Gorilla Checks On Injured Bird

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    1. Güs Quēiroz

      The baby beaver sounds like a human baby

      1. Ryan Aji

        @MEMENETIC yess

      2. MilkiiPuddles

        Yes indeed it does...

      3. Chia mmos

        This can only mean one thing

      4. Alectron8

        @drowsy and slime yes! And giving credit, making said videos more popular, and just being a nice guy

      5. drowsy and slime

        This guy got famous of taking ppls vids

    2. Brehify

      *Everybody gangsta until gorilla helps bird*

    3. Odin Aksnes

      2:30 what is that song called again?

    4. Electro Bird 456


    5. Wilkus

      Michael Scott: 0:09

    6. Severus Snape

      I've seen really strong northern lights and it's majestic.

    7. Ollie Sheldon

      One fall and he is dead


      2:30 I keep getting mindfucked and holy shit I’m still amazed.

    9. Obis Van Ainobis

      Gorrila: bro u good?

    10. Lil baby Phoenix

      I love how he shows the main short clips and adds extra clips so the vid is not that short

    11. STEVE

      The gorilla is like harambe

    12. Nanette Marquez

      He didnt have to do that to us with the pillow flop

    13. Toast Gaming

      The corn syrup looks like the clear pills that parents take

    14. Cryctize

      2:18 my brain is telling me I can do this but my gut says no

    15. Kris Wadley

      2:43 is it weird that i want to slap the top of that?

    16. skinny qweeen

      3:01 ..don't ask this guy to hold your soda

    17. skinny qweeen

      Brace yourselves 1:26

    18. skinny qweeen

      Australian boomers be like: Aw yoo videoin' that eH

    19. Solomon

      1:22 omg- it like a girl

    20. Lizzie Beth

      The seal was so CUTEE

    21. Daniel Tomashevskiy

      Am I the only one who thought the title said gorilla cheeks on inured bird o-o

    22. kate carew

      Acrophobia by proxy kicking in NOW

    23. Calvin Mitchell

      Are we gonna ignore the snake in the guys pants at 3:06

    24. JustARandomPerson

      Animals care more about others than people. It’s just so sad, humanity these days

    25. Aakira

      baby beaver sounds very cute

    26. Rae Animates

      I think the gorilla wanted to eat the bird

    27. Laughter

      2:21 It's so trippy I'm gonna vomit

    28. MEDcannabeast

      Daily dose of gaming . This guy is a dork . Fucking leave your house once in a while.

    29. Serenity Kiwi

      My god that cat is soooo fluffy.

    30. Stikbot original 2489

      Gorilla "bird injured me check " 2 seconds later "fly bird "

    31. typhooned


    32. freindly iron golems


    33. 我可要投碗了

      0:32 me playing zelda BotW be like

    34. anime abdi

      doctor: We have bad news man who came out of 5 yr coma: *I dont mind as long as I still get to visit my favorite gorilla at Cincinnati Zoo* 😭

    35. TommyOfficial GAMING

      0:43 when the render distance is minimum

    36. ELT_Skirtz

      I just want to give that beaver a big old hug ✨🥰❤️✨

    37. Aeninqs

      1:30 That Seal LMAOOO

    38. Doctor Doubt

      Joke's on you. I'll find sugar in my sodas. Because we don't really use corn syrup that much here.

    39. Black Thunder

      As I soon relize that the fact that I’m was scrolling for hours every one is talking about the gorilla and the beaver and the guy on the moantian also the guy was scared u could tell he tried to suppressed the shaking of the selfistick but I personally think the most legendary thing here is the part that is this 0:56 if I disagree on my opinion who the fuck cares

    40. tired logan

      see this is how the human society will go back tp monkey and save earth

    41. Katie Kat

      2:43 ooooooooooh yeeeeeeaaah (turn the sound off and just watch it).

    42. CannyYTfoX X*

      I love how everyone is talking about the beaver

    43. Bepsi Mann

      3:22 great ending

    44. itsKINGralph

      Gorilla: u gud? Bird: no

    45. John Matsek

      Corn syrup looks disgusting but I’m still going to drink Dr. Pepper

    46. DatApplesM8

      "you a'ight bro?"

    47. 1 234567

      If those selfie sticks get any longer you wont even have to climb the mountain anymore

    48. TheReapersSon

      This makes the tragedy of Harambe even more significant because you know he wasn't trying to hurt the kid

    49. Bastard The Clown

      His “ later” has been going down in quality.

    50. It’s Meme time

      Plot twist: the gorilla was checking if the bird was alive because he savors the taste of an alive bird

    51. Spaghetti Chihuahua

      I love you man, keep posting your wholesome content and brighting up people's lives.

