Loma vs Lopez: Final Press Conference

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    Watch today's #LomaLopez final press conference featuring #VasiliyLomachenko and #TeofimoLopez
    The lightweight unification showdown between WBC Franchise/WBA/WBO world champion Vasiliy Lomachenko and IBF kingpin Teofimo Lopez will take place Oct. 17 on ESPN.
    The Lomachenko vs. Lopez telecast begins at 10 p.m. ET/7 p.m. PT and airs on ESPN and ESPN Deportes. The 10-round junior welterweight co-main features former world title challenger Alex Saucedo against unbeaten contender Arnold Barboza Jr. In the eight-round ESPN-televised opener, super middleweight knockout sensation Edgar Berlanga tests his perfect record against veteran Lanell Bellows. Berlanga (14-0, 14 KOs) has won all 14 of his professional fights by first-round stoppage.

    Live coverage begins with undercard action streaming live on ESPN+ at 7:30 p.m. ET / 4:30 p.m. PT.
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    1. Fedor Ferguson

      The Brooklyn Max Holloway

    2. grayed

      I don't get it so does that mean Teo didn't win Lomas WBC Franchise belt, and Loma is still WBC franchise champion????

    3. MMA Reviewer.

      Lopez hurt Loma pretty good. Made Loma look like a simple boxer who had no place in the ring with him.

    4. Diren Parkash

      Lopez in his Mickey Mouse jumper part of the Mickey Mouse Club House - sellout.

    5. Paul Orca Amaya

      Loma is still the best after being cheated by #TeofimoLopez asthma boy.

    6. Salomon Soriano

      i guess ima be throwin alotta lucky punches this saturday..... i like to show off

    7. Serkan Kazan

      Lets go Teofimo 3 Round Knockout

    8. toure42 yaya

      I know what you mean..!!

    9. Neo the choiceone

      Where are loma fans 😏😂😂😂🥵🥵🤣🤣🥶 the greatest champion Teofimo López bby

    10. Fernando Trujano


    11. JFresh214

      No Lie Teo Will Beat Haney Ryan And Tank

    12. La Flame

      Where i can buy the mickey mouse hoodie of teofimo?

    13. Derrick McCombs

      Must be the pride of his HONDURAN roots. He refused to LOSE!

    14. Derrick McCombs

      I admit it. I thought "El Brooklyn" was in over his head. Actually, he was swimming without getting killed by the shark! He actually gored the shark.

    15. gioyu comi

      Let’s go teofimo. I know that Loma is the best pound for pound, maybe behind Crawford but I know you can win. This is where your legacy can be created.

    16. TRE TRE


    17. TRE TRE


    18. Andy Roo

      Lomo lost the first seven just dancing around pretending to be un hittable. Well there you go, he lost by a mile. Bravo Mexico

      1. gioyu comi

        Overrated Loma

    19. edward minaya

      people that sympathized with Loma will make an arguement that only the first 6 rounds he lost but when you really look at the truth he only won the 11th clearly.And a lot of pro boxers and trainers want to be handed rounds based on their status when they didnt do enough to earn it.Loma got really blown out simple and if anybody argues with that is a damn fool that needs to land from that cloud.

    20. Ketut Alit

      Lomacenko is the best.

    21. Из Даунбасса

      Не смог ответить Лопе на его прямой вопрос: Чей крим ? И у пал в нокаут ! Аха-ха-ха !!! )))))))))))))))))))

    22. Susie

      These Lomachenko fanboys laugh at the thought of anybody beating him then disappear when he gets beat with ease 🤣🤣

    23. Nickymo 75

      13:50 after the (DECISION) 🤦‍♂️ Vegas odds Lopez 12rd decision +750 💰 🤣

    24. Esther Avila

      !!CHAMPEON TEOFIMO!!🇭🇳🇺🇸💪TEAM LOPEZ!!!🥊🥊💪💪💪🇭🇳🇭🇳🇭🇳🇭🇳🇭🇳

    25. Joey Jones

      Why does he have 1916 tattooed on his chest?

    26. Ryan Lee

      Well these comments aged well in regards to Lopez being scared lol

    27. CAI001 _

      I thought I heard someone who said loma would win said something He lost 😂

    28. MaineBoxing BiKer

      @29slowjoe Hiii guess wat happened last night. Where u at. Lemme find out ur on suicide watch.

    29. MaineBoxing BiKer

      Im backkkkkk. Brooklyn ny in the house. Umm here for the souls of the ones that was talkin ish

    30. Cultural Hegemony

      Guess y’all were wrong huh? 😳🤭😭

    31. こんまたれおし

      コメントさせて頂きます… チベット…ウイグル…モンゴルのボクサー達にも夢と希望を持つようにこの場にコメントさせて頂きます。 ボクシングは素晴らしいスポーツ!

    32. Joseph Badua

      Didn't see video of Loma trained as hard as Pacquiao.

    33. Joseph Badua

      Overrated Loma

    34. Joseph Badua

      He took Teo lightly. Loma didn't train hard enough.

