SHOULD YOU become a pilot in 2020? What is your PLAN B? Explained by CAPTAIN JOE

Captain Joe

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    1. alphasquad45

      Nice to see our beautiful fleet of SR-20s. Greetings from Western Michigan University

    2. shafin shimanto

      I just completed my high school. Now after watching this video Im too confused what to do should I join a Flying school first or should I get myself admitted in a university and after getting a degree from there then get back to aviation..............

    3. Astronaut DEVANSH

      Well I was going to become a trainee but now because of pandemic it got delayed

    4. Gissie

      if you woman yes because they seeking to recruit women. flight International had article. they seeking to get more women into flying. aevil Dr injected with neuroleptics so game go into RAF. do some training. I'll just swim channel now. push platform across channel instead. rather a lot of planes falling out of sky recently. go on military assault course get fit get scholarship in RAF etc I did do that missed boat cause of neighbour. learn language via audio tapes uses listening skills. he does know flight principles and analysing forces.

    5. Music and More

      Hello CJ greetings from Puerto Rico, I think this is the best and most important video of all , thanks for that !

    6. MD. Saim Khan

      I wanna be a pilot like you😇😇

    7. immortal soul

      I like your vocabulary sir!

    8. John Park

      Genuinely good advice !!

    9. George

      ‘’Nothing great has ever happened from creating TikTok videos’’ - Captain Joe June 2020. 😂👏🏻

    10. Karthik Sudheer

      Can u make a video on the FAQ'S in the Personal Interview

    11. Luca Falcone

      10:23 EXTREME MOOD

    12. Gooner 72

      Great channel mate, it's always really interesting.

    13. ganeshsg2002

    14. Musheera Fazleen

      Me, I am ready to flight school and pay. What he says Okay then, things got even harder

    15. izxellliiieeeyyy c

      Do something like this but in the current year 2021 please

    16. Cheecky Fun

      plan a : pilot plan b : working as a ramp agent (bad job)

    17. Cheecky Fun

      flights at boston logan intl went ↘️➡️ overtime since covid 19 outbreak


      Honest guidence..

    19. Limesh KR

      Still, i wants to become a pilot😁

    20. K.G.B


    21. Captain Keith D'Mello

      Nothing like flying an airplane although not very stable.

    22. Daniel Takawi

      It depends on what you're doing on Tik Tok. I mean, Tiktok isn't that much different from KGup. At the end of the day, its a tool. You can use it to make meaningless dances for likes, or you can spread a positive message and uplift people, or you can educate people, like Captain Joe has. It's not so much about the things we use, but the things we do with the things we use.

    23. KC 景超

      Captain Joe can a pilot wear glasses?

    24. Indranil Chakrabarty

      Patronising !!!!

    25. David Schütz

      This is for me. Doing my Medical this Month and starting my ATPL Integrated this year

    26. Henry

      There are no jobs out there. All industries are affected. Not just the airline industry. So we are all screwed.

    27. Maull Sin Contac

      Hi, not that I want to be pessimistic but, apart from the covid pandemic (and even before it came), one of my fears about aviation declining was the sudden worries about climate change and the new "green" trend, which might cause governments to increase taxes on aviation fuels, flight tickets etc. Unlike the automotive industry, airplanes can't switch to electric motors, batteries or fuel cells so easily.

    28. Donny Van De Beek

      Genuine question. I have the money for ATPL without needing a loan but do you think it’s a good idea? I’m 29, i don’t know how much of a difference age makes. Thanks

    29. Palani Visu

      Brilliant, practical facts and honest analysis.

    30. C Fairfull

      I am applying for a glider pilot scholarship this summer. We'll see if it goes or not.

