Gus Malzahn is going to win big with the UCF Knights! - Paul Finebaum | KJZ

ESPN College Football

18 миӊ. көрүүлөр5

    Paul Finebaum joins KJZ to discuss the UCF Knights hiring Gus Malzahn as the next head coach, then reacts to Urban Meyer defending the decision to hire Chris Doyle to the Jacksonville Jaguars’ staff before Doyle resigned.
    #KJZ #CollegeFootball
    0:00 Paul Finebaum weighs in on what the UCF Knights are getting with Gus Malzahn.
    1:13 Finebaum shares the biggest adjustments Urban Meyer will have to make transitioning from college football to the NFL.
    2:37 Finebaum weighs in on whether he believes the Jaguars' locker room believes in Urban Meyer.
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    1. Steven Wolfe

      Tulsa is hoping to see y’all in the championship just like old times ! Kevin Smith vs Paul Smith .. I believe Tulsa only lost 3 players .Collins lb/AA QB & RB should be a great year for AAC , good luck knights

    2. J C

      Gus is a great coach. No one can win at auburn sorry auburn fans.

    3. Nate Lowe

      Urban Meyer left coaching because teams were losing or in a scandal,

    4. Rick Gray

      Ole Miss coach Lane Kiffin hired a dude that ran a kid to death and called the kid names after he told the coach that something was wrong with him and NO ONE made a big deal of it, Urban Meyer gives a coach a second chance and the you guys ring the alarm

    5. Rick Gray

      UCF is in trouble, dude stuck on doing things the old fashioned way in a new day and time, UCF could've done better and the players and school and fans deserve better

    6. Rick May

      As an Auburn fan, it's easy to say this on the outside looking in till you see he calls a hb dive up the middle on 3rd & 8. Or 22 Receiver reverses/ bubble screens. The talent we had an Auburn is severely underrated & imo should've won the chip in 2017 if not for the collapse after the iron bowl. But War Eagle & thanks for the memories Gus

      1. mike accardi

        UCF fan here. I feel like we have the same exact complaints about Huepel. (Great offensive coordinator but couldn't evolve the offense once everyone else caught on to it and in the end it just became stale). Like literally down to the dive plays on 3rd down and nothing but bible screens mixed in with random shots down the field. But hopefully Malzahn's experience and connections help with building a decent staff and nice recruiting base. Remember Frost took our entire staff so Huepel had to start from scratch with no experience as a head coach. And with Tennessee taking him and our AD we were almost dead in the water. So I don't know if he can give us another "2017" type of season but he was certainly the absolute best outcome and I'm willing to bet he will do better than the trajectory Huepel had us on.

    7. M.0. S TV

      Also paul dudes will pull up on you for bringing up their dad and upbringing.

    8. M.0. S TV

      Gus needs to coach high school. His gimics and tricks will be perfect. He didnt develop 1 QB at auburn. Auburn recruited their 1st offensive line since 2017.

    9. Humphking

      This elderly extraterrestrial guy is speaking the truth when it comes to Urban Myer

      1. Fred Wilson

        I cant get over how big his ears are

      2. Jamin Poole


    10. Gary Johnson

      I thought coach myers had health issues now he wants to be a NFL Coach good luck 🤔

    11. Davis MI

      In your dreams he’s not a head coach just like so many others. He’s just an assistant coach and that’s it. His record says that.

    12. Mo Vo

      Interesting pick. A upgrade, maybe

      1. Mo Vo

        @Theodore Strawn hope so boss

      2. Theodore Strawn

        if your talking about the ucf hire this is a huge upgrade

    13. Trey Referee 100%


    14. Matthew Broz

      Keyshawn laughing cause his son Keyshawn Jr got suspended by Mike Riley for smoking weed....then frost came in and didn't want to just bring on a guy who had already had problems in the program and Keyshawn is still bitter about it

      1. Matthew Broz

        @faiz Ali wide receiver

      2. faiz Ali

        Rlly what position his son play

    15. keith green

      Alabama fan here and I think this is a great hire for UCF. Malzahn can coach offense for sure. The problem for UCF is if he wins there power five teams are going to come after him. That's the drawback to not being a destination program.

      1. Jordan Pierre

        Gus can’t coach offense. He’s always been carried by his players. His offensive scheme is outdated. He’s to run happy, hence why Auburn’s been a mediocre team the last few years. UCF’s offense will take a dramatic fall unless Gus keeps the same system that Scott Frost implemented.

