$400 Challenge vs. #1 Ranked Angler in the World Jacob Wheeler - SMC BeatDown 1

Scott Martin

96 миӊ. көрүүлөр11

    MONEY on line and a lot of TRASH Talking in this 2v2 Bass Challenge. Me and Andy Young vs Jacob Wheeler and Andrew Upshaw. We travel up to Rainy Lake at International Falls Minnesota and take out one of the Rainy Lake House Boats for this episode. VC/Mac Hoover
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    1. Schmidty

      So intense but looked like so much fun. Such an awesome group of guys!

    2. Caleb Herbert

      need to send yaw some Medusas for musky

    3. Elijah Reed

      hey this Elijah Reed, last summer i went up to International falls MN to go fishing with my grandpa and we caught monster walleye and pike. Rainy lake and Rainy river are one of the best places to go fishing and its one of the best places to take kids who want to get into fishing. I know i had blast doing it when ever i go up there to see family and friends, it would be really cool to see one of your videos where we would get you and your kids fishing in IFalls MN.

    4. J Gillespie

      Do you have any intentions of putting on a show on Lake Hartwell or keowee?

      1. J Gillespie

        Awesome. Hopefully you'll give a week or 2 heads up before hand. I'd like to watch and do a lil learning.

      2. Scott Martin

        Hartwell for sure

    5. TheJtaylor000


    6. Bass Raider

      Great stuff guys!

    7. Mr. Lapin

      @scott martin Braided line WON'T help you against pike teeth. Fluoro hold ALOT better (40lbs + are best but 20lbs will work most of the time)... But for a Southern, you're still a legit pike fisherman. Lol! Good job, very entertaining.

      1. Scott Martin

        Haha..thanks man

    8. mark Roper

      Great video guys! I was laughing out loud!!! I am sitting on my back deck with headphones on, laughing.......I probably look like an idiot:P I hope there are more episodes coming!!

      1. Scott Martin

        Part 2 is up now.. called boat swap

    9. Keith DaTrucker

      Too cool..my 2 fav anglers...

    10. Mark Cochran

      That’s awesome!!

    11. Levi Hobbs

      Who else though he was inside and walked on a backporch, but was on a boat

    12. Moggwai4


    13. Mayo Neza

      Anyone can fish with a sonar. Get a real job sponsor guy.

      1. Eric Lin

        Why aren’t you a pro fisherman then buddy? It’s just that easy right? Get a fish finder and you can catch every fish In the lake right?

    14. Jacob Olson

      What is wrong with Scott dissing MLF

    15. Jeff Hersick

      A true class act.

    16. Rusty Reid Fishing

      Lot of landing and release violations with MLF rules 😬 Great show and fun times

    17. Bassa Nat3r

      MLF format.. YOU can't use te NET

    18. Jessica Baumann

      Hey Scott bring back Flair and Lake Forks Guy for some videos. Do Flair and the kid that you took fishing and see if he roasts Flair. That would be funny as all get out.

    19. Matthew Druckenmiller

      You and Wheeler should come to the Susquehanna in PA. We will go MLF style on Susquehanna smallies on jet boats for a real beat down. I’m so excited for the rest of these videos.

    20. Brock Johnson

      We need more videos Scott!! Thanks!

    21. Luke Alexander

      “Unreal” -Jacob Wheeler

    22. 1iving2di3

      “MLF” what is that? Mother Fuuer? lol

    23. BassGeek

      Man that was a tough challenge all the way around.

    24. Luke Haglund

      Now that's a Scott Martin Vidja!

    25. Matthews Fallout

      Hay you’re in my state 😃😃

    26. Javyn Maxton

      aww man, my dad told me about you guys coming down. wish we could have met. - Javyn Maxton

    27. Bransen Campbell

      Next time you come up to International Falls USA / fort Frances Canada you should let us know!!

      1. Scott Martin

        Will do

    28. Phil Tarbox

      Decent pike Scott... surprised he didn't break you off

      1. Scott Martin

        I know he choked it!

    29. Fishing-fanatic

      Awesome stuff Scott!!!!!

    30. Smithvegas BassAssassin

      🔥 video, as always Scott! Love watching you guys get after it like that, having a friendly challenge! Amazing smallie for Jacob and a huge pike for Scott! Friggin’ outstanding guys!

    31. Caleb DeWitt

      Wheeler catches that big smallie and Upshaw says "that's a good thing" haha love it.

    32. Flippin & Fishin


    33. Michael Ducat

      Great video and awesome job on the win scott thx for the videos

    34. Rodney Hanbaum

      Lol! SMC BEATDOWN!! GET SOME!! Thanks for sharing, Looking forward to the next ones!!!

