The MCS Pro tournament is today, It's time to shock the world! MCS Tournament


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    Today we are back with the Madden 21 MCS tournament where I am competing against 16 others to be named the Patriots Club Champion! This is a madden 21 gameplay!
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    1. TDBarrett

      For those confused here is a summary. I played weekend league for the last 5 weeks to qualify for this tournament. Weekend league is 25 games a week and a I averaged 21-22 wins a week so I go the #1 seed. So of all the people who choose Patriots club I was #1. You will see me in this tournament compete against the other 16 players. The winner goes to a Live Event where we play the PS4 winner to be named the Pats Club Champion! LETS GO!

      1. D3athstroke69

        Get it!!!

      2. GuB Cxmp

        TD can you go against TDpresents to see who is the better TD lol

      3. Kiontae Pettis

        How do u know u qualify?

      4. jajuan catchings

        Why yu switch 2 xbox?

      5. Big Chief69

        Hope you win Brett your awesome

    2. fortnite gamer

      When we going to see a baby TD

    3. Robert-LEAFS

      Bro you gotta pop that before the vid

    4. Tom Courtney

      I love how you think you’re good and over react to everything. Don’t get me wrong he’s good but overreacts and thinks he’s better than he is

    5. Trevor Scrivens

      Is there running back Bo Jackson

    6. Colby Nichols

      brett be like i hated that game x23456 times

    7. David Brown

      Why is he holding Chritobins madden challenge belt!? LOL

    8. Michael Harris

      Hey, just wanted to say that you are loved more than you could ever imagine, no matter what is going on in your life. Life can be incredibly hard, but we are blessed so much by our Lord and savior. The people in your life, the phone or computer you’re reading this on, and the simple act of breathing are all huge blessings. Don’t focus on the negatives, or what has or could go wrong. Focus on Jesus and the many blessings He gives us every day. Smile and take a breath. God’s got it figured out already, and is taking care of you. He has never let you down, and won’t start now. He’s coming back. Are you ready? God bless. God is so beyond amazing.

    9. JA CRISPY

      I hated that game, I hated that game, I hated that game, I hated that game, I hated that game, I hated that game, I hated that game, I hated that game

    10. C Brunson

      BR4 SENT ME

    11. Josh

      What the heck does he say after "What's up guys?" He gets so hype, I lose the words lol. Here's to the only Madden player I watch though. This is probably the best series I've liked of amy gamer, content creator or youtuber because I've always wondered the process

    12. Andrew Hart

      What formation is he running out of 4:35

    13. Sportionary 1

      10:05 I think he hated that game? Thoughts?

    14. WhiteMamba Games

      let me get that infinity stone out of your forehead

    15. Brennan Cooney

      good stuff td. Just a tip. From me playing madden whenever I’m nervous I tend to run and run and run the ball too. But remember that u throw dimes and be confident. Keep up the great work man!

    16. Kearsen Huckabee

      Bro he is just like me he drinks somthing every play

    17. Tavarius Pritchett

      Do u ever watch ur vids to se wat u did wrong and improve next vid ?

    18. King Mitch

      Dudes like this are the ones that make madden trash lmao

    19. Adrian Valenzuela

      I don't watch for a year and now you're married 👀 congrats bro 👏🏼🎉

    20. Hayden Rice

      Ok TD we see you 😳😳👀

    21. Maximus Marks

      6:40 he had a wide open for the first down

    22. Grayson

      I haven’t watched in 5 or 6 months, I’m glad I’m back

    23. Armin Gill

      Brett an eminence cleanser.. your wife will thank you

    24. Jok Channey

      Can I get a #winthatship in the comments💪🏾

    25. Jok Channey

      I’m cheering u on the whole way I believe in you TD GO WIN THAT SHIP🤞🏾👍🏾💯

    26. 76cwood

      Your wife looks more like your sister pal

    27. NewVillage

      Love you TD. Tough loss, def need to work on that run defense, which I know you will, You'll bounce back. Good stuff

    28. William Vanner

      So you ran stretch like 89 times?

    29. Caleb Hill

      It’s so crazy how much better you got in a year


      td barret sucks at madden i most likely could beat him and he is a bandwagon , he should be a bills fan he doesnt like hockey but he says he is from toronto that is a lie also he doesnt deserve a beutiful wife like that

    31. Landon Miranda

      I hated that game. lol

    32. Robby Wright

      "If you can't stop the run get out the kitchen" - TD

    33. Ilovecats catsloveme

      a game that has anything to do with AI and just Running the ball over and over will never be a big esport LOL. would love for it to be one but with EA making the game, it never will be.

    34. xSunnyboi ;\

      This man so damn cocky🤣

    35. Miles Watkins

      Playoff brett Is a real thing lol. He's the number one seed losing to the number five and almost losing to the eight 🤣

    36. Awesome025

      God Bless Y’all, Td is so good, and his wife is very cool as well.💪💪🏈

    37. Luke Olson


    38. Therr1an

      Lets go TD!

    39. Bizarre Bush


    40. Team Dragon

      I like how he says "Lets go Fellas!"

