Toosii - Mercedez (Audio)


31 миӊ. көрүүлөр1

    Music video by Toosii performing Mercedez (Audio). © 2020 South Coast Music Group

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    1. disband


    2. Richelle Walker

      When the sky red I fail in love but with purple wind I’m in love with a G named Nau’jour Forever ur Bonnie aka ur hitta 💕♾💍💥

    3. LilGemini LuvsNae

      Toosii the goat 🐐💯❤️ got all the albums

    4. WetRee


    5. Og Vlogs

    6. YNB 22

    7. Torian Irons

      Here after listening to the end of the love cycle video 😂😂😂

    8. MoneyyHeadd Eli

      you raw my boy. 🔥🔥 like my comment and tap in, fam!

    9. Ashley efua

      Who here from the love cycle music video ??

      1. Og Vlogs

      2. YNB 22

      3. ShadowGames OG

        Me too I think he finna make a mercedez video wit da same girl

      4. Raiona M.

        Me lol

    10. 2swift savvy

      his personality we want but at the same time aint tryna get played


      Ppl sleeping on him fr

    12. AndrewSAV 2K

      Damn this Is really slept On

    13. wizy