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Young MA

93 миӊ. көрүүлөр12

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    1. Ashley Singleton

      She said Herstory is about to be the greatest story never told. #LIVINGLEGEND

    2. Ashley Singleton

      YOUNG M.A is a fucking ROCK STAR!

    3. Abongile Gotyana

      Savage mode 😤😤 litrually💯

    4. Leesha Heard

      “...I know the difference between loved and used...”

    5. Leesha Heard

      I just love her, her words, and the way she expresses them. I can’t believe that I just found her a couple months ago.

    6. English Cool Training Center TV

      great video....true Champion ...much love from el salvador

    7. AstroprOject Gaming

      She sound better then 50 oop I said it

    8. AstroprOject Gaming

      Ma da best run it up

    9. AstroprOject Gaming

      Ma da best

    10. Jmilan Jackson

      Clout shit

    11. Jmilan Jackson


    12. Jmilan Jackson


    13. Jmilan Jackson


    14. Jmilan Jackson


    15. Jmilan Jackson


    16. Jmilan Jackson

      Love her she's so dope

    17. Michael Lorenski

      I need a chance in booth on a beat I show u I'm really can do this shit respectfully 100 always

    18. A Vargas

      Where was this filmed?

    19. Devoughn Richards

      I so love the Boss Lady M.A all of her is hot and she is better then all these males. I will give it all up just to be around her because she is so much like my sister being gay but I still and all Way's will love theme I enjoy my sister company all the time so you see young M.A i well love to be around you and spite bars with you all day

    20. oswaldo fernandez

      Name first son??

    21. Adu Ansah Collins

      She is the best

    22. Johnny Wad

      Yo, what hack engineer recorded this shit with all that weird electrical noise? Fire they asses ASAP

    23. Alexis Smith

      That flow though 🥰😋

    24. Gwen Martin

      Young MA-a rapping woman who knows who she is! Like Queen Latifah back in the day, she is so underrated and deserve much more recognition. Keep your head up; remembering not to allow the Business make you; but you make the Business! Much love from Cayce, South Carolina.

    25. Kiki Leo

      Shes the BEST female rapper🔥❤ Show me some LOVE, SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL, THANK YOU

    26. Mone't Barfield

      What happen to ur foot boo??

    27. RAVE M X

      sounds really bad

      1. Johnny Wad

        Dubway Studios fucked this up with some unpaid intern running it

    28. kagisosth rabaji

      Dope M.A

    29. Mafoh Kendra

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    30. Kwaku Scott

      Red life for life....half of my life

    31. promise promise

      Love you M.A💯💓💓

    32. Nicole Leckner

      This was so fire! She out there even with crutches on a roof during a pandemic. Doesn't get much realer and her doing Many Men by 50 was awesome🔥🔥🔥🐐

    33. obeyselfmade

      Bro I thought my phone was fucked up that fucking static fuckinh up the vibe

    34. Tiff Smith

      I LOVEEEE it ALLLL😍😍😍😍😍

    35. Betzaida Velez

      To me in my opinion the best female rapper love her music the best give her her flowers 💐 today the only female that could go head to toes with any raper stay blessed 🧚‍♀️🧚‍♀️🧚‍♀️🧚‍♀️🧚‍♀️🧚‍♀️

    36. Sam TownsendII

      S3nsi Molly collab wood be str8!?

    37. Jasparrow Hunter

      Ride on my bestie 💜💖 young m.a you are among the best.. one love 💞 dope nigga

    38. Jasparrow Hunter

      Young m.a is among the best female rapper .....

    39. Shaun Kazeundja

      Best rapper for real my eyes do not deceive me

    40. Mandlenkosi Ndiweni

      why do people even listen to Cardi?

    41. just kxng

      I loved all this brah😈🙋💪❤❤❤


      Ur the only one female Raper which i Loved lot.. much love darling😘 from Bangalore India

    43. miranda pow

      Total respect for this young lady.

