Apex Legends | Stories from the Outlands - “Promise”

Apex Legends

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    Nearly a century ago, Dr. Mary Somers was hired to solve a cataclysmic energy crisis. Her search for answers would take her to the edge of the universe. Before Mary left Olympus, she promised her son she’d return. But was it a promise she’d be able to keep?
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    1. Flare Oil

      Omg ash

    2. Gamer boi Streams

      Scottish mom but American son MAKES SENSE

    3. NCTMaks

      Interstellar in short

    4. Windzard79

      Why didn't they add this location as an Easter egg

    5. Yüksek fps Tv

      Apex legends can apex FILM

    6. AHarice

      Newt isnt actually a AI but something Horizon put her son into similar to Wilson from castaway

    7. Shawn Soto

      hey that's mine

      1. Shawn Soto

        well I'm fat

      2. Shawn Soto

        I'll beef up

      3. Shawn Soto


      4. Shawn Soto

        he took it

    8. Criss Mz

      Alguien que hable español

    9. Michael Gaydos

      This is kinda sad

    10. Bepis N

      >Piano >Includes character specialised in space in terms of their career >Something goes wrong with a black hole >Main ability centred around black hole Everybody gangsta until you hear “THE UNIVERSE IS SINGING TO ME” in the wrong game.

    11. Lucas Demofonte

      Me waiting for my mom to stop talking to her friend: 3:08

    12. S1gnom

      Every time I watch this I get goosebumps

    13. xvke original

      Apex is still alive

    14. MaU Cotto

      hola alguien que sw subcriba ami canal

    15. Poop Looser64

      There can be only one

    16. QWERT_ _?

      I believe the betrayer is Ash. In the season 5 mission, Ashes to ashes. Ash says something around the lines of "Just a wee bit of betrayal before breakfast eh dearie". This person also says, "dearie" mocking Horizon's words/speech. And Jeffery Epstein didn't kill himself.

    17. Сулейман Мухтаров


    18. coolkid201 noob


    19. Cate Geiger

      So sad

    20. Матвей Плетухин

      Every time, when I watch this video, I want to cry. Всякий раз, когда я смотрю этот ролик, мне хочется плакать.

    21. Sky _Fall

      im sad now all thanks to apex :(

    22. Amalea A.

      I love that the new hero is Della duck

    23. Trey Mitchell

      What a sad story 😭😭😭😭😭

    24. Dumb Person


    25. Lera Nelson

      А ее сын стал ревенантом, конец истории.

    26. Клифф

      My god i'm crying

    27. Sensei Senseix

      Absolutely beautiful and heart warming ♥

    28. xFusionz619

      That (viper voice do you have it titanfall 2)

    29. Depresso Espresso

      Holy shit, it really is Interstellar.

    30. NSK M4T3

      Theory: the little boy Is going to be the next legend

      1. Gabriel Machado

        He is dead, as suggested in 3:15, because she returned 87 years later in the same universe... But maybe next map after olympus is in another universe so who knows, it would be crazy if he appeared in next lore contents

    31. Zeba Naqvi

      Pls don't just give 1 story per season pls respawn

    32. the polish cow

      That fucking voice gets me 🤣🤣😅😅🤣🤣

    33. angel caiza

      yo no estoy llorando... TU estas llorando >:'v

    34. Sagecho

      When the piano kicks in at the end it never fails to bring me to tears.

    35. baby man

      so her certainty, as well as the “Don’t worry, My boy. I’ll keep that promise yet. It’s just a matter of 𝙩𝙞𝙢𝙚.” black holes are linked with time travel as doing so can correctly allow wormholes to function due to the black hole, this being a woman capable of even surviving yet getting to that point in space, allows me to believe she’s going back in time or opening a wormhole in which time is spliced. just a theory

    36. Noel Osemwegie

      Why did you betrayed horizon

    37. Pharaoh Tyga

      Here to put it out there that Horizon’s Son is Revenant. If you couldn’t tell from the same city, red hair, blue eyes and all the not so subtle foreshadowing lol.

      1. Marcello No Name

        Revenant had blonde hair not red, also, revenant is older than horizon. Rev is 300 years old, horizon is 100

    38. EvgashaBeamStream

      Wow I’m crying

    39. SMG1 / / Saiyan Productions

      Where's lifeline's history?

    40. Sync

      i'm not crying, you're crying


      Why im crying it just a trailer i hope she will meet her son

    42. xwingman 23

      plot twist the kid is mirage

    43. Gasper_YT

      This story was actually rlly good

    44. Vincent Roesli

      Horizon was not an Impostor

    45. Joseph Girard

      I'm not crying, I'm just experiencing accelerated eye hydration.

    46. William Creech

      By far the safest cinematic they have made. Beautiful work respawn

    47. Miraç Evreni

      Interstellar is in a nutshell

    48. JANX ART


    49. Steve Berman

      This shit is so good, it's unreal that it's for a battle royale video game

    50. Aniket Saxena

      Funny how 31755 days is exactly 87 years :p

    51. Viacheslav Korobkov


    52. Jonathan Alvaro

      I have the theory that Pathfinder's creator is Horizon's son. And Pathfinder had son's memories, but after creation of black hole (or something like this, idk what is it) on Olympus Pathfinder lost his memories 🤔🤔🤔🤔

    53. Олег Маркевич

      Interstellar, is that you ?

