Quando Rondo Tells OTF “Go Pick Up Yo Manz”? Drops A Response Song To King Von 🔫


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    This is sad‼️

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    1. Lookitzjay


    2. Cb 3

      They could just fight like man but quando manz had to shot

    3. Durag wavvyy

      Dont wish death fr not a God thing ❗❗ stop saying " rondo is dying" ok he did some dumb stuff but dont wish death 😔

    4. justin nixon

      People keep sayin quondo a dead man walking even tho we all know if he move rite an don’t go to fuckin chiraq he’ll be jus fine 😂

    5. Nessa Marie

      Quando is unoriginal and a jocker. Mostly a joke

    6. Nessa Marie

      Pick up ur man's is originally from Von song "for a fact"

    7. Jerome Noble

      Quando just doing to much.

    8. Miyah1987

      He dead wrong and he doing way to much at this point so whatever happens happens because this obviously what he wants. He trying to get clout when he wasn't even the trigger man he was the sorry ass can't fight man

    9. Stick Ninja1

      Didn't he Get Beat up by Von🤣 Plus all yall sayin he got jumped, NO HE DIDN'T Von was the only one he beat em up the other dudes were following

    10. BizNahEE5150

      For every lil clout and beef they want to break out in song😡

    11. Simone B

      Lols it's crazy because I never heard of him before until now I heard of King Von he really try in so hard to get attention but he is relevant. 🕊️ Long Live King Von 💙

    12. Rommel Marley

      Quando rondo is going to die. It sucks but it is what it is. Lil kim might as well stay locked

    13. Mikardo Sidbury

      He making it seem like he was getting jumped 😂 shit literally was a one on one .

      1. Unfunny_ Guy

        On god

    14. Barbara Johnson

      I'm just praying that it will not be any repercussions. or revenge for this it's just to much killing going on I was told by my mother back in the day Ppl use to fist fight str8 up no weapons knives or anything then once that fight over the next couple of days everything be back to normal those Ppl that faught still back hanging out like nothing even happened and that was in the 70's and 80's but now it's crazy because Ppl don't love each other like God loves us all they treats each other like enemies and that's 😔 all I'm gone say I would like to pray for quando rondo because the transition he made from Savannah to Atlanta was to make things better and make a better life for him self and his 👪 now all this going on he just have to watch his back and it's sad anyone has to live like that you leave your city to avoid the problems and troubles and it's right there waiting somewhere else on you. quando just gotta pray and ask God to for give him and to please?help him but first ask God to forgive him for his sins or anything he's been apart of that not acceptable to God and pray that he's not held accountable for someone else's actions or wrong doing.its 😔 but i pray oneday this 2 shall past I realized that young man is gone and his family is grieving and I pray that God will console all aching hearts in due time things gotta change its just to much going on in this world we gotta stick together to make that change though it can't happen with one or 2 Ppl everybody gotta take part in that change. Ijs 🙏for better days. and my condolences to k UK NGOs bond family.

    15. Jordy Locc

      Go picc your manz up Crip shii

    16. Gabriel Navarrete

      That nigga sounds funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    17. Flickuhdabic

      Quando got shot last night

    18. CGC D-MAN


    19. shoon868 teev

      Nigga of u was in 🇹🇹 u 💀💀💀💀💀

    20. Andre Tatum

      This younger generation is just sad like where is the respect for the dead but it’s sad von had to die and lil Tim might get life neither side wins just more tears and blood to shed behind this song

    21. BandMan Rover

      But I Bet Y’all Ain’t See This Tho : kgup.info/get/Y56sq37MjHmKhK0/video

    22. The P

      Cap600 putting in work for getbackgang!!! kgup.info/get/kJqme6eqn4eeiXs/video

    23. Sara Trueluck

      Quando should have took that ass whipping like a man you got beat up not the man who shot him idc if von beat up the dude that shot him my mouth would be close

    24. Trash Taker

      quando rondo taking this as a chance to get all the clout he can get and youngboy

    25. JD Get’ Em

      He got to go

    26. just a guy who still stands for something

      i can tell Quando is a bitch by his mannerisms and face . lol it should've been him instead of Von one less fake nigga 🤷🏻‍♂️

    27. Angel Is cxmp

      I don't even know a quando rondo song or lyric

      1. Ish Baller

        Your sleeping on him

    28. Darvay Sallee

      Folks shouldn’t been fucking with them Lil kids... but now they jumping into a grown mans game now... I know folks was disrespectful but somebody gotta draw the line somewhere. To the fact that what y’all are saying is affecting people that’s still alive like folks mom sister and kids.. He’s no longer affected by those “words”.

