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    In the presence of Her Majesty the Queen and other senior members of the royal family, Petroc Trelawny introduces live coverage from Westminster Abbey in London for a Service of Celebration for Commonwealth Day. This service is the highlight of the Commonwealth year, and features readings, music and dance, including performances by Alexandra Burke, Craig David and the Melodians Steel Orchestra, as well as a reflection by world heavyweight boxing champion Anthony Joshua. Sonali Shah interviews honoured guests and participants from the service.
    A Service of Celebration for Commonwealth Day | 2020 | BBC
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    1. Supit Lekhajaya


    2. EG L07

      The uk is probably the most powerful and sweetest kingdom and country in the world 🇬🇧🥂

    3. Solomon Gebru

      Should be only gospel music

    4. Rose Cochran

      Thank you to all who made this Service of Celebration for the Commonwealth a mighty success.

    5. Rose Cochran

      This is the only way to bring the world together to be one. Long live the Queen and The Commonwealth.

    6. wingsum fu

      It cannot denied that Queen has unique charisma earn people’s respect.


      Deus salve a Rainha e seu querido povo. Com carinho, do Brasil.

    8. Thipvepha Arankaseam


    9. Thipvepha Arankaseam

      เขาเลิกพิธีถอนสายบัวกับจับมือแล้วหรือคะ หรือไม่กลัวโคขวิดแต่ก็คุยกันใกล้ๆเหลือเกิน

    10. BUNTUBWIMANA Livingstone

      English has welcomed the traditional drumming from Rwanda. i am so glad. God save the queen

    11. liliana guerra


    12. Haley Alexis

      Meghan and Kate look so beautiful and elegant in those vibrant colors. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

    13. I Brownie

      Flowers and handshakes, flowers and handshakes, handshakes and flowers... in the meantime the Commonwealth is starving and your impoverished people, the british taxpayers are needing help but hey, flowers and handshakes, flowers and handshakes, this Relic irrelevant family continuing their generational wealth off the backs of others, in the meantime the two people who were doing the most work this whole year was ridiculed, without the peasantry but hard grit work, boy they're going to miss you 🙄 pathetic

    14. Жанна Пятова


    15. Ilse Ilse

      Germany here, I pray and wish for UK and all the commonwealth = God bless all. ( and I think so good out from Europe)

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    20. Nhut Pham

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    21. Terrence Billenstein

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    23. Terrence Billenstein

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    24. Terrence Billenstein

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    25. Terrence Billenstein

      Federation I thought we were pretty firm on this these foundations

    26. Terrence Billenstein

      Well welcome to the region of York

    27. Terrence Billenstein


    28. ali ahmdezadh

      Per sagh kharaft lanat b tooy ashgal.

    29. S M Tsun


    30. S M Tsun

    31. Helen Dela Rosa

      Thanks a lot

    32. UniversalTv Entertainment

      Kate always grab it all the attention! Simple n so royal. The women attitude tht every man wanted to own. Lucky the Duke of Cambridge William to marry Duchess of Cambridge.

    33. Mariea Lungu

      Condogliante familiei 😭😭😭

    34. Subway Goldbergs

      Really It’s the Prestigious personality.

    35. Fix Restorephone

      Stunning as always looked good 👍👍❤️❤️😅

    36. Evadnie Ramsaywack

      I t was so good to witness the Commonwealth celebration.

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    38. Trần Hưng Ðạo

      Human blood type O are truly animals . Animals never has Queen or King . Do dogs have Queen or King .

    39. Alderina Ribeiro


    40. Adriano Pucdihon

      What a great priviiege being a very important public figure with all the honors afforded and the respect of all the people manifested in all their actions.Long Live all the members of the Royal Family.Great Blessings be on all their people supporting them for the good of their commonwealth.Glory to GOD!

    41. Maria Chiriac


    42. Dorothy’s Mama’s Kitchen

      Long live the Queen!!!❤️

    43. Matthew Reid

      Blaenwern ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    44. Anna Okekenta

      A lot of respect for Queen Elizabeth God bless and keep her strong 💪 ❤, more long life to live. God is by yourside with the Angel of God surrounded you all the rest of you life here in the earth. I pray God to give his 👪 family's he left behind peace LOVE UNDERSTANDING TO EACH ONE ANOTHER. May the soul of prince rest in peace ✌ 🙏

    45. Kathy

      She gave all that up. What a shame.

    46. Vilma Rosales


      1. William Wilkes

        They say the looks of a person can define a person's character. And I'm not being flattering, Saying you're georgous. hope you don't mind sending me a friend request or if you don't mind just send me a message? God bless you!!!

    47. Liz Gichora

      Prince Philip's contributions were enormous; to humanity. " A blessed memory ", may his soul rest in peace.

    48. Shamsud Doha

      Quran ::( Muslim Christan ,Jews Sabians/Santa, who soever believe in Allah ,/ One God ,/ One Eshar and The Last Day. they nothing to fear.

