😱$250 SPINS = EPIC WIN$ 😱110 SPINS on HIGH LIMIT Huff N' Puff 🎰

The Big Jackpot

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    😱$250 SPINS = EPIC WIN$ 😱110 SPINS on HIGH LIMIT Huff N' Puff 🎰
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    The Raja is a high roller who shares his videos of slot machine wins from casinos across the country. The Raja and his The Big Jackpot crew are always a good time, plus you will find plenty of BIG WINS, sometimes HUGE or MEGA BOOMS, and yes, even the occasional Progressive or Hand Pay Jackpot. If you're looking for us in the casino, you'll typically find us playing on IGT Black Widow games, or wherever the bonuses take us! If you have a favorite slot machine you'd like me or the crew to try, please feel free to suggest one in the comments section.
    The purpose of this channel is not to advertise or promote gambling. We have fun sharing the experience of huge bonus rounds and big high limit slot jackpots.
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    These videos are intended for 18+ only. If you have troubles with gambling, please seek help.
    Know your limit and use a predetermined budget only.
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    😱$250 SPINS = EPIC WIN$ 😱110 SPINS on HIGH LIMIT Huff N' Puff 🎰

    күнү жарыяланды Жыл мурун


    1. The Big Jackpot

      One of the most exciting Nights of my Life!!!

      1. Rick Baker

        YES SCOTT!!!!!! YES SCOTT!!!!! lmao

      2. 1987djm

        wow wonder what your wedding night was like or your first time you dated if this is most exciting lol well done brother

      3. oculos prudentium

        @The Big Jackpot The next time you post a video, can you please post a pic of both you and her together? She so very much sound like someone I know. Thanks. Having good friends is one of life's greatest blessings esp as they stick with you through good & hard times.

      4. The Big Jackpot

        oculos prudentium Nancy is a long time TBJ supporter and terrific and amazing person

      5. oculos prudentium

        Hey Raja, how did you and Nancy get connected? She does seem to be a very faithful follower. Is she a longtime fan that you had for a long time as I've not heard her (thankfully!) in any previous videos? Great play for doubling your $25,000 in an evening.

    2. Charles Walz

      Nice hits from Vietnam

    3. Rangi Banks

      I like Nancy, she keeps Scott happy, haven't you guys noticed that he laughs a lot more and is always positive when she's with him.#nancy

    4. norban2

      This game is very straightforward. How does he not understand how the bonus works. Every time a hat lands... “Is that gold? Is that gold?” No it landed on a blank space so it’s straw. Straw then becomes wood and wood becomes a mansion.

    5. Dogparentsonline.com

      WOW !

    6. April H

      Maybe the slot inventor/ company put that machine at better odds to get people to play it ?! Paid actor?!

    7. richie rich

      That's unbelievable

    8. Lin Y

      That's annoying lady in the back gave me coronavirus

    9. Sameer Sharma

      You talk a lot in your videos. That kinda irritates.

    10. Ackj Bewster

      I love your iconic "OH MY GAAAAAAAAAAAAWD" when a feature hits😂👌

    11. Shaun Diz

      i think it's funny that it gives you a ticket from the machine like any normal amount. i wanted you to slide it in the ticket redemption and try and spit out 50k haha

    12. Shaun McGrew

      Oh noooo....not Nancy again!!!! I'ma head out.😔

    13. Ukr87 Girl

      Had so much fun watching 💪💪💪

    14. MohdFahmi MohdFahmi

      Women voice at background so annoying

    15. Robert Romeril

      When i hear nancy in future im switching off

    16. Robert Romeril

      Listen to the old dog in the background

    17. susana gauna

      Nancy shup upp

    18. PillCosby

      Is this guy real or a shill for the casino?

    19. Reed Allyn

      THE FUCKING RAJA! THE BEST OF THE BEST IN THE CASINO SLOT WORLD! THERE IS NOBODY BETTER IN THE WORLD...I would ask for this man's autograph if I saw him in the casino and take the fUCKER out for dinner, thats how much I respect him! WAY to GO RAJA!!

    20. Michael Hudson

      I don't understand always having an Entourage when you play!? It's got to frustrate other people playing.

    21. David Cardona

      Gotta love nancy ❤ she sounds like a rip 😂 with people like her keeping your party going that's gonna be one heck of a party good going on the pulls

    22. Wayne Webinger

      You meant to say 100 spins @ $250 per spin....., 👍

    23. Sakis Kalos

      I love you raja

    24. Codycoil

      Get Nancy outta here 🤦‍♂️

    25. Christian Kevin Santiago

      I enjoyed it! This was freakin insane


      CONGRATULATIONS #BBBB on Argentina the slots ar more harder bud can you buy a nice appartament or invest whit huge profit for that money XD

    27. Chrispee75

      You‘ re the Lord of all Players

    28. Jimmy Mercedes

      Buy popcorn for Nancy she’s lucky

    29. Jimmy Mercedes

      Nancy needs to go watch tv

    30. hellipadh20

      You should be ashamed. Repost of previous video. Old news

      1. Jorge Padilla

        so ashamed. I bet he cant sleep at night

    31. Breone LeMonte

      Sheesh...you should do a video just on the kind of comps you get playing at that crazy level! Wtg.