    35. Hanif Martin

      My boy Lopez Respect fam

    36. abbsnn cose

      I was waiting for loma to say, “if he dies, he dies“.

    37. Esteban Hernandez Portillo

      Bored fights presents!!!! :)

    38. Bakos Sakr

      Mayweather had the same screwed up relationship with his dad

    39. Bakos Sakr

      I wonder how much money poor Lomachenko has been screwed by Bob arum

    40. socerdudecam19

      Aww man you gotta love those Loma boys crying, they're so cute with their bullshit, adorable.

      1. abbsnn cose

        I don't wanna say "I told you so"

    41. The Greatest Nation On Earth

      Keep running your mouth and he will school you like a child

      1. CAI001 _




    43. Jack Thomas

      Don't know too much about Lopez but after that press conference I can say that he is a mature young man and handles himself with class and composure considering the magnitude of the event and level of opposition in front of him! Lopez people's champion! Sr. needs to take a step back from the front for a minute!

    44. IvyLeagueCutie89

      Loma did NOT do the 3-weight division faster than anyone else. Claressa Shields did!

      1. IvyLeagueCutie89

        @gussstavo You're an idiot. If no one cared then they wouldn't get PAID to box.

      2. gussstavo

        @IvyLeagueCutie89 no one cares... just look how much money they make how much audience they have... NO ONE CARES deal with it....

      3. IvyLeagueCutie89

        @gussstavo I will watch her and Crawford, you idiot.

      4. IvyLeagueCutie89

        @gussstavo YOU DON'T CARE. You are NOT EVERYBODY. Move on.

      5. gussstavo

        @IvyLeagueCutie89 you go watch that chick i rather watch crawford lol women sports what a joke

    45. IvyLeagueCutie89

      I love watching these AFTER the fight has occurred.

      1. IvyLeagueCutie89

        @Christine Whinnery Are you stupid or something? This fight happened on October 17th.

    46. Ravshanbek Yusupov

      If hi is diva why the hell Lopez hug him like a bitch when Lomachenko got aggressive and landed some clear punches.

    47. Ravshanbek Yusupov

      What a stupid excuse Lopezes are bringing up.

    48. Moe ABRAHAM



      loma got destroyed he a scrub

    50. Scotty

      Enjoy all the anti-Lopez comments. 🍵🐸


        hahaha loma is a scrub, hes done!!!!

    51. Alex Sabolotny

      When they'll fight?

      1. IvyLeagueCutie89

        Lopez beat Loma last night.

    52. Ryan Aney

      He knows who TEO is now! Awesome battle. Hats off to both men! Thank you gentlemen.

    53. Deborah Arellano

      "One of the highest IQ's in boxing on Earth today,"......What Earth do you live on?? Loma was a hype job. Only 15 pro fights and given a crown like he was a Mayweather, Duran, Barrera, Chavez. Not even close to any of those boxers he received too much hype. Reminds me of a Ronda Rousey all over again.

    54. Solomio Sisante

      I don't wanna say "I told you so"

    55. Manong Juan

      like i always say, LOMA is overrated. know he had the chance to face someone with his caliber. Now we know what will happen if he accepted PACMAN's challenge.


      Loma lacked basic fundamental @t MOST fighters.On the other hand Teo used the best punch in boxing.Teo is too big for Loma too.

    57. YaFiGazTheYunGiN

      Y'all talked alot of shit about teo just for him to beat the fuck out that lil boi haha the universe did well this tine

    58. HGUNR 7

      Everyone thought loma was going to win 😂😂😂

      1. OmegaHunter

        @Ethann Kyle LMAO U IS HIGH

      2. Plush productions Center

        @Ethann Kyle You probably did not even watch the fight😭😂😂😂😂😂

      3. Luther Franck

        I didn’t but espn thought he would 🤣😂

      4. Diren Parkash

        Loma was robbed.

      5. Mojado News

        @Ethann Kyle dude loma landed 141 shots and lopes 186 hows that getting robbed?

    59. Buddy Salvador

      Loma become an ordinary fighter

    60. Slash111111

      What is the name of the song in lomas entrance. Not the highlight reel but the entrance from when he sits.

    61. Max Power

      Loma needs to retire

    62. jgatchal jgatchal

      That was a great fight. Run it back!

    63. John Valencia

      Another mafia?

    64. Solomon Ralpheek

      This fight is staged. He came out with a mask...and a mucky mouse shirt!

      1. Andel Murala

        Why would Loma not want Undisputed?

    65. Adewale .O. Olotu

      Loma and his team made a mistake by giving out the early rounds. Congrats to Lopez

    66. Sa1nt L

      Don’t ever compare the most overrated boxer in history Loma to the Great PacMan

    67. Marlons London. Love Life

      Sooooooooooo whatcha saying now FOLKS?.

    68. Dorsey

      Lopez did all he said he was going to do. And the NEW...!

