Demi Lovato - Commander In Chief


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    Music video by Demi Lovato performing Commander In Chief. © 2020 Island Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

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    1. Ryan B

      I'm gonna be here alot if Joe Biden gets elected

    2. Ethereal with KK

      This song is incredible. I am so happy she was able to convey what so many people are thinking and the pain so many have and are suffering. Thank you for making this song.

    3. BAL_3.02 KHAMALI Kenza

      2am gang?

    4. mites Srt

      Thanks Demi for that support from ours brothers in Nigeria, i hope the song was for that thing then

    5. chhotu yoda b

      why are there so many peole from nigeria

    6. Pineapple_Queenn


    7. Alina Tolstihina


    8. Ela Toby

      I'm Nigerian🇳🇬. Honestly can't stop crying listening to this song. We are so helpless rightnow and no one is coming to our aid. No one is coming. No one! What did we do wrong as a people? The protesters who have lost their lives- what did they do wrong? Rightnow, it feels like it was all for nothing. Where do we go from here? It's too painful to be Nigerian.


      This is the only song that makes sense in my head now with all that is happening in Nigeria 🇳🇬.

    10. Dorcas Golden

      Thanks for this Demi. My country needs this right now. #endsars🇳🇬🇳🇬

    11. Truth Hurts

      *"...while you line your pockets."* That's rich coming from Demi who'll earn millions from this single / album, meanwhile Trump stepped down from running his business and refused the $400K presidential salary. Not even a Trump fan, but there is nothing powerful about a song filled to the brim with irony.

    12. Frances Sayer

      I am crying. There are so many people from different countries that have come together and been united for this song. Demi we love you

    13. Nila Delarosa

      Wow, art.

    14. Nila Delarosa


    15. Vasa Guy

      Trump has tried to help so many people. The media has done so much damage. Trump is not trying to get rich from being president. Clinton and Obama already did that. Trump 2020!!!

      1. ThaGodwidin

        Yeah tell that to the 200k plus who have lost their lives. Another brainwashed dummy who fails to see reality because you’re blinded by his star power and cult of personality.

    16. Sergeant Argubright

      Frankly sometimes you’re just in awe at the bravery and the stunningness of the stunning bravery

    17. Jike Edward

      After the #LekkiMassacre in Nigeria, I listen to this song and i cried. Commander-in-chief sent soldiers to kill peaceful #EndSARS Youth. Am so sad 😭

    18. Boosted life 605

      I like demi but this song is dumb as fuck but good luck demi and ask yourself can you handle the truth? He hasn't taken any money being president it has all been donated so will you do concerts for free? And donate all your money from your record sales? Probably not

    19. Kataleya Somiari

      Thank you Demilavota have always love you and your songs. My heart Breaks 😭💔 Every lyrics of the song relates to what's happening in my country and some part of the world. Thank you 😘

    20. Juan Melgarejo

      Trump pence 2020

    21. Love & Happiness

      ####ENDSARS END POLICE BRUTALITY #NIGERIA. We,re tired of dying everyday.

    22. Kailey Lareau

      I just lost ALL respect for Demi. Have an original fucking thought. SERIOUSLY.

    23. Living Luke’s Life

      this is honestly disgusting. “Shutting down systems for person gain” trump shut things down, and BIDEN says that he didn’t earlier. AND he isn’t lining his pockets deep. he hasn’t been taking a salary and has lost almost 1B$. so get facts straight demi.

    24. Only a dandelion

      Oh wait...... this song is great came out exactly as Joe/Hunter Crimes lining their pockets deep came out to light lol TRUMP 2020

    25. Red Boy

      vote him out please! With love from Germany. We love you the people of the United States!

    26. Only a dandelion

      This song is about Obama right??😜😜😜

      1. Hey It’s Lily

        Pardon me, but I don’t think Obama went in a bunker, like a chicken, and said he was “inspecting it” Obama didn’t refuse to condemn white supremacy We miss Obama

    27. Only a dandelion

      Lol 😂 imagine all the things she has done that she needs drugs??? U don’t like this country. I’ll show u the door!!! Trump 2020!!!!

    28. jean paul visscher

      this is crap...on many lvl s. Musically it s plain boring

    29. Brittani DeTiege

      This song & video are so powerful. I didn't expect to tear up when I clicked on it.