    31. Wesley Munene


    32. GambitHD

      It is good I am 15 still have some time till I start in 2021

    33. Pratap Singh

      Subscribe acoustic pahadi channel

    34. Shay Cottrell

      I’m an Air Cadet in Canada, so we get free ground school to get our glider and power licence. So the interesting thing about it is that we have still been doing our ground school classes on Microsoft teams. It been amazing and I’ve loved learn about how to fly a plane. Also my school is one of the only schools in Canada to have a commercial ground school açai or as a class and was the first school in Canada to get a full size simulated (Cessna172 Skyhawk) so even though we have COVID I’m getting my commercial and private ground school done

    35. Ham der du ved

      If i was old enough, then i would have taken it this year. But because of Covid-19, i had a backup plan. I would take over my father's company or be a farmer, doing agriculture. It's a thing to my family


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    37. Lerato Mosithe

      Well flying cars are coming pilots might as well fly those

    38. aj2trey _

      Thank you 🙏🏼

    39. João Castro

      Thanks for this awesome video! I'm currently taking aerospace technology course in hopes that in the future I will be able to afford my pilot license and fly for a living. Many thanks for letting me know other routes as well and enlightening me with your knowledge.


      i have a question captain joe, now am preparing civil aviation & cabin service which is 2 years, after that i have a chance to complete degree and take aviation management bach, so i have two skills in the market but my plan is "after graduating aviation M, is to become pilot and i have the knowledge but the thing i will need at that time is just training of pilot?".... is this way a possible to you?, can i become a pilot when i have this certificate, i mean aviation management or it helps me to eccept?. thanks

      1. Mike P

        Those airlines which require a college degree (however, some airlines don't require it), usually want that the degree is a 4 year bachelor's degree. If your degree will be a 4 year degree, then after graduation you can go to a flight school to get the pilot training.


        I mean after graduatiom, will i take just training or another 3 or 2 years, i though just training less then year or 1...

      3. Mike P

        When you have graduated, absolutely you can start the pilot training. Then you just have to choose the flight school where you want to get your pilot training.

    41. Salvador Yee

      as a profesional for more than 20y ,.for me it seems that you are a newcomer, and it very clear that you get pay by a q sectors or sector schem.

    42. Rom

      People please if you could help me to achieve my goal in my future career.

    43. laurent karout

      Way too many planes now a days. The navigational map is like spaghetti. Go up go down go left go right non stop. Cant enjoy the horizon like they use to 🙂

    44. blah

      I will owe £100000 to my parents

    45. Ray B

      This was very helpful. Thanks!

    46. John Tuan

      Hmm..But what about airline's cadet program? Airline companies in Taiwan are still recruiting cadets, although the whole process is extremely slow as the rumor says.

    47. Hakan Türkoğlu

      Thnx Captain👏👏👏👍👍👍😁

    48. Keiram

      in your opinions, become a pilot in 3 or even 4 years, it may already be a good period for the airlines?

    49. Nathan Atkinson

      I'm back to wanting to be a pilot again!

    50. Mohan Hasan

      Being a pilot is my ambition not only ambition but also it's my the greatest hope I've in my life . But problem I'm from Africa with single parent family and live in lower class so I don't know what my hope would be if t finish my secondary school

    51. BrioRob

      Nice video! A question: is usually too late for a 29 year old to start a pilot academy?

      1. Mike P

        It is not too late. People who are much older have also done it and created a career.

    52. Aditya Playz

      shortage of piolates D=

    53. Reico Hayes

      Unfortunately, im too old. Would've loved to have been a cargo pilot.

    54. Rom An

      I'm doing my masters degree in materials science (Germany) right now and cant wait for my flight training to start. =)

    55. Daniel Guerrero

      Please make a video of flight schools

    56. JustMe

      There's a huge misunderstanding among people who (still) dream of becoming pilots. An awful lot of them have been attracted to this job by the images of the long gone glory days. There is no glamour, not a lot of stability, not a lot of respect anymore in this industry and probably no airline is immune to that. Unless flying heavy metal is in itself a dream, there are more rewarding and secure career paths. Don't dream if fancy layovers, lots of days at home and fat salaries for life. These are History. Forget the good looking Instagram or YT pictures and videos, they're often making things look MUCH better than real life. And if you REALLY like flying, a lot of airlines don't like you to touch the controls too much so you have to be lucky (I have been) or accept to be a "cockpit manager".

