Making chainsaw robot, carving logs

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    When I was offered the opportunity to beta test an upcoming robotic arm from Tormach, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it. CNC chainsaws baybeeeeee. Aside from being fundamentally awesome, it is a very interesting software problem. Since I didn't have to build the arm I was able to focus the project and the video on the software challenges of making something like this work. Thank goodness I didn't have to build the arm because the software almost killed me. I can imagine all kinds of next steps for this creation like machining textures with the chainsaw or cutting topiaries. I hope you like it!
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    1. Stuff Made Here

      Hope you enjoy this robot as much as I do 🙂. A big thanks to everyone who helps to make these projects possible through their patreon support. If you'd like to help me make more projects like this (and get more behind the scenes content, an AWESOME discord, livestreams, etc) check out

      1. Pro. Shyam Manav Fan Club

        Hello sir, can you make oxygen concentrator or liquid oxygen generator with household things..if you could ,it will help many people in emergency situation and save their lives...thank you.

      2. DankyDonk

        Have you sent the lock to LPL or are you still working on it?

      3. JustANobody

        I would enjoy it more if you could just send LPL the damn lock you already made. Dude you can’t just say you will then pretend it never happened. Idc if you want to “make a more complicated one” just send him the one you already made ffs I don’t wanna wait 3 years for him to pick it

      4. misiu s

        get Louis Rossmann to talk about Right2Repair please to further inspire your audience:)

      5. Devil Liar

        Hey man what’s the website called where that bear is for sale??

    2. VALLEY

      i love the sitcom vibes every time ur wife looks into the camera in disgust

    3. Rohan Raj

      dog cut from wood i love it

    4. Gift M

      My brain cells hurt but can't stop watching your videos,....amazing content.

    5. Alex

      YO!! check this out ( [no rick roll YT: Dope Tech: Camera Robots!]) then try again with a gopro attached to the tip. You know how to do the rest, excellent video. Would it be better to move on the console? Xbox controller?

    6. Alex


    7. FG Poor

      I was really hoping he was gonna make the machine

    8. 3D_cyClopz _

      I have zero experience but would it be easier to start with polygonal bear model from Thingiverse or something and just cut the slices to match surfaces(low poly Proly easier)then have your code eliminate the weird inner cuts, finally a surface area version of "don't colour over the lines" code. easier said then done obviously but its just my Idea

      1. 3D_cyClopz _

        Match plainer slices with the flat parts, kind of a given that it was gonna end up being low poly looking regardless right

    9. Maggnet

      Your gradient descent approach would have to sample the space of possible solutions and basically try for each of those sample and keep the most successful one. An alternative approach could be a genetic algorithm where you have a million small wood cutters that try out all kind of (initially random) series of cuts and you kind of keep the most successful ones where you vary the cut a bit to see if they can become even more successful. Just don't overfit, but you'll figure that out while reading more about it.

    10. conner hartman

      What if instead of a robot arm, you constructed a chainsaw attachment for a modified roomba and used it to cut your lawn?

    11. Pro. Shyam Manav Fan Club

      Hello sir, can you make oxygen concentrator or liquid oxygen generator with household things..if you could ,it will help many people in emergency situation and save their lives...thank you.

    12. Henning S.

      To solve the problems when cutting with the tip, just grind a little bit off of the anti kickback depth stops...

    13. Chanikya .A

      Hell bro your wife looks like lena paul

    14. Whamboy

      where do i buy useless block v1.0


      amazing teacher

    16. xander shaver

      Did you try to make the chainsaw light sensitive but you would have a use a dark color and trace it

    17. Salvador W. Empent

      Yo dude this creation could end up to be the catalyst for a new movie with Will Smith called "I Robot chainsaw massacre"! 😂 All joking aside you are a freaking genius! Keep up the great projects!💪

    18. Jeremy Hurt

      Woof that was ruufff but you did it!!!

    19. ryan nelson

      All the past few episodes are perfect length for tv there are even ad breaks kind of built in for a 30 min show do u think that is what they're pitching or is this channel some weird industry plant because he came out of nowhere with low video count huge subs and tormach as a very early sponsor. Idk if it is because he is that great of a creator or if there are other factors but the fact that I can't tell says a lot. I like the vids but I do wonder

    20. deafmute420 _

      you need bar and chain oil or a chainsaw wont cut wood lol :D

    21. Emmanuel4551

      no chain oil.

    22. Max

      Music name in 19:21 please?

    23. 복어뮤직 VOCFISH Music

      I came here from your videos of 2 home-run bats, and I suggest you to spin the gun bat in the spinning machine....

    24. Nico Nicronix

      "Free" Imagine just the hour cost to have this dude in the room :P

    25. Lord Knightyme

      Dog? I thought she made a cat. Awesome in any case.

