We're Total Nerds!

Baylen Levine

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    In this video we hit on girls dressed as nerds
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    1. Baylen Levine

      May the force be with you and all those that shop at baylenlevine.com

      1. Mr. Fish 69

        4:28 had me on the floor

      2. rsaq al

        hi baylen

      3. Nicolai Glibstrup

        What is the song in the end, its fire?

      4. Burger Bobby

        whats your song name at the end

      5. Derek Pinguil


    2. Levi B

      I'm from Sweden so i get flashbacks from People in Darth vader outfits

    3. Pluto FN

      0:55 bottom left corner 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    4. south fishing


    5. Blixxer 69

      WaNna SEe mY lIghTsaBeR and then can I see the lights saber

    6. Lasse Keis


    7. Not Rivers

      Song name?

    8. Doofenshmirtz Evil Inc.

      Who's better? Danny Duncan or Baylen Levine?

    9. vlaq on crack

      Anyone know the outro song

    10. Geoffrey Grandits

      Wassup Kylo Ren... i mean Baylen.

    11. Azura Azura

      Did anyone saw that doll at 0.54 that's creepy

    12. Bradley Van Os

      love your vids

    13. smelly jelly


    14. Logan Hill

      Watching from okc

    15. Faze infinity

      This guy reminds me of bigdawstv 😂

    16. Xander

      this was painful

    17. Jr sKi


    18. ray laflame

      Bro that looked identical to the kid from good luck Charlie 😂😂

    19. mobspeak

      Dude, I freaking loved you in Napoleon Dynamite.

    20. Tyler Wint


    21. Tanner Belverud

      Bro Lil peej needs to drop that song at the end

    22. Create Creations


    23. Angelo Govea

      9:45 Damn Baylen you pullin

    24. Bill Newton

      0:54 at the bottom left I thought that was a baby but it's just a sign and it scared the shit outta me tf.

    25. Chore YT

      You guys were already nerds

    26. Christian Pulley

      Hello there 👨🏻‍🦰

    27. Peyton Byrd


    28. wk crafts

      Are you going to make another song wit peej?

    29. Saint Michael T

      Dude this kid is 21 and acts like he is 13 wtf maybe he actually has a learning disability or some kind of disability

    30. Dwipert

      I can tell

    31. Ryi Smith

      What is that video called with Sebas I want to wach it 😂

    32. Saying Hi on every video


    33. Max Homer

      Im playing star wars rn on my vr

    34. Rpmerrill 16

      Why do I feel like baylen is the fastest growing KGupr

    35. Elijah Senju

      He's legit such a good actor

    36. Liam L


    37. Liam L


    38. Kool Kid


    39. Luconic

      Pretty nerdy

    40. Hyypeer TV

      wait were u guys at the fair in florida? looks like the one i was at

    41. Ryce Xiong

      Yo what is that song when he was taking pics

      1. Alexander Patti

        @Ryce Xiong thanks dawg

      2. Ryce Xiong

        @Alexander Patti it’s not on Spotify or nothin there r snippets on yt just look the song up

      3. Alexander Patti

        @Ryce Xiong any way to get it rn?

      4. Ryce Xiong

        @Alexander Patti yo I got it it’s called “back then” by peej but it’s unreleased

      5. Alexander Patti

        i’m tryna figure that out too

    42. Sophie Crowley

      Baylen i love you to death

    43. Zakkary Foley

      5:06 the perfect laugh

    44. Charles Hains

      Well that’s good boys

    45. Jason Wahl

      I didnt realize covid was over lmao

    46. Steven Gonzalez

      2:57 he was a skater boi

    47. Steven Gonzalez

      He’s probably out cheating Me and the boys 1:54


      this video was pretty much sebas talking to girls lol

    49. Jaydan Anaya

      Just one question where’s the mask

    50. Rod the Acorn

      Kaya is my dogs name

    51. victor soeby

      What is the song called that is played at 9:27? Please tell me its Fire!!

    52. Johnster0903

      my name is jeff

    53. Caelan Crist

      I'm I the only one wondering where there masks are............

    54. Vpz SXUCEY

      Either this video was re-uploaded or I watched it and just don’t remember

    55. Lucques Sorenson

      bro i was watching star wars and the music synced when he did the anakin part and it was crazy

    56. Zen

      What is the song at the end

    57. Mavzuna Scanlon

      3:13 he looking kinda sus

    58. Warden

      outro song gas

    59. Soviet Union

      Baylen the homework plug 😎🤓😎

    60. Jack Traynor

      You should do a prank where you make noises in a movie theater

    61. Gage Crowley

      i neeeeeddddd the outro song so bad man

    62. Raymond Boyd


    63. Joey Stanissich

      6:25 too true

    64. Vibez_

      Girl in the red was into it

    65. Cloud

      Whatbis his mic

    66. Samara Smith

      Ur literally the only person I watch on yt😂

    67. Fortnite Guy21

      Your funny

    68. J .d. Wells

      Anybody else appreciate how still the Fillmer stayed

    69. Lochie Brown

      And that’s on 100,000+ daily COVID cases

    70. Jacob Sargent

      Come to maine

    71. Top COD Clips

      No masks☠️

    72. Legoguy42

      You look so much like anakin when you do that face it's so funny

    73. Sid Stone

      Lol, bay Len actually has Anakin eyes

    74. Burger Bobby

      song name pls

    75. Senne Brouns

      The guy at 9:00 actually looks like youngboy with mask on. Without he looks like luh kel lmaoo

    76. xgteev


    77. Landonian 23

      0:54 look at the kid at the bottom left

    78. Az_Tha_Beast

      He's friends with DizzyDyl!? Bruh I didn't know Dizzy was a fan bc I barely found out abt Baylen through Steezy's "Going Bad" vid. Like I saw that vid when it came out but I recently started re-watching Steezy in public vids and actually went to Baylen's channel from the disc unlike last time.

    79. henny lynn

      what a life lesson, be cool with anyone nice

    80. Gamer Jack

      8:01 Greg and Rowley on the Cranium Shaker

    81. x DR3YDEN x

      2:31 me before no nut november

    82. KwantomX •

      8:10 that kid learned some new words.

    83. Bobby 3678

      What’s the song called

    84. Jordan Rowland


      1. Evan Jordan480

        it’s unreleased peej

      2. Zach Russell

        U find it? Been looking for it 2😂

    85. Tyler Shaw

      What’s that song

    86. O'Keefe Studios

      He can pull off a good Anakin

    87. joshua harmon

      song? 9:27

    88. Michael Latauska


    89. TheRealSwifty

      699 dislikes - what a legendary fanbase you have!

    90. Starry

      Baylen is so inspirational nothing can change my mind

    91. Rayce Freer

      Bro he actually looks like ANAKIN SKYWALKER!!!!

    92. Hadden Curren


    93. Makoy Stone


      1. Anthony Tapia

        Who's benitez

    94. RileyF

      Source•Trust me 😂

    95. Beth Berss

      Ik u won’t see this but PLS dress up in suits and headsets like body gaurds and get ppl to pretend to be paparazzi and guard sea bass like he’s the president

    96. Ethan Thacker

      Baylen you should bring a speaker to a gym and just play your own music on full blast and see people’s reaction

      1. Charlotte Simone

        I laughed at this and it sounded like a bunch of moans

    97. Marcus Jacobs

      Where the *juul* is the new video?

    98. FN V

      Is that Peej's unreleased song at the end? :0

    99. Bue

      where are the uploads

    100. Hhhjj Hhjj

      Omg your content sucks