    32. MWE Traders

      I do enjoy watching your videos but won't follow you with people like Nancy non stop talking....gives me a headache!!

    33. codedog007

      The title to this video should be called “come on scott”

    34. madaboutshoes1

      I like how Scott supports her. He doesn't care what anyone says....she really is having fun.

    35. Charmaine Robinson

      Congrats on those bonuses, that's Awesome. Good Luck on your next spin.🍀🌹🍀

    36. hellipadh20

      Arite guys were gonna go over here ( walks away from group to pay debts ) hash tag good bye

    37. Jack Okell

      Hats off to the guy counting the spins. Tough job against the soundtrack of that cackling, bleating hag in the background.

    38. natemasterp

      How are you able to put the hand pay back in the machine like that. Every time I hit one they make me cash it out.

    39. Maria Sanchez

      I love your videos. I don't mind her. She was excited!

    40. Bryan Payonk

      Ditch that Nancy, what are you thinking???😳🤐

    41. Chris James

      The woman just doesn't stop talking! She's definitely drinking cheap drinks and smoking Misty slims

    42. Ezequiel Flores

      Scott great win!!

    43. Andy Batko

      Tracy Nancy whoever that dumbass lady is shut her up

    44. Andy Batko

      Tracy is annoying. Make her go away.

    45. Engage RC

      Am I the only one that doesn't want to see any extra spins? I'm screaming for you to take the money and run. You already pushed your luck to the limit.

    46. Streetz CultureTV

      Nancy one those people u need around........genuine gambling buddy.......ringside hypeman/woman

    47. Braydon Dale

      That haggard sounding meathead in the background needs to shut her yap.

    48. CodyMN

      Imagine trying to live stream and being cut off by a woman named Nancy

    49. Manfredo Aguirre

      La pregunta cuanto le pagan a este señor para darle propaganda publisidad a los casinos

    50. Justin Winson

      I like watching your videos, but any future videos with “Nancy” I will be shutting off immediately. Annoying AF..

    51. Arlind Dano

      Raja you are the best

    52. shaun gray

      Absolutely the best slot content on the planet, Thank you Raja

    53. lenka racova

      hello from canada

    54. Bobby Madera


    55. bearilcor

      Love your videos

    56. Chip McVey

      Great video, great Team. 😎 👍

    57. kevdare

      Gold? Is that gold? Are those gold?????

    58. David Ferrell

      Is it just me or does Raja sound like he came from the strip club as the announcer... 😶😂

      1. Breone LeMonte

        Up next we have Nancy on the piggie stage.

    59. Lau

      I'm confused, betting 250$ a spin?! what does this guy do for a living.

      1. The Big Jackpot

        He’s the Raja. He owns 37 Taco Bell’s in 3 states.

    60. ElmwoodParkHulk

      Awesome 👍

    61. Michael Breheny

      So annancying!!

    62. The One

      She was annoying but at least he won 😂

    63. Jaye Boss

      lucky nancy needs to go to REHAB ASAP. One of them people that could talk underwater smh.

    64. Yvette McFarland

      Hello from Houston Texas 🎉

    65. adaboy4z

      The chick in the background is on one!

    66. Marco Herrera

      I wonder if the owner of the casino and him work out a deal for views and more customers.....just saying this never happens. Don’t believe what you always see

      1. Marco Herrera

        Just think about it??? With the right money, anyone can rig the machines. And in this case...?

      2. Michiel

        Marco Herrera you think so?

      3. Randy Wilson

        I was thinking the same thing

    67. James Brewitt

      Sorry for the dislike #Raja but soon as I heard Nancy was about spoiled it yet again

    68. Lyndon Heard

      lady needs to stop talking

    69. Mike Forrester

      I don’t mind Nancy. Hey, she was excited, that’s awesome. ...better than that simple-minded, moaning old bat in that flippin and dippin goof’s videos. 🙄

    70. Mike Forrester

      What is a raja??

    71. ResDogFishing

      Nancy is going to cost you money

    72. Amber Johnson

      They all have a go on her after

    73. E Norma Stitz

      annoying people

      1. Kono Jovanoski


    74. MC 888

      Nancy it's time for you to go

    75. Patrick Johnson

      I usually like watching these but this woman in the back is just horrible to list to

    76. Dave Roberts

      Is this the guy who voiced the T-Rex in toy story?

