The sharkboy and lavagirl sequel that no one asked for

Drew Gooden

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    this movie was made for nobody.
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    1. Alice Bz

      I choked on my mango many times watching this video, goshh

    2. ReBootXD

      I thought George Cloony was the President in spy kids?

    3. Teresacl3 *

      Pls make a video about avalon high!

    4. Mantis Shrimp

      I will not stand for this shark boy and lava girl slander!!!

    5. Jstarstudios

      Sharkboy and Lavagirl was my favoueite movie as a child

    6. MrParanoia

      Guy 8 year old me liked the movie

    7. Kyleigh M

      I watched this for the singular purpose of simping over pedro pascal

    8. Ash

      Yo he hasn’t pinned a comment yet

      1. Seabass

        Yeah wtf

    9. Chubbyinnit

      Me when I was 8: Dang this movie is great! Me now: This movie is so bad its good

    10. Amanda Ivette

      Shark boy and lava girl was one of my favorite movies because it was so weird and made no sense 💀 another one of my favorites is Tim Burton’s version of Charlie in the chocolate factory... so you clearly see my disturbing taste in movies 😭

    11. girlwithopinions truth

      Is it just me or did I remember really liking this movie?!?!?!?

    12. Just a random 12 year old on the internet

      9:31 wait.....this girl is literally just “evillustrator” from miraculous ladybug except she looks less cool

    13. canniloni

      drew's taste in music is impeccable, the things i would do to have a spotify playlist of his favorite songs

    14. Breakfast food and dark haired women

      Fun fact The Indie Wrestler Shark boy brought miramax to court and got a hefty out of court settlement on account of him trademarking the name "Sharkboy"

    15. SpeakingOfSage

      It's possible he served his first term during the first movie and his second term during the second movie. 🤔

    16. Julian Rodriguez

      Robert Rodriguez directed episodes of the Mandolorian and it baffles me

    17. smushedgrape

      it may have been terrible but I loved it it was my favorite movie

    18. Alexander Delaney


    19. MarleenParamore

      Am I the only one that thirst watched this movie for Pedro Pascal?

      1. Teagan Vaughn

        YES ! and honestly it was worth it. i am so confused at how few comments there are abt pedro on this video considering that is the primary reason many people watched the movie haha

      2. icedparker

        LMAO ME i’m kinda surprised that no one commented how pedro pascal is in this movie and his co-star from narcos i believe

    20. Hana

      So what no ones gonna talk abt how that one song was just a really bad version of Bowie’s song hero’s

    21. danielle

      Drew: everybody didnt like this movie 9 year old me: huh?

    22. Patrick Hurdle

      Anyone else think that the dream song was lit when we were young?

    23. Rune Anonymous

      While the Doylist excuse might just be “they didn’t care”, canonically Sharkboy and Lavagirl lack human names, being dream entities, and while they might just have decided to save money, the visuals have a dreamlike quality to them, that fits the film. I am not saying that it’s a masterpiece- even if the dreamlike CGI was intentionally, it was probably just them playing into the premise to use low quality CGI, and the 3D was shoehorned in and dumb. Sharkboy and Lavagirl, as dream entities, probably shouldn’t be able to be on Earth or anything? You could just accept the premise of dreams melding into reality in Sharkboy and Lavagirl, but in a superhero setting, it requires further worldbuilding and such? Max and Linus would be possessing the power to warp reality to an extent, if we don’t build weird dream fuckery into the setting, which wasn’t implied to exist, so shouldn’t Max be more important than Sharkboy and Lavagirl? Even if Max can’t control his powers, the ability to bring dreams into reality would still be of great use.

    24. Sara

      As I'm watching this, I looked over to the right to see a the shark boy and lavagirl movie and KGup offering to let me buy it or rent it. I am watching this due to the extreme second-hand embarrassment I got from it. I do NOT want to watch the movie. KGup is clearly not very smart.

