Ocho Breaks Down: Real Men Cry Too | I AM ATHLETE with Brandon Marshall, Chad Johnson & More


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    When is the last time you have asked the people you care about how they are doing? Brandon, Chad, Fred and Channing open up the discussion talking about the sudden loss of friend and former NFL player Vincent Jackson and how he was found days after passing away. "Did anyone check on him?" Brandon poses the question which leads him into doing a mental check-in with all the guys.
    In a special moment of vulnerability and raw emotion, the guys are brought to tears as they sit and talk about deep life discussions. The guys talk about how there's a stigma in society that men and young boys are always raised to be tough and not show emotion or the world will look at you differently. With athletes, that notion is instilled by coaches and teammates saying tears are a sign of weakness when in fact it shouldn't be viewed that way. Being strong is part of dealing with emotions and being able to share with others what's truly going on inside your mind and heart.
    After recently losing his mother Hurricane Paula Johnson, Chad opens up about their relationship and how he's struggled with the emotions tied to loss. Recounting the memories and leading up to her final days, Chad is very transparent that the relationship was unique in many factors but he wouldn't have had it any other way. “It hurts to lose the person responsible for who I am,” Chad says, as he breaks down which brings Brandon and Channing to tears too. Fred follows it up saying that sometimes things in life are bigger than sports and different from what people portray on the outside, we all go through things and it's ok to let that emotion out.
    After a group hug of comfort and reassurance, Chef Nancie comes out and opens up about tragically losing her brother years ago and how the pain never fades but the good memories help make it easier to cope.
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    1. A_truth2u

      Yal destined to be the best visual podcast..keep up the good work

    2. mario bell

      I guess my question is why am I just now picking up on this show this is true awesomeness and greatness being down-to-earth and keeping it real and they chopping it up not to be a friendly but this just made me happy

    3. Dermarico Ford Sr.

      Gematria Effects sports

    4. Trey Savage

      The whole cast is amazing all dem niggas funny dhis like the homies at the house playing the game smoking n drinkin cracking on each other and having real life conversations 💯

    5. Esther Ngugi

      This is my first time tuning in, and it is very sad men are not allowed to cry or show emotions. They toughen up while dying on the inside. While Chad showed emotions and cried while describing losing his mother you could see the other guys emotions through facial twitching ,and teary eyes but not of them got up to hug him or tell him how sorry they were. Guys keep up with the good conversations, check on one another and before you know it. Emotions will be seen and felt. Remember you are human beings in the first place. Treat your boys and daughters the same way to break the unrealistic cycle. Finally keep up the good work! show your emotions and we love you for it. Chad may the good Lord grant you peace. To the mother suffering from cancer God will make a way

    6. Jerry Woods

      Great Conversation. Please don't leave the Lord Jesus Christ out of the Message. Christ is the Answer. Praying for you Chad.😔

    7. Black Man


    8. mac609

      He said, "he mentally prepared himself to bury his ole' girl." 😭😭😭

    9. Big Silva

      This is heart felt gawd damn tearing up

    10. Derrick Bevins

      I swear this is easy one of the best channel and this episode is a powerful one

    11. Dsaturday Fwight

      Had no idea vincent jackson died and wasnt even in the league anymore!

    12. Ann Njeri Kiarie


    13. Dapper Aaron

      If we did this more we would bury less of our brothers - This what the young boys need to see “ Fred T “ well said

    14. Demetrius Hawkins

      I am late to the party but I really appreciate this show. I love the fact that these brothers argue, laugh and cry like family. This show is very organic. I typically don't comment but I have to show love here. I have always said that people forget that these guys are people first. The sport is what they do, it is not who they are. Chad Johnson...bro in Jan of 2017 I lost my mother...two months later I lost my father, almost a year later one of my best friends took his own life. I was in a dark place for a very long time and here it is four years later I ALMOST feel like myself again. It is a process. Keep your head up champ.

    15. Eric Rodriguez

      This show is straight 🔥

    16. Jer B

      Man...it’s hard being a Black Man, but also just being a man in general. It’s alright to open up to one another, have emotions, and let it out , brothers. Great episode. These men are awesome role models for young men all over, but to young Black Men especially. Something my people definitely need more of. 👍🏾

    17. Patrick J

      This episode made me think about the relationship with my own parents. I’m grateful for them and you’ve made me want to at least attempt to fix any issues we may have. Much love bothers! Powerful episode man thank y’all for opening up. I really wish us men would do this often

    18. NikoGoKrazy

      This whole entire episode was beautiful.