    77. Keith Rich

      Get rid of the dope please I can’t listen to it anymore

    78. Iliana Martinez

      No troll here...woman is obnoxiously annoying!! Believe your viewers, when they tell you, she isn’t your lucky 🍀 charm, she can actually make your viewers run off. I rather view a cussing person, than your annoying “lucky charm”. By the way nice winnings, you are always so lucky...without Nancy!!

    79. Tressalee Lee

      you are so cute yu get excite over little stuff as well as big, youre like me a win is fun...love yu the best

    80. Ivonne 2018


    81. Stephen Cory

      Please tell that lady in the background to be quiet..... Sooooo annoying!!!

    82. 문상구

      정품 비▽ㅇr그ㄹr 당일발송 해외직●구 성▣인약~국 SAYAMALSL. COM

    83. Aleksandar Aca

      This guy goes 250$ a spin , while im working almost a month for 250$ XD

      1. bdzk bdzk

        Moja plata 600km tj 300€ hahahah jadan smo narod

      2. Aleksandar Aca

        @Mesut Cufadar Serbia

      3. Mesut Cufadar

        Where r u living.

      4. Sarah K

        Oh theres going to be a down side. Addiction. He, they are going to suffer the consequences of gambling. Watch this space🤔

      5. Maria Sanchez

        @Gavin Hansonikr

    84. Robert Alvarez

      Please get rid of the cackling casino floozy

    85. john vega

      I watched this in mute. Very awesome that was exciting

    86. Shayne Hunter

      Crazy Nancy S. T. F. U.

    87. The WRIGHT WAY

      We’re doing a group pull adding to 2k on Dec 15 in Atlantic City. I know your the best at group pulls. How do we make sure it goes properly???

      1. The Big Jackpot

        The WRIGHT WAY if it’s $10 or $10000 works the same way. Everyone puts in equal and splits the winnings equal based on the buy in

      2. The WRIGHT WAY

        Your group pulls be like 20k lol. We’re just a bunch of us trying to make a dollar outta 15cents

      3. The Big Jackpot

        Best of luck on your group pull and watch some of our group pull videos to see how we do ours and you should have no issues

    88. The WRIGHT WAY


      1. The WRIGHT WAY

        I was thinking midnight EQLIPSE shawdow of the panther , fire link , ?????

      2. The Big Jackpot

        Hard to say. It’s all pure luck

    89. PTB

      you still dont understand when its a gold vs wood house lmao

    90. simon garry

      Get rid of Nancy she sounds like a drunken hobo!

      1. Laura Lee

        😂😂😂😂 Drunken hobo

    91. Charlotte Hill

      That Nancy is annoying

    92. Jo Brookes

      Asking for a friend, any chance of live play with Nancy soon??? She is such a loyal supporter and always brings you luck!!! Why others want to post some negative comments is beyond me. High Rollers who are with you bring the booms #RAJA#JACKPOTS#HIGHROLLERS boom boom boom

    93. Brandon Smith

      We are not haters. She truly does annoy a lot of people that watch your videos. You would have won the same amount if she was there or not. She isn’t good luck. She is annoying.

    94. TheBigPayback - Slot Machine Videos

      WOW! That second bonus, so quick! Too intense for this early in the morning, hah! Congrats!!!

      1. TheBigPayback - Slot Machine Videos

        @The Big Jackpot Indeed, and to have it happen when betting at that level, that was just plain awesome! Congrats once again!

      2. The Big Jackpot

        Thanks TBP I couldn’t believe the 3 bonuses how fast they hit. It’s crazy how we can play these games and never get bonuses then other times they hit so fast and easy

    95. TheBigPayback - Slot Machine Videos

      WOW! Just started watching and you already nailed it! Awesome to get the Gold House on the Big Bet! Congrats! Let me keep watching!

    96. Shui

      who's that handsome stud with the counter?

      1. The Big Jackpot


    97. John Najdek

      I remember every spin over $26,00 profit amazing night #RAJA.

    98. kaiden collins

      You’re crazy man 😂 I’m watching you bet $250 casually meanwhile I’m betting 25 cents lol

      1. The Artistic Boundaries Co.

        Right... And we flip when we loose $50!!!

    99. Traci Sanders

      Why are all those people always with you? Example Nancy? How does it work that you can continue to play after a handpay? Do you just fill out a tax form and the cash stays in machine per your choice? Great wins!

      1. The Artistic Boundaries Co.

        Yes and he also has a slot app, host trips, cruises, weekend getaways and merch, plus editing and maintaining the KGup channel and other social media. All of this is way too much for one person to handle. They operate an entire business of slots and gaming. Plus who wants to walk around with that much money solo!?!? Have a Great one!!!

      2. Traci Sanders

        The Artistic Boundaries Co. his team for what? Filming the videos? Thanks for the other info .

      3. The Artistic Boundaries Co.

        His team. Not sure about Nancy. He uses fast pay. The casino still keeps track. Taxes can be paid later.

    100. Thomas Clark

      Woof, these are unwatchable due to the woman in the background.