    30. Jose Nogueras

      We'll, she said it and she has the right to say what she wants. And I have the right to say what I want. This is whack!

    31. Maggie Damien

      as a Namibian this song hits differently i love it ....#shutitalldown

    32. Maggie Damien

      i love this so much its on repeat

    33. Blessing Osikhena

      Am so sad We need help In our country

    34. Fabulos Seth

      This song has to go to Nigeria

    35. Rebecca Waddell

      This is powerful. Thank you so much for including people with disabilities as well as minorities.

    36. Miranda Darby

      Thank you! This was awesome! Shows your bravery...willing to lose fans to speak about what u believe!

    37. david davies

      Stunning and brave

    38. Daniel Moroni

      It’s about time some bitch in the industry STOOD UP TO TRUMP!! YOU GO GIRL!! 💁‍♀️💁‍♀️💁‍♀️💁‍♀️💁‍♀️💁‍♀️💁‍♀️💁‍♀️💁‍♀️

      1. Hey It’s Lily

        Yas! BIDEN HARRIS 2020

      2. Alex

        They already do that. Nothing new.

    39. Bio Bot

      Dedicated to all politicians out there.

    40. Bio Bot

      Diss track for Donald Trump. 🤭🤭

      1. Wolfyxses

        this comment needs more likes 😳

      2. Hey It’s Lily

        As he deserves :)

    41. Lonny

      All the thumbs down votes are the ones that sold their country for a red hat.

    42. Dynasty King

      Who is here after Buhari news? This song REALLY HITS HARD NOW

    43. Waleed Bin Khalid


    44. tzvikirimler

      Did I just hear someone pass gas? Oh no it’s just this song

      1. Hey It’s Lily

        This joke is cringe, just like you supporters and our orange president! :)

    45. Tyler C

      I miss thinner non-political Demi

    46. Eta Gift

      This song reflects Nigeria

    47. Robert Hughes

      this is peak cringe 2020

    48. Myles Griffin

      Dam latto deep

    49. MG

      Remember that 1 time Donald Trump let his net worth drop by over a billion dollars so he can continue being president. Yup sounds like he is lining his pockets. Catchy tune but no facts there. It amazes me that celebrities who have so much power in influencing others will straight up lie to their millions of followers for political gain or at least will not do a little tiny bit of research before creating something like this where millions and millions of people will hear and believe it. Sad.

    50. Jack

      Trump 2020

    51. Hattie Pattie

      Americans on here acting like they are oppressed you guys are so embarrassing. Look at the comments. Other parts of the world are really oppressed. This is what happens when you have had it so good for so long compared to other countries.

      1. Alex

        Yeah as an American, I’m grateful to live in this country and other Americans should be too. We don’t have it as bad as other parts of the world.

    52. Rose

      Most actors who spend their days selling their looks to the public and living it up in mansions with all their other rich famous friends and bowing to the wishes of their producers probably isn't the best person to be giving a political commentary to the rest of us at the bottom who have to live in real life.

    53. Aaron Snow

      So brave, so powerful

    54. Aaron Snow

      Ha gay

    55. Diego H

      Great marketing left.

    56. Amarachi Aligwara

      😭this song basically describes what we are facing in Nigeria🇳🇬. May the struggles of our fallen heroes not be in vain. #end sars #end police brutality

    57. pedro6720

      This is one of her WORST ballads ... not just because of the lyrics, but vocally and instrumentally is too boring

    58. Toni Siers

      Im native American in Wyoming and I'm glad you included us in this too

    59. Grace Mulder

      Love how all the Nigerians are applying this song to the authorities who literally open fired on peaceful protesters and Lovato is like "mean orange man stop oppressing us leave us to burn stuff and destroy property"

    60. Ramil Musaleev

      Merci my darling)*

    61. RyanPerfect

      President Donald J Trump for FOUR MORE YEARS as PRESIDENT of these Great and WONDERFUL , Beautiful UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! Down with globalism, down with liberal extremism, down with falsely accusing white people of being racist,w hen they are Not, and down with terrorist thugs, who Use Race, Falsely and wrongfully, as well as violence, to divide Americans, and America! God Bless America!

    62. Laura

      What, specifically, has POTUS done? Respond with facts only (I know this is hard for Dems).

