Around the Town with professional Angler Dustin Connell

Around the Town in the South

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    Hey Y’all, it’s Cindy Cobb and I am here with professional fisherman Dustin Connell. I’ve watched Dustin work for this dream that he lives every day, and I got to watch him win the 2017 Bass Masters tournament on the Ross Barnett reservoir in Ridgeland, MS!
    He also won the rookie of the year!
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    1. Todd Dickinson

      Won’t find a better dude than DC... #kingofding

    2. JMavs 508

      Oh boy , you look suspect !

    3. Razorbak

      Look at that grin....😁😁😁😁😁😁 you DC.....mean it!!!!!

    4. Brad McDaniel

      Big, big fan of DC!

      1. Around the Town in the South

        He’s a great guy!!

    5. Dale Trent

      Just started following Dustin. Was watching Jacob Wheeler and enjoyed following those guys. A lot of heart in that group.


      DC, Wheeler said you couldn't even catch a GRASSHOPPER! 😆 🦗🔨🔨🔨

    7. Todd Richardson

      Great story. I just started watching him. GO DUSTIN!!!