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Quando Rondo

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    A natural talent, Quando Rondo was once a small child, secretly singing in the bathroom as a 9-year-old boy in Savannah, GA. His natural gravitation towards music lead to him to hip-hop; he began recording his fledgling verses on his cell phone. He quickly gained traction online, racking up millions of views on KGup.

    Fittingly, he titled his 2018 mixtape 'Life B4 Fame' with the hopes that things would change for the better once his career really took off. He was right-within two days, his mixtape had amassed more than one million streams on MyMixtapez. Things will only go up from there, and if the snippets from his forthcoming Rich Homie Quando project are any sign, he’s only only getting better with time.

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    1. xXxKamxXx

      have yall seen tht meme where it is like hardest lyrics 2

    2. xXxKamxXx

      man i am sad cuz i miss my uncle

    3. Gaming with kary

      “Sitting down watching my daughter play like damn she bad asf” Bro???

    4. Peaches_ 22


    5. vibes with dubem


    6. Martha Moran

      Love you

    7. Kevin Soria

      Where’s the original beat at I don’t see this beat on turn it up karon’s beat around

    8. Dustin Hansen

      fuck all that fu shit This song 10/10

    9. Exotic Cxrtoon

      Gay as song

    10. Regular NiccaTV


    11. stay the heck away from my memes


    12. 草{Free Music} ruok

      This is one of the best singing rap 🔥

    13. Guac Amole

      0:29 AY YO THAT SUS😳

    14. Peaches_ 22


    15. Brianna Smith

      I know you did king von wrong but he would want me to forgive you and also god would too.

    16. Jr Guzman


    17. Ryan Simpson

      This beat don’t go 👎🏾

    18. PrettyBoy Aiden


    19. Laquita Brownie

      King von

    20. Just this Guy

      0:29 no one catch this

      1. Bol James


      2. Bol James

        Mean that she gonna be trouble dummy

    21. Xavier Jones

      Da only type of love dez bitcces show me is can i get Chanel

    22. San Miguel

      RIP 🪦 In advance QR... wish y’all could just leave the states and go live a regular life somewhere else.


      Idk what is going with Duck and Rondo that ain't my beef 😕 rip von tho beat song

    24. NIXA BRAT

      Did he say "watched my daughter play, damn she bad af"?

    25. ShadowPlayzz

      For those who came from that reel 0:28

      1. Lasagna titty


    26. bluez KJ

      Reminds me of deep wounds by polo stillll

    27. Luv Flexing

      Time 30 sec>>> watch my daughter play damn she bad asf”😭

      1. BlxzeRxz


    28. flylowjay 530

      0:29 we just gonna let this slide or what

      1. flylowjay 530

        @taaefrr yea okay sure

      2. taaefrr

        He means behavior idiot

    29. 3u8 dfme

      "Have you ever love somebody way more than love yourself" hits different when you think you dont have anyone to love. This is the best Quando song for me tho

    30. Kendal vick

      This nigga says sit back and watch my daughter play like she had as fuck, someone justify plz

      1. CornWalter 1

        His daughter is a baddie

      2. lil landen

        he mean like behavior

    31. i Gemini

      Yall niggas dont hear this 0:30

    32. K Mar


    33. southw6ter


    34. matthew riley

      "Have you ever loved someone ; more than you loved yourself," felt that. #mydaughter

    35. CornWalter 1

      0:29 Quando from Alabama?

      1. BlxzeRxz

        I mean Atlanta is near

    36. Tobias er Sej


      1. MxKd Dor_ian

        @CornWalter 1 ????

      2. CornWalter 1

        @MxKd Dor_ian 0:29

      3. MxKd Dor_ian


    37. __ttahanii webb

      Sitting down in watching my daughter play like damn she's bad as fuck😨🤨🤔🧐🤦😐

    38. GoodNewz

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    39. F l a m e s

      This was certainly hot one of the best in QRN

    40. samuel

      0:30 say what?? 😐

      1. CornWalter 1

        @A J Quando said it, not me 😳

      2. A J

        @CornWalter 1 nah you just the weird one thinking he calling his daughter fine

      3. CornWalter 1

        That dude weird as hell

    41. AK47glocks

      Why you kill king von tho


      I'm sorry about your grandma NOT your "gang" Killed King Von Rip 🙏🏼 King Von homies will be coming for you soon you better watch out I don't know why they still let you in the rap community just make your freaking last song and title it goodbye career because homie killed

    43. Cozy Mind

      why they playing wit my nigga views i feel tht pain in them verses 🧐

    44. AdrianTV!!

      0:29 😳

    45. Arsen Pluto

      Im not tryna hate on the song its good but im confused on why I exactly he said I sit back and watch my daughter play like damn she bad asf??