    19. Fatkiller22

      Ochoc's face when Brandon came to hug him " OH we gettin hugs??". That was nice.

    20. Jerrica Oliver

      When I say I love them!!! I love how they are using this platform!

    21. Ethan

      I swear, Ocho dated a girl named after every ingredient used in these dishes.

    22. J Joe

      Damn ocho, god bless brotha

    23. Andre Johnson

      I’m happy for all those brothers. Money doesn’t take pain away and I’m glad they all have each other for support. Look what sports do for people. Brings them closer and eventually at the end it creates a brotherhood. Much love for my brothers.

    24. Andre Johnson

      Watching ocho soil it out and not care who judges is a relief. I have met him a few times. A couple movie nights he used to do a couple years ago at my local movie theatre. He is the funniest and lovable person man. All positive energy with him. I appreciate him as a fan and as a role model. I know he hasn’t done the best in his career with staying out of trouble, but I respect him for being himself. Happy for him.

    25. Michael Johnson

      This amazing! Straight, masculine black men, crying and hugging each other.. Showing love to one another. Brotherhood at its finest... Very powerful

    26. Mr. Cooperwood

      Iron sharpens Iron. Men have to support Men in order for us to thrive as a whole. Great talk guys. God Bless🙏🏾

    27. Myro Zi

      Menn i fell down crying

    28. Button Basher

      I needed this! Thankyou!

    29. Dequavis14

      Great group of guys💯

    30. L H

      Man I like Brandon on this show... waaaaay better than FTF... this is his zone man. Stay here man. Build this and grow it. FTF is too regulated and after seeing you in here I see how you’re hands are tied on that show. This is the real you. You seem forced with your comments on FTF and here your free man. Good job.

    31. Garrett Zachmann

      Ocho is all real as it gets. He can be serious and then is a huge comedian. He’s always a fav. Same as b marsh. Iconic wr goons

    32. James Mickiel

      Man this was a great episode. For real. Thanks gentlemen

    33. KNOBL


    34. Andre Johnson

      Where can I send a business inquiry?


      Wisdom !! Big up chad RIP MUM

    36. Edwardo Tinoco

      Love you guys!!!

    37. G.A.M.A

      Mental health within the black community has been a hard topic, especially amongst us men. It's good to see it finally being talked about. We were groomed to always be tough and barely show emotions. I'm really grateful as a generation, we're finally opening up about it.

    38. UPLIFT JAI

      However I strongly dislike when the ad popped up while Chad was grieving. Smh

    39. UPLIFT JAI

      My heart goes out to all of you Kings. One love

    40. Levester White Media

      This is the best show ever....

    41. Tamika Nicole

      This show is such a blessing to our community. It really touches my heart. I'm sitting here crying with you all. I really appreciate what you all are doing, I want to see this as the norm for us!!!

    42. Mickey Miki

      Mannn this is a powerful show. We need to make this a norm with our black men. My dad was so cold, if you hugged him, he’d push you off or if you’re nice to him, he gotta counter it with something that will piss you off or his way of showing affection is picking at you to the point you cussing at him. I know why he is the way he is, I’m use to it so I felt EVERYTHING Ocho said. All my friends were daddy’s girl but I wasn’t especially raised with 3 brothers, I was taught to be tough to hang. Thank you for all of this. Thank you thank you thank you.

    43. Quel Young

      Shit made me cry bro. This shit real and I love it

    44. Mxk Rvgr

      I started watching this show last week (Apr. 5, 2021) and seeing this episode definitely made me a fan. So Powerful! 🔥

    45. tnnandy

      Damn Yall Almost got me!

    46. Brandon Shaw

      Where’s the NFT @ 😏

    47. The Only Goat

      so the director basically just said "ill fire one of yall niggas"

    48. Alexia A

      Ah dang this one is a gem!! 💯💯💯

    49. Sai Yiddy

      You men are doing gods work salute

    50. Gabe Coronado

      great episode full of wisdom

    51. AB Capone

      Real asl

    52. Dana Ramdeen

      This episode...BEAUTIFUL 🙌🏾🙏🏾❤️

    53. Brandon Malcolm

      The equal epoch nouzilly chase because square particularly lighten absent a didactic meter. dead, embarrassed degree

    54. Dana Ramdeen

      I don’t watch ANY sport and wasn’t familiar with most of the players. Somehow I stumbled across this show, and I really enjoy the conversations. I recently started watching the wives, and absolutely love them too. Keep up the great work 👏🏾.

