Destiny 2 - Beyond Light - Story Reveal Trailer


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    Be careful, Guardians. You aren’t the only ones who seek to use Stasis as a weapon.
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    Dive into the free-to-play world of Destiny 2 to experience responsive first-person shooter combat, explore the mysteries of our solar system, and unleash elemental abilities against powerful enemies. Create your Guardian and collect unique weapons, armor, and gear to customize your look and playstyle. Experience Destiny 2’s cinematic story alone or with friends, join other Guardians for challenging co-op missions, or compete against them in a variety of PvP modes.

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    1. Zekiye Mert

      How to make clan pls say

    2. The Crack Cellar

      Times may have been dark in 2017, but compared to 2020 it was pretty much Candyland. The Crack Cellar takes a long, hard look at Destiny 2 and its potential future:

    3. Venom Airsoft

      Does anyone know where I can get more of this 1:55? That sounds so awesome, but it’s not in the song

    4. google / you tube



      This may be the only Destiny 2 theme where its not from the OST

    6. Carsen Maxwell

      The Exo Stranger is finally back!!!

    7. Kidnoob

      Im so pissed i bought this shit DLC, there is ABSOLUTELY not enough new loot and weapons, not enough new pvp maps, not enough new armor and not enough story...y’all will never fucking learn to make good DLCs after forsaken was your one hit wonder

    8. Matthew Swingle

      This is basically a repackaged Red Legion story structure. Glad I didn’t buy this expansion. Rinse, reuse, repeat. You’re boring Destiny.

    9. nazım otuzdört

    10. twitchykun

      "DARKNESSSSS!!!" Rick James, 1985

    11. Aiden Pierce


    12. Brickarys

      Is anyone else in love with the title card’s sound effect?

    13. H2O

      There is 1 Dredgen among us.

    14. The Crack Cellar

      Will Destiny 2 give us a black eye? Or will he promise it will get better this time? Find out as the Crack Cellar Talks, "Beyond Light" -

    15. Nᛁᚲᚲ ᚹᚨᛞᛖ wᛁᛚᛋᛟᚾ

      I miss the cosmagrome

    16. V


    17. Назар Рамазанов

      Music from video: Collapsing Sun · Brandon Lau

    18. Štěpán Daněk

      I swear to god If you kill our boy Variks we gon' get REALLY MAD. Please don't just kill character left and right or there won't be any left :c

    19. visicircle

      im still surprised the fallen are buddies with humans. How long before interspecies relationships form?

    20. Hadrosaur Hero

      Got to admit that music is sick

    21. Furion Max

      From the look of things. The darkness has created their own Guardians to combat the traveler's. It won't be long before the Hive and the Cabal join their ranks along with the Vex.

    22. MoonLeader

      What the music name in the end?

    23. Enzo Tronzo

      0:35 r u the imposter?

    24. Gameplay Moments

      Awesome !!

    25. mattg1415


    26. Benedek

      for all the fans: Enjoy the music of the trailer!

    27. Ttv_King0716_YT

      What’s the song in the background?

    28. Elliott Cobbs

      Would’ve been amazing if icebreaker came back

    29. 2skins

      Can't wait to get some of that EXO STRANGE

    30. Noodle Sushi

      Eramis: *talks in english* Other Eliksni: what the fuck is she saying?

    31. Variks

      She has frozen my caballs Guardian... gather stasis, and... kill her... YESSSS?

    32. Oliver's lego tutorials

      Also she kills the servitor in a different trailer

    33. Thomas Reinhardt

      i reaLLy Love to play Destiny one, and the Destiny two game.. 😀❤️👍 because i have Destiny one and Destiny two on my Xbox One.. 😉


      Beyond light is not a final chapter but the beginning of the end for destiny

    35. BlueDragon24

      Hope Mithrax and the House of light make an appearance

    36. Carlos Castillo

      Everyone is excited for variks’s return but, WHERE IS MY BOI MITHRAAX

    37. Earther

      I feel bad for the fallen, they’re driven to madness by the fact that they once had the traveller, and as soon as the darkness came, the traveller left them for dead.

    38. Rick but its not Astley

      Hopefully beyond light has a demo like Shadowkeep does

    39. wmmadezy

      1million views!

    40. exotic charge

      I'm so excited for beyond light I have 25 bounties ready to be claimed!

    41. Doc

      Eramis: we are no longer pawns of our own devices. Servitor: *chuckles* im in danger

    42. Antoine Washington

      No one hurt variks but me

    43. James Savage

      it would be fun to fight with the fallen, or what ever they where called before they became fallen.

    44. Rival Melody

      I’ve had this preordered since August thinking it was gonna release in September🤦‍♀️This better come out this time or me and the rest of the d2 community gonna be pissed😂

    45. DeltaDragonGamer

      we did it boys, 1 million views!

    46. Craig Wortham

      Our enemies stand no chance against this power Ruinous Effigy: *Chuckles* You're in danger.

