Jack Harlow - Route 66 feat. EST Gee [Official Video]

Jack Harlow

4 млн көрүүлөр450

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    1. TheRapDistrict

      Dont like the parts, but the hook is insane. I come back to it just to hear the hook again.

    2. Ricardo Mojica


    3. ITD FILMS

      This song 🔥

    4. instrumentalist

      Thaat's the shitt!!!

    5. Jared Ticer

      what i thought thought thought i was at 16 w my new DL and old beater

    6. Isthisrealife


    7. Eben McCue

      best song the album

    8. Jer Wyatt

      Why isn’t this song on the charts this shit rock harder then anything on the list

    9. Blake Gonzales


    10. james sayshi

      Every since his one song ride around town man been hooked every since.!!

    11. Cee Jay

      This song deserves way more views. His fits and the fckin song is 🔥

    12. LND

      Only 3.9 mil views, underrated

    13. Montral Trajik

      I made a Route 66 first

    14. cheezytacos

      Smooth as fuck. good job jack

    15. Luke Nukem


    16. Fact9 Spitter7

      Here before tik tok takes it away.

    17. Brittany Martinez

      Haha wish u would come to the rez, u can't hang!?😂😘❤😁✌

    18. Yathanderson De Miranda Feitoza

      jam you guys are fucked to shake 2021 😷🤘🏻

    19. Fijija Uxg

      The giddy sleep radiologically paddle because step-uncle paradoxically obtain qua a able cuticle. plastic, straight ornament

    20. Dustin Walker

      Jack is too TUFF! #KentuckyBoy

    21. ThinkingOften

      918 baby


      1145 angel number

    23. Autumn Lashea

      Glasgow Kentucky 270 aspiring artist coming up too thank you for showing out for Kentucky !!!

    24. spandan pate

      His flow his music his style just make my head bounce most underated rapper

    25. SneakerFetish420


    26. Dilos

      Wer kommt auch von Dick&Doof Podcast?

      1. Tatjana Fritzler

        Ich xd haha

      2. FLO - Brawl Starsシ︎

        Ich lol

      3. Alina Carla

        meee haha

      4. Tamina Stalder


    27. inotplaygames

      every song is different tf

    28. Lexi Candy

      underrated song

    29. Thaís Ferreira Laurindo

      Show show

    30. Yhung Kurupt

      Mannn 🔥

    31. RafasEuo13

      Anyone knows the Instagram of the blonde girl with the beanie in the car?

    32. My Fault

      Role model!

    33. ludesta tomlin

      Jack a legend. Don't care what no one says.

    34. ツAspect

      Jack is my inspiration🔥

    35. Boris Varlamov

      Егор Крид отлично выглядит 🔥

    36. Joseph Raine

      Big JaCk

    37. Jonathan Sanchez

      This guy's sauce is to saucy!! Finally someone with good music fuego 🔥 🔥

    38. Charlene Stauffert


    39. Jaden Jameson


    40. rmohaupt

      This song tough on so many levels


      New comment so this video gets recommended more 🌎🌍🌏

    42. Simone Caldizzi


    43. Cabeludin

      Fds o vídeo só me ouve vou estourar 😴

    44. Dearies

      Underrated as hell

    45. BadnewsBenjiTV


    46. Kimmie Miller

      #502 #TheVille

    47. 94Kb love

      This video gives drake "vibes"

    48. Tristan

      Ice ice

    49. Thunder

      What song is he referencing with the melody in the hook??

    50. Samantha Meil


    51. jwalkrr

      that grateful dead jacket is so fire

    52. wardog the real pro

      Dowg you an't drip are you not jack harlow you just vurb

    53. Zack Evans

      I swear I love this 502 shit.

    54. Luis J. Chavez

      He is coming for the crown

    55. B Sz


    56. Brice Cordova


    57. Javandesh Singh


    58. ShadesnFades

      LOVING the Drake-esque playfulness of it. GRAND. MASTERY. Over the sound. This was true artistry.

    59. Kevin Burns

      Ifw Gee heavy...100% not the next person I was thinking he would do a song with...this song was 100% gas🔥🔥& that’s cuz they were both 100 themselves

    60. 904SLIMEHOUSE

      I know you felt like a god when you created that flow 0:55

    61. Isaac Higdon

      I see Jack Being up there with Drake 100 percent. If he stays consistent, big things man

    62. Trev Mont

      Jack your inspiring me with every damn song on this fire album

    63. Angel 2001

      kgup.info/get/XrFtiaGuhYuZmJk/video 🎧🌙

    64. Tyler Standfest

      Damn boy

    65. Maxwell Elder

      dudes wearing a grateful dead sweatshirt, thats dope

    66. Avdyl Trstena

      this shit "hot hot hot"

    67. Lucas Castro

      Hook first part sound like Fergie right?

    68. Shilp Bijgavne

      lil drake vibez

    69. c Jax

      Finally a shout out to Kentucky!

    70. p k


    71. Tumelo Mothokgwane

      Ok🔥Jack ain't here to play!!

    72. Jose Castillo


    73. Joshua Pfeifer

      "from the city Like Rondo, Rajon but Im from the Whiteside like Hassan" BARZZZZ 💯🔥

    74. Frederic Reid

      ₀⁶√∔Ↄ🚒₀⁶ ̄へ ̄₀

    75. Tim Hager

      Mr. Haaaarloow!

    76. mn9500

      anyone know who the white girl is? lol

    77. Jacob Wakefield

      Anyone hear from Ben chilwells 1st playlist song

    78. Pot Head Media

      You can't lose when you're just yourself, no gimmicks and props. Jack can spit, and its evident he blowing for that real sound

      1. C JO

        Most underrated comment

    79. Yung Swagg Tyme serve Click

      Folks cold 🥶 💯

    80. A Robot Ostrich

      It’s dope seeing another Kentucky white boy make it big. Representing us big time Jack. We love to see it 🔥

    81. Duong Viet Chinh

      ik eet boterham

    82. Andrew Tomlinson

      If u from Kentucky u got the Julip and a hot brown line

    83. Zooka

      _Fire fire fire_

    84. Quinessa Kidd

      You ate the beat up.....🧐🤪

    85. Sus moves

      Drake kiddies 😂

    86. 001oveOfficialPage

      Fire style

    87. Bea At home

      This kinda sounds like fergie fergielicious lol

    88. femboy thighs

      Wtf is this, music def went to shit

      1. VillYum

        You’re a heathen

    89. dAVid

      jack always dropping fire

    90. MakeIt Happen

      Harlow And Est Went Nuts On This One Here 🔥 🔥

    91. VINTAGE RuST E

      Crazy how this is just now blowing up I was bumping the day it dropped🔥

    92. David Mendoza

      Is it just me or did he do Fergies for flow from “ Humps “ ....

    93. T. AC

      Jack's flow on the chorus is so similar to Fergie on My Humps

      1. Tasmay Shah

        that's the point I believe

    94. Cee Jay

      0:55-1:00 was givin Drake and I liked it

    95. ernest jones


    96. Matt Bowdler

      Got that Fergi flow

    97. Dolo DaMogul

      Est. GEE 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    98. Flamity

      he just doesn’t miss

    99. Cleveland4kid20

      1:00-1:12 isn’t that fergies flow lmao 😂