    25. JB Escorza

      Bro that girl with the iPad is literally sai from naruto 😂

    26. Keea Rentzios

      Drew: Future werewolf.. Me:My god its Jacob as a child

    27. Weeb Shrimp


    28. Jonah Wenger

      younger me didn't know how shitty the animation was lmaooooooooooooooooooooooo

    29. upyourgame cool

      I liked Sharkboy and Lava girl :(

    30. John McCarton

      Wait a minute Drew, did your wife know about our date.

    31. WOLFDawg 606

      The heroics Have fallen

    32. Dash_Gallou

      That outro made me realise I've been watching your KGup channel for almost four years, and now I'm freaking out at how quickly all that time has gone.

    33. Astronomy Demon

      6:22 The Bing Bing bong caught me so off guard and I actually laughed out loud

    34. Davide Marafioti

      Did the subtitles just say hey guyS!?!?!? Blasphemy!

    35. Sol

      Dudde...fucking drew're hilarious man...i legit cant control my laughter when i watch your vids/hear your jokes

    36. Ollie Mogle

      The perpetual bank considerably encourage because tornado culturally overflow concerning a sticky moustache. freezing, hard-to-find white

    37. godwendy

      Is the president just shooter mcgavin

    38. Crisis Moon

      Where’s the pinned comment

    39. Poop

      Wow, I actually liked sharkboy and lava girl, it's amazing what passes for quality entertainment as a kid

    40. Miranda Panda

      Spy Kids 2 and 4 were dope.

    41. Big Boi Blumpkin

      This is one of the best movies Don’t be rude drew... :-(((

    42. Hungry

      "Beside cars 2"

      1. Hungry

        12:00 three secs later

    43. ghianna bantilan


    44. skeptic moderate

      Dude, how do you make a movie this cringy?

    45. TF2 Brony

      I liked we can be heroes. Alright how many people are gonna bash me in for having an opinion.

      1. Its Drea

        Wrong channel for that lmao...I always hear Tove Lo’s “we *could* be heroes” instead every time I read the movie title

    46. YspicY

      He forgot the goodnight kiss :(

    47. Madi Meyer

      Im going to tell my kids this was The Boys

    48. Lily Notfound

      Why hasn’t he pinned a comment yet?

    49. Bandit

      5:26 funniest shit ever😭😭😭😭😭😭

    50. Twitty Fatcat

      I watched all of those movies. I had a great childhood, fond memories.

      1. Its Drea

        I can partially say the same! Was lucky to be raised with an eclectic taste

    51. Bria Nicole

      Sharkboy and lavagirl was a good movie for KIDS at the time. Like let it be, it came out like 16 years ago.

    52. Kaleb Mattox5

      I remember every single time I used to go to Netflix this was the the ONLY AND MEAN ONLY movie I would watch when I was younger I don’t know why I would always watch it I was like 6 or 7 and I used to watch every single spy kids all the time

    53. Camo 566

      S H E ‘S G O T S H A R K S T R E G T H

    54. Logan K

      I was 8 in 98

    55. Mercedes Shuler

      Im sorry but this made my childhood

    56. Jiyu Starfam

      the transition to the sponsor was literally so good

    57. Ellie Jammes

      if lavagirl stays lavagirl, then sharkboy has to stay sharkboy - if he becomes shark man then she's also gotta become lava woman

    58. Alex Stuart

      Drew you don't understand how difficult it can be to take an ipad from a child

    59. Brens exe

      Fun fact: there's not a pinned comment in this video

    60. Jsool 7

      I LOVED shark boy and lava girl. The bad CGI is on purpose to fit the vibe.

    61. Serious Gamer

      It's funny that I liked Sharkboy and Lavagirl so much that I watched it more than 200 times when I was 13. 😂 I still remember each and every dialogue.

    62. 1 2

      I watched we can be hero’s for 15 seconds I thought it was popular just becuase of the actor for mandolorian. I didn’t even notice that’s sharkboy and lava girl were in this

    63. 1 2

      Shark boy is the best character

    64. Jose Escobedo

      Don't fucking ruin my childhood you bastard

    65. Tim McGrath

      You're wrong on this on drew dont come for sharkboy and lavagirl

      1. Tim McGrath


    66. ThatFandomBoi

      Can’t believe he forgot to mention that the kid in the wheelchair was named “Wheels”

      1. Fireflii Squiid

        Oh god

    67. The Panty Donation Foundation

      i don't know a single person who hated the movie..