    26. Kaio Maia

      HAHA! Esse dog na camisa dele é de um meme brasileiro :D

    27. Stannis Burns

      A bear cut out of wood, you said it cost thousands of dollars, start selling them on eBay for half price, get free wood from a tree services company, sell 30-40 of them and make it profitable

    28. Bradlei Smith

      Dude you're Amazing!!! Love ya video's and wish I was 10% as smart as you.. then I'd be 10X smarter than I am now :P

    29. Notma Name

      Make an android charger that wont break every time I step on it.

    30. XxTownGamersxX

      Please make a video with Michael Reeves 😂 build something together

    31. SS ien

      Your sarcasm reaches new heights smartpants

    32. Mantis

      i like ya cut g

    33. ElementalOfDark

      "Don't pay attention to what I'm doing" Me: "Alright" *closes KGup*

    34. +Tec

      Amazing. It would really look better in wood though. You could use an angle grinder with a power carving disk and rewrite the entire code to make it work!

    35. Ya to Lo-fi

      Wait why is he not working for NASA yet?

    36. ewoi asio

      i admire your creativity and work ethic as an engineer. can you design a portable gym that can be dissassembled/assembled easily and can fit in a car trunk and made with basic hardware store items? like a pulley system?

    37. Seth Moeckel

      Have you ever used Processing? I'd imagine that would work really well for experimenting with algorithms while coding.

    38. ian rodriguez

      well yes, thats epic, but lpl vs stuff lock

    39. Ludescas

      Which app is he using on the iPad for drawing? Looks useful for me... :)

    40. Sahak Margossian

      Can you make a drone that spray paints a mural on a wall?

    41. Cowracer67

      two words... CHAIN OILER

    42. TaranTatsuuchi

      I know of inverse kinematics from video games!

    43. Mont Frypan

      awesome, very interesting, I guess you know that the chains have to be sharpened frequently, and that you don't have to apply too much force when cutting, if it doesn't get too hot, it must be incredibly difficult to find the point of it all.

    44. Peak View Range

      just sharpen the chainsaw and file down your depth guides then you will be in wood with no worries

    45. H Shore

      Loved the video. You have a fabulous workshop many would die for...especially if they walked around it.

    46. Robert Jarman

      "I want my bear to have curves" Stuff Made Here, 2021.

    47. Supreme Innovations LLC

      Sharpen that chain. Bigger chips = more cooling.

    48. Frmr Christian

      You're very talented! Would love to see you create a prosthesis or device that can help people with disabilities. YOU CAN DO IT!

    49. MrRawage

      He's more a mechatronics engineer

    50. Just_Abysmal

      you should try this again using some kind of giant dremel instead of a chainsaw

    51. Calmest Games

      I suggest using planks of a softer wood assembled similarly to the foam log.

    52. Andrew A.

      I'm sure his wife's hair turned white a long time ago with all the stress he gives her so she just colors it now.

    53. Darthfett

      2:07 Konami Code!

    54. Christopher James Blackwell

      Can this baby make ice sculptures?

    55. Isabella Electrum - Virtual YouTuber

      Eagerly awaiting the next video~

    56. Brendan Foeppel

      Hey, I have an idea for something you can make. I have a vintage Motorola car phone in my 88 Cadillac and I am trying to figure out a way to convert it to Bluetooth so that when my cell phone rings it gets sent to the car phone in the center console and I can receive and make phone calls on the factory brick phone. I can't find anything online in terms of forums, diagrams, or instructional videos. I think that would be a cool project that would get tons of views.

    57. Akshai

      You should do a colab with Michael Reeves.. Plan something together.. It'll be huge 👌

    58. Deepak Pandey

      No one will read this but i did🤣@stuffmadehere

    59. Deepak Pandey

      What he uses to draw other than ipad

    60. Andrija Vasiljevic

      Can you please call the lockpicking lawyer and ask him to pick your lock? I have been waiting for the video for months..

    61. David Stenström

      I always feel safest when robots are caged in secure robot zones. ;) None of these security measures are ok. You should try partner with Pilz or Sick for machine security or alteast ask someone who built machine security.

    62. Cameron Swan

      Disappointed you pussied out and went for foam.

    63. TheBoraxKid

      SMH: "Before everyone tells me, I know that a rapidly exploring random tree is probably the way to go here" me: "yeah thats exactly what I was gonna say"

    64. I TA

      I am amazed at ALL the things he thinks of. Makes me feel really dumb. AND HE'S FUNNY.

    65. Yedy Booz

      Slot could go wrong

    66. David Novak

      FYI pretty much throughout the video, the chain was suuuuuuper loose. Also, I didn't look closely at your conversion, but bar and chain oil is important when cutting wood with a chainsaw. Also, your chain doesn't appear to have any anti-kickback features. I prefer going without the safety features anyway, but that tooth you pointed out is simply a raker (aka depth gauge). What could be wrong if your chain isn't dull, is that the rakers may not have been filed down low enough the last time the chain was sharpened (The height on the raker determines how much material the blade part sees at once.)

