My Dog Answers Fan Questions

Tucker Budzyn

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    My Dog Answers Fan Questions
    Tucker answer's your questions. The fans chimed in and asked the questions and now Tucker goes through and answers the best of the best!
    Want Tucker to answer your question? Leave a comment below!
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    1. Anya Hornisch

      soffft butz

    2. Halloween Wolfy

      Tucker do u miss pearl?

    3. Supernoob

      For tucker: is linda a good owner?

    4. Rose Love

      Did you say jyrnei?

    5. Stacey Erwin

      For tucker: is your sister evil?

    6. Roe Woods

      Ur dog is sooooo cuts and talented

    7. Sophia Beyer

      I love tucker and he is so cute and funny

    8. Sadie Reyes

      Is Linda an idiot?yes or no


      tucker question do you like taking baths

    10. Mason Vojtkofsky

      Subscribe to tucker

    11. Gachaheart

      Is Tucker annoying

    12. •Gacha Alex•

      I saw your vid on tiktok

    13. Hugo Calderón Luque


    14. Lalli Love

      Do you eat poop or eat other peoples food

    15. Gacha_tiger4 Cutely

      For tucker:what kinds of kibble do you eat

    16. Lottie Kinver

      Is dog school really annoying ?

    17. Brawl Gaming

      Tucker do you like to fart on Linda’s face?

    18. Eva Solomon


    19. Colt Fondren

      Do you like eggsss


      Tucker do you love your fans?

    21. Ellie Playz

      My question is : if Linda died, will you be sad

    22. Carolyn Fernandes de Abreu

      Um does tuker know what a horse is and is he a golden retriver

    23. Syd TEM

      One question for him will tucker hump his girlfriends

    24. Yaya Wu

      Do u like eko the husky?

    25. kids escobar


    26. Lane & Judi Robie

      Question for tucker: would you share your chicken?

    27. kids escobar

      would tucker like to see journey soon

    28. Kai Vang

      Question for Tucker: If there was no if there was no trees and no dog food and no dog bones and and there was only a cabbage 🥬

    29. Lane & Judi Robie

      Question for tucker:do you like kids?

    30. Mariyah Sandoval

      does he want puppies?

    31. Trudie Chaney

      Have you had a bath no yes.

    32. Shaina Swanson

      I do

    33. Addison Greenwood

      I have a question- Does Tucker love His wife more than sniffing butts?

    34. Cameron Beers

      How many times have you seen Journey?

    35. rgballowe

      Question: Is your floof a sign of king?

    36. Ranger the GSD

      Please do more (what’s for din?) videos!!

    37. Jacie Watkins

      i want to see journey again to

    38. Dog Amazing

      I love Tucker he’s so cute but he barks a lot but it’s for a good use

    39. Omardave Lachman

      Quick question for u cute dog 🐶

    40. Omardave Lachman

      U think ur nice?

    41. AAJJ 1223

      Do you like vegetables

    42. Isabelle Petty

      Does tucker like the tub

    43. Jesica haupt

      I love your videos

    44. Adam 's channel and stuff

      He so cute!

    45. Marivic Palo

      For Tucker:Have you Ever watched InqusitorMaster Before?

    46. Vibertex

      how did u train ur dog like dat!!!!!

    47. Gavin Collazo-williams

      Hey tucker Do you Like sleeping on your own or sleeping with linda?

    48. Isadora Brasil

      You want a son

    49. Gavin Collazo-williams


    50. Cookiecraze

      Poor Tucker he must miss Journee a lot :(

    51. JC Double Team

      Yeah he/tucker said comment so I say can u comment my comment?

    52. Alanis Trejo

      I love tucker so much I want to hug him so much. 💖💖💖

    53. Ricardo Gómez

      I love Tucker ❤️

    54. maria espino

      Is tuker have a crush?

    55. Athena Reid Lucas

      can u snswer this question and tell it to tucker? Is tucker handsome

    56. Annika Lichterman

      Do you like me?

    57. •Its_Ari•

      Is tucker proud to be a doggo

    58. JDE Ghost

      Is Linda a good owner??

    59. M AH


    60. Maria Kgasiane


    61. bibitibobitiboo boo

      How old is Tucker

    62. Victoria Vale

      Tucker I'm new I have a question? do you bark strangers to protect mom

    63. Bentley the Jack Russell vlogs

      Small KGupr here 😁🐶

    64. Jsierra10 use code litty

      Do u like baths tucker?

    65. SkullGamer 100

      How old is he

    66. Allianah Torres Juarez

      do your dog have and a ex girlfriend

    67. Tamica Powell

      Do you like your sister bubbles?

    68. Natalie Riley

      Question for Tucker: Do you like to eat everything?

    69. David Parkes

      Aww buddy. Tucker missing Journey was the saddest thing to watch. Though "Linda's" response to Tuckers no on the sibling question is making me wonder....

    70. Orsalia Adali

      What did made Linda make a channel about tucker?

    71. Animals Are cute

      Does he like dog chocolate

    72. Sub Urban

      :me Tucker do you like to fart

    73. Kyliee Jones

      Does tucker want to move Would he be ok

    74. Sinem Arpali

      Question for Tucker boi: Are you handsome?

    75. Daniel Crane

      Does Tucker be nice to you?

    76. Jay Clark


    77. Jay Clark

      How many times have you farted on linders pillow

    78. h1ghf5

      AR you like your self

    79. Lea The sandwing

      This is how many times Tucker farted on Linda’s pillow 👇

    80. MSD LOVER

      Plzz watch the video I have made of my dog

    81. ㇱkawaii kitten playz

      Tucker did you fart on linda one time

    82. Becca

      Do you like food

    83. stef sellem


    84. Therazersharkfins

      Here's a legit question. Has anyone seen Flutter lately?

    85. Bridie Colenso


    86. Laylathe protecterwolf

      Can we be friends plssssssss

    87. Music Is The Key

      Question: Do you love Linda?

    88. Daniel Dupuis

      do u like treats?

    89. Sreedevi Jadeesh

      linda tucker is so funny 🤗

    90. Neil Britt

      dose tucker like other dogs?


      Tucker is the cutest!

    92. Ida Raterink

      Do Tucker likes posie

    93. Natalia Ryder

      a question for tucker: has anybody ever stole ur food?

    94. Daena Cigarroa

      What is your most favorite dog treat and toy?

    95. Tina Cho

      dose tucker like swiming and peeing in the water?

    96. XxStrawberryBearxX

      Do you like chimkin

    97. the mora channel

      Can he do tricks ?

    98. Daisy Weasley

      I have a question for Tucker. Tucker, do you like Harry Potter?

    99. Wetg Goodacre

      Do you like cheese

    100. Emrey Lazaro