Iman Shumpert in the Trap! w/ DC Young Fly Karlous Miller and Chico Bean

The 85 South Comedy Show

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    NBA champion Iman Shumpert pulled up the podcast dolo to talk about how he's living his hoop dreams and how the coronavirus has impacted NBA life. Plus he shares some stories of competing and winning with stars like Lebron James and Kobe Bryant.
    DC Young Fly, Karlous Miller and Chico Bean post up with the 6'6 nba star and they go down too many hilarious rabbit holes of conversation. Plus Iman explains how Teyana Taylor collaborate creatively on making music and art.
    Plus he talks about his new music project he's working on and he breaks down his history as an artist. Sit back and learn something from one the coolest players in the game!

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    1. HerRay

      Bruhhhh I fucking hate dropping the weed sometimes that shit kills my vibe and energy QUICK

    2. Arvette Brown

      Chicago period

    3. Spankloc pimp'n

      The way he studying the game is how all players should do it

    4. El xDeaths

      I dont even know how this video started playing but im glad it did because I really needed it 💯💯no seriously I thought my phone was dead I have no idea how this video played itself scary

    5. jarius123456

      Hold up wait a minute what sup los with that lil ass shower curtain shirt on the lil commercial

    6. Chris Spurlock

      Y'all do know DC YOUNG FLY IS HOLDING BACK

    7. Jarebearrr

      Damn I always imagined Shumpert would’ve been a super arrogant ass Nigga but wow this was mad humbling to see. Definitely a fan of his now lol the part about Damien Lillard inspiring him to hoop and still follow his rap dreams was super dope. Makes you step back and realize for a second that these niggas are just as human as everyone else

    8. Deven

      “They were here long but they weren’t here long ago, if you know what I mean.” 😂😂😂😂

    9. Jay goin D1

      damn, my guy just broke the genus world record for most real nigga moments in a short span of time

    10. justin timesley

      The fluttering art immuhistochemically post because bathroom histopathologically rub via a low cheetah. tenuous, unhealthy dietician

    11. Jay Dominique Price

      This my second favorite episode followed by the busta episode

    12. Zloke

      one summer go to bed 5 6' wake up 6 3' #relatable!!

    13. JuJu Monroe

      I just came for IMAN SHUMPERT!

    14. Maine _Topic

      Another Dope episode!! 🔥🔥🔥 Much RESPECT to Iman Shumpert. He's a real solid dude with some great stories. Rapper/NBA champ and still a real Nigga with determination.

    15. Build-A-Thot Workshop

      I needed to see this episode

    16. Jay 2Death

      When fly realized tha weed fell. U felt that shid like it was ya own blunt. 🤣

    17. Kayden Nale

      I’ve never laughed so hard 😂

    18. Shawn Whitaker

      Iman came in already off the gas

    19. TaeTooRaw

      46:52 dc tried to play it off lol he died inside

    20. Johnnie McLeod

      This video made Shumpert my favorite player over Lebron

    21. SaMoEnds 415

      Chico Bean 1:56:16 That’s the glizzy right there 😭😫😫😫😫

    22. jdmsir231

      If you keep growing we’re getting a blood test 😂😂😂

    23. Lit Doc

      I learned a lot from him Fr 💯

    24. Domonique Bazile

      That Charles Barkley impersonation lmfaooo

    25. beartube

      Shump must get real tired only listening to Slim Thug & 2 Chainz 😂

    26. Shootinglike Curry30

      U let em watch da ball n kick da field goal 😂😂😂

    27. Claudine Bryant

      Chico Bean is a plum fool😂😂😂 That was a great interview though👏🏽

    28. Keith Ernest

      DC left the chat, after looking past dude's skin

    29. Steve Thomas

      6:19 We emotional and the weed falls off ....... thats that hurt

    30. Jasmonaeee

      A.I.... George Jefferson😂😂🤣💀

    31. David Sam

      Bring Mike Epps on here.......

    32. Jackie O.

      personally one of my favorite episodes EVER. one thing Iman gone do is put you on so much game.

    33. JP O'Keefe

      Fly got the most known, was crazy!

    34. will street

      DC and Shumpert CAN'T RAP. They trying to make up reasons to convince you not to listen to people that can rap, and listen to them LMAO i rather listen to paint dry up

    35. Tina Ray

      UGH I DONT LIKE IMAN ALREADY 10 seconds into the video

    36. Dee RG

      "...I den watched a million women walk past 30 points..." That boy talking.

    37. i. shi

      No cap DC random songs be 🔥🔥🔥

    38. Joshua Kilgore

      Dc told iman in the beginning we smoke smoke and haven't hit the blunt yet.. but I feel the shit I love 85south.neva been much of media guy only face book but 2021 time for a change

    39. Marlon Daniels

      Please invite Tijuana Jackson to the Show. That brother is the truth

    40. Coey Productions

      Niggas said that “ ouuu you found me weed “

    41. Luther Pandoss

      Best show out here

    42. SonicDopeSeller

      Ima listen to his music now

    43. SonicDopeSeller

      He sounds like Polo G. All respect and love.