    67. joshua cotter

      yesssss love this dude

    68. Peter - Kåre Skak Pedersen

      “so I know when the robot is in kill-mode” Hold my coffee (while I run)

    69. Smiling X4-18

      Hey Stuff Made Here, if you need to compute more faster take a look on CUDA (its basically C++ langage). Deppending of your graphic card you can compute all you need more or less faster. (I succed to pass from ~8k year computation in Node to 1day and half with CUDA). I'm a big fan of your work, please continue.

    70. curkkic

      With gradient ascent, you simply take multiple starting points and let the calculations tell you true summit.

    71. Buddy 713

      Props to SADK. Did a hell of a job with the difficult task of AKSFJLAKFJ.

    72. Tanner Animation

      ###""" Challenge """### Make a RC that doubles as a drone. Having Wheals that double as a Propellers. Rules: -RC must have 4 Wheals in land mode and must have 4 propellers in flight mode. -Propellers and Wheals must be one and the same. -Transformation Legs or landing Legs are allowed. -Transformation legs or landing legs can not have any additional Wheals or propellers. -Drone must be able to vertically take off with an initial velocity of 0.0. -Drone must be able to maintain stable flight and perform controlled manoeuvres. -After Drone has completed manoeuvres. Drone must be able to land in the same spot it took off from. -No parts can be added or subtracted before, during, or after transformation, between land and flight mode. I look forward to seeing some new results.

    73. Philip Carlson

      best KGup channel no doubt

    74. George

      File those rakers or as you call them anti kickers down and you get more cut, but not too much as it will kick

    75. Crystal_Link

      Make a sock monkey jack in the box

    76. MrRawage


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      This man is Michael Reeves but NOT on meth

    78. Me lose, you wish

      An aoutomatic painter

    79. Infinite Loop

      you two seem like really great parents.

    80. BleedingRaindrops

      "The other purpose of the e-stop is to stop the robot from doing something stupid that *I* told it to do" Ah the hilarious humility of an experienced programmer.

    81. MLGgoomba


    82. Dinkelmeme

      i made the model you used XD

    83. Shdws

      What is they app that u use to draw called ???

    84. The32spence32 Should have used one of these not a chain saw !!!

    85. Christoph Schachinger

      @Stuff Made Here put a CNC Spindle on it

    86. ACaFla

      You know what the world really needs? An ai powered robot that can play beatsaber

    87. Ferdi Riese

      You need a quantum pc

    88. I C

      Wow. Just wow. I have struggled with a cnc router for a while now. The stuff that you do is off the scale.

    89. riley wolfe

      next, do ice sculptures

    90. Matt Gering

      How many other people saw that little mini credits scene roll, slowed down the video to watch it, then still had to continuously pause it to read the whole thing...?

    91. Devin Waddell

      Would you go on jre if he asked?

    92. JiffiJiffJeff

      What software did you use to simulate the arm?

    93. DANEI

      I hope you'll get it! Cool Job 😜🤘

    94. Ada Erduran

      I know that it's irrelevant now, but I have a suggestion to solve the gradient ascend problem. If you choose just one random starting dot and use gradient ascend to find the extrema, its highly possible to get a local extrema, but given that the robot will be cutting the wood with a chainsaw ,which means that the bumps and protrusions will be relatively big, u can maybe use a gridlike aproach(e.g. 1cm between dots) and use gradient ascend multiple times to find the highest point. Love the videos.

    95. oddjobbob

      I don’t think your warning label (or the red flashing light, for that matter) is really going to protect you from being slashed by the saw blade. The kill button is a good idea though.

    96. Chris Whalen

      Whenever we do a gradient descent and we're worried about getting stuck in a local maximum or minimum, we can try the _simulated annealing_ technique to reduce this problem. I'd recommend looking at a real author's description of this technique -- but in essence, we move all over the search space very quickly at the start, making huge jumps to avoid missing the absolute min/max. Then, as the simulation progresses, we "cool down" our discovery heuristic to only look at areas that are sufficiently close to our current location. This lets us hone in on the true correct min/max value; eventually, the simulation "cools to zero" and we no longer search, assuming where we have landed must be our target.

      1. Milan Thakkar

        Couldn't have said it any better! Something tells me he definitely attempted this at some point (simulated annealing is likely one of the first search results in getting around local maxima/minima in gradient descent) but eventually abandoned the idea for some reason.

    97. 14allovus

      You'll need a CCD camera

    98. Kyle Shanks

      I just want to say I appreciate you including all of the "mistakes" you make along the way. It goes to show that making these things are a process. Your determination is inspiring. And your determination and drive to finish these projects can be applied to other problems outside of engineering. Great job, keep it up!

    99. Royal Beatlemaniac

      great, now I'm reminded of the Calc3 Jacobian and hessian matrices I forgot

    100. Rapilol

      this man is the most intelligent on this planet.. period