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    Manouk Akopyan is a sports journalist, writer and broadcast reporter. His work has been featured extensively in the Los Angeles Times, ESPN, USA Today, The Guardian, Philadelphia Inquirer, Men’s Health, NFL.com and BoxingScene.com, among other outlets.
    He’s a combat sports color commentator for TV programming that airs on FOX Sports. He’s also a member of the Boxing Writers Association of America and Mixed Martial Arts Journalists Association.
    He can be reached on the following platforms:
    Personal website: www.ManoukAkopyan.com
    Twitter: ManoukAkopyan
    Instagram: ManoukAkopyan
    LinkedIn: www.LinkedIn.com/in/ManoukAkopyan/
    Email: manouk[dot]akopyan[at]gmail.com

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    1. mikea hiooi

      Jake broke his nose so he didn’t sneeze that morning that why he won

    2. Ken Nechee

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    3. abbsnn cose

      Charlie zelenoff vs Jake Paul next

    4. alida flus

      "Uncle Mike"

      1. mikea hiooi


    5. Jabari Johnson

      am I the only one who feels like Jake is being fake nice tho? lol I swear he being extra "Their both looking amazing!?" uuhhhh a ha a ha

    6. gioyu comi

      I noticed that after a fight Jake seems always more real, more humble, more happy

      1. abbsnn cose

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    7. Casper

      ”Jake Robinson”

      1. alida flus

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      1. abbsnn cose

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    9. chief beef

      I expected jake to be like OOOOHH SHIT GUYS DID YOU SEE ME!!? MAKE SURE TO GET THE VIDEO TO 100K LIKES GUYS C'MON or something like that

      1. gioyu comi

        Jake's acted horribly for years so now anytime he acts normal people praise him, Jake's got em trained lol

    10. Lee Davies

      Hate this guy honestly don’t you just love his super noodle hair cut as well!! 😂😂

      1. abbsnn cose

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    11. Old Sport

      Nice job dude u beat a basketball player in a fucking boxing match someone get this guy a medal

    12. Jacob Young

      Your video got stolen by fighthype.com he taking your money don’t let that happen

    13. Prod Wavy SHNQWA

      Nate lost the n word pass

    14. trever davis

      Pro ball players should stick to beating there old ladies.

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    16. joshpwnsnoobs


    17. Kr Br

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    19. Geneo 4real

      If Celebrity Death Match comes back this is season 1

    20. Nicolas Martins

      Jake is growing...

    21. Brenna Jenkins

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    22. Idk ?

      Jake Paul really knocked out Jake Robinson

    23. Sisto Activitatem

      Jake's acted horribly for years so now anytime he acts normal people praise him, Jake's got em trained lol

    24. F AD

      I like how he has a second watch on in case the other one stops working. Guy is smart.

    25. Hamad jassem

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    26. Hamad jassem

      جيش الحفره في كل مكان #

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    30. Godzilla Gotski

      Why is this Chad wearing two watches😂

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    32. Taha

      jake is fighting frauds he will get ko'ed by a pro boxer. this is bullshit lol.

    33. J B

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    34. Mason Jackson

      Ok but what was he hiding and shoving in his pocket lol

    35. Greyson Nealy

      nate, u just got knocked out by a middle schooler

    36. Cheesy

      He reacted

    37. Tony Guzman Jr

      Co main event should have been kahbib vs Bear

    38. EddyOneTake

      This was a good video! But he revealed his weakness in his nose for future opponents to take advantage of! great performance overall.

    39. Terry E

      Why is he wearing two watches?

    40. 805 Rips

      no idea who this paul guy is, has he ever fought a real fighter or are these just "gimmick" fights?

    41. Iglu

      Im pretty sure jake paul is immortal dude was 2 mil in debt and is still here

    42. Miguel D

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    43. goget'em188


    44. Delete TheElite

      Seeing this trend shows me how far humanity has gone down the stupid hole

    45. Troy

      He's wearing 2 watches? What's with their awful clothes?

    46. Armgears

      He should go pro I mean hate him or not hes doing fine

    47. Triple7Baby

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    49. Mutant Outkast

      You beat a ex basketball player who tried to convert over to being a boxer with a wild punch,so it means a absolutely nothing .try fighting real trained fighter .and no one cares about you fighting conor McGregor son .

    50. Alex Larson

      Alex Alex Alex Alex Alex Alex

    51. K Forever

      Honestly if Jake was more like this on his YT channel I would have watch every single video of his

    52. BadLemonNoHope

      People look so stupid when they where 2 watches at the same time

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    55. Higher Quality Uploads

      The White race takes another W

    56. Larry Dembrun

      Larry Dembrun good video

    57. Elijah Perkins

      Why the two watches Jake?

    58. TNG Mikey

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    59. William B

      Every person besides Jake is on their phone. WTF Iron Mike is walking out!

    60. Official.jah3

      Look at my name🤝.

    61. ٴٴٴ.

      I don’t like Jake Paul at all. But I definitely give him props for being a great person, I don’t like what he said before the fight but I understand it was all promotion. He’s a great sport and I respect him for giving props to Nate, this win was well deserved and again props to Jake for not acting like an 8 year old.

    62. Aymac unt

      How much did he pay him tho

    63. Krista Wisong


    64. random viral videos

      this bear can survive nuclear blast kgup.info/get/ppyqnnivoK-IfmY/video

    65. Vroskix


    66. Iam._ Trin

      Jake no....don’t...don’t call him uncle mike🤣

    67. Roy Hoy!

      Probably not minutes.

    68. TuckeredOut 28

      Jake paul looks more like a generic white boy each time he shows up on camera

    69. ThatGuy Gerald

      Fight Nikita Ababiy and let's see you crawl to the corner like a joke.

    70. Nathan Dust

      Flexing with his two watches.

    71. Aqeel Khan

      What jake u are sparring with ur nose

    72. InterstellarWR

      Jake paul is very gross. This is why you use bug spray and lock your doors.

    73. Zacky Mohmand

      Is he wearing 2 watches?

      1. Drumil Patni

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    74. Rodney Selden

      Who tf is Jake Robinson 😂😂

      1. Drumil Patni

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    75. German doggo

      hope you guys know god died for this

    76. John Asbury

      Dude probably paid dude to win.

    77. Bharath K

      Jake has grown

    78. Leonardo Luga


    79. Leonardo Luga


    80. Eli

      After watching this video, Jake aint so bad

    81. Prison Mike

      Two watches?

    82. Syndicate

      Jake may be a dummy, but he’s got skills and I can’t deny that

    83. OrLando G

      Never thought it was personal, just business. Now on to his next " beef" lol

    84. Rob Brooks

      When one watch isn't enough.

    85. Disenfranchised American

      Looks quite smoky in there?

    86. Joseph Sasso

      "Jake Robinson"

    87. Curly Johnny

      Who's jake Paul?

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    91. Are You Really Correct?

      I 100% in all honesty can not wait until I wake up to the news this dude has OD’d or kissed a 45... Now some are gonna say “but but but this video wasn’t so bad” Who cares? It’s that type of thinking that allows people like him to do even dumber shit...

    92. YONUME

      Jake messes up... I mean just look that him,

    93. Terra

      I thought Jake Paul is cringe?

    94. Dim0s Barb0s

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    100. Oski Majied

      Good shit both of yall respect and salute