    29. Nikkayla Burnett

      Von bout to raise the death rate😳

    30. King uchiha

      im say he wrong cause regardless of von putting his hands on him only real man can throw them hands anybody can say they a killer the scary niggas be the ones to shoot first, not everyone is a fighter, so in my eyes Miss quan need to stop dropping diss cause karma dont have a time just have a destination, its all funny until its their kid suffering cause this cycle wont stop repeating itself

    31. R AR

      He really wanna meet the devil...

    32. Clark Peden

      Yeah he was beating yo ass and yo homie shot not you

    33. Octavis Williams

      Rondo a bitch they were scared of von that’s why the coward shot von

    34. Jefferson Edwards

      Quando is soft.

    35. Raja Trilogy

      Sucker shit 🤦🏾‍♂️

      1. Raja Trilogy

        Nigga ain’t have to shit go throw hands wit ya boy if the other party not shooting why is you

    36. CB TV

      How is it self defense? You didn't shoot him ya mans did. Von wasn't whooping on ya boy he was whooping on you. Tim is going down just for the simple fact he had nothing to do with the fight.

    37. Mashakii Roan

      Sending Prayers 🙏🏾

    38. Tammi

      Hell yeah he wrong. Dude didn't deserve to lose his life over a fight. Quando know he next which is why he trying to make that money before shit go down.

    39. Bootup Trell

      Follow @bootuptrell ig

    40. Tragicobey _EliYT

      Quando should of slept a little bit more

    41. Kristyl'e

      This is sad and what about the babies think about the kids and how they will miss you before you pick up a gun because when you decide to pick up a gun both sides lose

    42. money pij

      the man aint done no wrong in his song if it were the other way people be would be vibezing to von dissing nigaz and as for the gds thats all saying condolencs stop it blood in blood outa hate dis internet shit but bullshit needs to be addressed nigaz get shot 4 hours we all know what we sign up for facts now tooka name can get a rest now

    43. concord news

      He killed von 😭

    44. Keet

      When he said make it 8 the fans told him that he had a mill on his head but he knew dat it waz fake so dats why he said make it 8

    45. Deanna Johnson

      He lying he deff had a show! An i dont know how tim gonna claim self defense and von aint touch him

    46. Brooklyn xxx

      Nigga is a whole clown smh. I’m definitely pre-ordering that quando pack .

    47. Arcell Mcgowan

      You tell these guys to come get you but this a little deeper than your average beef. All these guys got a little money. So stop antagonizing mfs when they already in pain. Somebody gonna crash out soon if that guy don't shut up. Everyone wanna prove they gangsta we all kno they die too. If you love yo life, live that way. Avoid negative energy n stay dangerous. 🤞

    48. Khamorion Cotton

      Bro you not form the hood bro you is a pussy man

    49. Trinity Carroll

      he dead.. IMO

    50. 1priceonmyhead

      Smoking on that Von pack tonight "in my Gucci Mane voice " on GD

    51. ll MOE ll

      Who here from az

    52. Leroy Nrown

      You just can’t play tuff

    53. Larelle Bandy

      That was a slick move that he did but he write canvas and never put his hands on her but I’m still looking for a side sometimes though you got to go with the right rip king von

    54. Ituboybigstick

      It king von fault for hitting him in the first place but at the same time they should have just said stop the fight but it would also look bad for quando and it also there fault for killing von but at the same time Chicago don’t really care

    55. Leonardo Wade

      Being from 63rd and king drive and across the street where O block is I'll tell you this he must be the biggest fool if he thinks they not coming for em believe me when I say my city goes bodies for bodies In due time he will get touched off this issue these li ni$%a don't give 2 f$$ks about killing kids yo mama yo grandma the Dog or the cat just to shot you they coming with all the smoke it's only gonna get worse from here God speed li dummie it's up there ☝🏾🙏🏽

    56. jinx Mad1

      If he has a mill on his head, what do he have to lose? Fuck it, might as well talk shit. Being quiet aint gonna take the bag off his head🤷🏾‍♂️

    57. John Tha Monster

      Ayeee, Good Vid. u got Skillz Cuhh.


      All u doing is being a instigator like a female. Every word u go create a video smh yah goofies

    59. K Storm

      I hope this isn’t true.

    60. Kentrail Swan

      Man homie right he had to make it home von always talking bout a took a pack glorified a 15 year old dieing now son wrong for coming at him nah cuz if he was the one hit what would be the reaction either way this shit gotta stop

    61. YNG MBH

      when u least expect karma it comes and get you ...lol may be now may be years later it's like cancer that shit comes when it comes

    62. Anthony B

      I just saved 10% on my car insurance by switching to Geico..