      1. Craig Wortham

        @Cbandit Only the mid air light attack and drain are getting nerfed. The slam still decimates Majors and the drain STILL heals you and negates boss stomp on you. So yeah...these frozen hobos's are in danger and will get turned into purple balls and dunked.

      2. Cbandit

        thats why they had the nerf

    47. The Two Faced Phantom

      (Is a leader of the Fallen in front of only Fallen.... *sPeAkS EngLisH)*

      1. Christian Rios

        It symbolises that the Fallen are losing their way and becoming something else

    48. eurosonly

      To be fair, the dlc trailer already gives out enough of the story details on its own.

      1. Christian Rios

        @I steal popular names for likes what do you mean? The community cried out with joy for the Darkness finally being revealed

      2. I steal popular names for likes

        Atleast we know it has a real story unlike shadowkeep. Thank god “-“

    49. Squeegs

      D1 vets after defeating eramis: You are dead, we are not

      1. Christian Rios

        D1 vet here, I can confirm we will happily say that

    50. Conchur Fitzsimons

      I love the characteristic of Eramis. Love it! Same feeling I had with Skolas and SIVA The only thing I have a little difficulty understanding is when she says "The Great Machine will finally know our *pain*!" I know that the Great Machine is something the Fallen worship more than anything, possibly even more than their servitors. But is she saying that what they have found is even greater than the Great Machine, and they no longer need the worshipping of the Great Machine?

      1. Conchur Fitzsimons

        @Christian Rios Ah, I see! Thanks!

      2. Christian Rios

        The Great Machine is the Traveler to the Fallen, the Traveler gifted them many things to, like the Golden Age for humanity, but when the Darkness came, they destroyed the Fallens solar system, becoming space pirates, so Eramis means she wants the Traveler to feel their pain of being betrayed

    51. Karlos Brown

      Anyone remember 2017 Christmas snowballs

    52. Some Dude

      i sort by new for once and i see so many haters... bruh these people need to stop coming back to these trailers to hate on a game they clearly dont play anymore just do something else man ppl are still gonna buy the expansion if they like the game stop calling them gullible or idiots for doing so -_-

      1. Christian Rios

        Yeah it's really annoying, thanks for calling them out

    53. Joshua Klassen

      Me: I promise I won't get political *Three drinks later* Me: 0:01

    54. Dan the man

      Cant wait

    55. GILL_AA7

      1:00 I ain’t gonna play imma sit there boppin to the music

    56. Alyssa Holko

      g eazy

    57. Jordyn Gagnon

      Nobody messes with Variks

    58. Jordyn Gagnon

      Eramis "We are pawns of our own machines!!!!" Servitor "Aight ima head out...." Eramis "Oh no you dont!!!!"

    59. Will Web

      I don’t have the will to kill that servitor

    60. Dark Newbie

      Servitor vibe

    61. Amirhossin namdari


    62. ohbassoon

      Okay let’s admit this music is sick.

    63. hassimojay

      I’m getting dead space 3 vibes from the warlocks outfit at the end

    64. Logan Hoyt


    65. GGbrianD savage

      So looking forward to spending $40 for 2 days of content XD GG Bungo you might get em next time.

    66. That arhamkara thing above Shaxx


    67. felipe rojas

      dam i still miss cayde

    68. Jason Velez

      I hope this raid is top notch as the level of wrath of the machine

      1. Christian Rios

        The theory's are we might have to fight Clovis Bray in an Exo body, it might be a big raid

    69. Kory Callison


    70. Varsam Grey

      Variks: GUARDIAN! He- *BANG* My Guardian: Someone tell me what’s going on here....

    71. Hyd9

      Music: cyberpunk Voices: warframe

    72. Naomi Duran

      Hey Eramis, what does DuneMarchers Do? Eramis: 0:01

    73. Boriiisgm

      Does anyone know what song it is?

      1. S Yi

        Collapsing sun.

    74. Mateusz Kruk

      Servitors in D1: Worship and protect me, hence I'm your God! Servitors in D2: Plz don't kill me, I give you food

    75. Jaxon McDonald

      ​DESTINY 2 PEOPLE HERE ME NOW, Make an exotic that shoots barrels of ink that reduce opponents visibility

      1. Jaxon McDonald

        @Christian Rios Cool that you replied, Ive only played D2 and not for too long either

      2. Christian Rios

        D1 vet here, that actually sounds interesting and challenging, I wonder how it would work

      3. Brix Inc.

        Noooooooo that would be so annoying in crucible

    76. LambSauceLocated


    77. Freddy Gonzalez

      Variks is the only person that can kill a main character and still be loved lol (even though he didn't mean to kill him -_-)

    78. Freddy Gonzalez

      So basically the fallen found magical crack and we have to stop them from overdosing ? Please tell me im not the only one that thought of this

    79. yasio bolo

      “Our enemies stand no chance against this power” Guardians: laughs in xenophage

      1. Freedeoxide


      2. Kai Matthews

        @Mr Pickles im goina cry lmao

      3. -

        @Dab510 i still use it in pve

      4. Mr Pickles

        @Kai Matthews oppressive is going away. It was a seasonal mod.

