I'm a Mobile Game


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    It's a great Christmas Present that you don't have to pay for!! :)
    Download the game here 🡆🡆🡆 theodd1sout.com/play 🡄🡄🡄
    Backgrounds done by
    Amelia (Galloway) 🡆 galloame
    Edummerart 🡆 edummerart
    Ronbairdart 🡆 ronbairdart
    Kintheartist 🡆 kintheartist

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      0:37 I really like the fact you put the bird from Stromae song, it's such a good example of what social medias can do to your health. Thank's James! :)

    2. Withered Bonnie

      Let’s go this vid got on 6 on trending

    3. AbuHadid Bros


    4. Crrisstobal

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    5. Jake but Not from statefarm

      Twitter is gonna mass 1 - star his game


      James : make a game of himself Me:really want to play it on ^ω^ My phone : sorry this is not for your device. :-\ Me: (°Д°) what the

    7. Brandon Romero

      Have a merry thanksgiving ;)

    8. Chosen Seb

      This game is literally all adds when it asks me if I want more coins from a add I say no but then a add pops up either way and a lot more

    9. im bored

      Hell yea

    10. abdullah alhasan

      I can not wait until Ihe makes anime too

    11. Kara Whitlow



      Mobile games are truly a waste of time...

    13. Thomas Ledet

      Oml. I just watched "My neighbor Totoro". Great reference!

    14. Kolokesa Pohahau

      Who else checked if the ad was actually there at 0:30 🤣🤣

    15. Luis Melgarejo

      #5 on trending

    16. Rona Santos

      I doanload the apppp!!!!!!!!!

    17. GriffenFuzion

      What about Brawl Stars? It has no ads?

    18. Adela Martinez

      It’s over odd ones out I have the more more mobile games you underestimate my power

    19. Leslie Beltran

      0:26 I was in my computer then the "ad" popped on and I thought it was real

    20. Psycho_ Dragon

      Yo James I found some random guy saying that Your leaving KGup and maybe you can explain To fans that the video was fake. Their channel is Called Haldyn. And please make sure that the person Will stop their lies

    21. Adela Martinez

      At the end when he said have a merry Christmas me is he not going to be making a video for that long. 😿😿😿

    22. Cyberglitch

      Man I can believe you got canceled because of a simple joke. That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard. I don't really watch your videos a lot but even I know you didn't do anything wrong! The dumb people we have to deal with. Am I right or am I wrong? Hint: It's TOTALLY the second one./s

      1. Cyberglitch

        Lmaoo screw /s

    23. Black1Bank

      Came here after he got "cancelled" for som reason, idk what he said

    24. Kelsey Ferreira

      hey weird question but why do you never really talk about your dad is videos

    25. OKC

      Wow we wait a month we got this O_O -_- O_O you blink and the videos over

    26. Super Lemmy Bros

      I love that game

    27. Peter Samuka Jr.


    28. AboFlah


    29. juanduran soda


    30. Coop 7277

      I’ve have been waiting months for a AD FOR A MOBILE GAME.... hey it looks fun

    31. Adam Hassid

      you know what? i f***ing love mobile games and I am tired of saying lying!

    32. Markica Rus

      Man your game is adictick

    33. Brando. Com

      Hey James I downloaded your game and I don’t like it..... I LOVE IT ITS SO SIMPLE YET SO ADDICTING IF YOU HAVE’T DOWNLOADED IT YET YOU NEED TO BOW


      no one: James: epicdemic

    35. Ak Haikal Syahmi Pg Hj Hassan

      I love this game

    36. HolaHola uf

      waited for months i get this this is my best christmas present

    37. Yolo87 HR

      James: makes a video about how mobile games are complete scams Also James: makes a mobile game

    38. Skullkandy 13

      The people who disliked this video dunno what their missing

    39. ME 262


    40. cat cat

      You suck for making this game it's a reskin of i anther game i played it all I'm saying is i expected more then that I feel like you would have done better

    41. andi 1234

      I saw your dog in the sky


      Is this your video for the month


      Mobile gaming very interesting places.And i play in it. (Im in subway james)you?

    44. Xiolem

      When James runs out of ideas for videos this is what he posts

    45. saksham kumar

      Of course I will download this game. This game will be on trending.

    46. Studio Fiftysix

      This game is boaring

    47. cebroi


    48. notaprogamer 27

      james: *makes an ignorant mistake and actually pays attention and apologizes (unlike most youtubers)* everyone on social media: yeah, hes terrible also, I thought he got cancelled?

      1. notaprogamer 27

        some people place a /s or /gen next to their post so autistic people know how to react. not knowing that it was for people with disabilities, James thought "wtf" and made a post making fun of it. people blew him up on how disrespectful he was and he quickly realized the damage he had done.

