This Is Us... (OUR VERY FIRST Q&A)

Reece & Ray

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    Y'all have been asking us to make a youtube channel for a while now and we finally did it! We asked you all on our instagram to ask us questions and they were juicy LOL! We hope you guys get to know us a little more, we did our best to answer every question as thoroughly as we could lol
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    1. S *

      Yooo they’re like 20 -21 in a full mature relationship with mad responsibilities & I’m here 20 yrs old really b 15 not doing anything with my life lol

    2. Liz Limon

      Ok but the way he looks at her, ughhhh so cute

    3. Joss Lin

      Wow gives me hope for love cus moms need love too lol

    4. Jonny Divison Martinez

      What’s Rays occupation?

    5. Tanya & Darian

      She’s so cute!! I wanna be friends 🥺

    6. kris biele

      Beautiful couple, family.. Keep growing, God bless you 🙏🏾


      please check out our channel ❤

    8. Secretlifeof Ny

      I’m late to this Channel , but I really love y’all already . I really love the vibe it seems soooo genuine . 🥰🥰

    9. Marivi Griselle

      “I only get to play when she does her makeup”🤣

    10. eLissette Morales

      Amazing job on ur 1st

    11. Veronica Michel

      Welcome to the KGup world 🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟

    12. Laura Sarmiento Chavez

      Aww so cute I love how he treats her and her kids

    13. Toni Rose

      Wow lol I love this side of reece

    14. The Rivera Mouseketeers

      Dating someone with 1 kid is like ok but 2 wow .....takes a lot .. much respect to him hopefully she don’t have baby daddy problems lol

    15. najmaa xo

      Her smile reminds me of Lauren London 😍

    16. Maya Facey

      HOLD UP I DID NOT KNOW THEY WAS AROUND MY AGE 😭 I KNEW REECE WAS OLDER THAN ME WHEN THEY SAID 21 and 20 I was like huhhhh I’m 19 bro that’s crazy 😂

    17. LaNissa Orange

      The way he looks at her 🥺🥺 His queen for sure 💗

    18. Derick Spence, Jr.

      I wish I can get to know y’all one day? Y’all make a great couple with a lot of funny chemistry. Such talented human beings.

    19. Jibbz

      You know what I’m talking to a girl right now who has 2 kids also and I’ve been hesitant to move forward because of the 2 kids she has. You just helped me with my answer 👍🏾 thanks bro

    20. Teresa Rogers

      Cuuuute!!!! ****Subscribed

    21. Michelle Rodriguez

      It’s the way you spoke on her daughters🥺 and how it’s not just her but her two daughters too🤍 your momma raised you right!

    22. Rose Fitness

      Why do I look like her 😂

    23. Manny Rosy

      Reece is low key you can look at him and see

    24. Thomas Kincade

      Reece&Ray LA

    25. Barbara Jefferson

      Where is the father to the children

    26. Indi Mist

      Can ray pls do a makeup look

    27. Luz Acedo

      Omg I love ❤️

    28. nikkidavila92

      He got that clout than she was on it 🤔

    29. FunnyTiktok Compilations

      I’m confused is his name Reece or jordan

      1. 600 Block

        His artist name is Reece, birth name is Jordan

    30. Sandra Lujan


    31. Marie Galindo

      omg i didn’t know he was so young

    32. Mitzi Garcia

      LOVE THIS so much ! the way he talked about accepting her and her daughters really hit 💗 yall are so cute !

    33. Adianez Athena

      Wait how long they even been together then? Not even a year? They moving so fast 🤭

      1. Adianez Athena

        @Pacey Yauger freedom of speech k. I simply commented my thoughts

      2. Pacey Yauger

        mind ya biz

    34. Adianez Athena

      I sleep with a pillow between my legs too but its to have my spine properly aligned in a horizontal plane lmao I also have a pillow that keeps my neck aligned too lmao #healthprofessionallife

    35. Leo09

      Its an easier transition when you get in a relationship and your kids are small. When I got with my husband my son was only 3 years old and literally he connected with him right away. My son is now 9 and he calls him dad. He actually calls his real dad by his name 🤣.

    36. Hailey Elbert

      Awww love you both so happy for you too ❤️❤️

    37. sarah j

      I didn’t know u had a gf , I love her energy she’s so cute ! Wish y’all the best 😻🥰💗

    38. MCCL_CJKL

      Reece & Justice were raised extremely well... They are such gentlemen!

    39. Janet Bermudez

      11:44 aww that’s so Fukin sweet! We need more men like you! 💯🔥 Honestly EVERY single mom has that hesitation once their ready to date again. So happy for you guys and I can’t wait to see what your guys future holds 🙏🏼❤️

    40. Lisa Thabede

      Y'all should call us the aRRmy!!!

    41. Nancy Ortega

      I love the way he looks at you when you're talking!!!!!

    42. Jasmine Faria


    43. Miriam Quevedo

      You like vroom vroom through cars 😂

    44. IZEK

      I bet it’s nice to have a girl

    45. Leslei Lopez

      ayo i didn’t like him but him tied down is a move

    46. Millli_1

      You guys are sooo cute. What’s so funny is me and my boyfriend have a super similar story about meeting. Years back I hit HIM up and it was for a school project and we had our first date. YEARS later he hit ME up when I was a single mother. 💕😎❤️ Finding someone who loves your kids as their takes a real man. I feel you on being driven crazy. We’ve been together for a year now, and I’m still exhausted from work, kids, every little thing lol.

