Are These Products Worth It? (Test)

Good Mythical Morning

1,9 млн көрүүлөр243

    Today, we're seeing if these new cleaning gadgets are better or worse than their older counterparts. GMM #1868
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    1. Chelsea Martin

      They need to re do the "my hair goes up-my hair goes down" song. Cause links hair goes up now and Retts hair goes down.

    2. Tedy Testosterone

      How are you gonna use the salmon paper towel on your hands and the soap after smh I wanted to see the results for this 🤦‍♂️

    3. Demolitiadave

      6.23 ??

    4. Kristen Morgenstern

      The doggy poop pad with it rolling up imagine the smell after a while

    5. Harvey Ashworth

      Rhett's hoodie looks like it is moldy

    6. Hannah Mooring

      That soap is amazing for crawfish season bro

    7. James Grimes

      6:06 I used the salmon to catch the salmon.

    8. Kai Lester

      Btw stainless steel soup is best for like onion smell because water and the onion reaction makes it more smelly so steel soup was made to neutralise the onion smell

    9. Dalton Mannis

      Memory’s of the summer of 84 😂😂

    10. HamburgerGuy


    11. DaaBeast

      Links smile is absolutely amazing 0:57

    12. austin853

      i didn't think stevie was going to be so pretty, this is my first time seeing her. lovely hair :)

    13. ZuIrics RBLX

      I saw the angry mama thing on TV it actually makes more sense than the weird steel magic soap bar.

    14. ken kapple

      “She’s smelling things I’m gonna our something up there”

    15. Nathan Reddy

      lady behind the camera cute tho

    16. Lumender

      He did it guys he said smellathat

    17. Serafina

      You are supposed to wash your hands with normal soap first, which removes any gunk, grease, oils etc. from your hands. THEN you wash them with iron soap, which removes only the leftover smell.

    18. BriLexis

      Stevie is so cute

    19. Robb W Cochran

      Here Stevie... does this smell like Fish?? Lol. Reminds me of Highschool...

    20. Robb W Cochran

      Haha the Summer of 84 lol, I got it... haha, subtle

    21. Robb W Cochran

      Woke IS gross ... StankMetal dont work bruh

    22. Charlie No-Face

      stevie: “i’m not going to get into that.” me: 😉

    23. Victoria Bridgewater

      5:30 Link bullying Rhett

    24. Ashley Leavitt

      The silver thing is for onions

    25. Trevor Odell

      That’s Stevie?!?!?! 👰🏼‍♀️

    26. Bridget Darby

      This thing stinks BUT ONE 😂

    27. candidesque Americans not have a plastic cover for food in microwaves? What is this nonsense about paper towels?

    28. Aleksys Garcia

      Just get a microwave cover then you don’t gotta worry about your ‘drape game’ as he calls it 👌😂

    29. Carolina Tijerina

      Angry Mama has a sister called Cold Mama.

    30. max green

      Warning: do not watch while eating...

    31. Kirstondo

      Rhett has the most amazing hair I’ve ever seen.

    32. Bri Salinas

      Everyone's arguing about soap in the comments and I'm over here just simping for Stevie. Girl crush 😅

    33. AboveAverageCat44

      Metal soap

    34. deathlightdb

      Definitely agree with Link about microwaves! Just cover yo plate!

    35. Leviathan Lamothe

      Yeah man, just put a paper towel on there. It's not that hard.

    36. circuswannabe

      I made marshmallow gloves when I was a kid. Was a mess.

    37. Sarah Eanes

      Stevie is from Greensboro?? 336 gang

    38. BrassBoy1120

      Stevie is beautiful! Am I the only one who thinks so?

    39. Anthony Bazua

      Stevie's gorgeous 😍🥵

    40. ImAlwaysLast

      I agree with link, I'm a paper towel draper when I microwave things to prevent stuff like that from happening.

    41. Lumiens

      You can just use a bowl with water/vinegar and lemon then boil the water for a couple of minutes. We don't even use the lemon.

    42. Joseph Neider

      "I didnt know you were still eating salmon"

    43. HARRIET Messie

      Okay but I love rhetts hair

    44. DaRkMirRoR265

      Anyone else low key in love with Stevie?

    45. Diego DeSano

      I’ve always wondered how Stevie looked

    46. Joseph Simunek

      I got dr squatch soap and it's the best soap I've ever used

    47. Victuuri Screech

      Each time I see him, Rhett looks more like a Sasquatch

    48. YT. SMUK99

      What has happened to Rhett I haven’t tuned in since 2014

    49. Rachel G

      I put a mug of water with vinegar in my microwave for 4 min. Then let it sit for 1 min and then I wipe it down from top to bottom. Then just throw the glass in the dishwasher.

