It Counts

Jules LeBlanc

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    To learn more about voting, head to this link - It will help you register, locate the nearest polling place, and much more.
    Two students compete in a high school presidential election, and we see how one student's vote can change everything. This short film promotes the importance of voting and educates young viewers on how to participate in the upcoming 2020 election. This film is brought to you by young filmmakers who directed, produced, and wrote the project.
    #ItCounts #Vote #Teens
    Jules LeBlanc - julesleblanc
    Lilia Buckingham - lilia
    Jillian Spaeder - jilliansheaspaeder
    Aliyah Moulden - aliyahmoulden
    Luke Mullen - thelukemullen
    Emily Skinner - emilyskinner
    Brandon Severs - thebrandonsevers
    Matt Sato - mattsato
    Jake Clark - itsjakeclark
    Emily Faucret - emilyfaucretofficial
    Abigail Haley - theabigailhaley
    Shot & Edited by Ky Baldwin - iamkybaldwin

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    1. Ellen Tang

      at my school, you need teacher recommendations, good grades, you need to answer a series of questions, and get enough signatures just to apply to run... but there's also interviews... probably so that people like that can't run lmao

    2. alyssa kate

      Happy early birthday annie 🌈❤💗💜

    3. JulesLeblancstories

      I love you jules!


      rhyme I watch you and bright TV and you're like the cutest girl in there you are so nice that people you always treat people with respect and you are so beautiful in life your little sister is beautiful too and I love everybody in the show they're so talented and they do a lot of stuff that makes me happy actually I'm pretty watching you guys right now I watch every episode and you guys are amazing you blew it up and Ryan is like you're so popular in school every boy likes you

    5. ꧁ rosalinda ꧂

      Its funny how the same students who think the school sucks are the ones making it suck lol 🤣

    6. Amelia Lee

      this is really cool

    7. Kirsten Stew

      This is kinda sad

    8. Red Head14


    9. William M. Andrews

      Tells Jules LeBlanc I said hello and My name is William Mathias Andrews

    10. its Nicole unicorn

      Anni- I mean Jules,can I call you Annie?

    11. Melany V

      Hi Annie lahxosgd

    12. jade elizabeth

      omg the “i’m speaking” moment

    13. KillerTrap

      True causes

    14. Rachael Nicole

      Everyone talking about how she changed her name to Jules: Me: isn’t that tj from andi Mack and Liam from diary of a future president 👁👄👁

    15. Ronda Boler


    16. Eliorah Dunnavant

      I had a quarter of school before we had to go to CDL again this week and it wasn’t like this we had to really distance and were in the same classroom all day with the same small group of people but then the cases in my county skyrocketed and yesterday was the first day of CDL hopefully I can do more in person school this school year even if it is only with my small group.

    17. Nevaeh Mooney

      Wow um I new she changed her name but like I didn’t think for reals and I’m a huge fan

    18. Annie 가차

      You tell em girl 🤣💕

    19. melesa Walcott


    20. Eunice Perez

      How is your carreer going? I am happy for you

    21. AudyDaPotato

      Surprised to see Kenzie in the end

    22. Amber Ramirez-Ortiz

      Wow there are a lot of people that I know from shows that are here

    23. Emma Blontz

      My one reaction to this... Wwwwwwoooowwwww annie swears nnooww. 😂😂😂😂 Wow this is also rlly good. Even tho they are acting this made me rlly mad. People need to learn the correct rights and education.

    24. Valhala Akira


    25. Nadia Gonzalez

      Annie l love you I mean you born 2004

    26. jelly bean

      Am I allowed to still call you Annie?

    27. kinzxb

      the girl from walk the prank is here wowww

    28. Eunice Perez

      Me and my sister like the name jules but we preffer annie 🤗😝🤗😝🤗😝🤗😝🤗😝❤️❤️💞💞💞💝💝💝💝

    29. Ally Mia


    30. Ally Mia

      So funny

    31. Ally Mia


    32. Ally Mia

      Evan is a really good actor I have to admit tho

    33. William Silva

      Hey Jules I love your videos!! Your so inspirational

    34. roblox girly

      Ok ok ok it's your opinion to be Jules but I miss annie so much I feels your a different person 🥺🥺😞😞😞

    35. Jasminexjanelle v

      i love this i love that you are using your platform to spread important information

    36. Dija Hamdy

      Annie is back yayyy

    37. Lis Hook

      Vote 🗳 Presidents

    38. animated scenes,videos

      Hi annie or jules

    39. Coco the Gamer

      Ohh I though her name was Annie I though she changed her name but Jules is cute.


