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    0:00 - Introduction
    5:01 - The KarJenners and the deglamorization of the wealth gap
    10:59 - Lana Del Rey and the end of celebrity immunity from criticism
    16:45 - Musicians and the depreciation of artificial exclusivity
    25:48 - The Hype House and the of idealization of rebellion
    31:50 - Sway House and the retaliation against law enforcement
    38:42 - Charli D’Amelio and the trivialization of the pandemic
    44:46 - PART 3: COVID VS KGupRS
    46:42 - NELK, Jake Paul, and the glorification of anti-intellectualism
    54:22 - David Dobrik, the Vlog Squad, and the unraveling of authentic collaborations
    58:41 - Doctor Mike and the hypocrisy of interclass sermonizing
    1:04:36 - Outro

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    1. nameless leo

      talk about the cardon family especially scarlett cardon

    2. Punny slaves

      when will you exposed james charles??

    3. piss

      can i just add that taylor swift has managed to create and record TWO studio albums while following safety guidelines and staying at home. she's also rerecording several other albums while staying safe. its entirely possible to be a successful artist and promote ur music without breaking simple rules y'all r just lazy

    4. Nedread

      Woah, Dr. Mike's voice is hard to listen to.

    5. Difference


    6. lex hex

      The problem with rich people is that they don't care. They can pay any fines that get put on them and can pay for all the best covid treatments. Normal people can't do that. Rich people just don't care.

    7. Mike

      This video sucks

    8. Ed’s mock’s and reviews

      i've had multiple family memevera die form this

    9. A Child

      One of the reason that COVID-19 is so unsafe is the fact that some people are carriers for it or asymptomatic. So they might not be affected but other people will be, social distancing isn't that hard people

    10. someone lol

      I love this Video so much.

    11. vansh kulshrestha

      That was not a mask that was not a accessory that is the mush we have around apples and oranges

    12. grace fraser

      How have I only just found this channel?? Utterly brilliant, subscribed 👌

    13. Sasha Gold

      I’m 30. I really hope your generation are people are like you. I hope gen z stays aware and fights for our earth and our morals and for good. Millennials me included seem to be mentally hit too hard to be able to fight as strong as gen z has. I’m crying writing this. But I am very proud of the gen z kids like Dangelo. Don’t stand for nothing like most of my peers. Please. See where we made errors and pick up where we weren’t able to keep carrying what we should have. If that makes any sense.

    14. Sasha Gold

      This video is VERY IMPORTANT.

    15. Sasha Gold

      Dr mike needs to have his medical license revoked. My dads a doctor both sides of my family are three generations of doctors and I feel confident in stating I want this man to lose his income. He’s an influencer. He is NOT A DOCTOR. He passed his exam but that doesn’t make him a healer.

    16. Sasha Gold

      It’s scary because these kids haven’t even been famous as long as celebrities. And they have such huge egos and it’s not even been more than two years. Imagine them in five.

    17. Sasha Gold

      Bryce thought that was a marketing move??? Omg. This kid is officially the worst. Which makes me assume Addison is just as bad.

    18. Sasha Gold

      Wow. Sexiest thing I have ever seen was when you said “fine them 2 million”. YES!!!! Zero talent and 100 percent attitude and they all have the same bicycle seat haircuts.

    19. Sasha Gold

      People ask why we need rules. We need rules because we don’t have decent people who are willing to do the bare minimum without. Disgusting.

    20. Daniella Estrella

      im glad you didn’t hold back. I & my friends have lost loved ones due to covid. I haven’t seen my friends for over a year because im scared to potentially harm my family because there are 3 high risk people in my household. Gonna be honest, fuck people who think this is fake. If their loved ones dropped dead from covid they wouldn’t be fucking partying or going out. this whole situation makes me so angry at the world. stay the fuck home, go out if you only need groceries/medicine. wear a damn mask & if you can get vaccinated. it stops you from potentially dying from covid. just please be fucking responsible and help stop the spread.

    21. Sasha Gold

      Tyler Oakley is the unsung hero in this video.