    63. Manny Calderon


    64. Its_derk

      Real fast though. Who know the story of get back gang👀

    65. anonymous kid


    66. TaeWorld CJ

      Tim did what he supposed to do no less 🤞🏼🤞🏼

    67. Atown DaGreat

      He got destroyed but he really small...need to exercise immediately.🤔 I learned to not even try and fight no mo. Jus up dat shyt and make it home. In a fight there is no fair one as we clearly saw. There's only a winner and a loser. That shyt come in many forms = the wins, the losses... Play accordingly while roaming da street...

    68. elijah oliver

      Dis nigga von really brought fists to a gunfight smh

    69. Nathan Guerrero

      No hands quando rondo

    70. cold black Heart

      Like we don't have enough problems in the world SMH

    71. MG NARUTO

      Naw everybody agreed that if quando or von would have died we would of had the same response

    72. No One

      People asking why he’s speaking out? Well he knows he’s a target so he’s obviously milking the situation and looking to make his money, cause that’s the only thing that’s gonna protect him how much money he can make to stay away from the danger

    73. Linda Wooldridge

      I feel it not his fault,I fuck wit von an durk but von ran up on him wit out thinking shit thru first,id have shoot him too blood shots fucked up tho. RIP KING VON but in my opinion that was his fault he could have went online an called brush out to a one on one smfh.

    74. Kino Uchiha

      This was not a diss song. Even von’s manager said it.

    75. Eric The Red

      Niggas can't fight that why they pulled out! 🤷🏿‍♂️

    76. ChuloVolewoOfficialPage

      They have to fight they don’t have to shoot they was jumping him what u expect

      1. Getrich Tothis

        After von hit him you woulda seen bodies around him woopin that ass that was a 1 on 1. But with tracks called aint no 1 on 1s quando extra hopped in an shot. No aint no freedom an this guy gone always have to look over his shoulder

      2. Getrich Tothis

        That man was not getting jumped maybe jumped on but not jumped.




      Just like H Cambell said...yall bloggers are instigators...nothing good come from yall..YALL THE PROBLEM



    80. Desiree Sistrunk

      Quando Rondo is a whole joke he got his ass beat

    81. Grow Media DDT.

      These dudes are babies.... smh,,

    82. Jonathan O'Neill

      Does he need money that bad that he has to keep up beef that's going end in his death, or maybe not even his someone close to him. I swear I'm tired of this black on black s*** I feel very embarrassed to be a black man in 2020 and I hate it for our youth.

    83. Jonathan O'Neill

      Tupac said it best ..." "you can be touched". Somebody better let quando rondo know and all Brothers kill other black Brothers you can be touched too his best advice for him is to stop the violence... But I guess it's might be too late for him... Satan is lurking.

    84. Jaden2cool

      Why you killed my boy von

    85. Kayann Williams

      Brother the man did fuck yu up. Fist to fist fight bro how the gun come in it ?? U need to shut up an go make peace. This make no sense bruh

    86. Chanteal Marshall

      LET VON REST !

    87. Charles Smith

      The song didnt sound like a diss to me, idk why people in the comments fishing for lines that come off as a diss smh

    88. Tasha lockette

      This dude is corny... You pick up a gun when you getting your ass whipped, WACK...

    89. Can’t Make This Shit Up

      Not picking sides but why is this guy acting like he pulled the trigga 🤔 💭

    90. Alvarez Lovick

      Why we talking about the chicken tho who gets beat up and ask for self defense on a murder my guy #QuandoReachingHard!!!

      1. James Daggett

        Actually he's not. Georgia laws are clear on the use of deadly force. Tim has a good chance of beating. Honestly, the only reason he was charged is because of his criminal record.

    91. Alvarez Lovick

      Bro you a center with bums

    92. Joseph Stoudemire

      He is not wrong King Von ran up on that man ask me look like he was getting getting jumped I see why Little Tim did what he did

    93. Emmanuel Jeffrey

      His time is coming to be picked up

    94. Mo 011

      Smoking hooka lounge pack

    95. Jupiter Jack

      Look u got to understand King Von done killed people he’s a known killer so Quando camp acted accordingly regarding the situation if Von Would’ve killed Quando I wonder what the people would be saying then 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

    96. No ID

      Reap what you sow. Von was a savage and disrespected the dead. Unfortunately this kid just signed his death certificate.

    97. Feleicia Wynn

      Death wish talk. This is awful.

    98. CARLOS Michael

      He literally the victim and getting all the hate. Qrn and Von was both talking big, quando ppl took it serious... they saw they mans in heat and matched the energy that came from both camps 🤷🏿‍♂️ tall really cant blame him.

    99. BMsd Music

      cant suga coat ish its is what it is!!!! #riprondo better believe that homie go die 8mil on his head got killas from LA in ATL looking for him on god they go light him up on site.

    100. Mack Billionz

      What in the hell that Mickey mouse sound was