Spinning an Apple until it Explodes at 28,500fps - The Slow Mo Guys

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    Compressed air can be used to levitate rounded objects. Sometimes said rounded objects start spinning so fast that they give up on being round objects. Gav films all the action over 1000x times slower than real time. Check out KiwiCo.com/SlowMoGuys and get your first month free!
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    Spinning an Apple until it Explodes at 28,500fps - The Slow Mo Guys

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    1. The Slow Mo Guys

      Dan is still unable to enter the US by air due to Covid. Don't worry, though. I've heard reports that he went underground and started tunneling this way in April. - Gav

      1. Seth Gower

        @Thomas Mortimore 😂😂

      2. Aliy Han

        Hi. that slow sound actually real or layer with sound design??

      3. Phill Black

        So big block in a car spends up to around 7000 rpm. Max..... So what you're saying is that an apple is a big block LOL nope lol..... It's a corny joke

      4. Manolo Orz

        u look kinda sad having to do everything on your own

      5. You Do it !


    2. Khuram SY

      This channel is amazing.

    3. Rifky Satyana

      when u say Apple.. i thought its an iPhone xD

    4. Bad Gammers

      is there a video out their explaining why the apply can sit their and levitate?

    5. TAPriceCTR

      I love the moment of frame rate synchronization. it's like "hear me spin, see me stationary."

    6. buddyroach


    7. TimerEffex

      Did you edit in the apple boot up noise in slowed down for the apples ripping apart?

    8. Nick Otten

      The slow mo guys need to borrow a slow mo camera??? Wtf???

    9. TechKNow

      Seeing his reaction in the slow motion is much better than the apple actually exploding.

    10. Ross Lundy

      Try the same thing with a golf ball. I’ve done it I wonder how fast it’s actually spinning?

    11. juaneorlandi

      Video idea: It’s always fun to see how slow the human reaction seems to be to a high speed event like the apple exploding in this video. What about comparing reaction times by putting 5 people looking at some sudden event. Faster brain wins ;)

    12. Mohammed Azher Ali

      That's the ball which Harry Potter took in his mouth in part 1

    13. Corey Pattison

      Well how do you like them apples? I trust someone else has post this before. Just trying to do my part and celebrate such a great cornball line. We miss you Robin Williams!

    14. CCB TV

      Haven't watched these for a few years... wtf happened to h Gavs hair?! My god have a hair cut and a shave !

    15. Fredrik Thorsen

      Steve Jobs is literally rotating in his grave now!

    16. Pitish


    17. BRY_ 00 _LEW

      for a second i thought pewdiepie was on the thumbnail

    18. mongo dude

      the thumbnail is holesome

    19. Pixelations

      For a moment I thought he was gonna spin an Iphone

    20. Boos LE

      The ten border intrestingly gather because band compellingly interest lest a aquatic sack. sable, cute tadpole

    21. Justin Gant

      Can you do this with an orange please

    22. Justin Gant

      Loving the Neolithic look but the apple is definitely cool

    23. Xkingrexkiller gamingX

      In the thumbnail i thought you were rhett in good mythical morninh

    24. nishachor

      nice one, thanks!

    25. Mad Scientific

      To be honest, the apple exploding was boring... Watching how your reaction progresses in the immediately following frames... Much more interesting lol

    26. Kamer's Lock In

      1:23 the last apple bender

    27. Md Mazhar

      Rajni sir would have eaten all those apples while in the air.

    28. Yo Dawgz Gaming

      Kiwico is great! My nephew loves his

    29. sylviasummerful

      I like his slow react after the apple exploded

    30. Sujit Dadas

      Where's your partner?

    31. Sanveer Singh

      The moment i saw his apron i knew he is going to do some stuff!

    32. Garrett Reyman

      It’s cool they got young Tom Green for the thumbnail

    33. Anomilumi Imulimona

      Its like a fruit ninja got that apple!!

    34. JG Graham

      How to cut an apple without touching it

    35. Thomas' Musings

      Exploding apples...the content I didn't know I needed.

    36. Acheiropoietos

      Your blinding reaction speed looks absolutely pants at 1000fps ❤️

    37. Edward Carrington

      I am now craving an apple

    38. Throw Down The Crown

      "The apples nope speed is 6565 rpm." I laughed so hard. Auto sub!

    39. Szabolcs Berta

      I bet it broke into 3 pieces bc of this kgup.info/get/cnt4aIbNg6Z7e38/video

    40. Boogey MANN

      Great! Now try spinning steel balls

    41. who-how when-why

      Proof I live on a flat earth and not this. And how does an oblate sphereoid spin at 1000 +mph without this occurring, let me guess. Gravity

    42. SammyBoi

      0:25 please look at his name in the coat

    43. Тоша Лавейкин

      Nobody: 5:35: "Sometimes, I rotate it so fast, I rip the skin!"

