The NEW TEAM for 2021 - Who's it going to be?

Scott Martin

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    We have some new faces in the house for this season! I am super excited to kick off this 2021 Bassmaster Elite Tour season up on the St. Johns River in my home state of Florida.
    Be sure to stay tuned for all of the upcoming tournament videos!
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    1. Scott Martin

      We need nickname suggestions! Let me know what you think they should be!

      1. Steven Perry

        Why not bring back, “Baby Ninja Thor” for you. BNT.

      2. Jeremy Franczyk

        TEAM TRI-SCOTT!!!!!!

      3. Johnny B

        Plumbury Smarty Air Head

      4. Hambone Brown


      5. Tennessee Lunker

        Canterberry - berry Scott martin - Martin

    2. Kenneth Claar

      I think you should be Big Daddy .

    3. Jeremy Franczyk

      Look at that sweet sweet Titan Tungsten logo coming to team SMC!!!! Love the Tri-SCOTT team!! DADADADOMMMMMMINATE!!!!!!!!

    4. wayne osmon


    5. John Burdette

      Is the boat carpet decal company listed? I don't know which one it is.

    6. Kuuttila Family fishing

      Hey Scott I was to start by saying that you're my favorite fisherman in the entire world and with that being said you are on my rapala fantasy fishing league for the bassmasters on St John's and all the other ones and with your advice I even took my ears as my partner in it and tried to get Scott Canterbury but he was on the same thing as you so I couldn't I need you guys to step up and get me in first place I'm a father of three I'm married so I live paycheck to paycheck and this is my first big chance to win a lot of tackle and step up my stuff so I can start having a lot more Lourdes you're my favorite and I have the most faith in you I was so hyped when I seen that you were on the fantasy fish and you are my first person to pick so please please please help me when you admit are going to kill it this year please thank you for everything thank you for all the content thank you for everything Scott you are the man literally you're the best in the world!!!!!!!!!

    7. Sincerely Omar

      New nickname should be “Daddy Martin” just sayin🗣🤷🏽‍♂️

    8. David Hurley

      Mattness Tomato Can

    9. Hambone Brown


    10. Kevin Murphy

      Scott I'd like to hear how the FXR rides. I wasn't a fan of the FX but I hear the the FXR is great.

    11. Reese

      Billy is a national treasure, gotta have him man

    12. dunkind

      matt arey is back?? dude got the personality of a fart in a space suit

    13. Bass Raider

      Very cool!

    14. Burt 'Bandit' Reynolds

      Really most video a advertising!!! Sold out.

    15. Allen Outdoors

      So half videos now a commercial!!

    16. Joey Bass

      Name him cranberry!!!!

    17. Randy Arnhart

      Funny thing is, none of the links he mentioned are here. 🤔

    18. Phil Clark

      So when are you moving to Japan?

    19. Off the Hook Outdoors

      Sounds like you got a great team with all aspects covered good luck this season with the new team Scott. Check out my KGup channel Off The Hook Outdoors! Sub and like the videos. Thank you and stay safe out there 🎣🦌

    20. Michàel Fester

      Good luck will be following you all year

    21. John Barksdale

      Yes, why would I live in Harrison County we're getting ready yet by ice storm

    22. Vince Walczak

      Good luck this year, look forward to more exciting videos, all the guys at Firehouse 43 are rooting for you 2021 season

    23. Chris Burnett

      Mr. Martin is eligible and would be a great addition to the team. Onelove best of luck this season. Be safe

    24. Bryant Hodge

      what about brandon

    25. michael wall

      Matt’s nickname is already pickles

    26. William Belcher

      Good luck on the St John's we got some biggins up here just gotta find em

    27. Timothy Lalande

      Where is spiner worm

    28. Ryan Branch


    29. Snitchols

      Tight lines in 2021!