    41. DC ii

      Td you need some sleep man... take care of yourself

    42. Davis Montgomery

      if you didn't know he hated the second game 😂

    43. Mr Squidward

      10:08 jeez Brett we get it 😂

    44. L0TR CAPALOT

      If i had a dog that is a girl hidey would be a amazing name

    45. ひManny

      TD man you cane a loooooong way with this madden stuff. you gotten so good you’re in Pro tourneys! crazy to see your growth and your an inspiration to those who want to grow

    46. SoloSoStussy23

      good luck TD i hope you win the tourny bruh bruh you the biggest grinder out rn

    47. Cameron Scott

      who else thought at first it was only runs??

      1. Cameron Scott


    48. Joy Pearsall

      hey TD your should get BO Jackson on your ultimate team

    49. David Luke

      Can you show us your offense and defense playbook and what you use because I love what you use

    50. Dorian Mobley


    51. Christopher Scott

      Let’s Go TD always entertained!!! Love the content and videos you always kill it.. can’t wait for more

    52. Rubben Donart

      0:49 I stopped my 9-5 thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

    53. Jonny Boy

      Lmao. The run game is OP. Madden back to no skill running offense. Fuck this game

    54. A Guapooo

      Legend has it...he still hated that game🤫

    55. Matthew Malley

      I think its crazy that ea lets stretch be the most overpowered play 2 years in a row

    56. Madden Bro’z


    57. Ashton Moore

      U should play Crim10 he might has better stick skills than u

    58. Adam Blum

      Keep believing in yourself TD.

    59. Heck Ass Boi

      She looks like your sister 🤣

    60. Anthony Young

      yall post on the other channel

    61. Miles Vinton

      holy acne jeez

    62. Antonio Kuri

      U got this Brett


      Who wants to see Eli Mack vs TDBarrett in a madden game


      Titans are winning next week 6-1


      TITANS UP⚔️⚔️⚔️⚔️⚔️🏈🏈🏈🏈👑👑👑👑🏈🏈🏈🏈


      The Goat Of Madden and he’s the best Madden Player Ever and Can you use the Miami Dolphins franchise

    67. RewAndrew

      *Madden 20 flashbacks*

    68. Eazy Mohammed

      TD GanG 💪🏈 #sToPnGoGanG

    69. David McCurdy

      Anyone ever notice they rarely wear they’re wedding rings?!🤔

    70. Omar Porter Jr

      What playbook is this?

    71. IsoAIM -yt

      How do you do that glitch

    72. Gavin Vaughn

      plz tell me what type of dog ur dawg is

      1. Gavin Vaughn

        no homo intended

    73. Tylerrr1k

      rumor has it that he still hates that game...

    74. Elijah Dufour

      Wow td has absolute clamps!

    75. alex mason

      Bruh that con game at the 3 game was not bad now u in L side it should be easy

    76. Tamir Mayberry

      Come on td u got this

    77. IsoMoto

      Chokes again...bruh


      Just got a question what are you looking at to your right 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 everytime you say lets go fellas then you look

    79. Gaming with Tee

      Love your videos TD! Good Luck in the tournament. Been watching a while and its nuts how big your channel has gotten. It has inspired me to begin my road to youtube. First Video this Friday at 5pm EST!!! SUBSCRIBE to be first in line!

    80. CookUpCuse

      What offensive playbook do you use TD?

    81. Younguy Tae

      Bro the opponent literally ran the same play all the way up the field

    82. Donovan Crandall

      One thing that kinda bothers me that TD does is he switches off and relies on the NPC to make the tackle, I know in a lot of cases this is what to do but in certain situations he’s doing it where he should be doing a dive tackle where it would most likely make the play and the NPC always runs on the heels of the player without tackling them. Sooo many first downs/extra yardage that could be prevented by switching on and making that tackle.

    83. YoungBoy Naz719

      My boy TD makin us proud🙏🏼🙏🏼

    84. Sergio Covarrubias

      How do you send spy’s on PlayStation

    85. Logan Biddle

      You can tell TD has been grinding and hasn’t hit the shower with all the zits he’s got on his face

    86. Joshyua Garland

      Damn TD!!!! Good games though

    87. Foday Jaward


    88. AK

      Y did you completely change your offense? Y not just expand your scheme

    89. Mario Sanguinetti


    90. Girldats Dexx

      Crazy how Sunday Simmons actually caught a lock against Russell

    91. Jamalee W.M.

      TD you got to start using other moves dude that stop and going is not for every situation

    92. Kevin B

      I don’t think I remember TD winning anything significant. Whenever I see any tournament style or anything that says the words “playoffs” I assume he didn’t win.

    93. Braeden Manchester

      Hahaha you lost 😂😂

    94. LogLogs

      TD is the forever madden GOAT

    95. 2HYPEFAN1234 !!!

      How many more games do u have to win to move on sry I just don’t understand the bracket I’m dumb

    96. Qet Money

      This dude needs shower he been sweating and tht Shi obvious asl wit tht acne

    97. Deontae Menefield

      When she does the slurp and twist combo at the same time 11:48

    98. Andrew Vercolio

      I could tell you were nervous as freak, but anyway congrats bro ❤

    99. Donavin Randolph

      TD can me and you play a game?

    100. Dallas Roach

      Yo TD I was wondering if you wanted 1v1 me on regs on Xbox I'd be cowboys you be Titans my gamertag is YoungD2007 so just hit me up on Xbox if you want to accept my one of the one I'm a huge fan