    49. Madeleine Moberg

      Matthew 23:8, NASB: "But as for you, do not be called Rabbi; for only One is your Teacher, and you are all brothers and sisters." Matthew 23:8, NLT: "'Don't let anyone call you 'Rabbi,' for you have only one teacher, and all of you are equal as brothers and sisters."

    50. Salvador D.

      Хорошие концерты, иначе не назовёшь!

    51. Senyorita daxx

      When black group the finish to perform no one appreciate that why?

    52. Маргарита Курманбаева

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    53. Маргарита Курманбаева

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      1. Maris Sinton

        Thank you for allowing us to participate in this occasion, so important in history ! 💝🌎💯

    54. Thin Swe


    55. Светлана Сбитнева

      Царствие Небесное принцу Филлипу.Терпение и Соболезновение Королеве Елизавете.

    56. Claire Brumaud

      Ils allaient vraiment bien ensemble c etait un beau couple, tous mes regrets a sa majesté


      Nossos sentimentos.

    58. Myrna Leon

      Meghan Markle and her fellow Liberal, Progressive Americans should watch this ceremony. How glorious and majestic it is to celebrate together the Commonwealth !!! 👌🙏🏼😊🎈🤘🌍❤️🌎🙏🏼🌹🌏

    59. Rebecca Ponce Jaquez

      I love the Cambridges. ❤ Catherine is so elegant and natural. She dissent try to take over the conversation.

    60. Sharlote Bautista

      Esa viejita me deveria eredar los sombreros

    61. George zaire

      Traduction française

    62. George zaire


    63. Carol Coffey

      We Catholics sing the same hymn!💝

    64. Grant O-wulu

      Prince Philip The Duke of Edinburgh, Rest in perfect peace.

      1. purpledame germkl

        @Skylet HD wieso?

      2. Skylet HD

        Deutschland ist besser als UK

    65. Carol Coffey


    66. Alicja Wiechowicz

      Wzór do naśladowania. Klasa sama w sobie. Szkoda że takie osobistości odchodzą.

    67. Lasma Pohan

      We believe our lord God always makes HRH queen as pillar of commonweald, we.congratiulation celebrate of commonwealth to the HRH Queen,

    68. raul aguirre islachin

      asu y las mascarillas

    69. Ylmarosa De leon

      Hermosa música para su dueno😚😇🙏❤

    70. Maria Da saúde

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    71. Gerti Spiller

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    72. Malú Antunes

      Não tem racismo. No Brasil tem . Vergonhoso

    73. Beverly Nan Haskins Kennedy

      You never know what today or tonight may bring! I have always believed that our loved ones and friends and family have the ability to know what happens on earth , after they have died and gone to be in Heaven! I

    74. John а Smithт п


    75. Daisy Singh

      Memorable moments to be cherished!

    76. Лидмила Рябинская

      Очень жалко королеву, по-моему ей очень утомительно эта церемония, хоть бы под руку поддержали, нарушили протокол, мир праху усопшего

    77. Sariah Abu

      9[02/04, 12:07] +60 16-675 8516: 🙏 [02/04, 12:08] +60 12-375 0200: John 11:25-26: "Jesus said to her, 'I am the resurrection and the life. The one who believes in me will live, even though they die; and whoever lives by believing in me will never die. Do you believe this?'" [02/04, 12:08] +60 12-375 0200: blessed Good Friday [02/04, 12:16] +60 12-281 8255: Thank you 🙏🏼 [02/04, 12:18] +60 12-200 1073: Blessed Good Friday 🙏🙏 [02/04, 12:47] +60 12-319 0119: Blessings to All on Good Friday🙏

    78. jan zielinski

      Macie dowod, wszyscy bez masek, gdzie ten kowid???????

    79. jan zielinski

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    80. Gerti Spiller

      .DANKESCHÖN für das Video hochladen wünsche auch allen Gesundheit und Freunden in dieser Schwierigen Situation. Liebe Grüße aus Wien Austria💐🔥💥👍😍🍀☘✌❤💐🤴🙏💞🖤🎩👑💄👜👑👑👑

      1. Gerti Spiller

        @Lukas ..DANKESCHÖN freute mich über die Nachricht die Gesendet worden ist .Alles liebe und seid alle Verbunden in dieser Schwierigen Situation .Herzliche Grüße aus Wien Austria 👍⚘⚘⚘⚘

      2. Lukas

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    83. Gerti Spiller

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      1. purpledame germkl

        Schön geschrieben Gerti, ich 💕 GB und Austria. Grüße aus Berlin🙋

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    85. pat west

      shame archaic monarchy exists in todays world of equals and democracies, the money and pomp they display here is the loot from our countries

    86. Розалия Трусова

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      1. Jordan krut

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    87. Edbutt

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    88. Rup Pun

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    89. Terica Griffiths

      Tereica from Jamaica hi aunt Elizabeth nice to c u still going strong hello to Prince Harry , Meghan I no u lost am a husband but don't worry the most high God knows everything my dear some love u but the most high God love u best

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    91. Marciano Coldez

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