    22. Sasha Gold

      Rita is known for being available to the wealthy for her “company” if you get what I am saying. And she is not very expensive from what I have heard either. She’s always “yachting” in Dubai. With other girls who “yacht”

    23. Sasha Gold

      I no longer support Lana. How stupid does she think people are that they’re Was plastic in the mask. I can see her mouth. It’s insulting. And her poetry is horrible.

    24. Sasha Gold

      Wow I never thought of it in the kind of “wealth is buying you safety”. If the purge happened but the thing you had to protect yourself was a virus not people.... oh wait that’s literally the exact thing that is going on. Wealth is now buying you a life line.

    25. Sasha Gold

      Tana used to be my favorite. I really looked at her like a younger me. Then I saw her fire Jordan and party non stop and Stan Jake and I realized I was never that girl. I always worry about others over myself. And I think we know tana doesn’t.

    26. ursa mellis

      I need stickers that just say “not cogent enough to be interesting” that I can just stick on people’s clothes as I move through life. Also, I agree with deplatforming in these situations: you clearly don’t care about society, so surely you wouldn’t mind if society doesn’t care about you. Bye 👋🏻

    27. Simone D-W

      D'Angelo, please draw attention to Gabbie Hannah's abuse of Rachel Oates. It's appalling, please send help.

    28. CP 86

      Everyone you named in this video is cringe. ESPECIALLY anyone that has to do with tiktok! Those are the biggest clowns on any social media platform by far. They’ll all be irrelevant in say 2-3 years anyway.

    29. D G

      Dude. If 2 people wanna do something, it's not despicable. People don't need to go to the book signing or take pics Stop blaming celebs.

    30. Michael Johnson

      Alright bro, *the time has come* (in sith voice) do a video on how *James Charles ended his career*

    31. Michael Johnson

      Alright bro, *the time has come* (in sith voice) do a video on how *James Charles ended his career*

    32. GorillazGames

      I'm pretty big on voices. You have a very good voice.

    33. michieseguia

      1 word gn

    34. alyssum76

      Honestly, fines should be based on income so that rich people don't feel like they can easily pay it off and move on or repeat offences. I know some country does that for speeding tickets but I can't remember where

    35. alyssum76

      "We do what we can to follow the rules" is an odd thing to say after having a massive party...

    36. Katie Green

      They could be the biggest tiktoker on the platform and they will STILL get c***d-19 it doesn't stop for no one

    37. Olga

      My both parents had COVID in October. I don’t live with them, but we see each other pretty often. For whole month I couldn’t see my parents and I was worried how are they. (We talked on a phone, but that’s not the same thing.) Because of my parents sickness and everyone in my friends group being a little scared we had an online Halloween party via zoom, even though we all miss real parties with friends. So when next day I saw posts about Kendal’s birthday party I was mad and in disbelief that people think they can party just because they have money or followers when we have GLOBAL pandemic

    38. Regretful

      I got an ad with Charli and Dixie after you started talking abt tik tokers .-.

    39. Mad VDB

      Anyone one going yo ask why the Shane Dawson video was taken down?

    40. BT BreakDown

      I recently lost a loved one. One really close to me, he got Covid and died within days of receiving it. I came back to this video to keep myself aware of how people treat the situation. To remind myself that many of the celebrities I used to support have backhanded this virus. Helps me reinforce myself and others about one thing. WEAR.A.DAMN.MASK

    41. Jack Chandler

      Unfortunately both Stevewilldoit and the Nelk channel are back being monetized

    42. Kirgo

      42:50 Contrapoints reference?

    43. Tom Bramlett

      Wow you 2 Cute!

    44. Hector Jimenez

      doctor mike was like one of my favorite youtubers and all of a sudden when i stop watching him he goes on a yacht with multiple people in the midst of a pandemic i cantttttt

    45. dainty beer

      I work at a nursing home and during a covid spike 10+ residents died due to covid within two weeks. Families took out their loved ones due to the fear of covid along with many quitting in fear of safety. Hearing these people not care for such a horrific thing is honestly heartbreaking and above all infuriating. Call them out, ty

    46. Rachel V

      In memory of my sister in-law.

