‘I think Tennessee got a lot of noes’ - Chris Low on Vols hiring Josh Huepel | SEC Now

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51 миӊ. көрүүлөр18

    Chris Low discusses the other coaching names that Tennessee reached out to before hiring UCF’s Josh Heupel as their next head coach.
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    1. Chris Jaskulski

      Tennessee still has a football team? Well, at least UCFs popularity will pay off getting them back on TV.

    2. Joe Phon

      Tennessee has the wildest fan base ever period

    3. Todd Storrie

      Fulmer killed TN. Connived to get head coaching job. Connived to get AD job. Piece of ....

    4. Johnson City Aerial Photography LLC

      Should’ve kept Lance Decker!.....

    5. Cadu k

      Lol thank you for taking him off our backs!!! He simply sucks as a coach From all aspects of what coach should be!!! UCF players are excited that he is gone!!

    6. Joel Howard

      I've followed Tennessee football since the late 60's I never thought it could sink this far down.

      1. Erick Ogg

        I’m only 34 but I was born in December and my father held me during the last few games starting in 86. I’ve missed very few games since that’s been televised. I can not be more disappointed in the Vols then I am right now. We need to get our act together

    7. John Naylor

      Here's what you can expect from this guy. Roc Taylor was headed to Tennessee ... bush league coach Josh Heupel pulled the kid's scholarship the day before national Signing Day, leaving the 4* TE with little options to seek a spot at other schools. Kind a thing you'd expect from a coach who claims a National Championship after going undefeated against a sting of no name teams. With all the players who withdrew their commitments so far, no 5* recruits only nine 4* ..... the Vols can afford to give up a 4* impact player ?

    8. Edward Branscomb

      Bigger names: Ha Ha Ha, Ho, Ho,....what??

    9. Smoke Sum'um


    10. Claudel Washington

      UT fucked up ROYALLY when they decided not to hire Mike Leach. And Leach was ready to take the job until Fat Phil took over at AD. But instead they chose JP.......


      Josh Heupel did NOT do a good job at UCF. Look at his actual track record. His first year, he inherited an undefeated team that beat Auburn in the Peach Bowl the year before. That team was Scott Frosts team. Heupel's first season UCF went undefeated again and lost a close bowl game to LSU. Again, that was Frosts team. They could have beaten LSU had they not lost their QB to a brutal injury towards the end of the regular season.. Now the next three years that Heupel was responsible for were his doing. Every year his teams regressed. 2 losses then 3 losses and this year 4 losses. His defense was HORRENDOUS!! They gave up crazy amount of points. Im glad he's gone. He downgrades his job by going to a school like Tennessee with violations and tons if problems. Tennessee took Heupel because everyone else turned them down. Heupel will not be missed at UCF. We miss Frost and will miss White.

      1. Joe Berry

        I think great coach at tennessee.

      2. Joe Berry

        Yall need stop being so negative...

    12. Army Mobility Officer

      Our program is a dumpster fire. I am a fan and I will remain a fan BUT I do not have to support the dumb decisions being made by our "leaders" in Knoxvile. Maybe our NEXT coach will be OK.

    13. Larry Hatcher

      The recruiting class this year was not that bad...15th in the nation...there are still some of those guys out though....Georgia might have some room left for a 4 star recuit...We still remember the Cade Mays stuff...I hope Cade is happy at Tenn

    14. Buck Shot

      UT is the new UCF! National champs. 😂😜🤪🤣🕺💃HaHa.

    15. Mo Vo

      I want him to turn it around The last time they were good was 1998

      1. Rob Johnson

        Somehow you missed 2015, 16. Both of those seasons would qualify as "good" and weren't sprinkled with a lot of luck like 98 was.

      2. J Pep


    16. Adam Perry

      They got a lot of noes when hiring Pruitt too

    17. Gregory Thompson

      This is a terrible hire geezes

    18. Brian

      SEC bleeding the G5 dry of coaching talents, yet turn around and claim these conferences are inferior to them in every sense.

