Charli & Dixie D'Amelio CHEAT in MrBeast Event (VIDEO PROOF) #DramaAlert Ace Family (LEAKED Video)


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    1. DramaAlert

      How ironic is it that I covered a story about the ace family leaving a clip in their Vlog and I in the same video that I’m covering the story accidentally leave a clip in between takes... big L

      1. Yes me


      2. Disneynerd33

        Are you going to do a follow up on the magicofrahat drama

      3. Kartikeya Tomar

        Can I get a link of that video pls 🙏

      4. GHøSTy YT

        I just want a PS5 or an Xbox Series S or Xbox Series X I dont even have my own console so I could imagine how much you would think this would mean to me @KEEMSTAR

      5. Rinky Dinky

        Buy me ps3 ples i want ps3. ps5 is trash

    2. chunk it

      one of the million reasons why i hate seeing Dream defending the D'amelios on twitter.

    3. SheLovezBlurxxz

      as long as Addson didnt cheat like the Damelio's

    4. Kent Haderick D. Lorbes

      Bruh fuck them though how did they end up being in the competition though Shes just a tiktoker,She does yt too ik that but ,TF ? She will just use all the money to buy more followers

    5. IamAced

      Creator games must have 360 view for no scams

    6. Rabia Khalid


    7. ITS TALON


    8. iSalakai

      Charli is honestly ticking me off these days..first calling us numbers , I forgave that....but the fact that she cheated and ZHC actually used *his* brain to win but lost to these cheaters.. 4persons and the internet vs 1person was just so irritating.... My Twitter is @GSalakai username iSalakaiチュー

    9. Thomas Yun

      Cheating and stealing from a little girl geez

    10. Sugandha Chandna

      Moral of the story Tiktokers r idiots and they always cheat And never trust a tiktoker

    11. TheRealWaffles

      Ma boi matpat lost to cheaters 😭

    12. AstroGoldoxe

      Mrbeast doesn't care about money cuz he is rich so he prolly don't care that Dixie cheated

      1. AstroGoldoxe

        @ManiacGamer 836 uhh then idk

      2. ManiacGamer 836

        What about the people they stole money from

    13. Andria Tsintsadze

      9:35 what you came for

      1. ManiacGamer 836


    14. Zhi Hao Lee

      I knew it bruh

    15. soulmin

      thats why im sus why they keep moving so weird they were finding answer

    16. My fish Drowned

      dam keem i kinda dont care 😏

    17. Anonymous Speaking

      Keen star is officially the lamest KGupr on this platform

    18. Angelina Mauro

      8:29 is the mega tea

    19. Nate the man

      Dude its just 300k ans besides they gonna give them to their fans anyway

      1. Naufal Rafi

        Yeah true why are people so dramatic over 300k

    20. mohamad saeed

      I am subscribed pls give me th series x lol


      Also, here's other proof, they kept looking away from the camera and looking at someone else

    22. GamerGirlPaige

      Guys you really think they will do that. There a great family! There just on there phone geez you guys a so dramatic😑

      1. Stamford Aaron

        Your the dramatic person. Why you want to defend some cheater geeeeezzzzzzz.

    23. Kookie Ackerman

      Poor Mr.Beast giving away 300 bands to the wrong people

    24. Mohammed R.

      Just cuz ur rich doesn’t mean u have a good career

    25. Abdul Sabeeh

      Honestly your life must be boring that you post shade at other people to gain views

      1. Stamford Aaron

        No, d'amelio is a real cheater. You dont know the news yet?

    26. maddog

      Imagine waiting 3 hours and not being on ur phone they were just on their phone and how would they know the questions and if anyone else won people would say they cheated too

    27. Faiz Ali

      If D'Amelios could bring their whole family, then why couldn't Dream bring George together with Sapnap, BadBoyHalo, Skeppy, a6d and Antfrost with illumina, TECHNOBLADE, Tommyinnit and.. actually, he should have been allowed to bring the whole Dream SMP CUZ WHY NOT?

