    40. Cactus Gas

      When you listen to the among us music what color do u think of

    41. AnnoyingBush

      Chew 5 gum, stimulate your senses

    42. eden arviv

      That my room color not joking

    43. ExoTic BlisS

      Okayyyyyyyy sure you do buddy

    44. mathijs jacké

      What do you mean come up with new colours? It's not like you can just invent some new colour or something.

    45. Ethan Reyes

      have you ever listened to spanish music you should try especially eslabon armado 🦫

    46. Emily Martin

      Um Black Brown White Grey Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Purple And anything in between

    47. Mary_ Washers

      Could you try a colour inspired by "creature" by half alive, they make very interesting music :)

    48. Supposedly Nick

      What colour is this song?

    49. S.A.M

      That's pretty close to true cyan

    50. Pacific GreatWhite

      Ryan met also experiences vivid mental images when listening t ok certain sounds.

    51. GoodAim9361

      I always think of a place when I smell something

    52. E- Turtle

      I’m an idiot, I never put the connection that my street name = a giant ac unit to the fact that I have synesthesia

    53. Rosie Noman

      Blue- Wednesday and December

    54. Rosie Noman

      I have that to

    55. Quetzal Person

      Oof me and my family always thought it was called synthesia not synesthesia

    56. all CAPS

      Synesthesia sounds like a bullshit disease..... lmao like anyone could make that shit up, and it’s no coincidence that his examples of ppl who have this is ppl in music who make shit music and call it “creative”. Lol

    57. Kumayl Soonasra

      can u pleaseeeee make neon yellow (if u can add glow in the dark powder that would be so good) but pleaseee

    58. Viki Gamepro

      Every letter in the alphabeth and every number has a colour to me. Answer my Comment and ask me a letter/number and i will tell you the colour

    59. olive Luna

      Wow that's cool when I listen to music I feel it

    60. Ventricle Soup

      I kinda get that. I do that when I'm writing or doing math. Certain words and ideas and numbers have certain colors associated with them. It's like they have personality.

    61. Bee

      Woah! I have synesthesia as well! Very cool.

    62. Neon Reptar

      I want to know what color he pictures when he listens to avenged sevenfold hail to the king

    63. i am a cat

      i thought that was a normal thing 😳😳😳

    64. Cameron Willson

      What’s that dark greenish collor, the third color

    65. Dazzling Burritoes

      I usually see colors when i see number when I was younger like 6 to 12 something, but after that Math class begin very frustrating that I forgot how they look like anymore.

    66. Annie El

      that’s a pretty color

    67. Alpha

      I think i might have sinestisia because when i see a number or even a letter i see a color for it for instance 6 is yellow

    68. Arnée

      Tuesday has always been like green for me, like since I was ten

    69. Donut Wonders

      The color I think of when I hear the word bird is blue or red Maybe it’s because of Twitter.... And Red Robin’s.. And the color I think of when I hear th word poppy is purple and pinkl

      1. Donut Wonders

        @Joanna Now that you say that..

      2. Joanna

        Is anyone else not gonna think of ratatouille when he eats the strawberry

    70. Ask to seduce Miss

      interactions the numbers were having with each other jkgfhfdfh

      1. Joanna

        I have something similar to this. I've always had my taste and hearing mixed up, so words sound like food. For example, the word, "baby" reminds me of caramel.

    71. Bill Tree

      "I have synthestasia" Yeah y'all just making up words. I'll be sure to tell Santa Claus

    72. Burgandy Burleson

      Day 26 of asking for colors based off of different zodiac signs

    73. Lorelipcel10

      Im like he but with drawings and stories, somebody put a music. I can imagina a hole story within that music

    74. Lemon_I_Am

      He hears the colour.

    75. playboi arizonnaaa

      Listen to carti

    76. Professional Commenter

      I have a type of synesthesia, music makes me very emotional and I usually cry depending on the type of music.

      1. YouTubeChannel 1

        That's not synesthesia I think

    77. Ched

      get a life

    78. REAL Money

      Everybody has dat my boy it isnt taht uncommon

    79. Trey Marcum

      Can the bro in the vid do a color based on listening to Living Colour Cult Of Personality.

    80. Kinanti DR

      how do you know how much paint color (starter?) to put when you're mixing your paint to reach the desired color from your synesthesia?

    81. Everyone

      he should be an artist instead with that condition

    82. Joanna

      the good work and Never Give Up!

    83. Sapphire Smith

      Yo I have synesthesia! I thought it was normal that all letters and numbers have different colors.

    84. Tokuko Kitagawa

      I have something similar to this. I've always had my taste and hearing mixed up, so words sound like food. For example, the word, "baby" reminds me of caramel.

    85. Luis Ramirez

      Is anyone else not gonna think of ratatouille when he eats the strawberry

    86. bofooit gojo

      Day 3 of asking for the name SOUMYA as a colour. It means gentle, kind, beauty & something related to MOON And I'm sorry I don't have Tiktok. It is banned in our country 🙏🏼

    87. Mikey M :D

      I have synesthesia, but for me, I associate personalities and human qualities to letters and numbers. It took me ages to figure out that no one else did math by remembering the interactions the numbers were having with each other jkgfhfdfh

    88. Mischief the NightWing

      I actually have a mild form of synesthesia that makes me associate numbers, words and letters with certain colors. It’s surprisingly common.

    89. Mondo Butter

      I associate months with colors depending on what the month prepares like december its either white or green bc of christmas or november is blue greyish bc of clouds and rain. (And for some dumb fucking reason i associate numbers and letters with genders I think im dumb asf)

    90. Alva Guerra

      Bruh anybody do this but with letters or numbers

    91. Eʀᴇɴ Jᴇᴀɢᴇʀ

      Wow so that's what it's called. I thought I was the only one like that 😅

    92. Vincent Arquisola

      hey one question what color is the song never gonna give you up?

    93. Shaxboz Qurbonov

      Тихналогия 3синфлар очик дарс

    94. Grimm Reaper

      Ok buddy I don't think it's that hard to remember colours

    95. Massachusetts State

      So it's not JUST hearing something and associating colors with it but it's for other senses too? Would that mean seeing a video and associating smell with it is also a form?

    96. Ali Alshaikh

      I thought I was the only one who imagined words/numbers in specific colors whenever I hear them or think about them

    97. Loopster

      Dude I thought everybody has this hshs I’m glad I guess I just thought I was normal

    98. Cassie

      I'm glad I'm not alone, but sadly I can't make the colors I have when they are in my head

    99. Bella Briscall

      After watching this I thin in I have this, except for me it is when I eat food think of a number letter or person, is that a thing?


      Day 3 of asking for the name SOUMYA as a colour. It means gentle, kind, beauty & something related to MOON And I'm sorry I don't have Tiktok. It is banned in our country 🙏🏼