      1. Brian

        @J Pep because SEC teams will pay multi million dollar contracts to coaches even if they underperform...,

      2. J Pep

        They are. If you can't see the difference in the sec and then you should find a new hobby. Why do so many take sec jobs?

    19. Jeff P

      Heupel underperformed here at UCF, had way more talent and lost to Tulsa 2 years in a row.

      1. MinisterManDan

        @Kenneth Joseph he’s a much better hire. 10 years is a long time at any job in the sec and he’s had a ton of success while in the shadow of the best Alabama teams in the history of that program. Malzahn deciding UCF is a better gig than UT should be a massive wake up call for vol fans

      2. Kenneth Joseph

        @MinisterManDan Yet people act like Malzhan, who just got fired, was a better hire than Heupel.

      3. MinisterManDan

        Any time you can hire someone one year away from serious hot seat talks, you’ve done a great job

      4. Kenneth Joseph


    20. Justin Knoll

      Because UCF coaches have such a great track record of bringing back dead blue blood programs. Cough cough Nebraska

      1. Chris D

        Nobody was going to bring back Nebraska. It’s a different time. Can’t give out 300 scholarships anymore and just store all the good players away from other programs...plus, nobody wants to live in Nebraska

      2. Rob Johnson

        According the Neb fans, Frost needs about 11 more years to root out the bad culture that existed there.

      3. NO NAME

        Yeah Josh was a bad hire

      4. J Pep

        Which is the point

      5. soonersdevil

        That's One coach.

    21. Jroc MF Deal

      Was Tee Martin a serious candidate?

      1. Rob Johnson

        @Jroc MF Deal yeah Miami made a PC hire, FSU made a PC hire, Texas made a PC hire, USF made a PC hire, Texas A&M made a PC hire, ASU made a PC hire, IL made a pc hire. Way back ND made a PC hire. And there are probably at least10 PC hires I missed and how did they all work out. Name 1 PC hire that has worked out. Tee Martin would own the worst record record of any Div 1 coach in history. Managing young men is a lot different than grown men.

      2. Jroc MF Deal

        @Rob Johnson the program is hot garbage already. How have the last 4 hires worked out? I can only think of one reason why Tee wasn't hired!!!

      3. Rob Johnson

        Tee Martin? OMG. Why not just bulldoze the Univ into the river. The fatman was fired from his last job and how did the players he was responsible at TN fair?

      4. Levi Thomas

        Tee is going and would relate with the young recruits. The new coach done regressed every year at UCF so how is that a good coach.

      5. Jroc MF Deal

        @Oreo Puppy dawg no doubt. I'm just giving an outsiders perspective. Tennessee has been down for years and this latest scandal is doesn't help.

    22. Terry Douglas

      With so many players bailing it will be several years before Tennessee gets back to being competitive!

    23. Dis Like

      Guy in thumbnail looks like Mike Postle

    24. Joshua Warren

      I actually think Heipels an upgrade honestly over Pruitt, this might not be seen in their record next year

      1. J Pep

        That's nothing but as of speculation. JH has a much tougher job due to coming sanctions.

    25. Coach Dude

      He wasn't great at UCF Coach Frost had them rolling as a group of 5 team I would pull my CARD but naw not place an time

    26. anondescriptobserver

      Tennessee needs BOTH Alabama and Georgia to be down to be a national contender, and one of them to be down to contend for and occasionally win the SEC East. Bama and UGA finishing in the top three of recruiting every year is killing them.

      1. Rob Johnson

        "Tennessee needs BOTH Alabama and Georgia to be down to be a national contender" and you forgot Kentucky.

      2. Buster Cherry

        That's what happened back in the 90's. Bama and Jawja were both down and UT rose at their expense.

    27. H Tarpley

      Looks like a great hire.

    28. David Asbury

      This guy was sinking the great ship that Frost built and that’s who TN wants??!! Wow, unbelievable!!! Maybe they’ll prove me wrong, I hope so but I truly doubt this one!!

    29. Don

      Low is right, Heupel's first task is to find a starting QB out of the transfer portal. Pruitt was doomed when he went into this season with Guarantano as his starting QB.

