Robot (Rudolph Conners) Comic History Explained | Invincible

Key Issues

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    Todays video covers the comic origins and a (nearly) complete comic history of Rudolph Conners, aka Robot from the Robert Kirkman series Invincible. Robot is a genius technopath who builds hyper effective robotic drones to assist him in being a hero... or villain... however you choose to view him.

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    1. Key Issues

      Robot is an absolute SAVAGE. Let us know what you think of his story arc, as well as what character you want to see next below! Thanks for all of the amazing support recently as well! Follow us on twitter! ► ►

      1. Malachai King

        at 3:55

      2. Malachai King

        who makes the music in this video ?

      3. Gerald Charles


      4. Joseph Carr

        What's the jingle that's playing during the video dose anyone know its super chill

      5. Gabriel Sylar

        LOL so robot is just Sylar if he got Technopathy . All the power is in the brain

    2. EmptyMag420

      I know names are difficult but with the show being out now you should know how to pronounce Cecil right.

    3. Neuralink Monkey Gaming

      Robot: literally creates a cure for monster girls anti-aging side effect, userps planet, makes her queen. Monster girl: -Has an affair with an alien -backstabs him in a revolt Monster girl belongs to the streets.

    4. Robert E O Speedwagon

      Was that spawn ?

    5. Geekula

      Is no one gonna talk about how sick his design got, like the black armor was just the dopest looking, let alone the fact that it just displayed a sort of smug supiority through mask design alone, I just love it,

    6. Topher Gerald

      Spawn at 8:52?

    7. DDDZzs 223355

      At fifth minute you said robot girl instead of monster girl.

    8. Lester Thula Gooden

      What's the name of the background music?

    9. Jaycue

      Love the videos Man! I'm also loving the Invincible show. Could you do a video about Damian darkhold? A demon paranormal detective just seems so interesting to me

    10. Technomorph TV

      My question is why did they make shrinking ray into shrinking rae aka female in the show

    11. Werlux

      Aaah, Rudy forgot the number one rule of Morality: Never throw the first punch, literally or metaphorically.

    12. Black Knight

      Spawn was in the comic!?

    13. MT-944 H.C.

      8:50 What is Spawn doing there ?

    14. K Llo

      Why Robot got a "granny looking" face?,lol

    15. Ralunix

      This is awesome.. Tho I hope the show won't go this way.

    16. phil huey

      Did I see spawn?

    17. Genia Marv

      I dont know why... I really want robot to show his true body to the team

    18. Dylan Houston

      1 million people are ruined a good comic for themselves before they even read it

    19. Dxmonick

      why is shrinking ray a girl in the show but guy in the comic? or is there something im missin

    20. Schematics

      Robot is a beast

    21. Theory Tucker

      Why didn’t you do Dupli-Kate; She has one of the dopest abilities?

    22. Farce

      That romance, and his betrayal, were the best I’ve read.

    23. akaJRob

      8:49 hello there Spawn 😳

    24. Mick Gabay

      robot girl? 5:02

    25. Last Minute Heroics

      Conquest ?

    26. Foulowe59

      The story of a funny looking robot who's controlled by a smart af Discord moderator-looking guy that is SimpingAnUnderage-looking girl who can turn into an Hulk-like monster

    27. Austin Curtis

      Robot got his job after Omni-man turned the previous group into “Mashed Potatoes” lmaooo.

    28. shane blue sky

      8:51 where the fook did spawn came from?

    29. Church _yll

      Was that Spawn I saw in the video

    30. cheese

      Wow this is surprisingly really well written. I haven’t even read or seen the 1st season and I already love robot and the rest of the cast

    31. salvatore palmeri

      I hate robot so much

    32. edneva93

      Why is spawn in the invincible comic 8:50

    33. Cesar Colmenares

      "this absolute phyco" hahahha

    34. Yolanda Jones

      Damn they ain’t even put bulletproof in the show smh makes me wonder y

      1. Yolanda Jones

        @Gabriel Peraza they replaced him as monster girl in the fight where him and black Sampson get beat

      2. Gabriel Peraza

        Because he doesn't show up until after Nolan leaves?