    30. redfishreilley

      Scott "moneyman" Martin

    31. Nartl

      “Cranberry” for Scott and “Rick” for Eric

    32. Jack Landsaw jr

      Funny thing is. I just switched from HIMS to Keeps. Oh and they do work. Non sponsored promo here lol

    33. Marvin Pippig

      Hi Scott, the nicknames. Scott Martin: Big Daddy Martin Scott Canterbury: Flipping Scott Kid Arey Short:: Two Shorty

    34. Kluck Fabrication

      Call you force, since you act like and talk like John force

    35. SomeGuy OnAPhone

      I'm excited about the adventures you'll have with the new boat and team. Also, if you go bald I'll still watch you. I enjoy and appreciate all the advice and tips. Much love from South Mississippi.

    36. Josh Pink

      Scott Marten: Varsity Canterbury: Jr Varsity Arey: Short Bus

    37. Ken Hester

      Scott, since your trying to win the big one for your dad. Nickname for Scott "Scott-Row"

    38. John Pettyjohn

      Baylor is a Boomer Sooner, I've always found that kind of funny.

    39. J Kent

      B I L L Y!!!!!!!!! WOO!

    40. John Bowen

      Scott Martin - Big Scott Scott Canterbury- Scottie Sweet and simple. No need for confusion

    41. Paul Dombrowski

      Marty, cantz and airz.

      1. Scott Martin

        Like it

    42. Mike Green

      Hey Scott, good luck this season & wow what a team of hammers! I was on the road for 33 years and I really felt it when you talked about leaving your wife, kids & dog. But you gotta pay them bills. I’ve watched fishing for years. But man I am jazzed to watch the behind the scenes of the elites this year. Especially you and Scott “Frankenberry”. Travel safe and tight lines my brutha.

    43. William Brown

      You can't get rid of Billy. Gonna miss Todd and Andrew.

    44. Integra Tire Carrot River

      Great to see Billy back with ya...... he is a staple in the SMC brand

    45. Braden Sullivan

      Well scott we had a chance to meet ya but we were to nervous to meet you and your dad😞

    46. A-Rizky

      Top chenel A-RIZKY

    47. A guy commenting on random videos

      Am I the only one that thinks that Scott reminds me of AJ Styles

    48. Adam Smith

      I love ya scott but I call it like I see it. It's time to lace up your jogging shoes bud

    49. Tanner Scott

      Gotta be “Scotty Flippin” for Canterbury

    50. Daniel Yourko

      Mo Larry n curly 😂😂😂

    51. Andy Davis

      Hillary’s dad!!!!

    52. JASON Rol

      What's Happening Scott!!! Nickname~

    53. JB's Fishing Stuff N More

      Good luck with the new up coming season in the Elites

    54. Bama's Detailing

      Little Martin= Scott Martin. Can man = Scott Canterbury

    55. Kelly Lewis

      Scotland Martin, Scotty to hotty and patty matty.

    56. Jonathan Angle

      You know what treats hair loss? Smc hat

    57. Eddie King

      Scott my dad said for you to come down to watts bar lake and fish because when you do he is gonna destroy you in fishing so please come and meet me and him

    58. Nick Cavazos

      Hammerbury - Canterbury Show time - Martin Will have to think awhile for arey.... can’t wait to see it kick off this week!!

    59. William Laumius

      Thank you for sharing your adventures so people who cant get out anymore can enjoy

    60. Michael Quatrone


    61. Chknlyps2

      Crankberry for SC

    62. Tom Baldwin

      Scott can be "luscious", Airy can be called "Hairy", Canterbury can just be called "Berries", all together you can be called the mucous "luscious hairy berries!"...🤣

      1. Tom Baldwin

        Delete the mucous.... lol

    63. Rusty Cannon

      Why isn’t Billy fishing?

    64. lfthzmrk

      For you: SMaCk (which you are always talking) 😉 Canterbury: Sir Scott

    65. Teresa Collins

      Scott Martin can be Marty Scott Canaberry can be Canny

    66. TexasAirGunner

      Glad to hear about Billy being in the videos still. Got to love his antics....

