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    Loki’s time has come. Watch the brand-new trailer for "Loki," and start streaming the Marvel Studios Original Series June 11 on Disney+.
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    1. Rijal Farhan

      ACEH ❤️

    2. Akter Jahan

      We all love Tom Hiddleston. . ❤ He is just wowww..

    3. Crimelord Steve

      Loki is the only good thing about MCU...

    4. Queen Starr


    5. Wilony Barger

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    6. Mat Fab

      This Low-key looking good :D

    7. Joel Shaji

      I'm seeing alot of meme templates Like ALOT

    8. kaqexz

      Who saw Nat

      1. Alexandre Gagne

        Just you! It's not her buddy!

    9. mair ali Over_9000

      1:42 "I am 10 steps ahead of you. " This gives me such Prometheus vibes (from Arrowverse).

    10. Anshul Singh Yadav


    11. Xon Lu

      2:06 Is that Nat? And Vormir?

    12. Sourav SQS

      Im excited to see how they play Pompeii

    13. Katherinne 1567

      1:42 it's Thor 1 Loki????


      Tamil dubbed

    15. Jin Kazama


    16. Bruce Wayne

      Death is only the beginning when it comes to marvel and dc

    17. Chandra Shakar

      Loki is sitting with black widow😍😍😍😘

    18. Bontie Dm

      Loki: Has black hair, a crown with horns and wears green Hela:Has black hair, a crown with horns and wears green as well Thor: I'm I the adopted one?

    19. kekeke ernest

      The only person that ever can trust, Loki, is Loki

    20. Salim Malik

      We need tamil dub guys Dub fast hype is going on 100mbps

    21. Kyle Maybury

      the guy who plays Mobius kinda sounds like Booth from Bones...

    22. Neeru Mehta

      It would be great if there is an option of liking the vedio infinite times

    23. GamerPlayz

      ohh i know why they make it because in the avengers end game they go in the pass and there is iron man and ant man and captain america then they fail to get the stone and loki escape

    24. Asim khurram

      Wait the Loki died in infinity war what.........

    25. Kaden Vasquez

      Isn’t this technically just the MCU version of Dragon Ball Xenoverse?

    26. joey xyz

      loki variant yes never been in to thor movies that much but loki has always been my fav

    27. Jay MF'n Reilly

      "I'll NEVER do it again."

    28. KigreTheViking

      Isnt there a Thor out there missing a hammer? Because... Thor took it... from himself...? Random question ik.

    29. Haya Busa

      Evil comeback again...that's we waiting for this...

    30. Black Pill Cipher


    31. Jannat Baloch

      This is movie or web series?

    32. Angel Maskell-Negus

      Why is no one talking about how it looks like he's sitting with Nat at 2:06

    33. King Sharma

      Me: I will never procrastinate again! Also me: that was a lie

    34. 뿌붑


    35. Jithin Godfrey

      Loved it

    36. Seema S. Baghel

      1:31 cutest part of this whole trailer. The very cute and little 'Bye' was aesthetic. 💗💕

    37. Zeo GT

      Loki Solo Film Moviee !

    38. Ela J

      Just a friendly message not related to this video☺️ God loves you, no matter who you are, where you’re from or what you’ve done. He’s waiting with open arms for you to accept Him into your lives. I hope you have a lovely day.God Bless You☁️🙌

    39. michael knight

      2:06 is that black widow sitting beside loki??

    40. Bharath Kumar

      Loki not a character... Best marvel hero

    41. MgameMax

      I'm waiting...

    42. Wanda Maximoff

      I’m serious Loki is dead sounding like a Homicidal snake right now don’t you love it 😍

    43. Youth Team

      Hope this is a new journey ✌

    44. Nishit Pandit

      at 2:06, is that widow?

    45. aalee

      I will never trust him. He have life than cat.

