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    Disclaimer: This channel exists for educational purposes only and we make every effort to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information. However, we are not qualified professionals. DissociaDID acts as a hub for collating scientific resources, and we combine those with advice from our personal experiences of living with DID to create content that is accurate and easy to understand. While we hope it is helpful and provides access to essential resources, DissociaDID is in no way a replacement for the work and advice of practising professionals in the mental health sector.
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    1. DissociaDID

      Let us know what you think of our new intro!

      1. Linwarai Linoodlin


      2. Yo

        It's amazing, I love it!

      3. Oceanti

        500th commnet

      4. Reverse Card

        it’s awesome

      5. Lowkey Lonely

        Its amazing! Also you look stunning Nin!

    2. Damzel'N'Distress

      Just discovering your channel and I know that this is most likely not gonna be answered but I'm gonna comment it anyway do animals know when their owners switch like can they tell that something is different?(not trying to be disrespectful just genuinely curious)

    3. bleachbaby

      I’m so proud of you guys, you are incredibly brave! ❤️

    4. findrochelle

      This is a question to just anyone with the knowledge about it, but is integration a good thing? Because my understanding of integration is the mind healing, and joining back together. But in some of the integration videos I’ve seen it seems to be a really distressing or like disorientating, so I was just wondering about that. Also their art is so amazing, and I’m so glad that they are doing this for charity! That’s really cool!!

    5. AliciaIsA Meme

      You helped me learn more about myself then my psychologist did to be honest, thank you so much for helping me. Thank you so much for helping people understand DID, your videos helped my parents, sister, and friends understand what my disorder is. I’m so happy you’re back❤️

    6. Angelica B

      Im so happy you are back ❤️❤️❤️

    7. Bella Chen

      New intro is amazing btw!!

    8. Bella Chen

      Wow that’s definitely a wonderful song, way out of my expectation, and her voice is so special!

    9. tan con

      I just found out today that you started making videos again. I am so happy to see you guys :)

    10. FoxyLuna Idk

      Me not seeing this until now going back and still doing it for my self

    11. Alice Hood

      I am so glad you guys again 🙂

    12. xyroca

      OMG I'm so glad to see you back! I hope are taking care of each other and wish you the best!

    13. Khamille Arah Samud

      Glad you're back! We've been waiting for you all!

    14. Always On The Internet

      I'm really late to the party but I'm glad your somewhat back. I'm happy your okay! Binging three video now!😊❤

    15. Tamara Hansen-Hayes

      @DissociaDID can it be something that we colored? (We meaning my system) because we like to color. Please let me know.

    16. Hey What’s up

      Oh my goodness why didn’t I get these notifications! Seeing you post brought a tear to my eye ❤️❤️❤️

    17. Fusion Subliminals

      Omg I'm so happy your back

    18. Kalista K

      Happy 2 see u back

    19. Emelisse

      i missed thiss

    20. Stephanie Diosdado

      I missed you so muchhhh 💗💗

    21. LilKosmos

      trigger warning can be a trigger?

    22. XxHaydeexX

      Two of my best friends have recently told me that they have did but they said MPd and I said is it the same as did and they said yea it’s justa another name for it and your videos have helped me so much to be informed and kinda know how to help them

    23. TALENTSGlamSquad

      I’m so happy to see you all!! My heart is smiling 😍🤗

    24. Tea Jasmine

      I hope everyone is okay how's Ruby?

    25. Sydney Blattler

      Yes your back Thankyou. I love watching you and really just trying to learn and bring awareness to schizophrenia and disassociative identity disorder

    26. Altea Sabuga

      I have an aunt but we were not close. I just knew her since I was little but I was afraid to approach her since everyone would say to be careful because she's crazy. After starting to watch your videos last year, I found out that she has DID since that is still uncommon here in the philippines, they call the person crazy. I felt like I'm the only in the family who is trying to understand and accept her

    27. •Yuna Hatsume•

      Again I’m new- What happens that u had to take a break? No hate just wondering 😀

      1. Yami Charleston

        Trisha paytas or something like that sort of triggered her and called her crazy but then made a joke about her also having DID

    28. Aaliyah Robinson

      I love how every time a video is made you come back looking more fierce than ever with or without makeup!! Don't stop walking your journey because of other people's ignorance and if they have a problem then say, " Sorry, not sorry!" Here's all of my love and support!!!

    29. Suxhi Roll

      i love the make up!! 💖✨

    30. MARTYBOI1999

      U guys take as much time as u need

    31. Jessica Duke

      welcome back :) I am so happy to see youre back

    32. KatAndie Fiddle


    33. a smell of petroleum pervades throughout

      nice to see you (all) back

    34. Wanderlust Queen

      I'm so happy to see you back! Honestly I only recently discovered your channel, like within the past month. I was also told by a friend that they have DID, also within the past month. How serendipitous! I feel like watching your videos I'm learning so much about DID and about people. So I feel like I can approach my friend and others with that much more understanding and compassion. Thank you for sharing your world, mind, and heart. And above all stay safe and happy, you're so incredibly cared for!!!!