    67. josh pickett

      Where's spinnerworm?

    68. Danny Bailey

      Just wondering why Billy can't fish, and great video and good luck

    69. Sammy Clutchin15

      One of yall got to be Scooter lol

    70. carl gagnon

      Wrap looks awesome dude! Yessss Billy is back!!! ya man 👍 Scott Canterbury mr halo rod’s awesome stuff

    71. Hunter Marshall

      Did anyone else notice that Baylor and billy look alike???

    72. Joshua Cunningham

      Tie on your spinner bait Scott. You will catch some donkeys

    73. Bob yokley

      Bring Spinner worm back to the team

    74. JVB outdoors

      MartinMagic for scott

    75. corey chafin

      There would be something missing without Billy. He is my HERO!

    76. RedNeck Fishing

      I met a guy named Brain Snowden says he fishes in bassmaster elites? Older guy seen his boat! He said he was headed to Florida to fish same tournament!

    77. Troy Harper

      Awesome video Scott 💯💯 Good Luck this season buddy 💯💯

    78. Camron Tripp

      Ask trash talking james to give u a nickname

    79. Graham Gabriele

      Scott can be martin

    80. Jordon A

      Mart , Berry and Rey

    81. Jeremy Lee

      What the heck happened to spinner worm?? Wheres brandon

    82. Brett Stewart

      You have to keep Billy no matter what

    83. KingFishing

      Rook for Scott lol. Berry for Canterbury and Air for arey

    84. Ben Ott

      Matt already has a nickname, it’s Pickles.

    85. Michael Grant

      Good luck out on the Elite Series! Watching closely!!

    86. Michael Scott

      Billy's back! Just smashed the thumbs up button.

    87. Michael Crider

      Good luck this year God bless you.

    88. Just Livin With Adam & Amanda

      You need the Westin mdx running boards on that truck! Goes perfect with chevys big stance. I have them on my 2021 Chevy 3500hd Dually and it looks great. Just an option to think about

    89. jason daniels

      Scott, love that your changing everything up, it’s always good to keep things fresh but on that note.... don’t ever talk hair loss again! Lmfao! I know have a burnt image of a 3am infomercial with you as a spoke person for grey hair and hair loss! 😂😂😂😂

    90. big dad ace

      Scott Martin......G 2 or G2p.... [ second-generation pro] / Scott canterbury......[ Robo...... Cause he's a fishing robot] / Matt Arey ..... [Air Mat he's got a built-in nic name]

    91. Abdal Ketaneh

      Dude if your nickname isn’t BOSS HOG something In this world isn’t right!

    92. DG Mills

      All I can say is... God made a few perfect heads, The rest He covered with hair! Nice to "meet" your new team Scott!🎣🎣🎣🎣🎣🎣🎣🎣🎣

    93. Pringals

      I've always wondered... what do you pro's do with your old boats? What did you do with the old BattleWagon?

    94. BassJazzTV

      @Scott Martin man when u coming to MLF for real competition. Literally u have a great ability. Man where are you? Goals are goals. I feel if you cant win at MLF, you cannot get the status as LEGEND. Seperate from dad my man. Get a MLF Trophy. Thats legendary permanent. No shade or tryn to make fun of you. Your a great angler, but u know MLF is the only true form of rawest best fisherman on the planet.

    95. OzarkBassinTV

      Marty, Cants, and Airs. Those would be appropriate hockey names. The ELITE forward line of the Bass Mass Elites!!.... What know one watches hockey? Those guys invented nicknames. Or at least mastered them! 😂

    96. Stiks fishing channel

      boat looks good, but you may need some of that hair stuff.. lol. had to say it bro

    97. David Freiters

      Is Billy still going to be there

    98. John Barksdale

      I got one for you Scott Bass Catcher

    99. Derrick Farley

      You are a sellout! Last 3 videos have been nothing but advertisements!

    100. Derrick Farley

      So the entire shoot is nothing but sponsors and making you money, on top of KGup money?