    35. Wayne Blackburn

      As always I enjoyed the video. Hard to take sides when I subscribe to both of you. Just goes to show you every dog has their day. I fished a local tournament and had my limit in about 45 minutes. The hardest part was keeping my fish alive in this heat wave we are experiencing. They let me take my boat off the water go to the local convenience for ice. 27 lb 6 ounces.😅

      1. Wheeler Fishing


    36. Andrew Wolf

      I’m loving Wheelers ScottyTooHotty WWF 1999 reference 😂😂😂

      1. Wheeler Fishing


    37. D Tagz N T BagZ

      Unreal lol rematch soon on an unfamiliar fishery next thatd be dope

    38. D Tagz N T BagZ

      My 2 favorite anglers besides myself lol

    39. aquaticnut86

      Unbelievable just unreal 😂

      1. Wheeler Fishing


    40. Lenagdyfigpkhh; Mossuto

      Is scott trying to tell us something? MLF bounb

    41. Captain Ricky FLA

      That was a fun challenge. Entertaining to watch

    42. Tim E

      Mlf sucks

    43. JESSe leath

      awesome video again. cant wait to see what comes out of this trip.

    44. Tony Bass

      HAHA poking fun at MLF. I will tell you I prefer it over the others. Only reason I know anything about FLW is because of your channel.

    45. Fewerprouder 1775

      You should do more videos like this. 🤘🏼👍🏼

    46. Troy Harper

      I wanna see more 👍💯

    47. Allen Outdoors

      I sure hope all tournaments dont go to this format. Even if FLW is bought!

      1. Matt Seifert

        It’s so much better for the fish tho. If they wanna stick with biggest 5 they should still have landing penalties and catch weigh release.

    48. Logan loe doe Crizer

      That's cool man

    49. Xfishf00D

      Where do you guys get the music in your videos?

    50. Joe Morris

      Awesome job guys

    51. Lewis Edens

      I messaged Gary Klein when everyone was announced with mlf. I said clearly Scott Martin has a much bigger following in social media and KGup. He’s also a stick. His credentials speak for themselves. He’s top 10 all time. Gary responded by saying this: Lewis, we actually have a long list of anglers that we would have really liked to invite but it was and is a very complicated process. We had in depth discussions with all our invited and many uninvited anglers before the committee selected anyone. We selected the 80 anglers we thought helped us achieve the goal of elevating the sport to the level we feel it should be and guys that are strong team players so we can all pull the rope in the same direction. Scott like many others has a very full career with many accomplishments and also other commitments. He is a phenomenal angler and deserves to be regarded as such. At some point I promise we will welcome him and others into the group as this evolves. Thank you for the question and understanding this is not a black and white clear cut decision nor is it one we took lightly. Gary Klein

      1. Lewis Edens

        Tim E considering they are both co-founders....... means a lot asking him that question. Scott and others that are clearly way more talented but didn’t get selected. I posted his reply to show his response doesn’t hold weight. Scott Martin has the biggest if not, then top 3 professional KGup channels. I’m sure his social media accounts reflect the same. Wanting a following and someone that could reach a large audience and push the mlf agenda, it doesn’t get better than Scott. I’m not his mascot but he wasn’t chosen and scrubs were

      2. Tim E

        Lewis Edens who gives a movement what Klein or duckett thinks?

    52. Bee Vaj

      smc beat down you got a subscribe

    53. Budget Bassing

      So cool to see you guys having that much fun fishing together. And to B.....the best producer/camera man/ editor on KGup excellent job man, keep up the good work 👍🏼👊🏼

    54. Chance Scofield

      My two favorite boys Scott and j wheels oh this is gunna be a good ine

      1. Chance Scofield

        Hey he did you dirty on the boat trade

      2. Wheeler Fishing

        oh, it was

    55. Tim Jolly

      Great job Scott

    56. GA Yak Fishing

      Fun time no matter what. Nice Pike Scott!!

    57. C Bancroft III

      This right here is great! My Top 2 who normally are never fishing same waters at same time this is great!and requested this on both of your chans kinda only diffrence is the partners but this is epic!

    58. Ryan

      Haha, this is good content. Subscribed!

    59. TheReelDon

      This confirms Scott will eventually get that invite to fish the MLF.

      1. TheReelDon

        @Rough Country Outdoors i saw that video as well. He may have turned them down but I never saw the invitation which makes me suspect he never was invited..

      2. Rough Country Outdoors

        I thought bein a year ago he made a video on his decision to stay with FLW vs going to MLF.

