My Career DEPENDS on This - Road to the Classic Ep. 30 Lay Lake Practice

Scott Martin

70 миӊ. көрүүлөр6

    My GOALS and DREAMS are all coming down to this last event on the famous Lay Lake in Alabama. This is getting SUPER STRESSFUL!!
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    1. Scott Martin

      We have all worked extremely hard this year so do me a huge solid and share the crap out of this video! Let me know if you did. Can we get this video to 3,000 likes?

      1. Scotty Mcclanahan

        Welcome to our lovely river Scott Martin...wishing you all the best in the tourney.

      2. James B. Hall, MD

        Scott, keep up the good work. Just push the plate picking up a lil weight---not fish weight!!! Lol

      3. Check Mate

        Sooo, The Vid??

      4. Check Mate

        So When And Where For Elites... I Can't Spell.!? "A select group that is superior in terms of ability or qualities to the rest of a group or society."

      5. Chad Dorma

        Man, you guys put out awesome Vids. Teaching, comedy, good stuff. Glad you made the Elites. You deserve it! Can’t wait for the tourney Vids. Consider this Vid shared from me. 👊🏻

    2. TJ DAVIS

      Reese's puffs!

    3. Walter Kama

      Lucky charms, fruit loopys

    4. Damage INC Outdoors

      Captain crunch 100%

    5. E S

      Frosted Flakes

    6. Kenneth Chapman

      Grew up in northeast ohio, Dad loved to ice fish, he loved all kinds of fishing. The clothes that a fellow from Tennessee would put on to go ice fishing, he would of used electric everything. Favorite fishing saying " you got to hold your mouth right" good luck Scott

    7. Kenneth Chapman

      Kellogg Raisin Bran

    8. I Don't Know Fishing

      9:10 News Radio. Joe Rogan had his start there as well.

    9. Brock Johnson

      Dude thanks for showing us the swim jig and what you were throwing ! Interesting man, we need any help we can get from you bro!

    10. Brock Johnson

      Catching up on my SMC channel baby! Best show on tube! This content just gets better and better man, thanks for the hard work Scott!

    11. Garry Mainer

      Oh SON

    12. Evan Frullaney

      Cinnamon Toast Crunch

    13. Devin Clark

      "Reese puffs reese puffs" are the best

    14. Patrick Rasmusson

      Peanut butter crunch

    15. Jon Acree

      Apple Jack's for the win!

    16. BassGeek

      Good practice.

    17. Guy Roger

      God Bless America

    18. Matt Brault

      Best video of the dear man. Keep up the hard work👊🏻

    19. Joshua Bentley

      Hey Billy. Are you related to Timmy Messer? He's a good man and a great fisherman arouyhere in middle Tennessee

    20. Joshua Bentley

      Scott Canterbury is the epitome of a professional and a great man. If no one in the house wins this tournament then I'm rooting for Canterbury

    21. Connor-does-outdoor-stuff

      What place is holding the tournament

    22. Bradley Holloway

      Can’t beat some good ole waffle crisp

    23. Adam Smith

      Let's see how old y'all are. My favorite cereal was quisp and quake. You really taught me a lot this week. I caught 3 shorts. Billy kills me.

    24. Prestan Leonard

      Fruity pebbles

    25. Sledgefist1

      Billy is the Waaaaayyyyy cooler version of APBassin in this group.

    26. Sledgefist1

      Who else comes here after a long day of bad fishing freezing your fingers and toes off and not getting a single bite just to renew your hope with Scott? I hope you win SM!!! You renew my hope in fishing everyday even after the very bad days.

    27. Sledgefist1

      Golden Grahams are the BEST!

    28. Cody Allen

      Fruity Pebbles after the milk soaks in was my favorite.

    29. slab busterRTR

      Hard to beat the ol coosa river my home actually neely Henry .. But i love cinnamon toast church I can eat it til I make myself sick lol

    30. William Orion Dunlap

      you need to throw a under spin

    31. Tim Johnson

      Cheerios, they recently brought out Cinnamon Cheerios!

    32. Daniel Matela

      Come on man I haven't thrown a pair of dirty underwear at you all year long.. great line Scott🤗🤗

    33. Jason Gudgel

      Fruity pebbles

    34. James Shirah

      That tackle compartment tho!!!! get it brother...

    35. BamaBassFinder04 4

      that was a really good idea cutting those small pieces of padding to fit in The tackle box over your jerkbaits so that the hooks would not get tangled that's a very good idea I'm stealing that one!!

    36. BamaBassFinder04 4

      14:14 u set the hook an it literally went DING!!

    37. Bennie Maxwell

      Regular captain crunch rocks!!!!

    38. A.L. Gilley

      Frosted ini wheats n sugar pops

    39. Reelin and Wheelin

      Scott what do you recommend for electric pants and jacket being paraplegic my legs and feet get extremely cold and cause me to miss out on a lot of early spring and winter fishing i had been doing some researching on electric pants but things I’ve bought in past didn’t seem to do much heating possibly just a brand issue not sure but was hoping you would have some insight on a good brand to try thanks

      1. Scott Martin

        I still haven’t tried them yet..but I’ll post the results when I do.

    40. Thenatural56

      Your Career depends on it?.....You are a Young man with a fantastic Future....Love your show. You will slay them next year....Keep your chin up, you are a great Symbol for all fishing fanatics....Kids and Old guys like myself.......

    41. Justin Nickles

      Peanut butter captain crunch

    42. WarEagleTheBest

      What kind of jerkbait is this?

    43. Stephen Pope

      My parents live on lay lake

    44. William Campbell

      I lost my first tooth eating original captain crunch. Butt my favorite became Reese captain crunch

    45. NumberOneNole

      Captain Crunch Peanut Butter!!!