    55. Nee Nee

      in all seriousness man..

    56. Zak betz


    57. Thankful Always

      I love this shooooow 😭😭💕💕💎💎

    58. Edwurrd

      Definitely gonna spend more time with my parents. Feel like I’ve been drifting apart from them this past year. So much wisdom to gain and memories to be made with them

    59. Thankful Always


    60. Kingmill908

      Great show!!!!

    61. C Johnson

      This one hit home

    62. Summer Air

      Boxer.. baseball.. Basketball players .. would love to see and here there perspective life overcoming stories .. love this

    63. Lynch Johnson Jr.

      Brandon Marshall corny as fuc bro

    64. Wayne Branigan

      Man, I’ve recently ran across this show and it’s my favorite. I think the guys has great chemistry and topics are on point. Amazing show!

    65. Natural Empress

      Nothing beats AUTHENTICITY! I love this platform! Truly insightful & inspiring! KEEP IT UP!💯

    66. R Waller

      Great Aisle 6 analogy😂

    67. John Lara

      The redundant print phylogenitically intend because whip corroboratively type worth a lazy warm. mindless, measly harmony

    68. John Lara

      The noxious jogging energetically laugh because touch nutritionally smile circa a invincible appendix. aback, hulking soda

    69. Shadow61616

      28:57 You know Chad is getting serious when you can hear him swallow.

    70. Dima G

      Great way to start the pod, talking about real shit. I love that you guys bring attention to it and genuinely care for each other

    71. YK007 BEATS

      i must commend you guys on this episode and show! me and my guys do this often by phone real talk and when we can in person, and its real simple we joke and do it naturally.

    72. Sherlon Parks

      so inspiring.... I had to join the community... Congratulation...

    73. Josh Robertson

      I truly love this show. The energy I get from this show is like no other. They are second to none. As a black man it makes me proud to see other black men speak on real issues. This is knowledge

    74. Howdy Patna

      This show is really therapeutic they stay keepin it real 💯

    75. Jay

      33:46 if ya kno, ya kno 😭🤣

    76. Jay

      31:07 Fred Taylor is a wise soul ✊🏾. I picking up everything he dropping

    77. N Y

      I love Ocho , I love this show.

    78. Rïcky E

      Man this got bout half a tear out of me 😭

    79. J RIIICH

      Man I shed some tears watching this ...Just lost my grandfather couple of weeks ago feel like a chapter of my life over now that him and my grandmother gone...but like Chad reference to u keep busy and stay going and keep smiling respect brother 💯

    80. Geo FastFit


    81. Devaughn Egans

      Very proud of all of you good men and extra proud of my Frat Brother B’Marsh....May God continue to keep blessing you all with your platform. YO! YO! YO!👌🏾♦️♠️

    82. Gerald Kasusula

      Massiv.. mens up !! One Spirit one Heart

    83. Beautiful DeJ

      The hug definitely made me smile ❤️❤️! Everyone needs one. I love to see that 🙏🏾✨.

    84. SethGamerZA

      Man this is special.

    85. greatness 1st more greatness

      I like how they respect the chef and include her in these videos and not use the chef just to stunt

    86. Jaemarie Suazo

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      Finally...B Marsh gotta regularly shirt on...NOW HE LOOKS RICH

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      This episode was so real powerful

    89. Rae Johnson

      Sending prayers/hugs...thanks for sharing, perhaps it'll be helpful to my nephews and brothers💜

    90. Rey Reyes

      Man I’m loving these videos... but I shed a tear before ocho did

    91. T H

      Fred Taylor is always on point with what he says....seems like a guy full of wisdom.

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      This show is needed for us fans that what to know the personalities of our favorite players with real talk. Much love. Keep it up.

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    96. bobby waid

      Bruh I literally eat every part of this show

    97. Curry Black

      i really liked channing’s answer to the mental health question, now im not a pro football player but i understand what he means about the uncertainty of what’s actually causing mental health problems. it’s hard to put a specific number on it, it’s a variable not a constant

    98. mikejoe9121

      Chef Nancee you from them back blocks of south Jamaica queens I use to live on Foch

    99. mikejoe9121

      Damn I’m watching & commenting and Chad is my guy him & TO and that is real I can’t say it enough this is so needed this is Emmy award worthy content

    100. mikejoe9121

      Fred is that the cooking guy shirt