Tokyo Tales: Bad Doctors (Simon and Martina Podcast Episode 18)


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    Real talk: we might not be as active online for the next few weeks.
    This right arm injury isn’t healing. My left arm is getting exhausted with the new work load and last night I inevitability dislocated my left shoulder and pinched a nerve. *silent internal angry screaming* 😑 My pain levels are skyrocketing, which means my body is always brimming with massive spikes of sudden adrenaline to cope, which is leading to panic attacks, inability to sleep, heart arrhythmia. I am feeling overall like a very crazy person. I’m exhausted and short tempered and sad. I miss my dad. I miss Spudgy so so much too.
    So we’ve pulled the emergency brakes. We’re going to be doing some self care, visiting our counsellor more frequently, same goes for physiotherapy. Since I can’t put my care into editing videos right now due to this injury, I’m going to put that time into taking care of myself.
    We’re hoping to do some livestreams and more podcasts/podvideo since it doesn’t require me using my hands. This might be a new format change for a bit, but lets hope we can make it work!
    I already know that you are all understanding :) Keep up with the #buildaladder posts; I’ll be watching them and finding encouragement.
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    1. Danielle Morcom

      Doctors are not a lot of help when it comes to eds x they are to busy telling people they have mental health issues they dont have or are just being dramatic or not believing them and saying they are making it up rather than testing for eds and even when people get to go to the eds clinic its still very hard to get them to diagnose them correctly 🤨 you also get miles of medical records that shows clearly its eds but thats all ignored and most people just stop going to the doctors because of the allegations and frustration of it all, so they just suffer in pain as thet get worse x iv heard so many people with eds going through this its really bad the doctors are dropping this and is malpractice x i have a very abusive ex who then ran around telling all of my doctors im a drug addict and got bipolar, these are all lies but it made getting diagnosed so much harder x we managed it in the end but god damn it was over 20 years of trying to get a diagnosis with false allegations i had to prove were false constantly, this is disgusting and not acceptable from our medical professionals x

    2. Masen S

      Pretty much every chronically ill person I’ve talked to has had the same experience! It’s so messed up. I hate seeing doctors because I’m anticipating doubt, complete apathy, and/or outright dismissal. Took 10 years for me to get diagnosed with my autoimmune disorder, and right before I was, a doctor said I was “too young” to have it 😂 Doctors need to listen to their patients. Trust what we’re experiencing. There is a tiny percentage of people who are hypochondriacs, but most people hate going to the doctor so they should know that when we do, it’s because we have to be there. Also- for a lot of us in the US seeing a doctor is expensive, so we have to put off going for a while. No one wants to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on medical bills “just because”

    3. Laura Winters

      Im watching again cause life. But I have hypothyroidism. I constantly feel like you are normal but just complain alot. Im on medication and yes it helps but it doesn't get rid of every symptom. So yes I feel crazy. Thankyou for being being open. One day family won't make me feel like I'm faking. Love you all.

    4. Szettina v

      I dislocated my wrist when I was wiping my ass

    5. Marie Lou

      My experience with doctors is this. In one country, when I was studying abroad, they almost killed me by performing an unnecessary operation on me, which then led to complications a year later and doctors in my country saved my life by performing a necessary operation. So mixed feelings there haha.

    6. Shekinah Egan

      Little late to this video but had to say...I felt those words Martina. I really felt that because you are so right. Doctors need to listen

    7. Alejandra Alvarez

      I know it's not the same, but I was getting poisoned by my copper IUD and my doctor didn't care. In fact he didnt even entertain the idea that it could be the IUD causing my health problems. Eventually I had to pay to have it taken off and I'm in the road to recovery. But I understand the frustration.

    8. lizzieborden41

      Hey I hope you guys are doing ok in this situation and take all the time you need!!! We will be waiting for you😊 I have had major depression since I was a teen and random pains in my body for years and recently have been getting chest pains that I'm worried about cause heart disease runs in my family and I was born 7 weeks prematurely so I believe there is probably something wrong with me but cause I'm young and skinny no one wants to take me seriously. 😔 I hope you guys aren't put off by my screen name😬😟 my nickname is liz and I'm kinda morbid so I just decided to use it and figured no one else would ever use it lol Love you guys!!!

    9. DAYBROK3

      i had a knee replacement 2 years in oct. since then i had tingling in my legs also bad muscle cramps. i just had nerve test, imagine having shocks on purpose. only to be told that it cant be my back and the only treatment is to lose weight, when i havent gained much weight, soo yes i do need to lose weight. but my back is in pain and my legs feel like raw meat. tomorrow i go to my dr. to be told to lose weight, i hope he has something else to add.