      1. CornWalter 1

        @A J bro why do you reply to every comment defending him

      2. Shock Value

        Kids can be bad as hell it's normal

      3. A J

        have you never seen a kid that’s bad before? he’s not saying she’s bad like she’s fine

    46. Songstats

      Love it!! Did you know that this track was added to the editorial playlist 'New in Hip-Hop' on Apple Music!

    47. Raptorguyz B

      0:28 why no one talking bout this

      1. A J

        because your weird for thinking the wrong things

    48. erica saint elmey


    49. Marlon Jackson

      “Sittin back and watch my daughter play like “damn she bad asf”😭😭😭

      1. ツDuncho

        @A J your in everyone comments, there joking around damn take a joke bro.. 😂🤦🏽‍♂️ tryna make it seem like you smart

      2. J

        @A J it was a joke. Legit you can find the meme on tiktok or ig lmao

      3. Amadou diallo

        Sweet home Alabama

      4. Nomercy

        First I tweaking like wtf then I was like “oohhh”

      5. YKC EASY

        @A J do u not have a sense of dark humor . Lol 💀💀💀

    50. YRN Dello


    51. Lucioreballer

      So nobody gon talk about "sittin back watching my daughter play like damn she bad as fuck"?

      1. A J

        because he means she’s a bad kid, have you not seen a kid that was bad or were you just a good kid all your life

    52. Carl Kpsplucky

      0:29 “sit back and watch my daughter play like ‘damn she bad as fuck”

      1. Gill Bill

        @A J 💯

      2. A J

        the people who keep pointing this out are hella weird they really think he’s calling his daughter fine when all he’s saying is that she’s a bad kid

      3. Gill Bill

        Everything ok at home?

    53. Gaming With Adrii

      BIG 4KTK

    54. Kendra Rota

      Who came here because of the tik tok? Sittin' back and watch my daughter play like, "Damn, she bad as fuck"... Listen again...

      1. A J

        we heard it, but only a few of y’all took it in the weird way. he’s saying his daughter is a bad kid

    55. Larry Dorsey

      Fire NO CAP

    56. Izjason0428

      I fw every quando song but this my fav

    57. xXBad_Boiz_BadXx

      0:29 “Sit back and watch my daughter play, like dam she bad asf” 🤔

      1. ツDuncho

        @A J your in everyone comments, there joking around damn take a joke bro.. 😂🤦🏽‍♂️ tryna make it seem like you smart

      2. fIybz

        @60 Keptback buddy what other way could u take it 😂

      3. Yea Yea

        @Some Propaganda another term? nigga I call my son bad asf everyday only a child molester would have such thoughts

      4. 60 Keptback

        If u assumed it was sexual u going to hell and u a whole predator

      5. J

        Does no one get the goddamn joke lol. He obviously didn’t mean that, it’s legit just a meme someone made about rappers lyrics being taken out of context

    58. vick crump

      Mane this fire af I can’t stop listening

    59. Aisha' Education

      He is very talented. Lit🌏

    60. FOR4k BATTLE

      yoo real talk 💯 👏 🥺 EVERY body knows #QUANDO waznt prepared for that outcome. #QUANDO liked #KINGVONS MUSIC and all..... but what I don't really get IS wut #KINGVON and #QUANDO waz really beefing about like waz it headlined anywhere-?- what actually sparked the fight?+ BECAUSE... on #QUANDOS #ENDOFSTORY I think that's the name if not correct me, anyway... we all SAW the FOOTAGE of #KINGVON and when I watch it... I wanna know a few QUESTIONS... maybe I'm just old with it and don't know lol n if that's the case then please update me lol... because one of my QUESTIONS are 1. (WHY IS QUANDO/COUPLE RIDERS even there? @ #KINGVONS album release... and 2. in the footage you can see #QUANDO jus standing alone.... witch then makes me question his lyrical content in his "END OF STORY" when he said, "qouted" - "RUN UP ON ME N BITE DA BAIT"!!. I might be late with all this but me trying to make sense of it all is a crafty crazy witch hunt that its better off not to get involved in!! #QUESTION 3. out of all times #KINGVON waz unarmed..??? I got so many more questions though!!