      1. simon Jimenez

        Tyler shough

      2. Cory Braswell

        @AUS10texas HOOKEM You are right! It's a developmental issue! If the new staff comes in and DEVELOPS they will win some games no doubt!

      3. AUS10texas HOOKEM

        @Cory Braswell .. I’m not a tenn fan, but people get so excited about rankings but are so quick to kill a 4-5* QB.. Kids have talent it’s the coach’s job to get the most of out em every kid on tenn roster was a stud in HS this isn’t a talent issue..

      4. Cory Braswell

        @Rob Johnson Pruitt was clueless!! Any coach that would trot #2 out there over and over again deserves to be FIRED!! Yes the defense was terrible but everyone said Pruitt is a guru.....LMAO

      5. Rob Johnson

        "Pruitt was doomed when he went into this season with Guarantano" Even if G had played great, the defense was bleeding points.

    30. C. Dawg Knight

      This coach was likely their 7th or 8th choice

      1. a buddha

        Agreed. The fans do consistently speculate about the wrong guys.

    31. carles mauricio

      Great hire Vols!!!

    32. Jay Brannon

      Nobody was interested. This is a great hire considering the fact we have blown up the program. Some of us Vols fans still think they are replacing Fulmer 20 years later.. we are replacing Pruitt 20 years later! Grow up people!

    33. Cams Etc

      Fat Phil's legacy continues with another loser hire

    34. Richard Childs

      Here we go again...should have kept Butch it looks like...

      1. Owen Franklin

        How ya figure. Your one of those UT fans that think they deserve nick saban

    35. ChessieFan1528

      I hope Pruitt is never hired again as a head coach. At least TN can play basketball.

    36. The Hpn


    37. Mikevdog

      The next ex-coach firee by the meddling goober boosters.

    38. David

      Fulmer once said "Bama will be out of business" regarding NCAA violations. My how the worm has turned.

      1. Rob Johnson

        "Fulmer once said "Bama will be out of business" This is BS. Can't find it anywhere but comment sections. How fing stupid are you to think that even that dumba** would say such a stupid thing.

      2. Donald Sherer

        @Joshua White Tennessee can never start to heal until fans accept the truth and the truth is Phillip Fulmer is a very bad person.

      3. Matt M

        Yes, Fulmer literally said that.

      4. Billy Thompson

        @Joshua White yes he did

      5. Joshua White

        Fulmer literally never said that.

    39. Ryan M.

      Should have stayed with Schiano. This is all the fans fault.

      1. Justin Knoll

        @Owen Franklin debatable but I get why you're in denial that you guys messed up

      2. Owen Franklin

        @Justin Knoll THE fact is Shia no wouldn't have been any better

      3. Justin Knoll

        @Owen Franklin no one is going with 0 wins in the SEC as long as Vanderbilt and Tennessee are there, Kansas would probably win 2 or 3 in the SEC. Yeah your upper and mid level teams are really solid but the bottom ofthe SEC is extremely low.

      4. Owen Franklin

        @Justin Knoll year sure did but he also would have been 0-10 in the sec

      5. Justin Knoll

        @Owen Franklin he had a better record at Rutgers than Tennessee had this year. Probably would have won head to head too.

    40. 33moneyball

      This was about their 10th choice. Huepel took over a 13-0 program and the team got worse every year. All available evidence suggests he was ruining UCF.

      1. Rob Johnson

        @Brian with Frost's juniors and seniors. And 1 to 3 to 4 losses does not bode well.

      2. Brian

        I mean UCF has really only had 5 successful years in the past 20 seasons and Huepel coached for two of them

    41. Cory Hilton

      Dont see why its bad....u need stability...what better way than to-jump in a fox hole with a guy who u know has your back? JG is gone...Weve got Salter/Bailey/Hooker...we going to be better than last year no doubt.