    10. Haimy Ly

      One thing they don't teach you in school is how to be a medical advocate. It's equally as important as how to do your finances. Doctors are just people that are more educated in guessing what's wrong with you.

    11. songhwaya

      Hello Simon and Martina, i don’t know if you’re ever gonna see this comment but firstly, I would like to apologize for the bad experiences you had with doctors. I’m a 2nd year medical student from Turkey. I am really thankful for the way you express how you feel as a person with EDS, it helped me to understand how hard it is for patients. I will try to do my best to become an understanding and kind doctor in the future. I hope that you’ll face good doctors in the future. Thank you for all these amazing videos 😊

    12. huggledemon32

      I live with multiple medical conditions (disabilities and chronic pain etc) and it frustrates me when doctors ignore MY experiences/expertise on my own conditions and body. I once went to a doctor and said "ok I have these symptoms and I think I have this infection for these reasons"..... he said no and gave me an anti nausea injection, said I just had a stomach bug..........24 hours later I'm in the emergency ward of the hospital with an epic session of antibiotics because....... YEP you guessed it- I had guessed right about what was wrong with my body!😡🙄

    13. Persephones Charm

      Omg so my mother passed away in march of this year (2019), but when she was still alive she was going to like 3 doctors and they were never communicating. My mother. Was on 4 different blood thinners, and there was a med that was basically low grade rat poison, it says it should only be used for 2 weeks and they had her on it for 8 years...

    14. Chris Fernandes

      Here on Brazil doctors don't even look at our faces, i've been made fun of at least 4 times cause i made "stupid questions". I understand it's a hard job, but people don't go to see a doctor just for fun to be treated like that

    15. gin weth

      I have carpoltunnel in my right hand since highschool, no one belived me and saiid i was just seeking attention. The only way i could do anything was left handed. Long story short, I use my computer at work and while gaming left handed, and write with my right. I did however have to give up drawing whiched I liked doing a lot. My hand has not been operated on and is prone to "reminding " me that it is still attatched exp if I decide to draw anything.

    16. Kimberly

      Every time Martina cries I cry 😭

    17. Manda Jayne MJI

      I started symptoms of Hashimoto’s in my late 20s and fought for two years thru “normal” tsh and oh just a little anemic. How about you go to a psychiatrist because you are beginning to sound like a hypochondriac. I told my dr do one test that’s NOT a blood test to prove I don’t have a thyroid issue. So for my 28th birthday I had an iodine uptake scan that showed my thyroid was swollen and I had two nodules. Then I got told well we will just do the wait and see approach because it’s not adversely effecting your life... (gained 90 pounds in a year, sleeping 14 hrs a day and still exhausted, voice changes and a choking feeling in my throat etc). I went through three doctors, numerous blood tests and thyroid ultrasounds over the next 11 years. Even moved from Iowa to Texas hoping to find someone who wanted to treat my disease not just the symptoms like high bp, anemia, edema of legs and feet etc. I finally found a PA who would take my insurance and she sent me to an endocrinologist. The endocrinologist confirmed by previous medical tests, family history, onset of symptoms and current symptoms that I have Hashimoto’s. Not only Hashimoto’s but seronegative Hashimoto’s which means my antibodies and other blood tests don’t indicate the severity of my disease. I have now had the diagnosis for over 4 years and I am learning more every day how to treat myself. Your ladder building thing (sorry brain fog can’t think of the word) really helps me, not just the bad days but the good days too.

    18. Rita /

      I also understand the hardships with doctors...some can be so detached and robotic. I changed my doctor three times and now I have a somehow more understanding doctor, but it took a long time..

    19. Audria Sullivan

      As someone who deals with severe migraines on regular bases, I totally understand where you are coming from. I have had the honor to be treated by some of the kindest and gentle Doctors in their field but I have also had to deal with some of the worse ones too. I tell people who are dealing with crappy and mean doctors to vote with their feet and soon they will be out of business.

    20. KO

      But doctors are soooo rooted in their knowledge and their books so I think that when they see something "unique" their brain go hey-wire and they can only say "that's not possible", and after that initial chock, they start to think again.

    21. Kera Logan

      I think Martina needs to get a touch screen so that way she try to edit gradually with her left hand. I know that reestablishing a dominant hand is pretty hard, I've been working on bringing my left hand dexterity and strength up for the past year. It has been a slow process but I can see a huge difference. And really it's just from doing small tasks that require detail. I started by doing my own nails at home, to save money and I've saved a lot this way. I have to do gels, dips, and acrylics because my nails are so weak and brittle I can't do just regular polish. I started with the smallest acrylic nail brush I could and just resolved to do my nails. The process can take hours because of my left hand but it's been worth it. I really think that with those baby steps, with Martina building her ladder, she won't have to compromise as much in her self expression. It isn't convenient but over time it is worth it. Martina can do it! Maybe it could be a video option, Martina's progress beating the shit out of EDS!