    35. Diavolo94

      8:50 spawn!!?? What’s he doing here??!

    36. Tarak Torgeman

      Whats the music at 4:20 guys pls ?

    37. V G

      Damn DA Sinclair is the goat.

    38. William Pulfer-melville

      He's essentially this universe's version of cyborg

      1. William Pulfer-melville

        @Not Applicable well they look somewhat similar

      2. Not Applicable

        I think he is closer to robotman from doom patrol.

    39. Bro Admin

      There's more villian than heroes.

    40. Verse Essential

      i love love LOVEEEEE your videos

    41. Malik? RR

      I’m mad about robots being evil it’s dumb

      1. Jamie_ D0G

        He's not a robot

    42. TakenLeopard951

      This comic is a master piece

    43. Alex

      That’s what I don’t understand. If Earth was far safer and better under Rex’s rule why did they have to stop him ?

    44. Extremities GD

      Robot seems like a Monogatari fan

    45. Velg

      Okay three videos where you say Robot cuts off Eves leg. That's not cutting. That's ripping off her leg.

    46. Alex Mazariegos

      8:50 was that Spawn?? At the bottom left

    47. Air Lusions

      I've never heard of this show.

    48. GHOST

      Reverse wouldn’t be de-aging?

    49. willplaySF 4food

      is spawn in this universe?

    50. Jose B.

      He’s like Braniac

    51. Date Masamune

      I liked Robot’s ideas, but it’s weird how he immediately assumed Mark would turn against him in the end.

    52. Sir Nile

      Was curious what makes Robot turn. Didn't realize there's some centuries long arc with him lmfao

    53. Test Mail

      Jesus christ robot is a damn savage and thinks he's so smart yet made so many poor decisions.

    54. Test Mail

      I don't get why they felt the need to change the gender and race of several characters when this didn't lack diversity to begin with.

    55. Yuan Li

      this guy is the embodiment of you can't make an omelet without breaking a few eggs.

    56. Gut-slicer Thing

      Hole crap

    57. Nope Nope

      well it will be unpopular opinion and i havent read the comix but even if he was a "bad" guy the world trived under him the reason he is a bad guy is cause of the way he did it, but that doesnt change the result and if the valtarex were enemies of humanity the logical thing to do is kill them if its either them or us lets be honest everyone will choose themselfs and if the enemies need to die for it to be that way well they dead, robots top priority wasnt himself or even monster girl that is the reason why he could forgive her when she ducked an alien and betriead him cause the more you care about someone the harder it hits you he loved her but she wasnt his top priority, it was the people so i cant rly see him as a bad guy its true he killed people but at the end they were his enemies he didnt massacer for no reason

    58. MateoisMouse

      *Monster girl was not the imposter*

    59. R͔̪̞Y͉͍͜Z͓̞̟E̻̝͉N͉̫͙ R̷Y̷N̷E̷

      Life is like a wheel

    60. Blood Marine

      Ultron: wants to destroy the world and rebuild it as the way he saw fit. Robot: Hold my beer

    61. Kit

      Oh look, Spawn. Pretty good person to have on your side in a war against a bunch of Invincible alternates.

    62. Kenny Hunter

      Imagine if Tony stark took over Earth the same way Robot did...

    63. TheLifeOnHigh

      Hearing you mispronounce Cecil’s name once was okay, but hearing you say “Scees’sal” multiple times got annoying really fast. Did you even watch the series? Both Debby and Nolan says Cecil’s name in almost every episode. 🙄

    64. ODST Gundam

      So Robot has cloned the human body much earlier than the comics. It'll be interesting to see how this effects the future of the series.

    65. Brian Ndinda

      So technically he was the last threat ??

