Horrifying Search and Rescue Stories | "Im a Search and Rescue Officer for the US Forest Service.."

Corpse Husband

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    This video will have you terrified, laughing, crying, and everything in between. I'm sorry i've been gone, I'm not dead. I've just been working on this video for hours every single day.
    The stories in this video just get more intense as you listen. It has everything from paranormal encounters in the woods, to black eyed children and people with no face.
    Not to mention the stairs in the forest.. but you'll learn about those.
    I hope you enjoy the video, I worked really hard so if you're reading this please leave a "like" and I appreciate you watching / reading this.
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    “Black Eyed Old Man”, is a derivative of the original work by Jackie, used under CC BY 2.0
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    1. Carol Rocky

      Don't touch them don't look at them, Don't interact with them, the same with...sprits, demons, ghosts or ghouls, perhaps they are the same type of....

    2. Positivity Wealth

      One of the best forest compilations of creepy stories I've ever heard.

    3. Shandra Lamb

      Really enjoy your stories but can't continue to listen to someone who keeps saying gd.

    4. Fun & easy English Miss Holly

      I love hiking ....but the day I see stairs ....I'm gone!!!!🥺🥺🥺🥺

    5. TeeroonePlayz YT

      i feel really bad for the mother of 3 children and lost her 5yr old and the infant that was 15 months old, breaks my heart

    6. Spivorily

      the backflipping one sounded CREEPY as fuck, reminds me of some mythical creatures/folklore. honestly not sure where i'd have heard or seen anything like that before but reminds me as a visual artist (who loves monsters) that there are some creatures that move around not by walking. sounds like a really cursed type of cryptid

    7. string_ch3ese

      It’s pitch black in my room at 1 in the morning and I’m listening to this, safe to say I’m scared shitless rn

      1. Septemberwolf5 games


    8. Insomniac

      Has anyone else made a connection between the guy who climbed the stairs and has his hand severed while reaching towards a tree, and then they later found a perfectly severed hand inside a tree?? There might not actually be a connection, but I thought it was interesting

    9. Spivorily

      >they went ass over tea kettle instantly realize this guy is from minnesota (or some state close to Canada) LMAOOOO

    10. Lily lizzy


    11. Miranda Buck

      Now for some reason I wanna see the stairs, is that bad or me being weird or maybe interested??

    12. Ted Knight

      Guess I won't subscribe due to the plethora of foul language.

    13. Ted Knight

      Why not take some pictures of the stairs?

    14. jimbobimboslice

      1:23:50 Bro, that picture. Damn son...

    15. -Aиυвıš-

      Ik I've left like four comments on this video since 2016 and listened to it a million and one times... But I've never really *watched* it and the face at 1:25:30 jfc Corpse, a WARNING.

    16. Omnious Stream 67

      Never trust stairs, they are always up to something.

    17. Tesha da furry

      "Old period blood" Gee thanks for that visual I already don't like the smell of period blood lmao

    18. Elizabeth Manley

      Any one here in 2021 like me

    19. XxShadow BxnnyxX

      What I learned from this⬇️ If I ever kidnap a kid take there shoes Don’t go up random stairs If you hear a meow run Never drop my brother again Never go in the woods alone or at night

    20. XxShadow BxnnyxX

      Honestly if I saw stairs in the middle of the woods I just start yelling saying “WHO THE HELL WOULD PUT A PERFECTLY GOOD STAIRCASE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE GOD DAMN WOODS”

    21. Momo Castro

      Untold Stories of rescue officers behind the scene

    22. Satveer Dhillon

      I witnessed stairs as well !!!

      1. Satveer Dhillon

        Yes , why would I lie.

      2. Gon Freecss

        Yo what? for real?

    23. Floating Duck

      Omg wait- I’ve listened to Corpse before he went viral...wowza. nice to be back ig

    24. Mary Keating


    25. Charm Smith

      Is this even Corpse?

    26. afk4dyz

      Anymore of these stories?

    27. Zeapsin

      I want this corpse husband back

    28. Luke Snow 3

      I reckon Corpse searches "demonic shit" for his pictures to go with the audio

    29. Markus Lemerise

      i dont like that most of these happen in a forest, i live in one lol

      1. Gon Freecss

        I feel you bro.

    30. 0.Xradio.girlX.0

      (This is if you can’t be bothered to watch the in tired video!!) -Fun fact about the stairs- They can come in ANY shape and size but the higher you climb them the more I’ll you will get and you might even die if you go to the top ^^

    31. 0.Xradio.girlX.0

      I feel like they’s are more sad then scary stories:,)

    32. Casey Bee

      This has to be one of my favorite videos you have. Honestly, I want to hear more of this. Like the ranger said he'll be back. 👀

    33. Thomas Billey

      I've been listening to these for so long-

    34. Q Mechanical

      "Guys lets go camping!" HELL NO "Why not?" A Faceless man, anomalous stairs, wendigos, goatmen, expoding people, people in trees,little children, fuzzy men.