      1. Bloated and Alone

        Sorry for your loss she is in a better place and is watching over you and protecting u and your family in this difficult time. Sending hugs to you and your family. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    47. Lil' hungry

      wait where is the shane dawson and tati video?

    48. kai tai

      how about let’s stop killing people and kill Tiktokers & celebrities WHO fkn PARTY IN THE MIDDLE OF A PANDEMIC OR TRAVEL 😍

      1. kai tai

        @Gabriellthefat1 pretty much🧍

      2. Gabriellthefat1

        maybe not kill, but an anti-weetardedness injection

    49. Albert Wonzky

      okay but can we talk about these weird chapter titles? "Doctor Mike And The Hypocrisy Of Interclass Sermonizing" like I don't even know what that means lmao

    50. Nibii the amii


      1. someone lol

        bestie be loyal to joon🙏😩

    51. justus lizmarie

      Wow this felt so good to hear, I didn’t even realize how much pent up animosity I had for all these stories I heard about these people. I also didn’t think twice about losing my job, losing friends, losing independence, because I knew my family’s health and my community’s well being is more important than things that can be continued after covid. I feel so seen!!!

    52. Spoiled Brat

      Thank you for sharing your experience towards the end. I'm glad your grandparents are okay.

    53. glowyamelie


    54. Sarah Fairfax

      My friend put her own damn WEDDING on hold because she said she'd much rather that than have 1 person get sick.... These people are so selfish and slimeballs

    55. Toyin Robinson

      Your cute

    56. kokii t

      where is shane dawson video that you made?

    57. BnanaaBand

      I want to see a prank show where bratty ass tik tokers are put in a situation where they are trapped in a room and the have to literally work for their lives

    58. Riina Jade

      Does anyone have a link to the Doctor Mike apology video, I would like to leave some comments but am having some trouble finding it. Thanks.

    59. Cats And Cool Stuff

      Tell me one thing James is known for that hasn't nearly ended or ended his career for

    60. Katsuwara !

      10:31 I spit out my water

    61. Shrek

      I' surprised D'angelo didn't cuss in this one

    62. Joshua Mercier

      Anyone who is a fan of this guy is a bot, you all need to take a chill pill and get some friends

      1. Gabriellthefat1

        huh? why not be a fan of someone saying fax?

      2. II MrBlueSky

        Why cuz he is talking about important issues

    63. Jennifer Mommy

      Wait...what did I miss?! What did the weekend do?!

    64. stacciatello

      this is your best video

    65. Jennifer Mommy

      Oohhhh....wonder what you have to say about old Dave now.

    66. Carl ferris

      As a Canadian im laughing at the influencers and "Karen's" of the US

    67. Jennifer Mommy

      James charles needs to disappear. I think its pretty obvious James doesn't care about his fans. He only cares about getting his pickle tickled.

    68. Jennifer Mommy

      Lol. Nikita is barely hanging on as it is.

    69. Jennifer Mommy

      Hey rich people....choke on your money. Thats why your all disappearing during covid. We see you and we don't want it.

    70. Aunt bill

      The thing about D'Angelo's videos is they always make me mad or disgusted, but I love D'Angelo so much h I keep coming back

    71. Coney Island

      In Conclusion, stan queens like Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande and Selena Gomez who haven't gone to a sing party :D

    72. Bridget Cooney

      Mesh masks, lace masks, not being able to pull your damn mask over your nose, it all infuriates me. Every day I have play nice with these people for my job, gently remind them of our mask policy, when I really just want to punch them in their stupid visible nose. They're the reason I haven't been in the same room as my family for a year. My brother is going through chemo, and I work at a grocery store, so ya I'm inherently a risk. And they are dragging this thing out. ALSO, LICKING YOUR FINGER TO OPEN A PLASTIC BAG WAS GROSS BEFORE COVID!!! NOW, NOW ITS VILE.

    73. lacey

      hi emma

    74. Nicky Mechabolt

      holy fuck i dont usualy comment on videos, but this one was so good i had to thank you Dangelo for making this, its nice knowing someone who understands the pain of loosing a loved one, since i lost my granpa to this pandemic. all i can say is thank you, as someone who really enjoys you content

    75. *オリ*

      does anyone know the background piano music? it’s really pretty.