    35. Marlinda Hill

      I missed y'all and I'm happy y'all are doing better! Love y'all 💖

    36. English Rose

      So wonderful to see a post from you. Been worried about you. Your art is breathtaking.

    37. Hi Pie

      So happy too see you back alive and safe!

    38. Eva Macaluso

      I love Orla Gartland's music since a year and a half now

    39. E Untitled

      What European cultures are you mixed with?

    40. Elexis Yap


    41. Ethan Goodbrake

      Your doing a good job take the time you need

    42. Tamara Orbán

      Omg i missed you so much!!!❤️❤️❤️

    43. dgb studio's Scholten

      it's nice

    44. Bergen

      I was getting worried haven’t heard from you in forever

    45. Kellen Welch

      so good to hear from you again!!

    46. Mandy- 793

      YAAAY YOU'RE BACK!!! we'll wait you as long as you need to be back regularly but I'm so glad you're doing better!!

    47. Kalli X

      Ur eyes are huge and beautiful Sorry just thought I’d say

    48. Rada Al-Zobeidi

      Yesssssss ❤❤❤❤❤

    49. Claire JJ

      Yayyyy you guys came back!

    50. Katalin T.

      Hope you guys are staying safe and healthy ! Nice to see you guys again !

    51. chavery

      I've really learned a lot about DID from this channel, it's helped a lot with my understanding on these types of things a lot and I hope you're all enjoying your break, come back when you're ready

      1. DissociaDID

        Thank you!💝

    52. daisy posie

      The new improved intro is really cool! All the different glass pieces coming together to form as one, but still maintaining its different parts... Meaningful and creative! I’ve missed you all a lot, I was worried that the Trisha drama was stressing everyone out... It must have been stressful, but I’m still happy to see that everyone seems to be doing well. Even if you don’t upload regularly, it’s always nice to see an occasional update. Hugs to everybody, we love you so much. Stay safe too. :)

      1. daisy posie

        @DissociaDID Lots of sweet hugs to you guys

      2. DissociaDID

        Thank you!💝

    53. Kyra Roesner

      I am so happy to see the system back! I missed you guys! I kept coming back to check in on y'all and was always so sad when I didn't see you guys. Love you and hope you are well

      1. DissociaDID

        Thank you!💝

    54. adoresbylaures

      Ahh! Was just rewatching Anthonys video and was wondering how you were. I’m so glad that you are okay and are healing.

      1. DissociaDID


    55. Courtney McGurl

      I love your channel, I have learned so much and I'm even doing a presentations for my psychology class about DID! I hope you all heal soon and glad you're coming back!

      1. DissociaDID

        Thank you!💝

    56. Mamarnett

      I'm so happy that y'all are doing better!! I'm looking so forward for the day you are fully ready. Take your time, but I'm so excited.

      1. DissociaDID

        Thank you so much!!

    57. Shoto

      So glad you're back like Anthony said

      1. DissociaDID


    58. Kennedy Law

      I just wanted to say that the pink eyeshadow makes your eyes really pop, it looks very good!

      1. DissociaDID

        Thank you!

    59. FutureBelle

      Love you Nin... praying for you

      1. DissociaDID


    60. Jon-Michael !

      Great to see you back! Hope you are well. Eff that drama.

      1. DissociaDID


    61. cedicool5

      I love the new intro so muchhhhh

      1. DissociaDID


    62. parinaz mellatdoust

      i missed you so much sorry I missed the upload but I look forward to your content

    63. Kyria Noble

      We missed you!❤

      1. DissociaDID


    64. SuperD3clan _

      So I am very new to the channel, and some videos it says that Chloe is the host, and more recent ones it says Nin is the host, did she change her name or something?

      1. Mars C

        she combined with nina to make nin

    65. i use this for gay venting

      You guys are all so cool. If there’s any possible chance y’all are seeing this, tell Kyle I think his taste in music is probably very cool. I never saw their playlists but I can just tell.

    66. Nicole Anaya

      I love and missed your videos so much!!

      1. DissociaDID

        Thank you!💝

    67. Eric Joe Shimura

      Fuck, I already miss them :/

    68. Candice Dotson

      So happy to see you again! I hope that you and your Alters are taking good care of yourselves! Hope to see you return again!

      1. DissociaDID

        Thank you!