    52. KLanky Burd

      The reason the Beaver was wining is because it's a thing beavers do to get there moms and Older siblings to give them food

      1. KLanky Burd

        Complaining not wining

    53. yoloRoki 132

      the cant on the end of the video : se you guys on the other side

    54. Mr. MyLegg

      I want a baby beaver now

    55. Mr Pelican Gaming

      That gorilla be like: aye cuz u good? Wake up home boy

    56. Sxnligxt Stxrs

      1:03 thanks now I want a beaver

    57. Ridge

      @2:37 anyone who watches hacksmith will recognize this music

    58. Christian Sabacajan

      Having that northern light view every night is just awesome!

    59. YanCan

      1:01 Haha!

    60. A engimatic Bread


    61. Ganesh Shetty

      If it was a human child😟🥺😖😐😞... wish Harambe was alive..

    62. Icxeylattxe

      There are only 1,000 otters in the world, there about to go extinct. Maybe if we help out a little, there would be more...

    63. Bendy Memer

      00:6 I think its not running

    64. cool cade

      2:23 my brain disabled by seeing this

    65. 4hki

      0:15 *Stares into birds soul* Bird: *chirps nervously*

    66. Lord Mineta

      1:01 that collision tho

    67. KR Studios_2000

      I never knew that gorillas are this calm.

      1. Grim6

        * Flashbacks to harambe*

      2. Haris Khan

        Neither did the zoo in Cincinnati

      3. Grumpy FudgeCakeFaced

        You wanna understand animal behavior - watch humans (that are also just another type of animal). We all just wanna feel safe and belong with the herd.

      4. Dark DSQ

        I think you need to watch tarzan again bro

      5. Sk8r Gamer

        Gorillas are the most docile primate out of all

    68. banana boo

      Why cant the gorilla be like that to me?😣

    69. your comment might not work so please

      Imagine if our brain was running a simulation and higher beings were SPECTATING our animalistic behaviour even after millions of years of evolution

    70. Jaynie Keeley

      The stuff that going in your soda looks like honey

    71. skizel

      1:00 I like your face G

    72. ItzFaded_Playz

      2:24 I dont know what just happened but my brain just completely shut down within seconds


      Is no one gonna talk bout 1:01 cause I laughed so hard I farted 😂

    74. Aired down and disconnected

      I subbed. Need my daily dose of good.

    75. emeraldWATERFALL

      2:09 this is the real gravity falls Get it

    76. akaControlz

      At first I thought the title was (Gorrila Chokes On Injured Bird)

    77. Aaira Saeed

      I thought the gorilla would eat the bird,not help it.

    78. Petrosion

      0:41 r/sweatypalms

    79. zurstsss

      who here was drinking soda during the corn syrup one 👇 👇 👇

    80. Ezra Lawrence

      2:22 : me when watching this: *confused screaming*

    81. Ze_ BaronKrigler

      The skateboard cat got drip

    82. Bendin

      That seal tho

    83. Leah Ryan

      thank you for showing these videos you always brighten our day when we have a bad day

    84. F Robertos

      Bro. I ain’t gonna lie. The skateboard one made me trip walking down stairs 😂😂😂

    85. HGGG 8024


    86. Sunstone

      Pillow really went * *SPLAT* * on that persons face

    87. Teemteems Stuff

      1:01 is when I realize I have to do homework (The pillow is the homework)

    88. Carter Clark

      0:42 when the rest of map hasn't loaded yet.

    89. TheOfficialSquintz XP

      2:23 this is what lsd is like, this is the closest thing to it, I never thought I'd see it sober😮

    90. Bob Jhon

      The mans at 2:14 do be learning how to be hovering

    91. Terrified Entrapta

      Did anyone else notice he sounded a little hoarse today? If you need to take a break or youre sick, thats totally fine!

    92. outlaw will

      0:40 stupid

    93. Random Person

      The beaver was like Eeh eeh eeh eeh uuuh uuh uuh eeeeh

    94. a fan person

      When the map isn't loading in 0:39

    95. • Willow •

      That’s actually super cool I got to see the northern lights where I live it was super cool, once in a life time experience

    96. Hectofiy Here

      1:01 Dang was that pillow made of metal?

    97. nathan jae

      Meanwhile harambee: the irony

    98. Nature Brothers

      I love how gorillas are such gentle creatures through and through

    99. Oscar Wilde

      Was that a real magician?

    100. Rogue Assassin

      0:46 imagine falling from there ‘*OH The satisfaction*’ ~phew...