    61. Electric Prime

      He Hardheaded but I still love bruh ♿️💙

    62. Aaron Trout


    63. Ken Jenkins

      sound like a 2011 chris brown beat

    64. Ail Goku

      Bro the beginning hits different and my friends told me Quando Rondo is trash so I told them he is better than King Von and now they not my friends no more 😭

    65. Jarod Martin

      So we gon ignore how dude sittin back watchin his daughter sayin she bad asf?

      1. A J

        meaning she a bad kid, why you assuming the worst?

    66. Easymoneysniper

      0:30 hold up what 😳😳

      1. A J

        have you never seen a kid that’s bad? you know what he means

    67. Cozzy FC

      Sitting back watchingg my daughter play like damn she bad asf wtf quando

      1. Jabara Parka

        Lmao she a bad kid, the internet undefeated when it come to assuming the worst😭

    68. Edgey Gaming

      0:29 *interesting*

      1. A J

        y’all weird for thinking he calling his daughter bad in that way

      2. Jabara Parka

        Lmao she a bad kid, the internet undefeated when it come to assuming the worst😭

    69. Edgey Gaming

      Sittin’ back and watch my daughter play like, “Damn, she bad as fuck”

    70. lil_ravo Washington

      Listen to this everyday feel yo pain 💔💔

    71. tyler pink

      He called his daughter bad alright rondo

      1. A J

        you weird for assuming he calling his daughter bad as in fine

      2. Jabara Parka

        Lmao she a bad kid, the internet undefeated when it come to assuming the worst😭

      3. Cato Mine

        like damn she bad as fuck 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    72. Mari Mari


    73. XFadedPlayzX YT

      No cap I never listened to quando nor do I after the beef that happened. But I swear you can't even type his name without false rumors everywhere. But tbh he fucked up with the diss if only made fans cause more problems now niggas shooting his homies up

    74. W2L Customs

      Nice song man

    75. Jackson Goodrow

      0:30 lsitting back watching my daughter play like damn she bad asf” WHATBRO

      1. A J

        meaning she a bad kid

    76. TrulyFademan

      0:29 what did you sayyyyyy?

      1. Jabara Parka

        Lmao she a bad kid, the internet undefeated when it come to assuming the worst😭

    77. forevaa 6ix



      Quando man... U was the one of da ones i looked up to. king von also. (Rip king von) just move smart man and just realize how much more life u have. mane stay low and dont make any wrong moves man. Hope the best for u still and i hope the best for king vons family.😔

    79. Josiah Hernandez

      R.i.p quando brother

    80. 7mileRich

      Hard asf 🔥💯

    81. calibabby Shar

      Am on 4kt side but as a respect imma say R.I.P von🙏🏽🙏🏽💚💚

    82. TyyRaww 9


    83. Cashkardi 00


    84. YOUNG-B22 ASOTT

      Qpac forever #4OEShit 💚 dopiest in game ons

    85. Micheal Greenknock

      This song deserve more view 💯

    86. Young OG

      Keep coming back to dis one 💯💔💔

    87. Michele Moore

      Didn't know about his music before the King Von (RIP) Situation, but I'm a for sure fan. I love his music. Take care of yourself young man 💕

    88. 6l0cc 6a6y

      Man. I fucc wit Quando 💯💙💯

    89. 7DSMystic

      Sound like he saying "timmy would you be there for me tell me would you be there" 🤣🤣🤣

    90. KHA1!1

      Did he say his daughter bad asf

      1. Em xo

        @A J when did i assume anything sis?

      2. A J

        @Em xo you weird for assuming the worst

      3. Em xo

        @Guzman AGBATA chill😹😹😹😹

      4. Guzman AGBATA

        Fool.. Small children that plays a lot and spoil things.... Are they not bad. Idiot trying to stare up shit

    91. DatboiQ

      This hit different🌟🔥 🚫🧢

    92. bhf mike

      Bro u gotta understand dis MAN

    93. Draco Money

      King von don’t know lil durk don’t know us quando rondo don’t know us youngboy don’t know us stop acting like y’all In the beef 😂🤦🏾‍♂️

    94. Mocha S

      🔥 af


      stop hating on quando he ain't do shii 💯dumass hating fans

    96. Guzman AGBATA

      Too dope

    97. Dj buttstuff

      Man FK this song it’s not a diss

      1. Dj buttstuff

        @Gill Bill 🤣

      2. Gill Bill

        That’s really sad 😂😂


      Its crazy y'all support quando on YT but not I not instagram

      1. Guzman AGBATA

        IG is filled with babies

    99. SM WEED

      as shown

    100. BROTHERHOOD ENT 217

      Keep it going bro bro💯💪🏾