    22. Kera Logan

      Can we have Martina just fly around the world and give her heartfelt speeches to help empower those who live in chronic pain, and shit why not everybody because pain or not, we all need this. Especially with how hateful the world is getting.

    23. Kera Logan

      I often have the same issues with people that don't believe me when I talk about have a Chiari brain malformation and the effects it has on my body and the pain and sometimes it just gets so disheartening. Especially when doctors are like no you don't have this thing that I have absolutely no knowledge about and some people just flat out deny its existence at all, even though it's easy to see on the MRI of my brain. I have scoliosis as a result of the chiari and people tell me if I just lose weight it will go away, or have I tried acupuncture or some other therapy they have had success with with completely different "ailments". Like no, Brenda my brain will not suddenly get fixed because I went to your hot yoga class. In fact, I have a lot of restrictions of certain movements and manipulations I can do because they can make it worse. It helps when I see people in a similar situation that help to break that image people have of those who are actually suffering as being nothing more than drug and attention seekers.

    24. Charlotte G

      when Martina started getting emotional about teaching I felt it too - I would really like to hear more about this experience, it touched my heart although it was only a short anecdote!

    25. Sana Khan

      I am a med student and luckily the GP I was placed with for my 2nd year placement was amazing. He was one of the few people actually versed in EDS and had a patient with it. He made me go on home visits to see him because it was a rare condition not many poeple know about, and he wanted us to learn about it so we could one day grow up to be doctors who actually know these things, and not just see it in a textbook. Although different to Martina's type of EDS, when I saw the patient, I was actually able to understand a bit because I have been a Nasty for like 8 years. I'm glad some doctors are teaching students to learn these kinds of conditions in ways that we will remember and connect to them.

    26. Andromeda Gaming

      a huge reason why doctors dont admit to their mistakes sadly is due to the fear of law suits against them or the facility that they work at, but that is also the result of petty patients that want to sue medical professionals for every stupid little thing and because of this others such as simon and martina suffer the consequences. Stay strong you guys youre awesome role models for me and my fiance!

    27. B

      convi mukbang !

    28. Chubbyblueberry

      I think doctors should have classes that focus on listening to patient.

    29. Adrian Browning

      I may have mentioned this on one of your videos before but my friend has EDS. Back before she was officially diagnosed she used to always complain about pain. She went to the doctors constantly and nothing seemed to work and no doctor knew what was going on. I and some of my other friends were convinced she was a hypochondriac. We made fun of her behind her back and thought she had a mental illness. Eventually she was diagnosed with EDS and even then I was incredibly ignorant about the disease. It was only after watching your videos that I realized how wrong me and my friends were. I apologized to her but still feel bad about how I minimized her pain because it was not visible.Thank you for enlightening me and making me a better person when it comes to invisible illnesses.

    30. Emmanuelle Trépanier

      I'm a teacher and I'm always amazed how so much people don't know how to really listen. For me, it's the biggest part of my job but for the majority of my colleagues it's something that they have to use sometimes. I often feel like an outsider because of that. It's even more frustrating when I go to the doctor because they all seem to want to cure you without listening to you and explaining what's going on. I wish that you'll find the answer you're looking for. Take care 🌼

    31. dearydarling

      Is it too soon to say i love you guys? i've stalked you for a while now - i feel like i've put in the effort! this is all so new - i've never loved on youtubers before but you two transcend youtubers and are just dear, beautiful humans and i'm grateful for what you do

    32. John Ramirez

      Thank you for sharing. I fully agree that at times people will fall through the cracks in any medical system. I learned to be proactive with dealing with appointments and making sure I will get the best care possible. It was the worst for me while I was dealing with Medically induced lupus. My doctor and rheumatologist wanted to do treat this like it was full blown lupus and out of pure luck all the treatments were denied by my insurance and my second opinion rheumatologist was able to cancel all treatments and wean me off the medication for 6 months. Things took so long while dealing with this where I should have been more proactive and calling nagging or looking for alternatives. I did luck out finding this new Rheumatologist and I will always be grateful for the care he took of me and answering all my messages and advising if it was related to what he was treating me for or if I had to go in to get that checked. I was happy, I was doing so much better, but I had a nerve pain in my leg and hip since last October and I went to the doctor over and over and was just told to walk it off. The pain kept getting worse chiro, massages, and nothing else was helping. Eventually(fortunately) chiro broke my lower back l3 I remember the snap and the pain just shot up. 1 Urgent care, and 2 ER visits later in a week span I was finally hospitalized and got the MRI I needed. We found the broken L3 and some growth which turned to be cancer, but I didn't know cause they kicked me out earlier when they should have held onto me since the painkillers I was on were not enough. I went to the cancer center to get info and was turned away even from getting a explanation from the doctor that saw me in ER. Told me to come back in 5 WEEKS. This is when I started calling everyone I knew including the more influential doctors I was lucky to have met and work with. I got a recommendation for a doctor and got squeezed in last min. This doctor and her staff asked 2 1/2 hours of questions to get the whole story. Then within the time frame of my next appointment I had all the scans they needed at the moment and started getting a plan in place. Though that wasn't enough for this group of doctors