      2. LostDutchman

        Being a conduit to a P5 head coaching job is a not a bad spot to be for a G5 program. UCF has done well since hiring George O'Leary 16 years ago which was a stoke of luck since he was black-listed from any school with name recognition. Since O'Leary was let go UCF has been a popular destination to build your coaching resume and hiring an ex-SEC coach with a winning record and national championship games on his resume only helps that, especially when you KNOW there were P5 teams that would be happy to have him as head coach. It is an uncomfortable spot to be in but UCF has played its cards very well considering their situation being a newer program in a less-respected conference with a permanently weaker schedule than the rest of the top 25 year after year. Eventually UCF's strategy will pay off and they will get into a P5 conference but you've got to earn your place through consistently good coaching hires and winning seasons.

    16. Roy Valentine

      Paul is such a hater.. can’t stand him

      1. Brian Russell

        He is a joke, much to do about nothing, never care about what his opinion is

      2. Fred Wright

        Paul is a clown...his takes on college football are comedic at best. When he's not sucking on the turds, he's entertaining all those inbreds on his show.

      3. Roy Valentine

        @Andrew Tognolini 🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗

      4. Roy Valentine

        @Andrew Tognolini Sooo... He wasn’t bashing Urban Meyer?

      5. Andrew Tognolini

        Wow dude, how about you make it even more obvious you didn’t watch the video

    17. catoosa 93

      Tennessee missed a great opportunity by not hiring Malzahn.

      1. Don

        Auburn has a better recruiting base than Tennessee. I don't get everybody trying to pretend Malzahn is suddenly an elite college football head coach.

      2. imlost19

        Tennessee and auburn just saved UCF from the brink of implosion. Southern Hospitality at its finest

    18. Richard Heard

      Ain't that something white coaches get all the money and all the jobs black coach couldn't get fired and make 21 million dollars then get hired and make 2 million dollars a year at another school right away not a black coach systematically racism no black coaches in sec acc big 12 1 in big ten 2 in pac 2 in NFL nothing but racism

      1. Fred Wright

        It pays to be good at your job. Blacks demand equal pay for unequal results. Get better at your job. Stop relying on your skin color to get you by. Have some pride. Bois

    19. Lane Cheak

      UCF will be in college playoff in the next 5 years

      1. WolverineManiac

        Not unless they add some real competition to their schedule.

    20. ivan salazar

      Gus already won big! Just by getting fired at AU he turned into a multimillionaire!

    21. Ken Williams

      I'm not sold on Malzahn. He couldn't produce at Auburn with the SEC talent base and he may do the same thing at UCF. Either your a winning head coach or not. Still, UCF I wish you the best!

      1. Adam Palmer

        @Courtney Taylor Preach on, preach on! People forget that!

      2. Courtney Taylor

        He beat Alabama who else doing that?

      3. Fred Wright

        He spreads the field to r u n the ball.

      4. Fred Wright

        @gelene Celine 8 years and nothing

      5. Ej Pineda

        @gelene Celine bruh I love Gus as a person and still do but as the HC of my team for the past eight years the only players we got drafted into the NFL did it on raw talent alone and break out years the dude flat out cannot develop talent thus why he couldn’t win the major games he needed to win granted it will be easier in the AAC due to competition but unless he learns why he fell at Auburn y’all won’t make it pass the first round of the playoff if they let y’all in will y’all win AAC championships sure but Nattys nawww not unless a lot of chaos happens in the higher ups of college football I wish Gus the best of luck I hated how we fired him but I’m glad his coaching again he does deserve it

    22. Darryl Niles

      We will be great and it will become clear in 5 years that UCF, Cincy & Memphis are just as strong as the top 3 of the Big 12.

      1. NO NAME

        @RoSmash idk that would have been a good game

      2. NO NAME

        @Austin Kendall Oklahoma no but Iowa yes Iowa is overated

      3. RoSmash

        @Austin Kendall bruh, Cincinnati could’ve 100% beaten Oklahoma last year

      4. Tod Tucker

        If you think UCF, Cincy, & Memphis are as strong as Oklahoma, and Iowa State, give me some of what you’re smoking!

      5. GooogleMan


    23. Noblesse Raizel

      I remember them being in the same conversation with alabama........

    24. Bassdanger

      We will be back on top in the AAC then get a Big 12 invite to give Oklahoma and Texas some competition

      1. gelene Celine

        Could happen but i think the sec will give a offer because they have some beef with aurbun becuase of a bowl game a few years back and a head coach hire

      2. Austin Kendall

        Not likely 😄