Another Day On Lay Lake Was Different But Awesome

Joey Nania

5 миӊ. көрүүлөр-0

    My favorite thing about fishing is that every day is different! You always hit the water with a plan in mind but being able to adjust and try new things at different times of the day is the key to consistent success! Spotted bass and striped bass are hard to beat! Overall I caught a big spot under the dam and a big spot down the river flipping mixed in a pile of other striper and spots! Watch, learn, and enjoy!

    күнү жарыяланды Жыл мурун


    1. DJ Pollard

      I thought i was the only one to think about the cork and swimbait under the dams lol

      1. DJ Pollard

        @Joey Nania it should be dynamite in theory lol

      2. Joey Nania


    2. Phil Morris

      Can you do a video series of safe routes to approach the various dams on the Coosa river chain? Use a drone and footage similar to this video. That seems to be a overlooked area that is needed.

    3. Gary Jackson

      Good job

    4. Shawn K

      Public boat launch below dam somewhere?

      1. Joey Nania

        Gorman Park

    5. Matt Krallman

      I was looking for you to nail em with the super crappie rig

      1. Joey Nania

        Matt Krallman no cork style!😂

      2. Joey Nania

        Matt Krallman I’m so sorry it didn’t happen! I think I just need to roll a straight small swim bait next time!

    6. Sam D

      How many generators were running

      1. Joey Nania

        BAMA Bassin 2

    7. Turtle King

      I live on lay lake

      1. Joey Nania

        Turtle King it’s a great place for sure!

    8. Coosa River Fishing

      When fishing the current if they are running 2 or more turbines. Do you trolling motor on high and go up river or do you do a controlled drift with boat facing up river and using your trolling motor to slow you down. Just trying to figure out the most efficient way to fish heavy current. Trolling motor batteries hate me lol

      1. Joey Nania

        Alex Head I always choose to work my way up steam with the trolling motor if possible but when it’s to much I back drift!

    9. Trevor Vechinski

      Awesome job on those bass 🔥 looks like a dope setup you got! Enjoyed watching 👍🏼

      1. Joey Nania

        Trevor Vechinski thanks for watching man I really appreciate it!