      1. Jeff P

        "Stability" just wait until you see Heupels defense lol

    42. Weekend-Street

      I think he's a better QB coach than what they've had...and offensive too. Luke Fickell turned down the job apparently, maybe some possible sanctions coming turning people away. I thought James Franklin would've jumped at the chance at Tennessee...bet that played a part.

      1. Randy Jordan

        I think TN would have been a step down from Penn State. Franklin can win 9-10 games per year at PSU easier than he could at TN.

    43. Lake Brecheen

      As an Oklahoma fan I gotta be pretty happy with this trade. You get an old fired coach, and we get Wanya Morris, Key Lawrence, Eric Gray 😂.

      1. MysteriousOklahoma

        Josh is a winner...give him time

      2. Paul Byron

        @VOLREADY 4EVER - I figure our hardest game will be Bama. Well, after Ohio State, that is.


        Yeah they will shine y’all’s hardest game is Texas but hope the best for them

      4. Lake Brecheen

        @VOLREADY 4EVER Yea Tennessee as a whole was horrible. However the actual talent for a lot of the guys is far from that. You put them in a better system, and with better coaching they should do great things. Bill Bedenbaugh will have Wanya Morris playing like a first round tackle. Alex Grinch will utilize the crazy athleticism of Key. While Riley obviously will put Gray in a situation to do insanely well. There’s a reason you see guys play for horrible programs and still get drafted high.

      5. Lake Brecheen

        @Paul Byron Of course I love Josh Heupel the player. I have to separate that though when they become coaches. He will always be an Oklahoma Legend though, and was the QB that got me into football.

    44. Surfbird11

      Getting rid of Fulmer at least allows the POSSIBILITY of a brighter future for the Vols but it will take years!

      1. Surfbird11

        @RedSkaal Yes. Not sure if that was me or auto-correct that messed up.

      2. RedSkaal


    45. AppStateFresnoStateUtahState


      1. Joe Berry

        Tennessee going back on top mountain give him time

    46. Hillccs

      It doesn’t matter if they got no’s. Get through probation, and if he does well all will be forgotten.

      1. J Pep

        It does matter. You got turned down by many much better coaches. That's the point. He isn't going to get thru probation.

    47. Noway Nohow

      Butch 2.0

    48. R S

      All you so called experts thinks he'll be fired in 3 yrs?!. The man hasn't coached a game yet. Who cares what it did at UCF. Im a vols fan, we have to have to be patient, dont expect anything this year. Just sit back and let them rebuild.

      1. Owen Franklin

        @Randy Reno Pretty sure he didn't say that you di Typical dumb vols fan

      2. Randy Reno

        He doesn't believe in defense and that don't work in the sec

      3. Owen Franklin

        Your right Most of us Tennessee fans don't have a clue it's ridiculous

      4. R S

        @Jake Christian if they keep kevin steele they should be ok on defense. But still give it time.

      5. Jake Christian

        We will have a great offense at least

    49. Ken Williams

      Beggars Can't Be Choosers. Tennessee know who they are.

    50. Randy Simpson

      We got turned down when Fulmer got fired, thus a guy named Kiffin. Face it, it's not the most desirable job or even in the top 10 in college football. Fulmer was a Tenn guy. Majors was a Tenn guy. KIffin, not a head coach. Dooley, nothing else needs to be said. Butch was the best outside hire they had ever made. Hope the new CF connection works out for the Vols.

      1. Randy Jordan

        TN hired Kiffin because he was unemployed at the time and TN didn't have to pay a buyout.

      2. Richard Childs

        Maybe they should have kept Butch...

      3. Street Disciple

        No it was kiffin

    51. Lester Combs

      Nobody wants that job. Blame Fulmer and Pritchett

    52. Tham Thmit

      Back to the basement we go 😔

      1. Richard Childs

        We haven't left in 20 years. I'm running out of pizza rolls.

      2. SSgt Chit E. Panz


      3. Tham Thmit

        @Just address me as King yea, every time we beat someone that’s better than average the media goes “They’re back! The vols are back!” And then we lose to 40 to Florida. It’s been tough

      4. Just address me as King

        @Tham Thmit Oh yea.... They did win something like 8 games in a row from last year to this year. Then followed it up with 7 losses in a row☹.