    50. KadenK0010

      The steel soap is not soap it disenfects

    51. Taimuburēkā

      Stevie is mega adorable lol

    52. Jackson Simonsen

      My German shepherd packs some massive poops

    53. Sivan Sharma

      This channel is so uneducational. I'm sure lots of people get mislead by these guys..

    54. Steele S

      the soap works but it’s better to run in the sink for a minute

    55. Chris T

      The stainless steel soap works really good for garlic.

    56. Rod Lester Felipe

      hey he use the paper towel to wipe the tablethen he proceeded to use the towel again to use it to his hands

    57. Kennedi Yourmom


    58. Loose Knaught

      I looked at Rhett, he looked back at me

    59. Christoffer Orrmalm Utsi

      The "oldschool" ways of cleaning you used isn't exactly that oldschool except for the bar of soap and with new things you expect them to work accurately and at least 10 times better as the oldschool way.

    60. M Matson

      When it comes to cleaning the inside of a microwave, I just nuke a glass of water for 4 minutes and then wipe, rarely needing other cleaners. Men🙄

    61. Mason Brazill

      Stevie i the most gorgeous person on the planet, she’s literally almost twice the age of me and my biggest crush 😻

    62. oriana ahsan

      I just microwave a cup of vinegar and water and it works. My grandma taught me that.

    63. chromeinox

      Better to be gross than woke, for suuuuure!

    64. LLAMA DUCK1219


    65. Jordan Mullins

      Steel soap needs to be in all prisons😂

    66. Craig Savoie

      You guys are awesome 👌

    67. Matt Klinger

      Hey I know that microwave. It's the cheapest one you can buy in walmart

    68. Matt Klinger

      2:40 engineers be like

    69. RandomCosplayer

      I had this strange dream about Rhett being on a reality game show 😆

    70. Arthur Morgan

      They should make the metal version of plastic utensils. They would be much more durable!

    71. melochesyndrome

      Been wanting this, apparently it was done

    72. Amber Smith

      the auto pad works great for my friend, who is a breeder, when she is house training puppies

    73. CrazyVisions

      What you shouldn’t do in prison -5:34

    74. Joanna Smith

      Why is links water so cloudy?

    75. mace

      “isn’t that what the aliens came in in ‘annihilation’ ?”

    76. Joshua Allen

      Wait wait wait since when does rhett look like a viking?

    77. Carissa Cerrada

      If you don't use running water you can't test that metal soap

    78. Carissa Cerrada

      You didn't truly wash your hands

    79. doggos u・ェ・u

      Huhu he didn't wash it properly

    80. Matthew Stretch

      My mom uses Angry Mama Cleaner and it works great.

    81. Arianna Ward

      Can someone explain to me why Rhett evolved from a college student dad to a Norwegian Viking? I remember he talked about it in his podcast but I forgot what the reason was.

    82. Natalie Grair

      the fact that link used the salmon paper towel to dry his hands and the soap bar lmao

    83. Sophia

      "Smella that." Brings back memories from when they were on smosh try not to laugh

    84. Cornelius Smith

      Feels more like I spent 7 mins hoping it would work 😂

    85. Jacob H

      I love that I’m still immature just enough to laugh a good amount at the chocolate syrup scene lol

    86. Sebastian Urrea

      cant drape with this much drip

    87. Olivia Arambel

      Link needs to give his kids a microwave cover thing for Christmas XD

    88. HsP SlimJim

      Soap is a doesnt just cover the smell tho theyre typically also emulsifiers

    89. CBL The rapper

      They should have fans on the show every now and then

    90. soggycookie Crumbs

      angry daddy Link is the best

    91. Donohoo Gaming

      I haven't watched in like 6 months. I dont know what's going on with the hair but it is luxurious.

    92. Trey Lo

      6:19 washing a soap bar with soap lmao

    93. Wes1ey1 2

      Ive whatched this chanel senese i was 4

    94. E. Sweet

      i had one of the microwave mamas or whatever in middle school and her hair melted and smelled so bad🥴

    95. Xbanned_on_tv

      What happened to rhet LMAO

    96. Lincoln Barton

      The facts that these guys are in their 40s and they look like their in their early 30s is crazy to me

    97. Amma K

      WHAT THE FCK are you doing with those _paper_ towels??

    98. Tigris Star

      Why does Rhett continue to regress into a hobo/hippy?

    99. Chidera Onyegbule

      Salmon gloves might be the most foreign concept I’ve ever heard of.

    100. leandra cooper

      Warm lemon juice best clean microwave messes