    63. MJae


    64. Boo Kitty

      💕🤟🏼🙌🏼❤️VOTE HIM OUT 🗽

    65. Princess Babalola

      #EndSARS #EndPoliceBrutalityInNIGERIA 💔💔

    66. Stephen Weaver

      WOW this is just brave Demi - fucking idiot

    67. Deyon Sadler

      Jesus, this is so cringy... I’m willing to bet she can’t name 3 policies of Donald trumps that she doesn’t agree with and why she doesn’t agree with them lol

    68. shane Nicholas

      Imagine ODn on herion... Then judging other people.

    69. sandra young


    70. The Hoopers

      Good Lord, this is incredibly cringy. I can't believe she put this out. Very embarrassing.

    71. Isabella Pezzato

      this gave me goosebumps

    72. Elyse Crawford

      Commander in chin dimple

    73. exoschalupa

      Trump 2020!

    74. Eliezer Stern

      Completely inappropriate, you should be ashamed of yourself

    75. Marko Wölfle

      AAAAWWWWWEEEESOME i Love this Song

    76. C Wyble

      Well, I've been to one world fair, a picnic, and a rodeo, and that's the stupidest thing I ever heard come over a set of earphones.

    77. C D


    78. Testimony Ehis

      Every Nigerian can relate to this song right now...🇳🇬💔

    79. Thobile Dubazane


    80. Angela M

      Omg really this is a joke right. You really think Trump started all this, lady you need to go get educated!!!!!!

    81. Al Pachino

      an angelic voice of a wonderful girl

    82. Wildfirestorm

      She ain’t in no damn streets

    83. Anthony Zavala

      Paused the audio. Just came for the comments 🤣

    84. 100K Subscribers Challenge with Content.

      Only people who don't come from Tiktok can like this comment

    85. Trailer Man

      The best singer with open mind and strong heart.

    86. Simone Cucchi

      a big kiss from Italy. Wonderful song

    87. Soum Bhaery

      I love this song. America Wake up your country is in trouble. DON'T VOTE FOR HARRIS/biden. What she says is sooo true. Biden has been lining his pocket for about 50years from your money. If you get that racist xenophobic pervert sniffer in chief in office your country is doomed. even demi knows that. So brave.

    88. Nick Cards

      At least trump doesn't do Heroin

      1. Nick Cards

        @Scar Lett that’s never been proven, but it’s pretty easy to find proof of Demi almost ODing on heroin

      2. Scar Lett

        At least demi isn't racist

    89. Joana T

      Trump2020 4 more years!

    90. Tony Mullins

      This song is all lies!! Our commander-in-chief is given all of his pay to Black colleges and black organizations in lgbt community he's giving his life up for America and all you people want to do is talk s*** about him get a f****** life

    91. Joana T

      Of course she would make a song like this during the election. All for money 😒

    92. Bianca Meruvia

      This is amazing!!!! Great job Demi

    93. Abduljalil Mahama

      Eminem would have been the best to make a feature on this track.

    94. Chinoo._

      Goes through a overdose once and don’t know how to act 😳

    95. Camokoko12

      Demi and Hunter Biden would be BFF's

    96. Adrian Delaroca

      That’s why u use auto tune and I don’t 💀💀

    97. ExtrovertedCenobite

      Remember when singers and actors entertained us without the one-sided bullshitttt political garbage they provide with every performance nowdays? The song sucks, the political messages (Pro or Con) suck and I for one am sick and tired of stupid people who in Hollywood and entertainment sharing their political stance with me.

      1. ExtrovertedCenobite

        @Manpreet Kaur Wow, you must be a Mensa member. What a response, I am truly impressed.

      2. Manpreet Kaur

        Then don't watch lmao

    98. xXALLIGATORXx zz

      Commander in chief don't you see We don't even understand ur policies Commander in chief don't you see I'm capitalist too but let's disagree Commander in chief don't you see As long as you agree with us u have free speech

    99. kaywisseh

      This song 😢😢😢

    100. starboy79 210

      This song is so a** backwards it's not even funny anymore. I mean how dumb can people be . I mean seriously where was this song at when democrats have been in power and haven't done anything with the country for many many years she is secretly bias or races I don't understand this. How can you hate somebody that is there to help has been helping this country since hes been in office.