    35. Amy Connally Streeter


    36. Elizabeth Manley

      The stairs where the person said "mama won't see me no more" made me start crying so I went to the comments to see 8f anyone else felt the same and the first ones were all happy and I was like " HOW ARE YOU NOT SAD HAVE YOU NOT MADE IT THAT PART YET"

    37. Shannon Hunt

      The author should get in touch with the author of the missing 411 series. They would make an awesome series

    38. Zver Životinja

      It's normal?! What the fuck is normal about a new staircase in the middle of the forest?

    39. serter4654

      Animals humans anything they try to Lure you with human voices screams anything they can change shape form or anything they need to hunt

    40. serter4654

      The smooth skin they can change form

    41. serter4654

      Their called skin walkers

    42. Debbie Edenburn

      Love the stories being told. Feel bad for those people

    43. Nieve Foster

      He is faking his deep voice

      1. Roundhouse

        @Nieve Foster he also has a deep voice just due to genetics, but his gerd probably affects it (it's hard to tell how much though)

      2. Godzilla Master

        @Nihachu Stan it’s super sucky. It’s like stomach acid and sh!t constantly ends up in his throat. It burns his vocal chords.

      3. Nieve Foster

        @Nihachu Stan oh thanks

      4. Nihachu Stan

        Actually, he isn't. He has a condition where his voice gets deeper over time. I dont know much about this disease but it does exist.

    44. Roosa F


    45. The blood of Achilles

      I am sad this video ended.

    46. Ashley T

      And now I never wanna hike again.

    47. roadkill gaming

      My friend: so what are you afraid of in the forests? Me: the stairs My friend: what? Me: the staaaiiirsss!

    48. Danielle K

      Well.. here goes my first root canal.. -_- at least I get to listen to this the whole time.. love your videos ❤️

    49. Druid Playz

      99% of these are S.C.P.'s

      1. Roundhouse

        which ones? (i'd like to read them)

    50. stinkend

      pov: lung cancer is cured

    51. Man Man

      n o t h a n k s

    52. Lori McDaniel

      What's with the weird image?

      1. Roundhouse

        they add to the atmosphere of the stories

    53. Beskar Gaming

      These stories remind me of the confessions of a deep sea diver

    54. d y n a h

      why tf crops hubsand sound like dat

      1. out of order

        I think it's cuz he was 19 at the time, and cuz he has GERD

    55. s

      I feel like there's really good potential to some of these stories and the idea is great but why do they always have to go koo koo paranormal government conspiracy after a while?

    56. Maria Luisa

      are these from Reddit?

    57. Erin Mack

      Sounds like Skinwalkers are in your neck of the woods.

    58. wayne hale

      I seen some stairs in the Forest of Dean uk I took lots of pictures but when I went to show the pictures I looked like a liar because it was just the woods with empty spaces where stairs was I know I had right angle because the stairs to nowhere had a big tree in front of it but just tree no steps fucked up didn’t look like these ones tho looked real old and big stone steps.and yeh went back but they gone.probably some art thing but can’t explain the pictures

    59. Karen Haynes


    60. Aeshel Perkins

      I cried when you told the downsyndrome boy that really got to me I love these stories

    61. Jay Riddare

      Just can't recognize Corpse Husband and CreepMcPasta, what's the difference?

    62. TheRealCrystalRose

      Wish corpse husband would do scary stories again. He’s become a bit of a sell out with the whole gaming thing. Whatever that game is called

      1. Derek Barton


    63. TheRealCrystalRose

      That first photo: too much ADAM, aye mate? If you know then you know 😆

    64. Joya Free

      Are these stories real?

    65. Sammy Lawrence

      #23 gave me chills.

    66. Azeirrayh

      Only good part of corpse

    67. Steven Cowie

      Stills from Xtro and Sapphire & Steel certainly (pics).

    68. menelmacar3

      #22 that story is consistent with the account of a man who was shot by a .22 that at first pass the coroner missed the entry wound because it was so small. The .22 bullet bounced around in his body.

    69. king mony

      listening to this while playing firewatch lol

    70. SprinkTheCat

      This is making me want to be a search and rescue officer but at the same time terrified of the woods ;-;