      1. Rom An

        I wouldn't necessarily say that it's glamour, fame of even "fat salaries" that attracts people to commence their flight training. It's the profession itself. I once flew with Luxair and had the chance to enter the Cockpit after landing and I'll never forget the how the F/O said to me, he would have taken ANY pilot job (even a drug pilot in Columbia as he said ;-)).

    57. agathorian

      I'm already 24 and working a dead-end job making barely enough for food and unable to save, now it feels like ill never be able to get close to doing anything productive Let Alone learning to become a pilot...

    58. Rizwan Aashif

      Then ending omg😂😂😂😂

    59. Prabir Roy

      Sir can a halicopter pilot become a commercial pilot .pls reply 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

      1. Mike P

        You can get a commercial helicopter pilot license. If you mean to switch from helicopters to aircraft, then you must also complete the flight training for aircraft.

    60. Matthias Vojnar

      I clicked on this because I was curious. When he said "grow up, get off the couch and do something" I felt that

    61. Mayson T.

      Aerotask actually is very good, a few weeks ago I had flown whith Aerotask in Krefeld (Germany) and it was very good

    62. Username

      Ah yes, because I want to go to university to wrack up student debts and then spend £100,000 on flight tranining.

    63. A. B

      Captain, are you single?

    64. Idiot Beach Productions

      I read your article in Airliner World. I found it interesting you had beluga whales as the cargo.

    65. ajanaku Oluwatobi

      Captain Joe, i would be glad to have your email address. i have got something which i will like to share with you. my email:

    66. Andres Cedeño

      Thanks a lot Joe, I am from Venezuela, I was thinking in leaving the University, but I will continue with my career.

    67. Praveer Sonavane

      hello sir iam praveer 11 years old i live in ahmedabad

    68. bangtan_army zz

      captain can girls became pilots in any country

    69. Veronica Antonini

      Thank you for this helpful video Joe! I was planning on becoming a flight attendant in 2020, but as you said, every flight can have turbulences you didn`t expect, so I`ll try to get new experience in this waiting time to finally take off someday with new skills under my belt !

    70. Mythili dhaya

      Hi captain Joe

    71. Future Pilot

      Plan A: be a pilot Plan B: 👨🔫

      1. Tyler Nguyen

        Don’t do it

    72. Ali Hosseinpour

      My flight ✈️ school starts on October 2020 now after watching this video and some advice from 2 of my friends with 1000+ hours still looking for work Idk if I should start this course Can i plz get some advice whats best for 2020 pilot students?

    73. Lisa Ma

      Damn the last part is the real shit.... just get off the freakin couch...

    74. Nørth Førcë

      Joe do I need A LEVELS to be a pilot?

      1. Rom An

        No, it's not necessary.

    75. Muhammad Arif

      Sir what do uh think about pilot jobs after 2 or 3 years from now...?will there be more it was before the pandemic..? Or it will take more time to settle..?

    76. Alvin James Cortazar

      I am no longer pursuing aviation as a career Captain Joe. I am looking forward to obtaining a professional degree. And making flying a hobby.

    77. XRP IS NOT OVER!!!!

      Take it from those who know this business. Go do something else to make money in your life. Being a pilot for most people is nothing more than a money grab. Check back in 5 - 10 years and see if we didn't tell you so!