    33. Huyền Lê

      A week ago, I got my very first mental health examination, and living in a country where talking about depression is already a taboo, it was incredibly difficult to go to a hospital's psych ward, by myself (my parents don't even know about my condition). And after waiting a century, I got in a tiny room with 1 dying old doc, 2 young residences, 1 nurse to talk to all my emotions and anxiety, they were very understanding but I legit almost have a panic attack just being in there. In that high state of consiousness, I wasn't able to explain everything thoroughly, and all of them ask very leading questions, even guessing my answers, which makes it incredibly confusing for me. At the end, they gave me a notebook with a tiny diagnosis in abbreviation and a list of pills to take. I know public health care system is not ideal, but I expected more delicacy from people who care for suicidal people.

    34. Tori Collins

      Because of a genetic condition the left side of my body is paralyzed and I experience horrific pain daily. It took years to get a diagnosis because doctors don't care and just thought that I was drug seeking. Because of how long it took to find a doctor that cared I have permanent damage that, no matter what treatment I do or take, won't be healed or get better. I know how you feel Martina, it is really really hard to find a doctor that cares enough to work with you to find out what's wrong and what will help improve your quality of life.

    35. Jordianna Davis

      You guys are amazing. You have no clue how much your videos have been moving me forward.

    36. Viola Chu

      I got given me some cocodamol for my back and they said to take 1 but if its really bad take 2. One day it was really bad so I took 2 and boy was I high 😂 I was just like woooah I don't feel aaaanything, it was great 😂

    37. Hannah BumbleBee

      Hi! I recently started watching a KGupr named Aaron Ansuini who also has EDS and when he mentioned it I was so glad that I already knew what it was! He also experienced a lot of the same dismissal from doctors like you did and it's so disappointing that people with invisible disabilities have these struggles.

    38. FaithPixel

      As a child I struggled with an illness I didn't know what it was and always told myself i was just weak and everyone else is just better at dealing with it. When I finally went to the doctors about it because I was so sick they just made me believe those things even more. They just put me on antidepressants at 15 without even talking to me properly. Needless to say my illness was not an illness helped by those meds. It made my whole rest of school a misery that I often get PTSD from. Now I'm 26 and still have not got my life together. I can't have a job because of it and I can't receive any benifits to help me. I will slowly run out of money and I don't have any plans to save myself. I do not trust doctors at all and have hatred for the way they talk to me.

    39. Veronica Dominguez

      I’m watching this super late because reasons but one of my friends went her entire adolescence having HORRIBLE period cramps and doctors were just like 🤷🏽‍♀️ “they’re just period cramps you have to just deal with it or take pain killers” and turns out she had endometriosis and had to get surgery in her late twenties when a lovely gynecologist was like “that doesn’t sound good lemme check it out” BECAUSE SHE WAS A CARING DOCTOR

    40. Domilyons

      I actually really understand your frustration. I dont have anything like EDS but I do have some issues and whenever they get severe enough for me to visit a doctor or ER, I get a chest X-ray or EKG. I invariably am told they check out and they send me home but I'm till suffering. No one wants to dig deeper! I get light headed and dizzy and pains in my chest from time to time but especially when I do things that use my diaphragm (singing, shouting) It's like I'm trying to draw from air that's not there. I tell doctor's this and they just nod their head and send me home. So I definitely understand your frustration! It makes you feel crazy, stupid and attention seeking! Also, I love you duckies very much and will continue to watch you as long as you stay you. Even if you just go to the post office! And I understand the why the videos will have to change and anyone who would unsubscribe for THAT, doesn't deserve you! ;)

    41. BergletteMom

      Martina, I am so sorry about your father. I didn’t know; must have missed that news. I was young when my parents died and I really empathize with how sad and bad it is. Your physical pain may also be partly due to your emotional pain, and I am so very sorry about how much you are hurting. Thanks to Simon for always staying positive and loving you so much.

    42. Iniki Franklin

      You guys never, ever have to explain why a video will not come out. We're just grateful that you still allow us into your lives. Please rest. Literally, no worries.