      1. Stamford Aaron

        Yeah, very true. 100000000% true

    28. Wxng Jr

      can we please stop caring bout these untalented musically cringy kids

    29. Aasher Saju ZOOLOGY


    30. YungTxnk

      I mean I'm not a fan of them but all they did was whispered some answers they wasn't even correct on one of them.

    31. Jeffrey Rivas


    32. Aaliyah Martin

      Hey why I want to get a ps5 is cuz my dad just turned 31 and we tried to get him a ps5 and it didn't work can I have this one??

      1. ManiacGamer 836

        This was a month ago I don’t think the give away is still active

    33. sdrthom

      I knew it was something fishy when dixie almost found the second question it is a physics problem there is no way dixie would thought of that

    34. Adam Ahmad

      The dad is competing with them and he is telling Dixie because she has the white board

    35. AntiCutNut

      This video was funny until i dropped my phone on my lip😅

    36. Tec Phin

      At least it was better than the food video from the family

    37. Francisco Maldonado

      The damilios did not cheat cause ther name is called the damilio famali so they all were working together cause they are famali

      1. Stamford Aaron

        Fix your grammar first. Its d'amelio no damillio and 2nd where are d'amelio name on the board. Theres only dixie and charlie name on the board.

    38. Raaziy

      They did not cheat just because they had their phone out. They had their phone out BEFORE Mr. Beast even asked the questions.

      1. Percy Jackson

        You can't see them whispering to each other? Watch the video again.

    39. Christopher jimenez

      didn't mr.beast say that there was going to be four people for the damelio familiy

    40. Solomon Vladimir


    41. Garrison Calmer Dighton

      So also in that clip it looks like the dad is kinda bugging her. Just my opinion. But too often when children get famous the parents take advantage of it and take over.

    42. Jacinda Joseph

      I don’t know why you guys are mad because if they won by cheating it doesn’t matter because there give the money to people who need the most (No Hate)🤷🏽‍♂️

      1. Stamford Aaron

        Did they gave them???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    43. Aminur Rahman


    44. Tobi Gamez

      I hope mrbeast knows this 😠

    45. Dræy

      How TF Addison didn't know that 🤣

    46. swaystick ss

      i wanna win pls @swaystick2

    47. Ace

      It was also unfair they literally had 4 people

    48. Ellie Hannah

      Most of the time the Damelios mic was muted

    49. Cringtastic

      I instantly knew they were cheating when they knew so many digits of PI, like wtf? LOL. Imagine being a multi-millionaire TikToker and cheating so you can win 100k+ dollars… Disgusting. They’re ungrateful assholes. And the fact they took advantage of Jimmy like that is also horrible.

    50. A R

      It’s called jealousy

    51. Aaryana Patel

      I can’t believe it

    52. Sadie Mleko

      I mean I ain’t a damelio fan and it’s possible they cheated but I mean they could be talking to the crew just because they look to the side doesn’t always mean they cheat

    53. Its.axleee

      The damelios slipping up rn

    54. emelye carranza

      Yeah I think the cheated because in the first question Charli was looking behind Dixie like the answer was on a phone AND THATS PRETTY SUS!

    55. Ethan Bozarth

      Drama alert I’ve been subscribed

    56. Shez FC

      Char...editz typing....

    57. Zak Battla

      Great video! But the giveaway is fake Sony and Microsoft aren’t letting people buy more than one for whole sale distribution purposes so don’t believe him

    58. Henry Perez

      First Dixie was the only one who was supposed to compete. Next Dixie brings her whole family (against the rules). Then she cheated using their phones and her family for help when it was only supposed to be her. Imagine not letting other people have a partner for this competition, then bringing your whole family to come help you and cheat with you because you can’t do it by yourself 😅. But seriously please don’t do that again.

    59. cool boi

      Aaaaaah..i was wondering how dmailios were big brain i thought their brain was a size of a popcorn welp here is the truth..

      1. cool boi

        I hate tik tokers and tik tok its self

    60. its me josh

      Cheater cheater cheater

    61. unicorn team love is life


    62. :

      I love you your vid so cool

    63. Luke Ogilvie


    64. milky_bqbs

      I was one of the people who spammed cheater and unfair in the stream. They don’t even need the money. They’re just spoiled teens. Edit: tbh I think Jaiden should’ve won but it was unfair for Preston so I wanted him back in when it was them and the dumb Dameilos however you spell it

    65. JackoJarz

      And yet again, people have already forgotten because they’re slightly attractive talented dancers. Yikes.