    71. jLyf

      MY REAL STORY about those stairs... i shit you not i came across one on a hike but it wasn't a staircase you find in your home. it was a normal hiking outdoor set of wooden stairs but it lead to nowhere... Me and mates were hiking and we were about 5-6hrs deep into a mountain range and decided to do an extended loop track rather than go up and down like most people. after passing an old abandoned mine, we came to a cross-road and there were no signs on where to go and all we had a was pre-downloaded google map picture and a compass on our phones... We saw on the map there was a lake nearby so we decided to go check it out. when we got there, we found no lake but there was a fenced off entrance to the mines that almost looked like a water dam ... on the other side of the path there was a wooden stair case descending into the bushes that was almost camouflaged by overgrown trees. we went down thinking it was a path but when we got to the bottom there was nothing. the ground was unsteady and there were holes everywhere. so one wrong step and you might lost a foot or twist an ankle. we got past the bushes which had sharp leaves. i've still got cut marks from them on my leg and arms. on the otherside there was nothing. just more trees and forests. no trails what so ever. The creepy thing was i spotted what looked like a sleeping bag or mat that homeless people carry around. i also noticed alcohol glass bottles in the dirt.... now mind you we had hiked up 1km altitude and over 10km or rugged bushland/forest to a place with no signal in the middle of a mountain range that has no campsite and we had only seem maybe 5 people on our way in the past 2 hours of walking

    72. kristen juskowiak

      Listening to all his vids again because no others compare

    73. Icy-Storm _

      I really only like corpses older vids his new vids I really don't like

    74. Hia Hia


    75. no, this is patrick

      Listening to this while doing a project, got the soul scared out of me when I saw a face

    76. Joe W.

      Foul mouthed

    77. demonangel daedric-dazai's wife

      corpse: who would be in the fucking woods meowing me: laughing so hard cause of the way he fucking said it and that my mom was so fucking near

    78. violenthoney

      am I the only person who would want to walk up the stairs lmao

    79. Not Playing God Hand

      The best part is that the backflipping guy could've just been a normal person.

    80. Alien Slayer

      1:43:46 he probably died by someone hitting his head on a rock and then removing the rock

    81. Alien Slayer

      What the hell is with the stair stores !!?

    82. Alien Slayer

      Fired for going up some stairs !?🤣 I’d go up the stairs and take a leak

    83. Kugelpanzer Studios

      Dang, his voice is REALLY different!

    84. Kai makoro

      Wait so is corpse reading this? Cause the voice sounds off

      1. out of order

        This video is from 5 years ago when he was 19, I think that's one of the reasons

    85. Insert Uncreative Name Here


    86. Mugi B

      no but how does that dude know how "old period-bood" smells....(。_。)

    87. Aqxone

      WHY IS THERE FREAKING STAIRS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FOREST. The guy that told the story about the dude doing all the backflips is hilarious

      1. That one anime fan

        its called the "stair case to/of heaven" when you climb them, one person goes missing never to be found. it could be you, or someone else who is taken away for eternity. of course, other scary and dangerous stuff happens that can kill or seriously injure you.

    88. Edgaras Jauga

      These stories make it seem like dogs are useless

    89. berdeleona

      45:30 perate. We dont have kneecaps until we are 4 right?

    90. Prohfecy

      Corpse actually a rescue officer?

    91. Nolwenn Kalico

      Oh my god , I love everything here , the voice of the narrator , the stories I'm in love

    92. Nerdperior

      That bear man story is terrifying

    93. Yezenia Martinez

      This is litterally the 3rd time im listening to this video. I love this one. I miss Corpse reading these

    94. cmm3699

      Not as dangerous as any of these stories, aka no search and rescue involved, but I remember when I was little I would constantly get lost. I would look away from my parents and then look back and follow the closest tall person near me thinking it was my parents. The worst was when I followed some other family all the way from the haunted mansion at Disneyland to Tom sawyers island. Rode the ferry there with them and everything. I didn’t realize I was lost until I called for my mom to look at me while I was climbing some rocks and she wasn’t there. Thankfully my mom had already gone to the help center, so once I started freaking out a cast member noticed me and knew I was the missing child that they were looking for. I didn’t lose sight of my parents as often after that. I was only like 5 or so when this happened.

    95. Old Male Yu

      What if... those stairs in the forests are dopplegangers of stairs in our houses. The reason that nobody is allowed to climb on them is because its causing terror for houseowners. Imagine hearing footsteps on the staircase at night when u and ur family should be all a asleep. Damn search and rescue dudes not following instructions.

      1. Alien Slayer

        Wow, interesting

    96. W Lee

      How is none of these comments about slenderman????

      1. W Lee

        @Quiet Bear its in the fucking woods Where slenderman lives

      2. Quiet Bear

        bc the story isnt about slender man

    97. Elastic Opossum

      POV: You're hiding in the comments

    98. Rebecca 'Spooky' Duran

      I watch this video when it was first uploaded and I remember liking it. Like I actually assaulted the like button.. now here KGup is recommending it to me all these years later later which is fine figured I'd come back to it hell why not there's nothing else on KGup that I care to look at right now and I noticed it took my like away. It unassaulted my like. And I've noticed that on a few videos that I've watched and liked. Now why the hell is youtube doing that? Don't much make any sense now does it.

    99. LookASnack

      I was watching this for a while before I even realized this was Corpse. Lol

    100. Jay Klaxton

      So no pictures of these stairs?