      Nicely done..newbies trying to connect.. thanks 😊

    41. AYANA Tan


    42. AYANA Tan

      Am sorry about dis ig you see dis jules menny of dem sed dis docyou love jayden menny of dem tell that jeyden is a boy

    43. Morgan Steed

      Y’all talking about her name Me : is that Bailey

    44. Jerg_i

      SHE PULLED THE KAMALA!! “Excuse me, I’m speaking”😎🔥

      1. KNSEP


    45. Dara Feleppa

      I sooooooo wish Jules / Annie would post again her vids where the best and so were bratayleys and Haley’s I miss them they where like my family

    46. C E M

      It has already happened

    47. Xziriah Baez

      im a big fan

    48. Nayiema Isabella


    49. Digital Dash 1819

      Hailey: oooooooooooooo Annie said the h word

      1. Cjsauce

        @Nina R why did it sound hostile when you said make an effort

      2. Digital Dash 1819

        @Nina R ok my bad

      3. Nina R

        @Digital Dash 1819 really well id say to just try and make an effort, I remember her saying in one of her videos (I think it was assumptions about me) that she didn’t like ‘ Annie’ and wanted to go by Julianna but didn’t think she could change it cuz people were used to calling her ‘Annie’ so it’s nice that she found the confidence to go by Jules if she prefers it

      4. Digital Dash 1819

        @Nina R Yeah but she said that she preferred to be called Annie a good while ago so I'm getting used to calling her Jules

      5. Nina R

        It’s Jules

    50. Lyrically Lyrical

      Wait why didn’t she like going by Annie?

    51. Just Aubrey


      1. sil01


    52. Jessica & Layla

      Jules Leblanc???

    53. ella bella

      Take into consideration that the people supporting Evan are mostly MASKLESS

    54. Nabiha Qazi

      look who remember their yt password

    55. Joy Bricker

      Larry disstrack was flim here

    56. Chey Vlogs

      Is no one going to talk about the fact she said He**

    57. Tilly Mae

      “Excuse me Evan, I’m speaking”

    58. Joscelyn Fabian

      This is the college campus for Larry's disstrack Cancelled

      1. Lovinq Willy

        I think it is I'm not sure

    59. Aniq Theking

      Hi annie I think you and he den should be together pls everyone wants that

    60. Gem Sisters

      Why did it change to Jules LeBlanc? Pleaseeee reply anyone!

      1. sip I

        Jules is her nickname as well as Annie but now she prefers the nickname Jules so you can call her by the name Jules or Julianna her real name

    61. Jay Z

      I confused

    62. laciii

      I will always think of her as Annie... 😬😬 I’ve been watching her since I was a kid and I feel like she’s grown up with me... Ahhh the end of an era.

    63. Uche Onyeator

      i nearly cried

    64. Uche Onyeator

      that was so sad

    65. Sarah

      Is one of those girls Amber

    66. Serenite Cook

      dose she go to school ???? im just wonderin if this is real

    67. Eden Papich

      You know I appreciate the encouragement to use logic and not pure pressure to vote and do what you think not what others tell you but than you put the antagonist in red and protagonist in blue. .. did you think we didnt notice. Listen vote for who you vote for but why you gotta do this unconscious persuasion thing, it totally goes against the message

    68. Liza Akter

      I have a question why annie change her youtube channal name jules?

      1. Liza Akter

        @Palak Kaushik i know but she always introduce herself annie that's why i said this question.!

      2. Palak Kaushik

        her real name is julianna (jules)

    69. Amy Grace

      I love this! Miss watching your old gymnastics videos! Who else has been here since day one?

    70. Unicorn Magic

      Doesn’t everyone call her annie like her family and everything wouldn’t it be weird to go by a different name even though her real name is Julianna?

    71. Juliette Martinez

      Bruh I forgot she changed her name to Jules I’m so used to Annie ughhh it’s still a good name

    72. Zayn Aydin

      Didn’t they film Larrays music video there-

    73. Eric Minnick

      Jules is my celeb crush

    74. Eric Minnick

      The first time I ever herd Jules curse

    75. DxvidRblx


    76. Eric Minnick

      There should be more of this

    77. Ruthe Alius

      Me: scrolling threw subscriptions and sees Jules Leblanc Also Me: when did I- *shook* I’ll miss Annie Leblanc but I guess it’s Jules now

    78. Tropical X squad X

      The point of it is voting counts.Also i love jules as her name.Also annie is never going to act like that she is so good and amazing 😻

    79. Jelly Beans

      Woah woah woah yk I love Jules but Annieeee Caleb have u that name 💕 I’m going to miss it...

    80. ashley smith


    81. Annie Maiden

      Wait did Annie change her name if she did I love it

    82. Paige and Brynlee

      is her name jules or annie

    83. Marina’s World


    84. kevin williams

      people worship god ok one day he will be coming for his earth

    85. Urte Norkunaite

      What I didn’t know her real name was Jules

    86. Faith K

      Love u Jules even though I refer u to annie

    87. Gabrielle Santos

      dose anybody like her new name i rlly like annie ill miss calling her annie

    88. Emong Clooney • 15 years ago

      Jules nooooooo

    89. Erica Whetsel

      Did annie change her name???

    90. anita

      Her last name means thewhite

    91. Evie Regas

      Jules I know you aren’t seeing this prob bu if you ran into a fan and they ask for A autographed would you sign it Jules or Annie?

    92. Lux Tal

      Sorry I've been gone for like 2 years ,who is jules ?? I am so confused

    93. The Miranda Show

      Why did you change your name to Jules?

    94. Caitlyn Stein

      You play among us?

    95. Titi Lugo

      Annie- Jules what happend 😱😱😱

    96. Andi Pickett

      Wow that was really important for others to know thanks

    97. Payton DeCook

      “i’m speaking.”

    98. adeenah shams

      she changed her channel name!!!!

    99. Bri Elle

      Anyone here after the election? 💜

    100. Bri Elle

      This aged like fine wine ❤️