      1. *オリ*

        for clarity i meant the music in part three

    76. Angel Madamekar


    77. Yelizaveta Yastrebova

      oh wow!!! dosvidanya! That was so unexpected, you cannot even imagine, my jaw dropped. Your accent is good though) Sending Ukrainian love to you!

    78. Me :

      Dr mike. 10 years of education how can you be so stupid

    79. Djinn of the Depths

      you are so pretty ❤️

    80. witchy little fairy

      making a mistake is ok. everyone makes them. however knowing something is bad and ‘needing to see people’, being damaging and being dangerous to human society over and over again is not ok. that’s not an oopsie or a small mistake it’s a damn crime.

    81. sqxndal

      how to ratio 50 people in an hour 101

    82. Chelsie

      I buried my six month old niece on monday. I understand your pain and am grateful for you sharing your story. Thank you.

      1. Chelsie

        @Tora Bora Thank you, I really appreciate that

      2. Tora Bora

        Sorry for ur loss. Ur not alone. We all are together in this ❤️

    83. Juan Abrego


    84. Ryan McMahon

      You put too much thought into the Turtle neck.

    85. Leanne Royo

      subscribing to the channel after watching this! i dont following youtube culture anymore (only in the capacity of popular culture relevance, or social media) but i think this was a great take and something to think about in the future when we gain some distance from the pandemic. also shout out to the article from NY Magazine for getting me here. ty!

    86. Tag Lochridge

      I've got a weird question; d'angelo promoted a website/app a while back that just posts these novel ideas for interested people to crowdfund(?) and now I can't find hide or hair of it. Does anyone else remember that app? I thought I had it downloaded but it's gone D':

    87. Dominique K.

      The amount of times I went close up to my camera and used both my fingers to open my eyes even wider cannot be counted

    88. chuuchuu

      you never miss bro

    89. Chelsie

      These fines are so wack, I've paid more in court fees for traffic tickets.

    90. Lyn Ribeiro

      My grandma died last April and I couldn’t even be attend her funeral because of COVID and all these people are out here partying because they don’t care!

    91. KStar

      Dr. Mike has said untrue and cringe shit before, can’t believe people that actually care about truth and science (or claim to) still follow him. Not all doctors are smart in everything. People need to realize no individual doctor is an authority on everything medical, actual doctors have spread worse misinformation than him (vast majority did not though) and so we need to look at the scientific consensus, no one pretty doctor. And his fans are pretty shitty, too, sometimes. I’m sorry you had to experience that with your grandparents. These people that spread lies, that don’t care, make me sick. They are inhuman. And Dr. Mike is indeed a slime ball. He’s an insincere asshole. Can’t believe people still watch him. But one good thing about this pandemic is it’s revealing to many how many people are actually slime balls.

    92. Blessed Tony

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    94. Flora M. Horta

      Thank you so much for sharing your personal story related to the pandemic, as well as informing us in such an entertaining way about those who are so careless, all at the same time. You did that expertly and struck such a nice balance. Most of all thank you for sharing so genuinely, as I'm sure it wasn't easy. All the best to you and your kin, if you end up reading this. ^^

    95. James C Fattu

      Extremely affecting and important video. I'm better for having seen it. Thank you

    96. M4_DD31

      This is another example of "I'm rich, so I can do whatever I want without consequences"

    97. soggy banana

      at this point i feel like charging them criminally isn’t gonna do anything- so i say *lock them up.*

    98. soggy banana

      honestly, during the covid-19 quarantine, i’ve found out how many people actually have some empathy or compassion towards other people. the fact that some people LITERALLY TYPED OUT “i don’t care about other people” and “i’m not gonna follow the virus rules🙄” is horrifying. how do people not only not care about their health, but others’ too?? y’all i’m sick and tired of people.

    99. Bruid

      lol addison acts like she is 16

    100. Jennifer T

      These people aren’t really sorry they are just sorry they got bad backlash.