P25 Music Presents: Post Malone Virtual Concert Experience! #Pokemon25

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    Now they always say congratulations 🏆
    Check out the music and moments from our virtual concert experience with Post Malone! Spot your favorite Pokémon? Hear your favorite Post Malone song? Sound off in the comments below ⬇️
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    © Pokémon 2021

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    1. Bailey Marcue

      How does something this amazing come together.

    2. Nico

      I always try to imagine the people disliking such a video

    3. D Mann

      This looks like scenes from New Pokémon Snap

    4. Tamara Pair


    5. JOJO in the zone

      Plot twist: Katy perry and Post Malone are the protagonists of gen 9 “The symphony region”

    6. Junrey Dagaas

      Posty looking like the enemies final boss

    7. Peerada Saksiriwatekul


    8. Elias Rasmussen

      I love the detail with the pokémon clouds in the background.

    9. Gore_Jus

      Good to see Chairman Rose doing good after getting out of prison.

    10. Syed Wahab

      I guess this is one of those things that you never asked for but really glad is here

    11. Lara James


    12. K

      90 percent sure most of this is from New Pokemon Snap

    13. Melody Reeves

      I’m 61 love post❤️👏😊

    14. Caity Jay

      The undersea part is the stage from Snap

    15. 14960014 Chester Xavier Alvaro

      The what now

    16. jeroen oerlemans

      My favorite franchise and favorite artist together🙌🙌❤

    17. sasha manuel

      I love this was worth it!!!

    18. Ricky Lafluer

      Cringest shit ive seen all year, post malone needs to go rot in a hole and forgotten about

    19. Rashmi Borah

      Please return serena

    20. Laura Gonzalez

      Yay i love pokemon 😍 😄 💕 💖 💗 ♥

    21. Paul Frost

      my fav is kyoger

    22. Wulfix

      Post malone looks like a polished gta charactef

    23. AzizAhsisgirls

      pokemon Anime everytime girls sis and boys no one u happen now name AzizAhsisgirls me bad me okay happy your friendship pokemon Anime goodbye soom Ash no one friendship 😭😭😭😭

    24. arturo gonzalez

      If Dark Horse doesn't come up in Katy Parry's performance (with so many horse Pokemon available) i am gonna be mad

    25. Liam cluyts

      Man you are a living legend

    26. Natures Pipes

      I hope they put posty in the next pokemon game

    27. Raj Singh

      Please pokemon jerneys me greenninja wapis aajae

    28. Mary jansen Causing

      snorlax be sleepin’ in the background in 1:31

    29. PokeZido

      Im surprised by how good post malones music fits Pokemon, they did a good job on this, Pokemon Company knows their stuff

    30. Nimbasa180

      Is post Malone that pigeon toed irl?

    31. Paper Boy Ace

      Why can't we get a game with quality graphics like this tho in 2021

    32. arianny Ortiz polanco

      Me encanta post malone su Musica es increible

    33. Pokemon Nguyễn Minh Anh

      The amazing world of Pokemon.

    34. Emperios Zyrandios


    35. Karmen V

      Hello I am a big fan Hi

    36. azlan adnan


    37. Saintraft

      Take this drug addict trash off the Pokémon site. Would mean more if Jason Paige sang the Pokémon theme for the anniversary.

    38. A Girl

      People are giving hate for this for absolutely no reason. Didn’t you guys say you wanted more adult targeted content?!

    39. Pablo The Aggron

      I have best idea make a Pokémon episode with post

    40. Meme Villager

      Respect he has a pikachu shirt on

    41. Shivani Singh



      Por favor me dá um pokémon lendário ou um torterra meu Nick no Pokémon Go é Davilu02

    43. Sparkling Spark

      Pokémon = BEST ANIME IN THE WORLD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    44. Micah Francis


    45. oosthakker

      its just strange and not fitting to combine this bizare looking artist with pokemon. Would be much better if they just had the themesong playing and other music from the pokenon series/movies/games. I dont know if they are aware but a lot of people dont like to or just dont listen to post malone especially young kids dont and its better they dont.

    46. Ather Owizg

      . Mmmmmmm

    47. Ketan Vemula

      I like how jigglypuff is angry at the end

    48. Slapshott

      Umbreon Starvory And Amphoros Was My fav

    49. Espeon_Playz

      me being a big Pokémon fan is about to cry about how amzing this is and I’m in love! I can’t believe Pokémon had grown so darn much! Thank you Pokemon for 25 more years and byeond (also that umbreon head bop)

    50. BopisGamin

      Ayyoooo this is LIIIIIIT

    51. Ducklord8608

      I really don’t like this post Malone has nothing to do with Pokémon he’s not even thinking about Pokémon for goodness sake they had the perfectly fine bump of chicken song they made which would be an amazing 25th anniversary celebration compared to this They should’ve just gotten miku to sing I want to be the very best

    52. Diora Gomez

      Look I’m not a header but I don’t like his move but I like his songs

    53. Дарья Левина


    54. Peve

      It’s sad he didn’t sing the Pokémon opening

    55. Maya Quitain

      Ano ang lyrics?