    66. denz310

      I know he was evil from the start. You can never trust a guy who falls for a little girl.

    67. AGW

      Ashes to ashes. Jar to jar

    68. brian sharkey

      god I'm in love with this comic and I havent even rear it yet

    69. LordVader005

      Why is no one talking about how spawn is in this universe?

      1. Gabriel Peraza

        Because they're both Image?

    70. Jakub Kotowicz

      Okay, but you didn't explained why Robot rulling of earth was bad, All i heared is that he killed few heroes but then later it became and utopia so.... What was wrong with that?

    71. Md Shariful Islam

      So, Monster girl is female but the monster she turns into is a male?

    72. Literally Alois

      He a little psycho, but he good the spirit.

    73. Clean Harry

      I’ll never not feel sorry for robot. He may have lost his way, but he still wanted to do good things, and in the process lost everything he worked so hard for. His friends, Amanda, even his body got taken from him

    74. Kdubs

      assuming they watched the show before posting these.... they know how to pronounce Cecil from the show but proceeds to say it wrong anyway?

    75. Victor


    76. Keegan Dilley

      Robot is the most tragic character in the series. He lived to become his greatest fear

    77. Fred Gangsta 1206

      @8:52 is that spawn?

    78. Travi0ok 70

      Wait spawn is in here?

      1. Gabriel Peraza


    79. Ali AL luaibi

      This comic is a roller coaster !

    80. JsJ1212


    81. Michael Iv

      "Never explained"? Kinda obvious that Monster Girl is male in her monster form

    82. GorcStew

      Monster *Girl* =the father=confusion Monster=male Monster=father (not Monster *Girl* )=no confusion :D

    83. jacob pickens

      Ok at 8:51 there is literally just spawn from marvel in the for fron

      1. Gabriel Peraza

        Lmao Spawn from Marvel?

    84. s02 Pzychotik


    85. Fortune Guardian

      Wow this is a great story im surprised I never heard of it till the show cane out.

    86. Miles 101

      How Can monster girl can pregnant an alien woman

    87. Trav 3dstuff

      That’s spawn at 8:50 right?

      1. Stck-y

        Yeah I saw that too, I want to know more about why he's there

    88. dyrokudobane

      A floating, malformed human in a tube to a clone copy of another teammate with his intellect to a brain in a jar all while turning from a superhero to a super tyrant to an eternal prisoner. Man, his life is a rollercoaster of transformations.

    89. Arsagard Lim

      how daheck did the female flexion gt pregnant? isnt monster girl a girl>?

      1. Gabriel Peraza

        Not when she's a monster

    90. Kim Joseph Penaloza

      8:50, apparently, Spawn is part of the Invincible universe.

      1. Keegan Dilley

        Image Comics, it's a shared universe like DC or Marvel for the most part, though I imagine they wont have rights to use certain characters which are now owned by DC

    91. Jonathon King

      8:47 Why the F@ck is spawn in this

      1. Gabriel Peraza


    92. Victor Chen

      All I hear of these complete history things that reconcile

    93. Joseph

      I'm a little confused how did two women create an offspring?

      1. Joseph

        @Gabriel Peraza Oh okay makes sense now.

      2. Gabriel Peraza

        Monster form isn't female

    94. Veeno D

      Spawn is in there?

      1. Gabriel Peraza


    95. CHEE- RIOS

      I knew robot would be a problem when he injured battle beast

    96. Mazeful

      Wait. Was that Spawn?

      1. Gabriel Peraza


    97. Jean Nguyen

      Yeaaah, I hope they never go with that dark storyline.

    98. Zhangeldy

      Rudi if not stopped would have become legitimate ruler of the universe!

    99. Hazuko21

      So... basically.. the task of getting put from one jar of fluid into another jar of fluid but with extra steps. Nice.

    100. DarkhOrion

      This is a great case of "you either die a hero or live long enough to become the villain." A thousand years in another dimension would do that to you.