    43. Hanan Burale

      OH MY GOOOOD YEEEEES!! Doctors have given me hell over my MS diagnosis for years because “nah, you’re too young”. I have been told that I am not telling the truth. I have heard it all. There have been very few medical professionals who have been there for me and supported me but was one hell of a journey.

    44. Nadpah Sagichnicht

      I always listen to your podcast on what I call "shit-fuck-days", when my body hurts too much to do anything else but lying down with closed eyes and you guys help me to partly ignore the pain. It makes those days a little less fucked up. Thank you so much. 💗

    45. TheGinnaWinna

      I heard about EDS from your channel and Chronically Jaqui RIP.

    46. MrsInAbox

      Martina, you can read open source books! Like Shakespeare or Alice in Wonderland :)

    47. MrsInAbox

      The story of you with drs and injuries resonates so much with me! I've had so many x-rays and MRIs and stuff that I'm honestly surprised I don't glow in the dark. It's so frustrating when drs dismiss the experiences you have with your own body, it's so frustrating. I'm lucky that I have a gp at the moment who says "but that's not possi...oh wait. Clearly it's not impossible because it happened to you" and I love her so much for it.

    48. EmmaVasNormandy

      I love the 🐑 out of you guys and if I could make up for any lost subscribers I would 😭. You guys are wonderful and I've been watching you for so many years. Sometimes stuff happens and you have to make some changes, and I think most of this community will totally understand that. Also, I would like to say that your honesty about your health has made me a better friend (I know a few people with chroniv illnesses) and a better worker. The videos you posted were my first time learning about EDS and it helped when I have had guests at my hotel with that condition.

    49. Colleen Lanigan

      My friend is going through the process of getting a diagnosis and as soon as one specialist puts a diagnosis down on paper all the other doctors refuse to listen to the symptoms to get an honest second opinion. Her GP has been great and keeps fighting for her and backs her up saying the specialists are wrong. It’s been a 5 year fight. Your story helps me to encourage her to keep going

    50. MiriamTV2

      Maybe it's already been said, but Japanese gargle every time they get home to cleanse bacteria from their throats, ugaisuru, at least that's what my roomies told me, and trust me, they gargled a lot. XD

    51. Cassandra Temple

      Before this I never considered all my "sprains" and "bruised bones" could be due to EDS. I was always the clumsy one in my family. I'd constantly fall down the stairs, trip over my own feet etc. But through several falls bad enough my mom brought me to a hospital I never actually broke anything. I was always sent away with advil and orders to rest. I learned to brush off those kinds of injuries as I got older.

    52. Riri8901

      You don't need to apologize, Martina! I or we understand :) All your video ideas sound awesome -I especially liked the convenience store ideas, but I will watch and like anything I can get from you guys 😊 ♥

    53. Jen Washi

      Get well soon 🍀😊 Your health and well-being matters most.

    54. Scully

      It took me five years in my teens to get diagnosed. It was the worst time in my life pain and symptomwise and I met a lot of private doctors who said, "Nothing's wrong, I don't see anything, next." How about referring me to someone else? To this day I have major anxiety going to any doctor because I'm afraid I can't trust them to do their job and I prepare myself so much that they _shouldn't_ miss what's wrong. *And that's not even my job.* Now I make sure I research a trusted private doctor if I have anything serious. Even for public doctors it's about 50/50 chance for them to listen to their patient. In school too many people are fixated on numbers or push a degree so they can call themselves doctor or make their family proud.

    55. Ashleysart Attack

      Omg. I just got to this podcast and that’s so true about doctors trying to make you feel like you’re crazy! I had a terrible foot injury where I couldn’t walk for over a year. But on the x Ray it didn’t look broken. So they were just puzzled. But it was the worse searing pain in my life trying to stand on my foot. And I would get mystery swelling that no one could figure out. I have 2 rare diseases and all kinds of weird stuff has happened to me where doctors say that isn’t possible. Like one time the skin right above my butt started bleeding. A lot. And my mom was like, that’s impossible. It must be coming from your actual butt cause your skin can’t just spontaneously bleed without a cut. It did! And it’s happened so many times since then all over my body. It’s part of my disease. There’s like subcutaneous bleeding happening that just pushes to the surface and breaks through my skin like a geyser. And I’ve had doctors tell my mom that I have mental issues and that I’m doing this to myself. Later I found out that they say that to a lot of people with my skin disease because they just don’t wanna deal with us making them look bad because they have no idea what they’re doing. There was also a medication I was given that always knocked me out and made me sleep within 15 minutes of taking it. They said that’s not one of the known side effects so we’re not even gonna write it down. Um what?? Why would you not tell other people that this is a possibility? Isn’t that irresponsible? Like what if they take this and go drive a car?