      5. Dab510

        @- TLW is actually for PVP

    80. Donkey PuncHer5

      For the love of the Traveler! Bring Mithrax into this please

    81. jessie_fun

      Stupid trailer.

    82. William Mayfield

      I thought the enemies were supposed to be a whole different faction like darkness based or something was I wrong or are they just hiding the new enemies from us?

      1. Some Dude

        rest assured, the veil will probably appear in lightfall to take our lives or whenever bungo feels like it

      2. yasio bolo

        That ‘WAAAAIIIIT!’ from my boy Variks gets me every time, the guy is clearly desperately pleading with Eramis.

    83. galaxy jar

      D1 is better prove me wrong.

      1. Christian Rios

        D1 vet here, I don't ever compare the 2 since both are really different, I play D2 all the time, and I go back to D1 here and there.

    84. Sherdrick Rankin

      Eramis’s voice makes me want to clear my throat

    85. Gabriel Edwards

      RIP to veteran players who quit

      1. Christian Rios

        I didn't quit, Destiny player since the beginning and going to the end


      Beyond bullshits haha cheaters vs cheaters & I banned cuz I was good with thorn before pc players/cheaters &KGupr cheaters show up;)Before lag switch/cronusmax/auto aim assist & many other programs that I really don't know;)


      One more trick from bungie is coming for the victims of her like D2?or better the bad copy of D1.Dont forget everything from D1 maps,exotics are old stuff from D1 they want money not better game's look pvp there are cheaters vs cheaters(PC players little harry potters & KGuprs everywhere)Buy free don't follow like victims.Only Destiny is a game (D2/forsaken&other dlc are copy)don't spend your $$$ if you are console player.Its pc game now & if you play fair there's no reason to buy;)

    88. Theodore Sharpe

      Guys only want one thing and it's fucking disgusting: Select race: Human (Male/Female) Awoken (Male/Female) Exo (Male/Female) Eliksni (Male/Female)

      1. Christian Rios

        That actually would be cool... But why are guys being single out?

    89. Yeetboy Gaming

      This is my one of my favorite games and I’m so happy this game is still getting updates and dlc

    90. Suman Pradhan

      Whats new for F2P?

    91. Rbk Fam

      I feel destiny would make a better movie than it is a game 🤞

      1. Rbk Fam

        That would be dope they can make it good quality too just like the quality of the movie Warcraft

      2. Christian Rios

        Same, I want the Golden Age and the Collapse as a Destiny movie

    92. The Turdinator

      Man, I though that Bungie was releasing this game a week before Cyberpunk. Looks like Destiny's getting my full attention for the foreseeable future

    93. Prodigeric

      Please, let the enemies, at least have a chance, "said no gamer ever"

    94. Gastón Lapcak

      This garbage game still Alive? :/

    95. Alan Hetrick

      Can't wait for the new xbox to get here i was able to pre order it, I just pre ordered beyond light... I still have a 360 lol .... fail

    96. Hi my name is What

      This what yall getting hyped about? Tf?? Bungie really going downhill lol we can't even trust them with halo

      1. Hi my name is What

        @Christian Rios I never said 343 were handling halo well, in fact I said the complete opposite. I love all of bungie's halo games but frankly when they started developing destiny and got rid of their best story writer Joseph Staten they've gone downhill very fast trading the charm they put into games for monetization and poor storytelling. To be fair though Activision definitely caused it as they ruin every once great studio. Bungie can't recover from the damage they've left on them now.

      2. Christian Rios

        @Hi my name is What ok, yes I miss read your post, but Bungie is the one who did Halo 1, 2, 3, ODST, Reach, and Wars, Halo games that were the best, and Bungie still has their magic when it comes to story telling and gameplay in Destiny, Bungie even got rid of Activision, if that doesn't show that they're are the same as they were back than, then I don't know what is

      3. Hi my name is What

        @Christian Rios Buddy youre sped as hell lmao learn to read im saying even if budgie was making halo again they'd manage to make it shit like they are with destiny you sped

      4. Christian Rios

        They don't do Halo anymore, that's 343 industries, and Bungie is making this a really big DLC, with even new enemies and weather systems in the game, if your butt hurt about Bungie, cry somewhere else

    97. sehhi vooty

      That ‘WAAAAIIIIT!’ from my boy Variks gets me every time, the guy is clearly desperately pleading with Eramis.

    98. 22 2ayruss

      I thought when she said the thing about the machines that she was going to turn around and stab the servitor.

    99. AudioPhile

      Lol, destiny 2 trailers never make me want to play the game, but every now and then I come back to it just for the gunplay. If I can tear myself away from Ghost Legends I'll be back to check it out.

      1. sehhi vooty

        i'm sorry bungie this looks cheesy af

    100. Online_Gaming_ 07

      Omg the best keep it up bungie