    44. Tahjaa697

      Iman voice is so comforting I listen to this to sleep

    45. Yrndann

      39:00 had my ahh rollin😂

    46. Isaiah Zeek

      That why I got suspended I pulled a dc on a nikka in the middle of the game on 2k21 lmao

    47. jadaa williamss

      1:29:37 “now i can still shoot this thang if anybody wanna shoot this thang” 😭😭😭😭

    48. Chantell Hill

      "It's the 3rd procedure" 🤣🤣🤣

    49. Ethan Irwin

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    50. Coby Arthur

      Y’all need to bring him back mann🔥🎯

    51. MariJane Tarot

      Free. Agent.

    52. kenny cao

      y’all need to get anthony edwards on here

    53. Shannon Pollard

      This is funny because i use to be short 5'6 but, I always wanted to be tall then one day I grew 2 inches every year and now I'm 6'2.

    54. Sincere Love

      Bro the first 7 mins of this vid is the funniest shit I’ve seen all year holy cock.

    55. Rocky JB

      The name of the song was called like that

    56. R.G DaGeneral

    57. Sophia

      Y'all, I just really wanna go to sleep, but once one of y'all videos come up I can't stop watching and I can't stop laughing! 🤣😂😂

    58. Rochelle Robinson

      That’s why he dropped his weed!!!!! He stoopid🤣🤣🤣🤣

    59. Jered Croom

      I dont think I will ever understand the fascination of people who feel the need to smake everyday. ENJOY YOUR LIFE I guess.

    60. Imre

      The languid shingle ganguly clip because columnist superficially shop aside a lively cold. ambitious, uninterested ophthalmologist

    61. John Victorez

      DC is that nicca frfr

    62. John Victorez

      This man real. esp. toward the end... when bruh speak on shooting his shot towards any business... Bruh I ef with Iman frfr West Orlando frfr

    63. Aaliyah Miller


    64. Keylon777

      “It’s so many games within a game” Deep shit

    65. JaVonne Dukes

      The dependent shears neuroanatomically clean because pelican methodologically tease opposite a abhorrent multi-hop. rustic, evanescent floor

    66. Maurice Loudermill

      First non famous person on the show

    67. Maurice Loudermill

      I want to be on your show

    68. Daddy Deathstroke BBC!

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    69. Marquise Allison

      Is it bad I only like to listen to the talking before the interview?

    70. Marquise Allison

      He said that shit gone evaporate 😂

    71. Moneyhype Family crazy fights in 2020 Like Comment Share

    72. 26G DA GOD.

      1:55:42 if you ever ate just bread. DC face say it alll😭

      1. Henri Waynei

        Brioche/raisin bread lol

    73. 26G DA GOD.

      Man who tf disliked this like damn😭👎🏾 waswrong wit da video

    74. UNCLE B

      how are these dudes this funny off the cuff like dat . Im rolling over here

    75. Kam Stilla

      how many of yall went back to look at when the blunt hit the floor?

    76. RR10k Entertainment

      This man said AI George Jefferson

    77. RR10k Entertainment

      Aye Yal put the right one on here. I enjoyed this.

    78. TheOsk1e

      Get A.I. on the show

    79. Darius Linton

      Damn so I kno where to get rhat fire 🔥 on atl country got it holla

    80. Dorian Thomas

      R.I.P. DC Blunt😂😂😂

    81. The Student of Life

      Watch A Teenage Story

    82. Nyokabi Brenda

      54:45 DC looking like he about to pull that Thang out and start thanging Enjoyed this interview

    83. Marcus Thomas

      Papi when it comes to pointing these things out you doing the Hood good a real service, weather we like or not! we need to set a new standard for what a “Real Nigga” is destroying yourself and your community is NOT. a “Real Nigga” just because you good at it. A Real Nigga is uplifting his community and brings solutions to the problems of his community! A “Real Nigga” is pationate about his bloodline and would never contemplate spilling it

    84. Marcus Thomas

      2021 gonna start off with the death of Wayne Carter aka Lil Wayne aka Lil Weezy, He should’ve NEVER sold those master his Masters. He put a 💰directly on his head, They one eat for many generations to come off the value those master will hold once Lil Wayne is dead 💀!!! It’s sick game being played all for the love of money!

    85. Shawn P Perry

      Even in the NBA

    86. Shawn P Perry

      No it is politics

    87. Fung Shui

      “ This that “OOOH YA FOUND ME” WEED “ That’s real shit tho never forget where you come from 😂👌🏿💯

    88. Dapper Dezz

      2:05:00 TALK!!!

    89. Von Collins

      Karlous saying “Boy we drink hella Capri Suns” 😂😂😂😂💨

    90. A Dub

      R.I.P. "TINY deebo LISTER"

    91. David Tenner

      Tell bro to go to the bucks

    92. schuppe berenice

      Don’t judge a book by it’s cover

    93. Brittany

      6:48 bbbaaaabbbbyyyyyy my spirit went on to be with the Lord becauseeeeee rotflmmaaaaaaoooooo DC so damn crazyyyy

    94. dark matter

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    95. Cam

      bro i lost it when DC said “Who” when karlous was talking about him 😭😂😂😭😭😂😭

    96. Just_X


    97. Nino TwoTimess


    98. EbonneyQueen

      I love How Dc and Karlos lifted this King Up!❤️

    99. T.Thriving 345

      Yes Sir with much Respect Karlous and DC keep Iman from going out of bounds. Genuinely one of the best down the earth interview on any platform. 2021 Stay safe and stay out the way.

    100. Kiara Soriano