    56. Kirsten Paff

      I definitely understand your frustrations at doctors not being sympathetic towards their patients and being closed minded to new possibilities, but I also understand why doctors cannot be like TV doctors. Most obscure medical conditions are just too rare to be taught about in med school and unlike House, real doctors don't have the time to read up on medical conditions that they are statistically very unlikely to come across. General doctors, and in particular urgent care doctors, are not equipped to search for complex answers. They are just there to patch you up, or refer you to a specialist. Medical shows also often ignore the time and cost of prolonged medical diagnosis. Doctors could be trying to avoid expensive tests, because they don't want to burden their patients, and patients often avoid expensive tests, because they just see them as a money maker for doctors. The internet has made it easier to learn about uncommon medical conditions, but it has also made it easier for false information to be spread. Doctors today regularly have to deal with patients who self diagnose. This can be great, as patients might recognize symptoms that the doctor would not think to ask about, but it also can be incredibly frustrating, because it is a lot harder for a doctor to change a patient's opinion about their condition, than it is to just give them a diagnosis. People hate being wrong, and will often stick with their opinion even when faced with a mountain of evidence.

    57. Michael Micks

      Doctors suck. IMO, I can appreciate that the schooling takes a while for someone to be able to "practice medicine". End result is, they are all amateurs in customer support.

    58. Solarity

      I know I'm a little late to this video, but know that even if I don't have money to help by donating I promise to watch all of your videos from start to finish no matter what it's about. Hopefully my tiny view can help through youtube revenue. I love you both so much and I hope things can pick up soon!

    59. Emily Fly

      You guys are an inspiration, i just can't stop watching your videos. Much love!

    60. Kerika

      I started watching you guys for your awesome content (found you through Kpop Music Mondays FOREVER ago), and I discovered what absolutely lovely and inspiring people you are. So no matter what you guys do and what content you end up focusing on, I will be here watching and supporting you because I love you guys and you make my day whenever I get to see your videos!

    61. Jade

      Hugs to you Martina, you will get through this but it's def going to suck along the way! Yes I understand your frustration. Before I got a proper diagnosis for my spine issues, my family doctor (you know the one you are supposed to be able to go to for help??!!) said it was because I'm plus size my stomach was causing it! Just one of the many stupid comments I've heard while searching for answers. Tell us what we can do to help you cope? Maybe we can send cards or something? Please post your P.O Box if you have one.

    62. Jes The Red

      I'd love to see a series of Simon learning to do your makeup, like makeup artist lessons 😁 there's nothing wrong with the ebb and flow of your vids changing. As far as I'm concerned they just keep getting better. Even if "technically" they're not. They're more you. Also voice to text is a god send....

    63. alyssasweetypie

      Giiiiiiiiirrrrrrrl! Our cycles are not linked but our body weirdo things are. I don't have EDS (at least right now) but I do have a autoimmune disorder and at the moment I have gone from incredible back pain to a lung infection and then straight into what I thought was a fractured hand so I've had very similar issues to you. Hoping yours is on the mend, I'm hoping mine is on the mend. I'm hoping these next weeks of our lives are just filled with less pain and are you less of sublexus and for me less joint pain/ body pain. Be well 💙

    64. Danbi Park

      EDS III here - spent my whole childhood being diagnosed with “growing pains”. Always “growing pains”. Dehydrated and passing out? Growing pains. Clicky joints and can’t make it down the stairs? Growing pains. Hold a pencil oddly that scares others? GROWING !! PAINS !! 😂😂😂 We figured it out when I was 21/22.

    65. Spleen Mary

      Hi Martina, I've watched your vids for years 💗💗💗 Have u had any energy work or holistic healing done? I recognize you as an Empath/highly sensitive person, people like us often experience extreme physical symptoms due to what we absorb from other people and our environments. 💗💗💗 A holistic healer like a Reiki practitioner can help you a lot as well. You're a beautiful soul, I hope u are able to find someone who can help you. 💗💗💗💗 Blessings from Australia!

      1. Spleen Mary

        Obviously I am not discounting all the formal medical treatments available, just suggesting that the holistic approach can add a lot to your healing journey 💗💗💗💗💗

    66. muses28151

      You might not be able to read a book on air Martina, but maybe think about doing a podcast analysis on a book that you read recently or love. Perhaps use this downtime to start a bookclub with your viewers??