    68. Liv Car

      Yeah everyone hated on this movie, but it's literally a kids action movie, so obviously it's gonna be bad. The audience that watched spy kids and sharkboy and lavagirl aren't kids anymore, so duh it's gonna be kinda stupid. Besides, has anyone told them about other high budget kids movies? "I have an idea! let's make a movie where newborn babies are secretly business people and don't age! that'll be popular with the kids!" "Yeah! and then let's make an even worse show about it, completely ruining the already terrible plot! that sounds like what smart people do!" We can be Heros wasn't very bad, it was just made for kids, and maybe it's cause I grew up with this kind of stuff, but I thought it was charming, in a for-young-audience way.

    69. dr pill


    70. Alxir a

      About hello fresh: my mom uses it and its amazing actually (;

    71. pop rocks

      I saw the ad for this and I was like why the fuck

    72. miniluv73

      Hey Sharkboy who’s your favourite KGupr 2:20 / 7:47

      1. Hai Nguyn

        Ok that checked out

    73. Sam Vousden

      I think we should dive deeper into the whole dictatorship in the spy kids universe

    74. Knick Knack

      Drew sounds like Carol Baskin from The Tiger King.

    75. Theo

      Wym everyone hated it?😭 I mean yeah it was ugly but as a kid I loved it

      1. Hai Nguyn


    76. Jonathan Arth

      Spy kids president isn’t a dictator, by god he’s shooter mcgavin

      1. Flying V

        A golfer with an arm growing out of his ass.

    77. Janae Johnson

      Dude no. I love this movie lol ❤️

    78. Jack

      Close your eyes shut your mouth dream a dream and get us out. Funny how it’s a dream in a dream and they are trying to dream in a dream in a dream COOL!

    79. Nobody Important

      You remind me of a roach

    80. 2021 Trooper

      If Sharkboy is his full name does that mean lavagirl is now Mrs. Lavagirl-Sharkboy

    81. Franches Frotto


    82. sanjay nagarimadugu

      I watched we can be heroes a few months ago with my young cousins and at points I had to cover my ears to stop hearing the horrible dialogue

    83. Gordon Ramsay

      Him: Can you smell that? Me with both nostrils clogged: n o . . .

    84. TimeLord

      We Can Be Heroes isn’t a Sharkboy and Lavagirl sequel...

    85. Mijuna Blue

      Shark boy and Lava girl was my fav movie when I was 10 :’) it do be ugly but I’ll be damned if I didn’t watch it 20 times

    86. StarScreenStudio

      they should be called shark man and lava woman man thats old

    87. Eden Moore

      lava girl was lowkey my gay awakening

    88. Eden Moore

      I just realized how much of this movie my brain refused to let me remember in an attempt to protect me.

    89. Arfan Eka Diandra

      Weird Fact: The actor that plays Wheels, the kid that has his feet too strong his bones can't support it, his real name is Andy *Walken.*

    90. David Ostrowski

      what about lava woman then?

    91. lex

      i actually really like shark boy and lavagirl. like that movie was my entire childhood

    92. P does stuff

      finally a new Danny Gonzalez video

    93. Cordelia Thompson

      I am POSITIVE the Superman character is supposed to be Homelander. The hair, the armor...the giant H. He looks more like Homelander than Superman.

    94. Asmr Artist

      Some People might think shark boy and lava girl is cringey or bad. But these movies are mostly for kid’s and as a kid I loved this movie. Of course now I think it’s cringey and bad editing because I’m older. I thought this was the coolest movie but obviously to an adult this movie is gonna look and sound horrible like duh.

    95. Aberama Gold

      I asked for it...

    96. shiro gameplay

      Ah yes spy kids use to be the stuff back then lol

    97. shannen cj 22

      I used to like shark boy and lava girl lol bcs everytime i watch it i mock how bad the animation is

    98. Dillan Collier

      Why did click this?

    99. Femo Memo

      it makes me so sad how ugly it is

    100. demonkiller8

      7:02 I literally died 😂