    44. Babar bilal Raina


    45. Prasad Kuchuri

      Ranveer singh pro max

    46. Anderson Frans

      I don't know if it was the apple, or he was the main content. Seeing those lag response of human is truly amusing hahaha

    47. Sayon D. Datta

      Apple: i am speed

    48. nana kojo


    49. henry chandra

      when the apple break without following the lines my OCD sense is tingling

    50. diiigz

      Newton punching the air rn

    51. Matheus Pfuetzenreiter

      so... 6500 RPM is the limit for a apple, like a average car motor, lol

    52. The not so tiny desk engineer

      It's the slow mo guy!

    53. Chris Trahan

      Wait.. That was spinning? Wow.. that's fast lol

    54. Raymond Lo

      5:21 the same rpm where your honda engine will blow up. :D

    55. WD Hewson

      Proof that we blink too slow to protect our eyes.

    56. Anders Burrows

      such an incredible waste of time, but so very worth it!

    57. Rusty Shackleford

      My nope speed is "Now I would like to talk to you about..."

    58. rvdlaar

      Awesome. Why didn’t you spin other circular shaped fruits? Like, a grapefruit perhaps?

    59. TimeHunter

      Wow, the aftermath on the ceiling, I want to try this!

    60. Truth 12

      And this is why you don't live on a spinning ball folks

    61. David Oakes

      The Slow Mo Guys are the English Jay Bauman and Mike Stoklasa. .

    62. Luis Larmonie

      wtf he grew a beard?

    63. Andyest

      Watched for the exploding apple, liked for the cat in the end. c:

    64. Captain Gilligan

      Sry Gav, but beard doesn't suit Ya :)

    65. Mira A.

      One way to cut an apple

    66. Mr.KapaV

      So Jesus is making science videos now

    67. Joel

      I miss Dan. It's always best with both of you.

    68. SpiralPegasus

      Imagine if the breaking speed of the apple were 6969 RPM

    69. Raffy Alderite


    70. Big Jumbo

      You guys are so cool. Like kids that never grew up and I love it....😃

    71. Big Jumbo

      That apple balancing like that 🤔🤔🤔 Theres gotta be some money making applications using this concept.

    72. MomoCat

      now rotate a banana

    73. Hi I'm Frazer

      His reaction was class

    74. 1

      wheres the other guy

    75. Jeremy Tole


    76. Shitpost Central

      2:00 look how unsure he looks

    77. Renan Moreira

      It's so interesting to see how long our body takes to react. The apple explodes and, only "ages" later, the person reacts.

    78. Shem

      For a moment I thought he is going to spin Apple iphone till it explode....

    79. spectacular 1000

      This is a way to keep the doctor away

    80. man man

      Ok now spin a hand Grenade like that I mean until it explode

    81. Ghostly Gaming

      I’m sorry but you guys have 14 mil subs so why not just buy a better slo mo can (ik money comes through views not subs)

    82. I voted for Joe Biden

      I had to read the title twice. I was like, whuh?

    83. SD.

      Don’t rev your turbo charged Apple past 6500 rpm and keep those rods happy

    84. socron gaelith

      Physics: The g-force of the rotation is so powerful it rips the apple from the inside out.

    85. Giannis Michalakopoulos

      Maybe if you weight the two half pieces that split you get the same weight at each one. That means it splits at the center of mass axis

    86. Travis Richey

      I love how you can just call @SmarterEveryDay and be like "hey I need to explode an apple, gimme your fastest camera!" TBH I'm a little jelly. ~Trav

    87. Jimyjames - Model Locos / Bike Rides / Exploring


    88. Korothi

      omg i havent watched his videos in a while why does he look like homeless jesus

    89. Colin P.

      I always love seeing how slow the human reaction is

    90. Unseen World Productions


    91. Vijay Khare

      U can go even slower at 1,14,000 fps, just play it at 0.25x speed. Kinda slower.

    92. Nate. Beez

      Fruit ninja in real life

    93. Wahfreak

      I have a question: How did you trigger the 2511 given how long it took from the initial start of rotation the the actual splitting of the apple? It looked to be around 25 seconds of record time. This is way longer than the buffer in my camera (around 5 seconds). Did you use the continuous record function?

    94. Ralfs Mednis


    95. Varshathi Durairaj

      How late was his reaction , when busted

    96. baki ikab

      Naruto should've used this for his rasengan.

    97. Юрий Назаренко

      That's how our universe was born

    98. Matt Horrocks

      I came here for the other guy. Slow mo guy's guys

    99. NakMuayTim

      Just got to Clench and hope for the best

    100. Guilherme Vasconcellos

      The human eye can only see 30 fps