Coach URBAN MEYER Takes the SMC Challenge with Hilary

Scott Martin

34 миӊ. көрүүлөр3

    Urban Meyer and his son Nate joins us on a SMC Fishing Challenge in search of some real BIG FISH...Hilary Martin jumps in and teams up with Urban to see who can catch the most fish.
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    1. No One

      No way this is awesome

    2. Eric Bergeson

      O H

    3. BigBoyNorth


    4. george merritt

      That Freemon beat is my dream boat

    5. Check Mate

      Vid was Awesome! Can Pleaee pass on the music... It's the Best... Also, how do we make a donation?

      1. Check Mate


    6. Check Mate

      Please tell me y'all saved the bird... He was so toooo far out. He was gonna drown.😞

    7. mickey koul

      Go Bucks!

    8. Colby Ortega

      I remember being 9 years old when urban Meyers first became head coach at UF. A few weeks after he was hired, I went to a UF regional baseball game and some guy sat behind me with his wife and said he loved my enthusiasm for the team..... I later found out that man was urban Meyers

      1. Scott Martin

        Very cool

    9. dadsduce

      What kind of cruise speed do you get out of that boat? Have you tested it at WOT? If so how fast do the Evinrude's push it?

    10. Lokutis1

      How much did he pay the fish to bite?

    11. Brandon Seidl

      @Scott Martin your daughter is a hammer! You better be a little nervous cuz I think she may be coming right up behind you to make the bassmaster classic! I think one day you may have something to worry about! You better keep that throttle to the floor that’s all I can say

    12. Chris H

      Scott is it possible to do a striper fishing trip?

    13. Travis Bishop

      I'm sure Urban understand the hate.. rivalry.. respect.. of what it is..

    14. Travis Bishop

      Always respect the fishing.. doesn't matter who it is.. tight lines always.. go blue

    15. Travis Bishop

      7:33 Urban trying to clean the scandals off his hands.. always hating.. go blue

      1. Danny B

        If Harbaugh was there, he'd have the washboard out trying to get the shitstains out of his khakis from all the times OSU whooped him

      2. Zachary Shappell

        He’s y’alls daddy....

    16. Travis Bishop

      Urban hooked up to another scandal.. still hating.. but catching fish always a good time

    17. Travis Bishop

      Straight hating.. go blue.. too bad a shark didn't get him.. stay safe good video tho..

    18. Mason Mcguire

      Love ya coach!!

    19. Michael leady

      OK I’m gonna need all of you to put Ohio State jersey on to officially do this video

    20. Michael leady

      Go bucks

    21. MKokruok1

      Go Bucks!!!!!

    22. Chris P

      Urbs, it would really mean a lot to me if you could get me a copy of coach Day's playbook. I'm sure you two have kept in touch. 😁

    23. Chris Askew


    24. BassGeek

      Well yeah.

    25. Trucker King


    26. Christian Tyree

      Hey Scott Coach Meyers also Coached at my hometown school UNIVERSITY OF UTAH!

    27. carlos solis

      It looked like it was a fun day 👏

    28. Ashton Jones

      What can I do to go fishing with you? Been a dream of mine.

    29. JJ's favorite cousin Heinrichs

      Where is this taken place

    30. Marc Wilkinson

      Urban still rocking the Win The Moment bracelet. #GoBucks!

    31. jack frost

      Pfff. GO BLUE!!!

    32. Garrett Phelps

      Fire editing 🇺🇸

    33. Bryce Nash

      Should've shown Baker Mayfield planting the flag!! LOL!!! BOOMER SOONER!!!!!!

    34. Coy Dixon

      C'mon Scott! I noticed that Jacob wasn't on the Freeman. Go Noles!

    35. Jason Powell

      Great job hillary and urban!! Love the videos scott and hill!!

    36. Robert Baird

      Can you do more saltwater videos they are amazing

    37. j w

      Awesome video Scott!! Name the bird Freeman!

    38. Leroy sosa

      Another great video Scott Martin Ohio State huh that's amazing hanging out with the big dog all the way down in Florida that was some great fishing put them right on the spot and was banging them out your daughter is amazing she was just the first one to catch one God bless you and the crew as well as your family can't wait to see more of your videos thank you so much all the way from Spain peace out

    39. Stacy Jackson

      Scott what kind of trolling motor battery do you use? I got to replace mine.

    40. J Tee

      What happened to the dumb ass bird?

    41. Junior Messer

      How does that throttle work

    42. Barrett Granger

      Geaux Tigers is all I have to say lol 🐅

    43. Piya Chetty

      Another great video well done Scott 🇿🇦👍🎣

    44. VivaLaAngel

      Scott one day I hope to charter that boat whenever I get the chance to visit the keys in the future. Maybe you’ll be retired and hanging out down there when the day finally comes. I love fishing and been following your channel for so many years watching the smc. Urban is a great coach and hope he comes back to coach my USC Trojans next year. We got pretty good offshore fishing in SoCal if that’s what he likes offseason

    45. Mason Winkler

      O H. Mr Scott, if you even come to ohio and need a juicy pond to fish I got a spot for you my man

    46. Payton Smith

      Love the vids keep them up!

    47. mattmoss416

      If you aren't careful, Hillary is going to quit being a bass fisherwoman and start rocking the multi-day deep sea tourneys hahah Deep sea is addicting.