    69. Mamerto [ jjKepwengRiyadhJun ] Macaranas Jr

      This was LOMA's Waterloo .... made the wrong strategy: WEAR OUT T. LOPEZ, but it went visibly not. Lopez remained invincible. Loma too has DIRTY tricks. He and his team pre-planned, TOP OF HIS HEAD, to bang direct the face of LOPEZ, and make it LOOK UNINTENTIONAL but always CAUGHT RED HANDED BY CAMERAS. LOMA's first 7 ROUNDS without MASSIVE COUNTERS is very very STUPID strategy. HE WAS CHECKED by LOPEZ BULL-STRONG SURGING ATTACKS for the first 7 rounds. LOMA cannot GET IN SUCCESSFULLY, where some of his powerpunches MISSED A LOT, and NOTICEABLY they were too FEW. So, what do u expect while seeing LOMA in your KEEN EYES??? He lost his touch and strategy, and maybe brought about by BOREDOM and AGE.... FAREWELL MY WARRIOR.... HANG UP THE GLOVES MAN BROTHER!! HATS-OFF LOMA!! WELCOME ABOARD THE NEWEST WARRIOR, T. LOPEZ!! jj Kepweng Riyadh, JUN Mamertz (www.jjkeepz@smule.com)

    70. Ruel Cagas

      the verdict of the judges is wrong

    71. Cinema of The Year Кино-Года

      Полный бой в супер качестве !! kgup.info/get/eJCuY4bKi4t3mGo/video !?

    72. 253Gaming

      Loma needs to go back down in weight

    73. Good Life

      Вася зачем ты в ринг вышел? Постоять и побегать можно было и дома. Такой позор без боя проиграл. Просто не стал боксировать. Шагай на пенсию васек.

    74. diego guerrero

      Hahaha ahha haha you all bumss😂😂 teofimo lopez backed it up

    75. Bartek Kay

      Lopez 110% confident.

    76. Dexter

      The handler's shoes cannot be seen ...:((

    77. Guilty Until Proven Innocent

      Before the fight..... Loma - “Who is this guy” After the fight.... Me - “ Know you know”

    78. Sky Way

      Lopez father was arrogant.

      1. IvyLeagueCutie89

        For obvious reasons though. Lopez won fair and square.

    79. Chris Suarez

      Where is the p4p overated lol

      1. Alf Big


    80. Jaye

      😂All that dick gobbling y’all did for Loma before the fight, and none of it stopped the outcome.

    81. S1 Dubbzz

      Loma's strategy is what lost him the fight. Giving all those rounds to Lopez came back to bite him. If he pressed the action earlier, he would probably have won. That 119-109 scorecard was ridiculous though.

    82. Bryan gomez

      That my fuckin CHAMP🐐🐐🐐🇭🇳🇭🇳🇭🇳🇭🇳🇭🇳🇭🇳🇭🇳🇭🇳

    83. Hell Yea


    84. gary heiden

      has to be a rematch fer sure.

    85. Никита Репкин Завтрашний Бокс

      LOMALOPEZ LomaLopez kgup.info/get/eoOIlozMlmuKfHc/video

    86. trillcity922ify Davis

      Lopez spanked that baby

    87. C. L W

      @Brandon Salyer where you at now,,,, Coward 😂 deleting your comments haha

    88. Александр Кириленко

      Вася.!!! Сделай его!!!!!

    89. Hoss Delgado


    90. Jaime Meraz

      Where you loma haters at? 😂

      1. Jaime Meraz

        Teofimo haters I meant*

    91. Edriel Music

      Loma got robbed smh and the scoreboard was horrible I’m done with boxing

      1. S1 Dubbzz

        Loma lost but, I agree, the scorecards were a joke.

    92. Migz

      Where are them Lomachenko fans at?

      1. Pct Hiker

        @Gh0stFace Sports dying because of corruption

      2. Gh0stFace

        Lmfao boxing fans are toxic, no wonder the sport is dying

      3. Diren Parkash

        We here and still behind the champ, especially after that robbery.

      4. cheesefunnel

        @Champman 0102 no loma was robbed big time kgup.info/get/ga-JgqXLgKGUmn8/video

      5. Champman 0102

        @Kintsugi Nothing dude, im just kidding

    93. Angello Elias

      Ví con mis propios ojos cómo tú papá eso me hizo llorar campeón del mundo

    94. Dapper Israel


    95. Mr Hairul84

      teofimo lopez the great boxing..winners takes all..

    96. Pecos Oil

      What happen to all the Loma fans

    97. Jeremiah O

      Who is here after loma just got robbed

    98. javi manzanares

      Where are all the ones that was hating on Lopez, won by clean hands. Loma with does dirty head shots. My boy did the 12 rounds.

      1. Diren Parkash

        @Fedor Ferguson ?

      2. Fedor Ferguson

        Are you having a stroke or is English not your first language

      3. Diren Parkash

        Loma with dirty headshots, you Lopez fans make me laugh.

      4. Eugenio Rodriguez

        @javi manzanares yup hes ribcage was all red

      5. javi manzanares

        @Eugenio Rodriguez Very true on that and than people saying loma had him with what hopping and skipping like a bunny for 7 rounds while lopez connected lots of body shots.

    99. Ralu Manzanares

      I told you little puppies teo is gonna be superior jahahaha matrix run out of battery