      2. ravi Singh

        What did he do??

    49. حمودي اسماعيل


    50. Ramon Maldonado-Diaz

      Noo James you where the chosen one! Why did you go to the dark side with darth Vader and those guys

    51. Bubba Beans

      This video sucked wow but I respect it

    52. What?

      He's so full of himself

      1. Nevan Geraldo Guo

        Dafuq? He's just saying he's in a game!

    53. EriEdits

      He’s alive

    54. XXX 999 RIP

      Really I love you as a creator but dude your upload schedule is if not dead dying

    55. Ahnaf Abrar

      you should have made this under 60 sec and put #shorts cuz it will show up in KGup shorts and you can get more views and more people will download this game

    56. Sadia Abbasi

      Your game is kinda boring no hate I played it for a few hours and it's not that exciting

    57. حمودي اسماعيل


    58. nisha bantho

      I saw I know

    59. Jennifer Mactzul


    60. SuperHankinsBros

      DaftPina can hold this against you, so here's a hippo for your hypocrisy, ya hippocrite. Still a fan tho.

    61. BLX_n00b

      your mobile game is really fun to play but there are way to many ads sometimes the game will ask if I wanna watch an ad to get som free donuts when I say no the game gives me an ad anyway so less ads please but except for that the game is really fun

    62. Characal LacarahC

      hey james i download your game and well my phone is not good and i dont know what happen so can you make a gameplay walk through or something ;)

    63. Andres bustamante


    64. Mirwaiz IB

      Why is this on trending?

    65. Z L

      Happy Thanksgiving. I can't really say I'm your fan, but I've watched a couple of your videos, and it was interesting.

    66. R-Mix Music - Bass Boosted

      “Only one person who likes this will one day be a billionaire” “Good Luck” 🍀

      1. notaprogamer 27

        @Mostafa Abbara Haha! now it's 16.5!

      2. Mostafa Abbara

        @Jack Oberg now it's 33

      3. Jack Oberg

        so i guess i have a 50% chance at becoming a billionare?????????

    67. Trilochan velmurugan

      Hey JAMES how's your gf

    68. Crypto RevolutiON

      ♛ 𝔽 ℝ 𝔼 𝔼 𝔹 𝕀 𝕋 ℂ 𝕆 𝕀 ℕ 𝕄 𝕀 ℕ 𝕀 ℕ 𝔾 ! ! ! ➠ cb.run/pSCs ♛

    69. Casa Dome

      The man with a million dollar can’t make... sorry I’m running out of word

    70. Brandon Tobak

      Ah yes, the coveted mobile games

    71. Harmzy

      U know this video when you said mobile games are legal and should be illegal u JUST made one lol

    72. Phantom Esports

      Wow I was excited for another vid until it’s 1 mini yet

    73. Wesdabest123


    74. Mats Soma

      Ok 1 Day has passer time to give myself alot of cash

    75. Julio Hernandez

      There are actually good mobile he's such as cod mobile

    76. Alvin Zero land

      ;-; ur mean to me ;----------;

    77. hejhejhejhejhejhejhejhejhejhejhejhej XCGH

      kgup.info/get/n5qqcm3AemSsoIc/video I thought that was a real ad (at the bottom)

    78. MyloPlayz

      It’s a good game

    79. Addison Hunt

      This is an awesome game

    80. JH on mobile

      That was it

    81. Lovely T_Russ


    82. Max YT

      My phone cant handle it

    83. cute_Scarr Games


    84. Obviousenzo

      Wow this is weird James plays candy crush

    85. chara

      For some *odd* reason I keep comparing James and Henry stickmin.

    86. Brain Child

      his game is littterly the same as this www.google.com/doodles/celebrating-garden-gnomes

    87. Baron Mitchell

      your a furry

    88. Ashamed Boi

      Nice totoro reference

    89. Ameer Hassan

      Bruh this is the upload after a million years

    90. Pc Gaming

      James: Most mobile games are free, but their not free.

    91. MinecraftGamer

      I play mobile games because I have nothing better to do lol

    92. Kirbo

      Seriously a bouncing game? Wow

    93. Briana Gal

      Why does the app play an ad after every single level?

    94. Bruhman

      Oh yea I saw that and it was weird

    95. Vic Rios

      Game good

    96. Vic Rios

      Your game is weird and I like it

    97. I’m Bored

      Awesome self promotion skit James 👍

    98. Lionell Diaz

      It doesn't show up :l

    99. A V

      So you mean to tell me this game is mid

    100. Aaryan Naveen

      that was Ummm that was short