    44. Juan Martinez Math

      We know her flow and verses are top notch, but her beat selection is also impeccable

    45. Tiff Smith

      Dammmmm😭😭😭😭I Want Moreee

    46. curtis clarke


    47. curtis clarke

      One love

    48. curtis clarke

      BLESSING and love respect

    49. curtis clarke

      Up respect

    50. Lyric.x

      This about to be the greatest story never told....nigga

    51. Lyric.x

      Red life fam... Be a loyal gang and go subscribe to my channel....going to upload young m.a's fire songs... God bless you

    52. XXXTENTACION Forever


    53. Mike Ray

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    54. Alejandro Vera

      11:23 fire

    55. Rubz Q

      🔥 bars💯💯💯💯

    56. Armageddon AkaJay

      Death is sweet to the one that understands it to the upright ones death is an escape from the harsh people in the world the world it's not harsh the world provide for us every day death is bitter to the wicked ones they will never rest in peace

    57. Loco Melaza

      PUERTORICAN and Jamaican NuyokRikan where hip hop rap was born..." the rest is parking like we say in Puertorico" Cassandra aka Young M.A

    58. Gino Muchenje

      Love you kasanova

    59. Iryna Hadzhan


    60. Olga Fayuco Huerta

      Muy buena música 😘💞abrazos

    61. Seething Simian

      Omg so cute! She is everything This took balls imo, I can’t picture many people w/a big enough presence to be doing this... MA’s got it naturally!!!

    62. Tiffany Smith

      I really enjoyed this!!! Stay safe in this COVID19!!! GOD bless!!!!

    63. A C

      💙💙 much love!!

    64. Jemar


    65. jonnypipo19 jnsl


    66. Eli serkalem

      Young Ma is the real G. keep doing you Ma , you a fucking genius!!!! ain't nobody got nothing on you. God your amazing.

    67. destiny reymond

      Respect 👊👊👊

    68. Monâ K

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    69. Obas OBV

      M.A she's always the best ❤️

    70. Tu Sicka The Zia Son

      M.A out here...nah fam 4real she OUT HERE 👏

    71. MLC SXM

      ok good

    72. Ebona EH

      Think Young M.A’s ‘WALK’ is one of my top 10 favourite flows of all time.

    73. strawberry10cs

      The Coolest Birthday Gift to Myself. 😂😎👏👏👏👏🎂🍨🎉🎉🎉🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈 Barz

    74. sOdEeP mUsIc

      that was lit

    75. rias Sanchez

      bro tell me that ant pretty boy fredo as dj

    76. E M

      This was needed!!!!🔥🔥🔥

    77. Katherine Cherry

      She is defintely the best FEMALE rapper and needs to be supported by the commuity!!

    78. Singh Sukhneet

      i m not a heater but this is reacord


      Good son 👂 kgup.info/get/qK-reaeXgaeDqYc/video

    80. Benny Harpaz

      Shoutout to 50 - many man - 38:08

    81. Kristal Hodges

      Love it!! 😍🔥💯

    82. Michele Lomax

      I love you

    83. Pink Vixxen

      Some real shit man these new mf need to get hip!!!!

    84. Allegrea Johnson

      Love this woman

      1. Panda !

        Wtff he isnt a women

    85. Eric quinones

      Man she can spit!!!! One of my favorite artist.

    86. john davis

      Always liked Young MA but somewhere I started loosing interest but girl got mad skills none the less 😜

    87. Aroh Divine

      Young MA 😩😩😩😭😭😍

    88. Ace G

      Who else was waiting for Young MA to sing Big

    89. Yolanda Nelson

      I have absolutely nothing but love in my heart for you little one, even if you have no love for me. I am a day one, a true supporter! Not all police are bad.

    90. Khalid Rasheed

      She's serious business 💯

    91. Nikita Demna

      Shit lit as fuck❤

    92. junior branch

      man i just love this artist and her style of rapping

    93. Jillian Gassert

      I like your music and your outfit

    94. junior branch

      real dope rapper ur the best


      young ma murder this album.

    96. Jinxt mann

      I wanna meet her fr fr lol

    97. Ater Deng Jb

      The hardest baddest rapper alive 💯🔥🔥

    98. Martin Sierra

      What it B like young MA!!!!? Keep it pushing and dropping Hot shit!!!!! For the streets and keep it 💯💯💯💯

    99. big mack

      Young ma she my favorite female rappers

    100. That Indigo Stoner

      This was so dope Young MA got me singing along to every single song man 💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥🙌🙌🙌☮☯🕉