    67. Melissa Cicero

      I remember crying both in despair and joy when I was officially diagnosed with IBS-C after 2 years of MRIs, surgeries,and multiple doctors & specialists trying to figure out why I was always in pain and discomfort. Despair because I knew it was chronic and therefore had no cure; to this day I cannot remember what my body normally felt like, all I know is abdominal pain 24/7 and just dealing with it as best I can. But joy because I actually had an answer to what was wrong with me, somewhere we can start from and try to help at least alleviate some of my symptoms. A year later, I'm still testing different "cocktails" of medications to figure out which ones work for me, but I'm still pushing forward, and trying as hard as possible to not let the depression and the desire to simply sleep so I can ignore my pain get to me. Gotta keep building that latter. Much love and support from NJ, keep climbing one rung at a time. #buildaladder

    68. J T

      Martina and you Simon don't worry about loosing subscribers. Some will go but some will come... with new ideas and your stories you will always have fans and people that will sympathize with you and new ones finding your channel because of it. Your (Martina) story is something worth sharing and I believe that your message is loud and clear #buildaladder . You both moving to Japan have probably the same risk and some people unsubscribed but on the other hand you have gained those that are interested in your new adventures. I just want to tell you that your content is and will be fun, light, deep, interesting and an encouragement for others, with their own back stories, to reach and try to achieve theirs dreams/goals. I believe I can say it for myself and a lot of your fans that we love you and support you

    69. Rebecca Kearney

      It's also important to note that we watch your videos because we live ye and your personalities, and not the editing. Any video ye put up would be very enjoyable

    70. Aki

      This podcast came at just the right time because I also have a lot of problems with doctors. I recently admitted that I had bad anxiety so my GP prescribed me an SSRI, except she didn't tell me the side effects or give me the black box warning. Hoo boy, it was a bad surprise a few days later. I've never really trusted doctors because every doctor I've ever seen has treated me like a product on a conveyor belt. Come in- Inspect- prescribe- gtfo to the next patient. I hope there really are doctors out there that do care about their patients, though I understand why a lot of them don't become attached to their patients (getting attached is a surefire way of getting your heart broken) Thank you Martina for talking about these things, and Simon for encouraging these kinds of discussions.

    71. Sy 01mamabear

      Praying a lot for you Martina! (Meemers will be your medicine-pet with the snuggles, and Simon will be your cute nurse hubby!) I have friends who have similar rare chronic conditions, it hurts my heart listening to their tales of doctor office woes. Medical professionals really do need to be more open minded. There are many medical anomalies that are not well known, and shooting down the concerns and information of patients is hurting them more than helping. Never give up on finding a caring specialist for your medical needs! Take as much time off that you need! Lots of love from MI USA! Love you guys lots!

    72. silentgaurdian

      I've stuck around through all platform changes, not going anywhere anytime soon. Love you both so much and here every step of the way.

    73. Bada Blu 1155

      I hope more Doctor study eds

    74. xxmightyonexx

      Martina should/could instruct an editor to do what she would do?? SURROGATE HANDS

    75. Manta Alright

      I love that you’re open about your illness. I’ve got POTS/Dysautonomia, which is often co morbid with EDS, and it seems like more and more people know about these syndromes and hopefully soon it won’t take an average of 4 years to get a diagnosis. Thank you for speaking about the tough stuff.

    76. Hurtz Burtz

      Please do more on Tonkotsu ramen 😍

    77. bunny1988

      Proud of y’all for making the adjustments you need to be healthy and keep your priorities straight. You both set a great example of what doing life right looks like, and that’s way more important than video editing.

    78. stella

      I feel you Martina 💕 I know there's something wrong with my autoimmune system. I'm ana positive, I really photosensitive, everything hurts, I'm always tired, I get fevers for months, I get sick too easily, my skin doesn't heal very well, among other fun things. It got me 10 years to be recognised with just fibromyalgia. In the past year my lymph nodes keep getting swollen, especially those around my neck, so much that it hurt when I move my head or I swallow, the left side of my face goes numb and last month I was in such a bad state that my left ear closed up. I've been checked by my GP and my rheumatologist but nope, they both think I'm fine. (Not even counting the number of specialists I've seen and been rejected)

    79. Girl Anachronism

      I record audiobooks on my channel, but they are just classic fairy tales and books from the 1800s, and i've never had a copyright strike. I don't see why martina cant just read something like that to us in her own silly way. just don't put the book title or author in the Tags section and youtube wont care as much. Read to us, Martina! ♥

    80. rhiannon

      Martina, it beaks my heart to hear that you think you will lose subscribers cuz girl you may not know this but we are here for the long haul. We are here for you nasty humans. We love you unconditionally. We dont need quirky content all the time. We need to know that you are okay. So you do you girl! We will always be here supporting you! It's been so amazing growing with you guys for the last 6 years and I'm not going anywhere. ❤