    66. Anthony Clark

      Shut up

    67. Clu3s_Chango


    68. Clu3s_Chango


    69. Clu3s_Chango


    70. Gangester Boi

      Keem is so nice and is one of the best and if not the best youtuber ever

    71. Diego Romero

      I want to win and I did all

    72. Twin-tower 08

      This is just sad to watch. they cheated out Mrbeast 300K and they get away with it ?!

    73. An An Htun

      Wait charli had a air pod.

    74. Westingtin

      U are the best

    75. Ali Alhubail

      The fact that there hole family is completing is cheating

    76. Bubble Productions

      Keen star : *talks about magic of rahhat* Me: *i haven’t heard that name in years*

    77. Cookies Imposter


    78. Cookies Imposter


    79. Cookies Imposter

      Hewo Read more

    80. Cookies Imposter

      Hiiiiiiiii Read more

    81. Bluester slime

      Guys dont follow the charlies all they care is about money we are like money makers for them

    82. CJ

      “Ohh don’t go to a party during covid. It’s not like there is a 99.98% recovery rate amongst all ages!!!” - said in sarcasm.



    84. Logan McLaughlin

      ZHC got robbed

      1. Saad's GAMING LAND!


    85. Jordan Frederick

      powerwolf itsfunneh promqueen

    86. Liam Milligan

      The moral of the story is Mrbeast probably scripted this so that they could win

      1. Saad's GAMING LAND!

        @Liam Milligan it's ok lol

      2. Liam Milligan

        Saad's GAMING LAND! I hadn’t realised he did that lmao anyways I’m not going to be mad at you and I wasn’t mad just annoyed because I thought he hadn’t realised or had scripted it

      3. Saad's GAMING LAND!

        And mrbeast knew and he tweeted "I know they were cheating I just wanted to have fun. If you want to get mad at anyone, get mad at me"@Liam Milligan

      4. Liam Milligan

        Saad's GAMING LAND! You could clearly hear them cheating and you could see them cheating

      5. Saad's GAMING LAND!


    87. Black Queens

      Unfolow cfarli d amrilo now she at 100mil now

    88. 2losersplayingroblox

      My head hurts thinking about how people could send death threats to a 16 year old girl. Logan paulsis crazy if he thinks he has achance agaisnt flyod, but he is making a good career move since that fight would bring him loads of popularity and money. love the vids keem my twitter is @h3h3isntfunny ...lmao

    89. bokchoi7


      1. Saad's GAMING LAND!


    90. JinHit Entertainmet Director *Jin Got Hit Lol*

      Unfollows Every Damelio Account

    91. Cute Torcher

      Dixie cheated Cuz why did she needs her parents :^/ beside her

    92. jetze jaspers


    93. razzsven YT

      Dang theses girls can't get a break. Twitter:SincerewolfYT

      1. razzsven YT

        @Sele F. True

      2. Sele F.

        Wdym- they do this to themselves

    94. Daniel Arcinas

      poor zhc...

    95. Daniel Arcinas

      yes this is awesome

    96. Destroyer Baz

      Dammnn ur so fun to watch I literally subbed and my notis in all I hope I would have a chance to win ps5 since I can't afford it (Iam in Lebanon and it costs allot that's why I can't)

    97. Hassan836

      yep im not supprised because just recently they uploaded a dinner with the d'Amelios and dixie had no manners but James Charles back them up in the outro

      1. Hassan836


      2. Raijin

        im surprised james still puts up with them tbh

    98. Felicity Brown

      I came for the D'Amelio drama yet i was so into the other stories lol

    99. Naomi

      Why is everyone making it seem like its the end of the world THEIR NOT GONNA KEEP THE MONEY THEY ARRE GIB=VING IT TO PEOPLE WHO NEED IT either way its a win win ✌

    100. lloydpower7

      i subscribed and i turned on post notificstions