      5. Tham Thmit

        @Just address me as King we were ranked at one point (not like we deserved to be ranked) but at least we were talked about

    53. Daniel Hurst

      I just wish they looked at Jeff Fisher a bit more before going the direction they went

      1. Randy Jordan

        I haven't heard any media analysts say that Fisher would have been a good hire. I think Fisher lobbied for the job so he could get another 3 or 4 year paycheck before retiring.

      2. SSgt Chit E. Panz

        I agree. Jeff said he wanted the job & already had a Staff put together.

    54. Dakota Blakney

      & this is supposed to be the guy who brings the best decade in vols football?

    55. Brad Morrison

      We did and part of the reason for that is our astronomically toxic and shitty fan base. I love my VOLS but cannot stand the misrepresentation that our own fans put on the internet.

      1. Rob Johnson

        "We did and part of the reason for that is our astronomically toxic and shitty fan base.: What kind of bad moonshine are you drinking? The critical fans were spot on about Pruitt from day 1.

      2. Oreo Puppy dawg

        Brad Morrison try Georgia, they’ll take you

      3. Oreo Puppy dawg

        Brad Morrison you’re keeping it going so yes you’re one of the worst I’ve seen. Everyone else is fine. You should take your nasty mouth and be a fan somewhere else. We’re trying to clean house here and you need to go.

      4. Brad Morrison

        @Oreo Puppy dawg nah. I’m calling out the toxic fans. That’s not toxic. You’re probably one of em 🤷🏻‍♂️

      5. Oreo Puppy dawg

        Brad Morrison you putting out that comment made you one of them

    56. Mark Kettler

      Kind of crazy they have trouble finding a coach, Tenn is one of the programs that makes the most money nationally. You think with all the resources it would be a destination job. Maybe it is the orange uniforms? hmmmm..........

      1. Randy Reno

        Considering Haslam met White at the basketball game a few days ago, we know the problem

      2. Bryce Solomon

        It’s a certain rich family that lives in the state that tries and dictate things with the school that turns people away too.

      3. Mark Kettler

        @Weekend-Street I would agree but this is hardly the first time Tennessee has had difficulty landing one of their top choices.

      4. Weekend-Street

        Possible sanctions keeping coaches away, but maybe a blessing in disguise.

    57. Brian Benninghoff

      Softy FLOP has not even hit rock bottom yet... 4 years and Heupel will be finished and UT will once again be looking for their savior coach that will never be out in the vast wide spaces of college football. UT folks it's going to be a long time before you guys are even in the conversation for the Liberty Bowl let alone winning anything outside of personal respect. This dumpster fire is going to be burning high and bright in the midnight sky for years to come... I don't feel sorry for you one bit...you brought this on yourselves and you deserve what you asked for....a perfect coach that will never be on old softy FLOP!!!

    58. Kevin

      And they probably didn’t even bother asking Freeze. Idiots.

      1. Kevin

        @Justin Collett Freeze's previous stuff has nothing to do with the current investigation. The names that have come out that TN has contacted doesn't include Freeze.

      2. SSgt Chit E. Panz

        Freeze is far from a Saint & considering the trouble UT is in it would've been a toxic match

      3. Justin Collett

        For 1) we don’t know that they didn’t. 2) regardless, that would be the dumbest possible move since we’re under NCAA investigations.

      4. Binx 1371

        They couldn't since they are facing sanctions. Take that out and he would've been a home run

    59. Gobig Orange

      I said when they hired Fulmer as Athletic Director it would set the football program back 10 years at best and I was wrong. I want live long enough to ever see the football program be competitive again in the SEC.

      1. Rob Johnson

        @Chris Finchum You wonder if he is still welcomed in the building or if he has been asked to stay away. I wonder how many people cheered his getting the boot.

      2. Chris Finchum

        Tennessee would be better served if they kept Phillip Fulmer away from campus except on game day.