    56. iXnullified

      I'm not a huge Pokémon person but I certainly grew up with it thanks to my sister and because of that I am happy to watch this.

    57. Elvis Zelaya

      Is there ganna be a other pokemon serie the people. That made pokemon should do ash goes back to xyz

    58. Light_ Dream

      Bro this was lit love the song choice aswell

    59. JacK JacK


    60. ElevenZ

      I’m not pokemon fan right now but when post malone did this it bring me back to childhood

    61. 01wyse

      That Intro into congratulations is one of the hardest intros I've ever seen. It goes perfectly with the rapidash stampeding in the background 👌 also fitting that they end it with that song. CONGRATULATIONS Pokemon for 25 years and many more to come!

    62. X_Keels 05


    63. Shane Swensson

      2:12 Torterra be like: What is happening and who is the person.

    64. alexis alex

      when pokemon and drugs are united...

    65. Nina VM

      Love the animation it’s so freakin creative totally into the grove

    66. Mary Wallace

      Normally I don't like Post Malone, I mean I listen to a few of his songs but his singing style and music style isn't really my cup of tea but this song is pretty good.

    67. wolf thunder

      Wow That so cool

    68. suziepunk1

      Who ever did this great work♥️

    69. 1bluefrog

      umbreon was doin a _vibe_

    70. Bamhomie M

      Hola... en una fiesta que tuve conocí a la chica de mis sueños por esta canción, había sentido algo por alguien en años solo me quedaba besarla, un miércoles fui a una pijamada y wow estaba ella era hermosa. El siguiente día en la tarde nos invitaron a una albercada y ahí otro tipo me la quito no es que diga que el amor apesta pero pues no siempre la suerte gana.

      1. Bamhomie M

        Hello ... at a party I had I met the girl of my dreams for this song, I had felt something for someone in years I only had to kiss her, one Wednesday I went to a sleepover and wow she was beautiful. The next day in the afternoon they invited us to a pool and there another guy took it from me. It's not that he says that love sucks but luck doesn't always win.

    71. Scorchieミュウ

      What is your fAVORITE POKEMON??!!

    72. savinit4her cory

      my Poliwrath is unlike any others, bulk up, ice punch, waterfall, and super power

    73. Just me here

      Hello Pokémon go, I need help with my Pokémon account. I have been trying to get in but I don’t know what email that is registered into it. My mom does not get an email and I am not getting an email so I don’t know what email it’s registers on. So I can’t reset my password. My username is CocoBeanes. Please contact me and help me I beg u guys!

    74. Yang Ryan

      Pokemon pokemon

    75. Amput Cherung

      Why any game can't be download in nepal pokempn xy pokemon unite all countries but not nepal why

    76. Pertac

      Can we have Post Malone as playable character in next Pokémon game? :y On another note though, that there is what I always dreamed of seeing a Pokémon VR game looking like.

    77. Emi Pemi


    78. drumchik25

      Yes ❤️😃🌆

    79. Derp World


    80. Emese Ertl


    81. Emese Ertl


    82. RayRuby

      no offense to post malone but i feel like there could've been a better singer to fit the epic 25th anniversary like we needed something epic not mellow post Malone is a good singer I just don't think it fit the occasion

      1. Henrie Bryce

        Yeah, his lyrics don't fit Pokemon at all. He is singing about sex while a series marketed towards kids has it's creatures around him. It's not a good look IMO lol

    83. David Jordan

      I'm very late posting this but, my birthday is February 27th 1996. I turned 25 the same day as Pokémon, words can't explain how awsome it was to watch this on my birthday and to celebrate my 25th with Pokémon.

    84. Pooty tang

      So you can mute and add another soundtrack... It still works.

    85. Matt Cieply

      This was amazing, wish for sunflower but it was a lot of fun


      8:18 CHARIZARD is a divinity

    87. Rik van Dalfsen

      When’s the next show?

    88. Christian Makouji

      Lugia felt his pain...😓

    89. fish

      not as good as the slowpoke song but ok

    90. Ich bin

      For everyone: 3:00 is the head bop part

    91. Jamie Loftis

      all the pokemon with him are so peacful he vibin i swear

    92. Bryan de Sá

      This is real great

    93. 코로나미스터리 저니

      이런 쇼는 참 잘하네 ㅆ1ㅂ 내 4세대

    94. Jasmine Eleno

      More artists should learn from this 😍 I love it !!!!

    95. OwnD1

      This man be one standard-deviation away from Tekashi 69

    96. Anshul Dhote

      Poké Malone

    97. Tiffany Aldrich

      We are all


      Will grey ninja comes back in galar region

    99. SynTaco

      Here because of TrashTaste

    100. eddieBatteryxMan

      In circles it doesn't sound like him