      1. Scott Martin

        She bleeds BASS

    48. Alex McKinnon Fishing

      Great video Scott, I miss saltwater fishing. Can’t wait for this pandemic to end so I can go back to my home town and do some saltwater fishing 👍🏻

    49. Dbars19

      well thats one way to get Hilary into a good program at Ohio state ;)

    50. Dbars19

      old Meyers could afford 5 for those freemans. Guess he could only afford 1 fishing trip with a legend :)

    51. Larry Warfield

      Coach Meyer is one of the best. Hope he gives it one more shot at coaching one day.

    52. Larry Warfield

      Beautiful Freeman boat. One of the best looking offshore boat I have ever seen. Great design and a great investment. If I ever had a dream boat a Freeman boat like that would be it.

    53. Mark Zimmerman

      O-H !!!

    54. Luke Capaldi

      GO PSU

    55. Photo Bob

      That boat is just so bad ass.

    56. Emily Dale akers Gilliland

      Hey 👋🏻 Scott Martin Me&my husband Austin would like to go fishing with you and your daughter Hillary anytime

    57. J Adams

      See if you can get John Cooper next

    58. Nelson Edgerly

      I loved living in Columbus Right by OSU

    59. Nothin nonya

      I don’t care at all I’m jus sayin some of those ajs were not legal 😂


      Water hose that close hmm somebody getting nailed

    61. Chan Miller

      Like Urban now that he's not coaching for the Ohio State. I grew up close to MSU and bled Green and White and still do😂. He does know the game and knew the right people to have around to get the most out of his teams🤙🏼

    62. Josh D

      Man time flies. Seems like not long ago I was watching your babies fishing on the big O. They’re growing up fast on ya Scott.

    63. Mike Jones

      Great video! Keep em coming

    64. BIGbass addict

      Love me some smoked fish dip.

    65. Fish man 1


    66. The Jada Show

      Urban cryer. Jk im jus a sore Gator

    67. brian gentry

      O-H...............what up coach

    68. Donnie Pope

      As a lifetime Alabama Fan ; I have nothing but respect for a great coach like Urban Meyer. Glad to see him looking well and having fun catching fish.

      1. D Zander

        Just don’t let him fake a injury 😂😂😂

    69. Christian Martin


    70. Joseph Gladish

      You need to take Braydon price fishing since he is down at the keys his week let’s make this where he see it so it can happen

    71. Mark Fulwood

      As a Gator Alum, I'm torn between, seeing Urban eaten by a Bull Shark, and seeing him, oh... eaten by a Tiger Shark... lol! Go Gators, and Go Team SMC!

    72. Lanny Seals

      Well done Mr Meyer! Buckeye Nation!

    73. walldog

      A legend whith a legend, Awsome.....

    74. Derrick House

      dang what a day getting to go offshore fishing with the MAN!!!

    75. True Blue

      Awesome video like always! Keep them coming and that’s an awesome Freeman boat.

    76. Caleb Blaser

      You just had to use the clip where they smashed Oregon lol that’s my home team. That was a rough game

    77. Matt Platt

      Love seeing urban myer on your boat a true gator killer he's a class act person who loves the out doors

    78. Braxton Hendrix

      Braydon Price is in Florida y’all should collab

    79. BassEveryDay

      I’ve broke 2 rods this week and put me out 300 dollars can I have some rods 😂

    80. Howard Stout

      Another great one

    81. Mr Nuthatch

      1:25 I think Urban Meyer is guna be him! I wonder how I knew!!!

    82. Brock Johnson

      Dude that boats off the hook Scott! Y’all deserve it bro! Love the additional Garnin man, that boats my dream come true man, so thank you so much for sharing your life with us sir! We are living through you and the famous Hillary! Godbless guys and God speed!

    83. Braylen Taylor

      Awesome video

    84. Braylen Taylor

      Urban Meyer

    85. Brock Johnson

      Ahh yeah the legend is back! Been needing a new episode bro! Thank y’all man! Godbless

    86. Nicolas Mangialetto

      Always wondered how much oil you burn on average

    87. Adam Smith

      I haven't had smoked fish dip since I lived in Lauderdale years ago working for gray,s taxidermy. I remember 70 lb. Amberjacks coming into the shop back then. Great job !

    88. Double Down Fishing

      Great video scott!

    89. Zackery Wright

      O-H Nice guest star SMC and TRHS

      1. brian gentry


    90. Jim Snyder

      O-H-I-O! I’m a Buckeye. Great video!

      1. brian gentry

        ME TOO. GO BUCKS !!!!!!!!

      2. Scott Martin


    91. APOFishing

      it seems like Scott is looking like a tomato.

    92. Jeff Haberman

      I always new you had class Scott. Urban in your boat, O-H I-O !!

      1. Westyn cully

        yes sir!!

    93. Totally Wicked Outdoors

      go bucks

    94. Brent Matthew

      Very jealous scott, I am a huge buckeye fan. I want to fish with Urban

      1. Scott Martin


    95. Chris H

      Another great video! Keep them coming

    96. chip denlinger

      O-H! New appreciation for this channel. Go Bucks!

      1. brian gentry


      2. Scott Martin


    97. Fishing MW

      Scott Martin: Guess who's coming on our boat from Ohio State Everybody else: Well I guess is Urban Meyer's since it's in the title.

      1. Scott Martin


    98. JJ's favorite cousin Heinrichs

      Was this before yo rapped the boat or did you unrap it

      1. Scott Martin



      Good job Hillary and Coach!! You too Scott!! !

    100. Ray Traylor

      Good vid