      3. TheReelDon

        @C Bancroft III I totally agree.

      4. TheReelDon

        @Rough Country Outdoors He never got the invite.

      5. Rough Country Outdoors

        He already had the invite last year. Decided to stay with his league.

    60. Foreign Beggar

      what a fucking life. i’d love to get paid to go fish all of these amazing places.

    61. Johnny Schmitz

      Glad to see the Martin Wheeler collaboration. Great video. Nice win Scott. M-1 W-0

    62. Scratchin’ Away

      scott farted @8:09

    63. Jack Simmons


    64. Dark lord Gumba

      Hope u guys weren't out there messing up the tournament fisherman😂🤣

      1. Dark lord Gumba

        @Scott Martin lmao I use a weedeater as a trolling motor and a,giant cenderblock as an anchor 🤪 u should see the splash !!

      2. Scott Martin

        Yeah we sat in one spot for 5 hours..I would say it was a waste of perfectly good Minnkota 112..this way of fishing we don’t even need a trolling motor or batteries. Ha..😉

    65. John Weigle

      Hey Scott please check your instagram dm

    66. A.L. Gilley

      great video! Nice watch for a cold rainy day... brought easy smiles and laughs to me.. great fun you guys!

    67. james amaro

      Schooling them young boys

      1. Wheeler Fishing

        it happens!

    68. james amaro

      It won't fit lmao

    69. james amaro

      Awesome day guys

    70. Camron Webster

      Two of the best fishermen

    71. St.Clair Eric

      I Love Wheeler but I was rooting for Scott !!! Not a big fan of the MLF.!!

    72. Cole Pearson

      I vote we move this smc to Vermillion next year, these guys would smack em out there

    73. T R

      Ya that's big lmao !!!!!

    74. Derrick House

      i'm digging the off season youtube haha

    75. FishingOK

      Always entertaining.. Much love bro 👊🏽

      1. Scott Martin

        Thanks bro

    76. Jeff Holland

      Heck I would have been thrilled just to be the cook on that adventure.

    77. Jhunt Nfish

      That looked like you has some fun.

    78. Casey Jarzyna

      Nellie the sea monster 😂😂😂 my grandma (god rest her soul) was named Nellie but I think you meant Nessy the sea monster lol lol

      1. Scott Martin


    79. David V

      I didn't care who won... Both guys are class acts and my favorite fishermen by far.

      1. Scott Martin


    80. Muze -tessa

      I want wheeler to win just bc hes more than average angler, mvp in sport of bass fishing! Dℹ🆖️

    81. Landen Farmer

      there is no net in mlf and upshaw let that pike touch the deck which is a 2 u have to sit down

      1. Landen Farmer

        he is my cousin and he told me about u

      2. Landen Farmer

        @Scott Martin the vid was super funny u met tyler jackson

      3. Scott Martin


    82. Patrick Connors

      Good win Scott, that Pike was phenomenal.

    83. Ethan Holberton

      The only way this could possibly be better is if Jon B. Was in the vid

    84. Patrick Connors

      MLF'r... that was funny.

    85. Mikey

      jacobs co angler is ASS..not one net job lol

    86. Travis O'Brien

      My two favorite anglers on the planet how awesome

    87. Northland Angling TV

      Umm do you mean nessy?

      1. Scott Martin


    88. Diverse fisherman

      Jacob wheeler has been hanging around with Ed bassmaster a lot lately. Unreal.

    89. Bait and Switch Fishing

      Not even there and I'm fired up. We gotsta go!

    90. Ullman Brother’s

      Both yall my favs

      1. Ullman Brother’s

        Wow dude how did you reply come to MN PLEASE TAKE ME SMALLMOUTH FISHING

      2. Wheeler Fishing

        you're our fave

    91. John Choi

      Love it! 👍👊

    92. Tim H

      You mlfr's !! Hilarious!! Go team Scott!!

    93. Cory Phelps

      I commented to do this 2 months ago hell yes!!!!!!

    94. Daniel Was Taken


    95. Jake Schisler

      I've been up on Rainy lake back in the 80's. Seems like the water had plywood floating all over the place, must had been a big storm then.

      1. dunkind

        Jake Schisler cool story bro

    96. tyler kent

      Sucha good vid man

    97. Aaron Nygren

      Rematch and brandon picks the spot on the lake

      1. Wheeler Fishing

        too good

    98. MLFishingTV

      Nice editing! Awesome video like always 🤙

    99. brad bechly b

      Sounds like some good videos coming, Brandon v Billy, can't wait

    100. TheHook

      Unreel lol 😂😭