    46. William Laws

      Favorite cereal Raisin Bran or shredded wheat. Corn Pops to

    47. William Laws

      I seen the guys talking about News Rsdio

    48. William Laws

      Scott congratulations I hope dad fishes

    49. James Mims

      It’s lots of fun can catch 50 to 70 a day. 4 to 6 pound fish not un common. Multiple 4 s happen all the time. Good luck

    50. James Mims

      Hey Scott just saw the schedule for next year. Sabine River is 15 min from my house fish it all the time. Have done well.

    51. Marc Lenfant Fishing

      Cinnamon Toast Crunch all day!!

    52. Scott Brown

      My favorite cereal was LIFE.

    53. Carolina shooter 1982

      Patiently waiting on tournament video!!! Lol

      1. Scott Martin

        It’s a good one..Saturday for sure

    54. Aztec Anglers

      Count Chocula !

    55. Nick Witkowski


    56. Brian Frazier

      Peanut Butter Crunch! Right before heading out to CMS and CHS!

    57. Wesley Wardlaw

      Cinnamon toast crunchhhhhh

    58. Waves Currents and Ice

      11:02 Cinnamon Toast Crunch with Corn Pops(remember when they called them Sugar Pops when we were kids Scott?) as a close second.

    59. Frank Maddalena

      It gets nowhere near cold enough here in bama for hand and foot warmers...

    60. Eric Wounded Arrow

      Grape nuts were my jam as a kid

    61. Lacy Desires

      Quaker oats Oh's is my fav... Talk about destroying the roof of your mouth? The capt does it pretty bad BUT Oh's does it much MUCH worse.

    62. Ab Gr

      Arrogance has taken Scott’s luck .. god is good

    63. Aaron Fortner

      Count chocula baby!

    64. Eric V

      Did his rod break throwing the swiwjig?

    65. Scott O,Donahoe

      Generic puffed rice with powdered skim milk :)

    66. Scott McCrary

      Bout died when billy said "you taught me alot, iv caught three shorts." 😆

    67. Tyler Frye

      I lost a pair of tighty used to be whities in Lay Lake if you find them while you're there 😬😂

    68. Sei 5

      Haha Scott I do that same thing sticking the foot warmers too my body hunting up north east.

      1. Sei 5

        They actually do have a body patch but my cabelas never seems to have them.🤷‍♂️

      2. Scott Martin

        We should make a body patch

    69. Lewis Marshall

      Cocoa Crispies. Gotta eat em fast before they get mushy!

    70. Detstormvet7991 Rider

      Shared on Facebook

      1. Scott Martin

        Thank you sooooo much!!

    71. Detstormvet7991 Rider

      Life cereal is Favorite, you have this!!! Just fish,don't make it harder than it is!!!

    72. Chris G

      You came to my neck of the woods. I have a place on lay. And yes I love the tear the roof of my mouth up cereal to. I heard you say something about the lower unit. Sounds like you found one of our stumps. Hope all is well.

    73. Malcolm Greene

      Fruity pebbles

    74. dunkind

      i like how cause shimano isnt one of your sponsors you brush over it like "yea little metanium" lol knowing damn well its the rolls royce of baitcasters

      1. Lacy Desires

        Naaa, Steez is

    75. Phil Richardson

      Cocoa krispies and a cut up banana 🍌 wooooo delish

    76. Danny Shelton

      Mine is Frosted Flakes, they’re great.... lol ! And I am 68 years young!

    77. Brandon Norwood

      Cookie crisp!

    78. Big Bird Fishin'

      Favorite cereal:Cocoa Puffs!

    79. Citykid Hunting and fishing

      That is my favorite to this day with blueberries omg

    80. Tanner Herndon

      Billy should create a KGup channel so we can follow how he does next year

    81. J Haywood

      Great job

    82. Jim Snyder

      Batman and Robin, Scott and Billy..........

    83. Richard Herbst

      McCoy is the REEL McCoy. Nice job with this video young man! I fished Lay for 15 years and she is temperamental. You have captured and presented what it really looks like at this time of the year. Keep up the good work!!

    84. Adam Crandall

      Lucky Charms

    85. Jim Snyder

      How about a Duck Blind video with the Duck Commander guys? Epic!!

    86. Jim Snyder

      Close, but there is nothing better then a Cinnamon Roll!!

    87. lue vang

      What kinda hooks and split rings you put on those custom mb jerkbaits?

    88. lue vang

      Corn Pops

    89. johnny saechao

      Captain crunch with berries too here! Still eat em till this day 😂😂.. billy knows his captain 👍👍

    90. Tyler Fish

      Geez scott win one

    91. Bill Sr.

      You know you will have to bring "Billy Gotta Bass" back next year man. If you don't.....Todd or Andrew will have him next year dude!

    92. Scott O'Bryant

      Fruity Pebbles

    93. Rick Hensley

      Nothing better than fishing and traveling with family and friends. Memories you will have for a lifetime! Good luck next year and hopefully the rest of the gang can join you for 2022

    94. Michael Bravo

      Great job Macoy! Congratulations Scott on making the Elites. You worked your tail off for that berth that’s for sure!

    95. Bob Witt

      Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

    96. Connor Franks

      Only thing that I didn’t like was that the fact that you threw litter back into the lake

    97. Kent Arnold

      When is was young it n the 60s I liked apple jacks, capn crunch and Tony tiger's frosted flakes, there is greatttt

    98. Ron Robison

      Frosted Flakes

    99. Michelle Terrell

      Peanut butter captain crunch lol

    100. Claude Sauder

      Whens first vid coming up for day 1