    78. Rohit R

      Yes is suffering becz of COVID...yes economy is effected ..yes many lost their jobs..yes ppl r suffering ...but nothing compared to what we have done to this planet... No matter what anyone will disappear only after completijg its course...people are gaining immunity ...even thou cases are increasing ...death rate is declining gradually...and with god's grace everything will be back to normal...atleast in 2 year time...also service are coming back to normal (my country,I don't know about others).. So Those whose dream of becoming pilot..keep dreaming ...think good ..think positive.educate yourself before joining ... Also there is shortage of's not like many new pilots are coming in market and jobless as if old one stays for ever...NO...they too retire even those are currently unemployed...keep polishing your skills..bevome a quality pilot instead of mugging up things and passing it ...don't lose hope.. Also complete automation of aircraft is not going to come anytime soon...atleast in next 40 years ...we have seen what happend with 737max... So keep believing ...keep trying..think good ..take care of health... stay safe ❤️

    79. Aviation Top 5s

      It’s tough being a pilot in 2020

    80. SpitfireJJ

      Do pilots see turbulence ahead? can they avoid them? why they sometimes seem to go through them? why do planes react to turbulence ?

    81. wfu900

      Where’d your tattoo go?

    82. jiya

      i sincerely hope that aviation will boom during generation z

    83. jiya

      im currently in grade 9 (14 years) and i really hope the industry returns, or atleast has signs of increasing income by the time i graduate high school :/

    84. Patrick Wiedenmann

      Maybe some kind of inspiration for a future video: What’s your opinion on transatlantic flights from a short term point of view? When do you think will we be able to fly with no restrictions again? Also, do you foresee any changes in operational behavior, e.g. more point to point flights instead of connections via hubs? Just curious as I’m highly affected by this pandemic with my family being in Europe and me being stuck in the US. Thanks!

    85. texasabbott

      Want to fly? Check if your country has a military pilot shortage due to the pandemic!

    86. thekid production

      hello i have a question so i am going to start my flight training in January but i want to start studying some basic physics related to this career do you have any suggestions

    87. Ravi Patel

      @Captain Joe, would it not make sense to start now with a flight school/getting your PPC? I am asking personally, but by the time a user gets the certs and ratings, they should be primed for a job as it can be close to 2-3 years to get those.

    88. Avgeek09

      I just got the boeing lover tshirt and i absolutely love it

    89. Brett Garcia

      Thanks, the best advice I have received until now!

    90. Aquatic Borealis

      Doesn't look good in the near future. The travel industry will recover, but it will take time. However, there is the possibility of automated pilots looming on the horizon. Tesla is doing tests with these flights. Would likely be a decade before there are real inroads, but it will happen eventually.

    91. Michael Pare

      I think the industry will be brutal for the next 5 years.

    92. Amadeuss

      TikTok is a big problem nowadays for young people 🤯🤯

    93. AleжNeт


    94. Tsepo Gqeze

      Really helpful as i also relate as an "upcoming pilot". You are highly appreciated, from SOUTH AFRICA 🖤

    95. Michael Levitt

      It has always been my dream to have multiple streams of income and luckily I came across Mr Tulio on Instagram @tradefx_with_tulio , words alone can’t be enough to thank you for changing my life

    96. Joseph Rhodes Hodgson

      With the current issue affecting the world now, I urge everyone to remember this is temporary and to invest in the future so you don’t depend on the government after the pandemic. I highly recommend you to connect with Mr Marco Tulio on Instagram @tradefx_with_tulio , this team are super transparent and hardworking 💯%

    97. MEME DOG

      I am far away from being a pilot but i know someday i will be one

    98. Ahmed Mehraj

      Hi Joe, can you just clear my confusion? your channel name is CAPTAIN Joe but we can see you have three stripes on your shoulder badge which indicates First Officer. So what’s your true rank??

    99. George Bakirtzis

      Everthing is temporary. If that is your plan in life, go for it. If you imagine yourself doing nothing but this. You won't Regret it.

    100. Aviator Tharish

      I am a aircraft mechanic... and i have 3 year experience as ramp agent in india. I am working as ramp agent for money that used to pay civil aviation exam for aircraft mechanic.thus i cleared exams and joined as trainee mechanic in air working as technician.more way to go.