    60. Randy Reneau

      Can it be just as bad. Without any players

    61. Terry Brunk


    62. Butters The dog

      This is my favorite college football team

      1. Butters The dog


      2. Shane1124

        I feel sorry for you buddy 😂

    63. Butters The dog


    64. Chris Finchum

      Tennessee is going for the guinness book of world records,the most dummest decisions one University can make in a row.They just continue with these bonehead moves it would be hilarious if it wasn't so sad.Its official Tennessee is every teams first choice for there homecoming game.

      1. lenny the gump summers

        @Blake Pratt a loss is a loss if can be by 100 or 1 Heupel can't recruit just look at this in 2017 with Scott frost they were 2nd of aac in recruiting at 62 in heupels first year they went up to 60 in his second year they dropped from 60 to 75 this year they are at 61st so he can't really improve in recruiting so he really won't succeed if he doesn't recruit

      2. Blake Pratt

        @lenny the gump summers but all were a less then 1 score game they lost by and average of 3 points

      3. lenny the gump summers

        @Blake Pratt 6 and 4 This year it still counts

      4. Blake Pratt

        @lenny the gump summers he lost all 4 of the regular season games this past season by 12 points in total...

      5. lenny the gump summers

        @Blake Pratt It was a bad hire he inherited a 12 and 0 team and went 13 and 1 in 2018 2019 lost 3 games this year loss 4 games he sucks just like every voltard coach

    65. Zach Hicks

      Dude has loss more games every year he has been a head coach

      1. Torrey Moore

        I seen that too!

      2. redboyup23

        He's not a good coach imo he had S. Frost team that went 12-1 after that he went down every year.

      3. Zach Hicks

        @J Man shutting up isn't going to change the fact that the man isn't a good head coach and UT once again made a bad hire.

      4. J Man


    66. DeathGrinder B

      lol omg tn is done.

      1. J Man

        You done

    67. Christopher Morales

      Crazy to think anyone would take this job. It’s a recipe for utter failure unless you have a 10 year contract.

      1. jrh4lo

        They don't give 2 shits if it's a train wreck or not, they are 99% looking at their bank accounts.

    68. Fox Noel

      Ucf is a better job than UT there the largest university in the country in a major recruiting state and in a big city I would be shocked if Ucf wasn’t a power five team come next realignment and they’ve gotten closer to a natty than UT in the last decade kinda sorta winning one in 2017 Edit: and I forgot UT got sanctions 😭😭😭

      1. Fox Noel

        @Jeff Beck mistakes both of them

      2. Jeff Beck

        Obviously not..both AD and HC left to go to Knoxville...

    69. nolen1957

      The problem at Tennessee is the rogue boosters paying recruits to sign. Until they disassociate the boosters from the program nothing will change. PS. Look for the NCAA to be sniffing around UCF next.

    70. Charles Schaum

      Low is a joke

    71. Neal Borganelli

      McKenzie Milton is on his way .... there’s your QB

      1. Neal Borganelli

        Ok. Did not know that. Knights should go after Hugh freeze

      2. xt-Zane-boi

        He transfered to Florida State.

    72. LonghornsLegend

      He had the top G5 program off an undefeated season and 1 of the best QBs and he's only made that program worse. But somehow he's ready for a bigger program with tougher recruiting? They'll be doing this again in 3 years.

      1. Joe Berry

        Tennessee know they are doing mind your business

      2. Joe Berry

        I think we have the right coach hire, and the right athletes director hire.

      3. xt-Zane-boi

        Well IDK. Tennessee will put up 40 PPG but the defense will give up 35 PPG

    73. Steve Huskey

      Tennessee fans need to TEMPORARILY lower their SHORT TERM expectations. Tennessee needs to get to being a decent team before they start luring Big Fish type players. Then they can be a good team. Build some depth , then they can talk about being a great team. It will take time. But ALL OF US UT FANS EXPECT TO SEE CONSTANT IMPROVEMENT. That is NOT an unrealistic expectation. No , this wasn't a splash hire. Yes , I have some questions I'd love to know the answer to about other candidates and who.was and wasn't contacted. But - as Tennessee fans - we just have to hope for the best. He HONESTLY can't do worse than Ole' Cornbread.