      1. Lil Shordy


    46. Spring


    47. Disaster Disaster


    48. Prasanna More

      ....In exam hall Invigilator : Get out.I literally caught you cheating over 50 times. Me: I will never do it again 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    49. Kirtal Hansda

      My fav character 😘😘😘

    50. Tyler James

      If it wasn’t for Hulk, we wouldn’t have had a series for Loki. Thanks Big Guy

    51. EdSkywalker


    52. Hari prasad

      I am waiting for telegu dubbed.🥺🥺

    53. AyYıldızTim

      Dc: we are coming very nice marvel: yesn't

    54. CJ WILLIS

      When they would use music like that in the theatres for a trailer you knew the movie would be a blockbuster, now with a tv show you still know the vibes.

    55. JOJU

      Do we know that 🐈

    56. Kushel

      I think Mobius will use Loki to fix the timeline and then will try to kill him, but Loki being Loki will escape and comeback in original timeline because he is 10 steps ahead of him

    57. Julio figo

      Parece ser fixe!

    58. Krm Krm

      İts good :)

    59. Abdul Khaqan

      My man said he wont stab no more BREAKING NEWS:STABBING CRIMES ARROUND GLOBE DROP BY 70%

    60. Ayushi lokhande

      2:06 I'll cry if that's Natasha

    61. xd Flow

      What if the time keepers have something to do with his death afterwards in infinity war and they somehow brought him back?

    62. Ayushi lokhande


    63. Niko Krol

      Disney kingdom be like: EXPAND EXPAND EXPAND

    64. Ger Beare

      PITY DISNEY is scummy caz id watch it but no thanks

    65. Econzzz

      is that natasha?? 2:06

    66. Adijat Sanni

      Yeah Obama I'm born un june

    67. abishek mokarla

      Actually this timeline has fixed by cap anyway So wt is the point in making if we know the ending 😂😂

    68. Joy Marathon


    69. Queen Starr


    70. John Varghese

      We need a film of captain America journey to put the stones back

    71. Captain Jack Sparrow

      2:06 Nat?

    72. Sopian Eka


    73. trixia rozanne

      2:06 tho🥺 I miss Natasha

    74. Gab Gab

      It's Funny How Loki reacts when he thought the cat was a flerken😂

    75. Enrique Miranda

      Anyone else just gonna watch the show to see Loki talk with Natasha Romanoff?

    76. MAC Deco Gaming

      I am waiting 🔥🔥

    77. Cialing Sie

      So loki is gonna be A Guardian Of Time???? 🤔🤔🤔

    78. I N D R A

      Wow June 11th is my birthday 😁

    79. MysticBlooms

      I saw black widow at 2:06,THIS IS HYPE

    80. SydneyRey

      was that... was that widow for a second there?

    81. Aravind Sheeban

      2:06 will they be bringing back black widow?... That's clearly a balck widow reference...

    82. Aditi Chouksey

      Was that natasha 🥺🥺 Don't give me that hope 🥺

    83. Suraj Patel

      I like the way that Loki's Logo name doesn't have a fixed font. It keeps changing. Like Loki.

    84. sakethreddy lakkireddy

      At 2:06 i felt it was black widow out there

    85. Naimish Om Shandilya

      thank u marvel for a birthday gift , because my birthday is on 11th june and loki is my favourite character

    86. enSobolev

      Надеюсь, шо сериал Локи оправдает ожидает, ни как это было с ВандаВижен...

    87. kichu arunima


    88. yolly geron


    89. Julia J

      2:06 Is that Black Widow?

      1. Julia J

        Also, is Owen Wilson in this movie too?

    90. Guilder Gutso XD


    91. Mr. Fevicol

      "This is absurd" Printing Machine : Satisfaction Isn't In My Nature

    92. Andrew Blalock

      Why is there a volca

    93. Isabella Monor

      Tom Hiddleston fans like

    94. Oséias Flamengo


    95. Marilu Duarte

      Cómo puede existir alguien tan perfecto 😍❤️😍

    96. Vino Senja Utara

      DC : harley quinn ❤️ Marvel : Loki ❤️

    97. Aman Tiwari

      Ye nhi marne wala chahe isko jala hii dalo ye har baar wapas aa hii jaata hai

    98. Nighthawke70

      So, we're doing the multiverse/time travel business. Let's see how many headaches this one causes.

    99. Roni Ferdiand

      Whos the girls sitting with him, natasha??

    100. EDM HoLa

      This whole trailer was better than the 😊