    47. Adi Pineda

      No lie he seems like a great man 🥰

    48. Aracelis Reyes

      Ray it looks like you’ve been a KGupr from the gecko, yasss queen!! Love ya videos !! Please watch my tiktok video guys

    49. Marla Harris

      I like" Ready to keep it Real Reece & Ray Gang" or "R&R fam" or ""R&R gang" IDK lol. I am super excited to see Reece smiling she is beautiful and perfect. Her girls are adorable I am definitely rooting for you guys xoxo

    50. Ari Ggg

      Favorite couple

    51. Ari Ggg

      Not all girls are scary driver I’m a nascar. 👍👌🏼😂

    52. Ari Ggg

      Lmfao I seen when you guys put this video but I had work so didn’t see it but u know her to the T. Hahah your not wrong she was like that in someones vlog let’s keep going let’s go to the house on your bday out the club y’all funny . U guys make a good couple

    53. Rachel Gallardo

      Momma sure did raise them right!!!

    54. Joe Mama

      Hey you’re Paul ponce cousins

    55. Sanai Lewis

      woahhhhhhh ray smile is literally Goldennn this girl is stunning 😍

    56. Keezy B

      Brooo y'all hella cute ❤️ love you guys and Ray is sooo lovely and sweet congrats to you guys on moving in ik I'm late but I still had to say it and Reece I love your music man keep doing your thing

    57. aaliyah backens

      Him talking ab her and her kids made me tear up

    58. Val

      raylein has a big head 😂 shes super pretty though and definitely brings out a good side of jordan 🙌🏼

    59. Amanda Widenhofer

      Yes...beautiful 👪 all the wayyyyy a fan of them all...💙💗💝🎊🎄🎁..yrs mama raised her sons right.

    60. Inez Zuniga

      She’s so beautiful 🤍

    61. Nessxo __


    62. Katie Longoria

      she’s so gorgeous

    63. Teiahnna

      YAYYYY cant wait for more uploads

    64. Princess 512

      DAMN 2 kids at 21? 🤔 u aint shy girl !! 🤣🤣🤣 of course u weren’t scared hahahaha

    65. Princess 512

      oommmgggg.. 🙄 so NEW relationship talk... give it a few years she gonna be like don’t u have something to do don’t bother me... god i love my own me time and my babe had his own tv and i have my own tv in our room’ lmao! but let me say u one thing that’s the truth girl... let him have his own time to do what he likes ... or it can backfire when the honeymoon phase is over and he can resent u for it or blow up on u... RIGHT NOW YALL IN THE HONEYMOON PHASE... PERIOD LOL good luck 🍀

      1. Princess 512

        @Savannah Smoyer how is this a negative comment ? by saying this is a honeymoon phase? 🤔 is it not?

      2. Savannah Smoyer

        Do you only say negative things? This isn’t your only comment being negative lmao

    66. I Was Born 2 Conquer

      Vlogmassss pleasssss 😇🥳

    67. Nicole Styres

      R & R fam 👌🏽 everyone needs some R&R 😏

    68. Luis Ulloa

      Bruh I'm the same God dayum way I sleep with a pillow between my legs ,a big baby when I'm sick lmao

    69. Izabella Chan

      Love you guys

    70. angelee arrindell

      She is sooooo beautiful 🥺

    71. Noel Aguh

      The outro beat 🔥🔥🔥

    72. Alisa Lopez

      Congress to you both and kid's

    73. Alisa Lopez

      For the supporter's you guys asked money bags you guys should call us that money buys everything and everyone lol ...

    74. Melissa Gueye

      Repent!!! Jesus loves youu and died for you! Abide in Him and He will Abide in you and then will His love also abide in you! John 15:10 💕

    75. Analaura Lombera

      So cute!! 🇲🇽 🇮🇹🔥💯💃🏻

    76. jazmin celeste

      They’re so cute! And it’s crazy because when you know you KNOW! My boyfriend and I moved in together at like 6 months and we’ve been together for 3 years now lol.

    77. Champha Say

      Ray resembles juicyjas makeup influencer 😍

    78. Brittany LaFever

      I love yall im a day one subscriber I haven't missed a video yet

    79. Carolina Otaiza

      She said “vroom vroom thru cars”😂😂😂she’s so cute “Jordan caping Reese cook”😂😂😂

    80. Annie Edwards

      Rooting for you guys ❤️

    81. Tiffany Cleaveland


    82. Simply Erin

      New subbie

    83. Jannely Piti

      they are so cutee omg

    84. Princess Nia

      Vlogmas yessss

    85. Skyla Silva

      You can see the happiness all over his face! I hope they last 🥺

    86. Glamwithleslie 1213

      Vmas!!! Yes plz Im already wanting more and hope to see the girls in ur videos as well 🥰

    87. Corinna Lopez

      I’m extremely happy for both of you! ❤️

    88. Naomi Rodriguez

      I love this!!! You can already see this gon’ be wild asf😈🤪♥️

    89. Sid Dami

      you guys just remind me of my boyfriend and I...I had to subscribe asap

    90. Monica Xo

      Love the energy you both are giving!!!🌞 can’t wait for more videos

    91. Team Inner Peace

      Nice Q and A....communication is a big key in having a good relationship.

    92. Alex Ramirez

      I love you guys already! AZ Native here👏🏻❤️

    93. Abeer Mitchell

      Who are these

    94. Jaida Tulikihihifo


    95. Jaida Tulikihihifo

      And I love how mila calls him “DADA” 🥺🥺

    96. medicine

      You guys are so awesome 😊 can't wait to have more from you both.

    97. مشاعل الحربي

      So excited to see you guys again♥️🖤

    98. Marissa Jaeger

      Call us the reeces pieces 😂 jk

    99. Leania Ekiek

      reece is finally lock down.... i love how you are with her kids... they not just her kids anymore they are also yours now!

    100. Ka Ro

      I’m legit smiling ear to ear at 3:02 am 😭.. god I’ve seen what you’ve done here .. when ..