    81. Brighid T

      I totally understand your frustration Martina. I am in the midst of a battle with doctors currently and have been for 15 years to figure out what's wrong with me and what I can do to live a full and healthy life. Doctors never believed me when I would dislocate my hip and could pop it back in and then finally 15 years of pain and what seemed like pain meds forced into my lap I find out I have congenital hip dysplasia and a pain condition (not yet diagnosed). I now have the mechanics of my hip fixed surgically but am trying to find a doctor that will help me with my other dislocations and subluxes. As a nurse this is super frustrating for me but I have to keep building my ladder even if it's one rung up and two down consistently. 💖🧡💙💜💚💛✊

    82. Pais523101

      I think if people don't love you when you're at your rambling best they don't understand the joys of this Channel and your personalities but also there are people who just like food I understand that. I understand the hurt of trying to use your non-dominant arm because it's hurting, I did something to my shoulder and it it's thrown me out of the loop for a year and now the symptoms are starting to go into my other shoulder so it's fun and I feel ya also talk-to-text is great I use it for Instagram has times cuz my horrible spelling gets in the way

    83. japangrl

      i know i'm late to this party but, dear god, yes please combini full course meals!

    84. Reiyuka

      Dude, Martina, can't you read some ancient copyright free book? Jane Austen or something? I'd love that!

    85. Lynn Bernheim

      Hey, just found out there is a device that will hold your hair dryer for you so you don’t have to lift and hold it. You probably already know about it. But thought it might help if you needed it. Hope you are having a good day! Love you guys!

    86. humblebumble

      I feel this so much. I've had dual depression and also pretty bad anxiety since I was little and in addition to that I have sciatica and tmj. Basically I have low levels of pain constantly mixed with bouts of extreme depression etc. The doctors told me it was just an attitude or all in my head (no shit. It's mental illness) and it was so discouraging that they didnt believe me. That being said I did find an amazing np that listened and helped me and now I'm much better. I wish they were all that good, it makes me value the good doctors even more.

    87. Adlee Twiehaus

      a lot of girls with autism are misdiagnosed with BPD. you CAN have both.. but it's written off a lot of BPD because women have different symptoms being on the spectrum them men do =(

    88. Adlee Twiehaus

      NEW DOG!

    89. Nicole Kuiken

      Please do a retelling of Howl’s Moving Castle, Martina!! It’s my favorite!! :D

    90. lara al

      I've been subscribed since music Mondays the BAP warrior video. Been there since then and i won't unsubscribe ever. You guys are awesome

    91. TheBhaiSaab

      I love your tenacity. You don't let anything keep you from your passions and I respect you for that. I've been a nasty for 6ish years and you both have been a huge inspiration for me to be open-minded and hard-working 💜💜💜💜💜 I pray for your health and happiness, Simon and Martina

    92. theskyispink

      Had to stop watching to comment... You know you've been in a MRI machine too many times when you can mimic the sound! I can mimic most of them. There's the one you did, the machine gun, the copy machine, the someone knocking on the door, the horse trotting and my fave...the Mario brothers jumping for coins

    93. kreativekali

      Totally understandable! Self care is very important. As a below-the-knee amputee, I can understand the frustration of being in pain and being laid up because of an injury. I'm excited to listen/watch more podcast videos and take care! :D

    94. Vortexa

      I don't see how you could ever lose subscribers. I know that a lot of us look at this channel's community as family in a way and we all genuinely care for both of you and your health. So just keep working on your self care and getting better and we are all still here waiting for your return!

    95. Lorena sanbau

      Take care, the doctor in real life are no cool. They need a big reason to treat you actually if you feel bad.

    96. skyeeeeful

      I love these podcasts! I listen to you guys when I am stuck at my desk doing mindless work. I have to be careful though because you guys make me laugh out loud a lot.

    97. Cat Greenfield

      Thank you for explaining what's going on with you, and with the channel. I think part of the reason some people peace out when channels stop producing frequent content, is just the "well, I guess they don't care about us anymore" mentality. Which is silly, obviously creators have lives that have to take precedence. But I think it helps fans/viewers to understand what's going on, instead of making assumptions and disappointment-quitting. So thank you for always being s open and honest and forthcoming. That sort of thing is not only such a massive aspect of y'all's charm (and a way that you help change the world!!!), but I think it will also keep viewers attached to your channel, because the personal connection remains, even if the content becomes more irregular. It is a loving sort of gesture on y'all's part, because you obviously don't owe anyone an explanation.

    98. Astrid

      Please do a makeup challenge video xD You are great! Thanks for letting us be a part of your lives!

    99. Megumi Cochran

      Wishing you swift healing

    100. Summer Dais

      I'm a former nurse with several rare conditions. I can no longer practice. Sometimes it IS zebras. Edit: I'll speak in "we." We'll be here.