    54. catsp0il

      I am simply sobbing

    55. Frostbit 101

      Got to love how it sounds like kids story

    56. An Ordinary apple

      Horizon was not the imposter. 1 imposter remains

    57. 해켄

      So interestelar vibes...love it 🖤

    58. Breanna Ross

      K we all have to just take a sec and plain thank respawn they didint have to do this and they gave there all thats all that should count everyone might be saying its for cash or whatever but i no respawn... any tintanfall 2 fan noes respawn and i no my opinion means nothing but there giveing 150% i dont think we should even have an opinion other then patch notes or something i no just being a straight up fanboy but its true thats my opinion

    59. Andrew's Ramjiawan

      Why u BANNED me mapa902 WHY APEX

    60. Son Luku_420X

      Respawn are the true heroes of this era! So heart warming!!!

    61. Obsidian Blue

      I will go to dr Reid and crash her like a cream and take horizon's son to apex where horizon is now anyways apex legend is very good but in Olympus we have a lot of holes

      1. granolaa

        U can play titanfall 2: mission: "into the abyss" is where u kill her,.but she comes back later and again in apex

    62. James

      Wtf apex, out here making me cry and shit

    63. Pablo Patan

      This is sad

    64. Eleandre Dizon

      So horizon lost his son and mirage lost his mom sooooo... I THINK MIRAGES MOM IS HER!(HORIZON)

    65. Hexaltheninja Wow

      Apex has such a nice aesthetic but Titanfall 2 has such a stunning trailer. Bang Bang they shot em down

    66. Israel CMGG

      Dr. Mary Somers is by far my favorite character of them all.

    67. man frost


    68. man pizza

      I just like how newtie starts flapping when the crystal forms

    69. joelgm 2008

      F for boy

    70. Arthur Podsiadlo

      Bruh the kid looks like the kid from overwatch

    71. Peter Longo

      Wattson when she seas horizon

    72. Shrek is Life

      I have a theory that Horizon is Wattsons grandmother

      1. no idea

        Yes it makes sense, horizon's son is the "papa" of wattson, because he escaped from olimpus and went to kings canyon, even tho wattson probably is adopted or something because the papa is far older, or maybe tha papa is just his grandpa

    73. The Khanivore

      There's nothing more painful and tragic than a parent having to outlive their own child

      1. NoobKingManFur


    74. Blobflykills

      Well the black hole is soppused to suck in the whole ship and they did get it right for the time lapse

    75. jopojopo1


    76. Marvin Megavolt

      So, with this exotic material, the Branthium crystal, she was able to create a wormhole, connecting two points in spacetime instantly. Where have we seen that kind of technology in the Titanfall universe before? Yeah. The alien Fold Weapon from Titanfall 2. I bet there's a connection there. Maybe the Ark was some kind of incredibly dense branthium power core. Would explain why it was the sole part of the Fold Weapon General Marder's IMC research team couldn't recreate.

    77. Enter Name

      I don’t think revenant and octane got a stories from the outlands when they were released

      1. BiggyCheese 1869

        Rev did octane didnt

      2. Croversola

        Dude,they made one for a dead character,literally

    78. Gamer4everPR-YT

      >When each Apex Legends hero has more plot than the entirety of Overwatch lore

    79. TOXINFACE38


    80. Espinoza Arellano Javier

      I cried..


      wait its not OverWatch?

    82. KatZap

      MY HEART

    83. TheNexan

      Finally, some fuckin' good *_s c o t l a n d_*

    84. MasteX

      nice music))) can u send a link?

    85. Bigenemy 000

      I'm not understanding why she joined the apex games though. She doesn't have any use to be there, or can it help her?

      1. Bigenemy 000

        @Ragil Shafli ok but why she stayed?

      2. Ragil Shafli

        They start the apex games while she arrive at olympus

    86. Raft Gamer

      Casi lloro alv

    87. Satria Nur

      the girl that betrayed horizon, was that the same girl called "big sister" in rampart movie trailer?

      1. Websterlan Junior

        most likely not. its probably Ash from titanfall

    88. Eagalaivan R

      Where is the story for my Pathfinder

    89. Zachary Isaac

      bruh the first scene looked like in was from interstellar

    90. 肉を食べすぎてパリピの化け物になったゆうくん!

      感動した人 ↓ 別に押さなくてもいいよ

    91. ISEKVI

      Who's cutting onions?

    92. John Marston

      DR Reid more like DR rude

    93. joseph mallinger

      its so awesome how every legend has a story to tell it puts a lot more juice into the game

    94. SrJenz

      re piola viajo en el tiempo si ella pudo yo tambien puedo viajar en el tiempo para salvar a Rem >:v (el latino que allá entendido y ve anime que de like ;v)

    95. Vasiliki Karatzouni

      Just like when my father died when i was 9

    96. JILL King

      She made a promise

    97. tomato man

      Im a Rocket Man

    98. Phython cz12

      Apex should make a movie because trailers are sooooo good

    99. CrittingOut

      Best buddy go "beep beep boop boop"

    100. Bowie Twombly

      Y'all really just remade interstellar, except four minutes long and actually good this time. 😂