    69. Alison

      You have been on my mind lately, and I am relieved to see you again even for a short period of time. please focus on yourself and heal for as long as you need to

      1. DissociaDID


    70. Audriana Hindman

      We have all missed you so much!!! It's so nic to see you all, i love yoouuuu

      1. DissociaDID

        Thank you!💝

    71. Imke Rauhut

      I’m so happy to see you’re back! It’s been a mentally hard year for a lot of people so I’m really glad to see you well! 🥰 Also I love the new intro! :)

    72. Cresia Mae Hernandez

      I'm being drawn into the red eye shade thingy

    73. David Goh

      I was incredibly upset when I originally saw that your system had to take a break because of someone else on social media. Knowing that your system is healing and make improvement has been some of the best news all year. I hope y'all stay strong and hope to see you soon!

    74. Liddon Burns

      Also this art is so good!! It’s so shiny and realistic and atmospheric !!!! I really love it !

    75. Liddon Burns

      You guys are honestly so sweet and good and kind and you mean so much to me and it makes me so unbelievably happy that you guys are healing

    76. rhia dickinson

      Hello I love this channel and it’s helping me a lot to understand things, I just want to know if you can have did and not switch alters? For say that have voices that have names age and personality and can speak to each other then the person who is always in front can talk to them too and they all have different opinions and feelings to how the person would feel? Thanks 💕

    77. Sunoo Bear

      Your friends are so lucky..... They probably have a lot more friends then they expected ❤️🤭

    78. ouzzles

      THEY'RE BACK!!!

    79. Bibi Strange

      Hi, I started watching your videos, and they're very interesting. I'd like to ask, if you've seen the movie "split", and if so, then what's on that movie (about DID) right.

      1. Gavin Arriaga

        They've discussed the movie before and basically said it's completely wrong and offensive.

    80. Spinch EXE

      they look like belle from beauty and the beast, so pretty

    81. Mimi

      I'm glad you're well. Love you, get well soon ^^

    82. F K

      I was watching a video then I decided to scroll on yt while watching, I saw this, shocked, them thought oh maybe another channel are doing a video about them but then I saw the yt channel's name, shocked, and immediately clicked on it. Now I have so many fixed emotions but all I want to say is that I miss all of you and I feel like crying Edit: I watched the video but can I just say that I saw watching it normally till Nin said Hi! I silently screamed and died a little😣😍 We're doing fine and we've been thinking about you as well!!! 😘✨

    83. Mallow Sky

      I think it would be interesting if you tried to play a story game :0

    84. ogbunno

      We hope that you are doing better and we are very excited to see another upload. Your healing and well being is the most important. Be gentle and lots of love to everyone Nin ^_^ P.S I love the intro, absolutely amazing.

    85. Ngawai King

      So happy to see you again. Sending love and light from NZ ❤️❤️❤️

    86. Leanne Bezuidenhout

      I'm loving the new intro and I'm so proud of what you are doing. Have been missing you but fully understand about the healing process

    87. Kim Elliott

      I missed all of you!! I'm so glad you are back

    88. CantFind The Tomatoes

      You all take your time and come back when you are ready. Miss you and wish you all the best ❤❤

    89. Erin Cutright

      I wonder if they've seen Dr. Grande's video about "DID switching channels". If not, I hope they find it and watch if interested. Hugs.

    90. Nando Perez

      Her eyes speak to me

    91. Lily Autumn

      I missed this

    92. Erica Bagnara

      You deserve all the love

    93. 제스jess

      you don’t understand how happy i am to see you back. sending so much strength and love to you all, we’ve missed you all so so much

    94. Sveny

      Can i ask what pronounce you are using? :) they/them or it dependes on the personality.. :)

    95. Lil me

      Good to see you , its been a hard year, take your time xxx

    96. Lilith Bohannon


    97. Caramel Jellies

      I have a friend told me that they have other people inside of them but they said that they are them from different universes...what do I do...? They are my best friend but I honestly don’t know what to do... They will switch and forget what they were doing and I’ll just say “are you ok (friend’s name because I’m not saying their actual name)” and they will say that their name isn’t (friend’s name) and it’s (other name) and I’m just so confused so what do I do?

      1. Marie

        @Caramel Jellies There are way more mental health issues then DID. Just be respectful and what there name is and if they dont want to tell you thats okay to. Do you know if your friend had traumatic experiences? Maybe you and your friend can try to find out how the mental ilness is called. I dont know how this is called in your country but in austria it is named help phone. You call that number and psychologists will try to help your friend and give them some advice what helps your friend.

      2. Caramel Jellies

        @Marie ya but they said it’s not DID, they said it’s different versions of themselves from different universes...and they do have different’s just that they have never done this before.

      3. Marie

        First Im not an expert but you can say "Hello whats your name?" or "Are you okay?" Alters dont share a name with yout friend so they all have differnt names. Some will talk to you others wont. Just be respectful. I hope this helps

    98. KaneGaming7

      O thats so cool do u guys like vote who host it used to be chloe now it nin... How does that work

    99. Nicole Morgan

      I missed your guys videos so muchhhh!!!!

    100. Demu