      1. Randy Jordan

        @Rob Johnson TN will probably win most of its non-conference games and maybe 2 or 3 conference games this year. That should give them 4-6 wins, and that would be a great achievement considering the circumstances. But they should concentrate on rebuilding their program and their recruiting base before they worry about wins.

      2. Rob Johnson

        @Randy Jordan "TN shouldn't even worry about wins and losses for the next two years." Yeppers, 0-24 would really fly around them there parts, fer shure.

      3. Randy Jordan

        @Delta Zulu Pruitt was fired because his staff committed major recruiting violations.

      4. Thomas Dennis

        @Delta Zulu or at least slap an interim tag on Steele

      5. Delta Zulu

        Was Jeremy Pruitt really that bad? Never kept up with the Tennessee program, the fact that Heupel posted a worse record each year after UCF’s win over Auburn in a NY6 bowl makes me wonder why they didn’t just stick with Pruitt for another year.

    74. Sam M

      So, they have hired a coach who took over a group of five team three years ago and that team has proceeded to post a worse record with each year of his time there. Ohhhhh Vols, you do make me laugh. Roll Tide Roll

      1. Sam M

        @James Campbell - I do agree with the part where he was far from their first choice. Let's face it, the job is currently a career crusher.

      2. James Campbell

        This guy is a pretty good coach. With what’s going on at Tennessee, most high school coaches would turn them down.

      3. Sam M

        @Mojo Jojo - Also, real men apologize. Then again, with your PowerPuff fetish, I think that the term "real man" is probably off the table, lol.

      4. Randy Jordan

        @Mojo Jojo Bama wasn't quite as bad off as TN has been since they fired Fulmer. In the 14 years between Bama's 1992 national championship and the hiring of Saban, they won at least 8 games 7 years and at least 10 games four years. TN has had 6 losing seasons out of the last 12.

      5. SSgt Chit E. Panz

        @Mojo Jojo early 90's? Bama won a Nattie in 92'

    75. da314pcdon

      The upcoming NCAA sanctions scared everyone away. If he can't get to 7 wins by year 3 I think he'll be gone, especially with half the fan base not on board with the hire.

      1. Randy Jordan

        @Rocky1 Agreed. TN shouldn't even worry about wins and losses next season. They should work on rooting out the corruption in their culture and rebuilding recruiting contacts. Maybe by the 2nd year they can shoot for a .500 season.

      2. I’m Spartacus

        @Joshua White dude they were paying players outta McDonalds sacks.There’s gonna be sanctions

      3. Joshua White

        @real talk with mr. A ford im a vol fan and I feel the same way. I think hes going to be good

      4. Joshua White

        No one has even said that there will be ncaa sanctions

      5. Randy Jordan

        @I’m Spartacus I guarantee you that Hugh Freeze was not on the list of Tennessee's top 25 candidates.

    76. Diesel 80

      Definitely will improve on Offense. Curious how the Defense will look

      1. Bob White

        @Collin Galloway steele was let go after a couple of weeks or so at ut. now ut owes him about $900,000.

      2. Diesel 80

        Transfer portal. Not set in stone

      3. Mike

        @Weekend-Street FOH acting like the American conference is trash. Yeah SEC is way tougher but the American has atleast 4 different teams top 25 every season and usually 1 or 2 in the top 10. Better than the Pac 12

      4. DeathGrinder B

        @James Campbell of course they r thats why floridians have to claim a title for ucf right? wait a minute do we have a national title claimer?

      5. James Campbell

        @DeathGrinder B That group of 5 coach was the OC at Oklahoma in 2014 when they beat Bama in the Sugar Bowl. He was Oklahoma’s qb on the 2000 natty team. He knows a little football and he’s a winner. Tennessee’s problem isn’t who the coach is, it’s the fact that there is now no talent on the team and morale is in the tank.

    77. ScootMagoot46

      Same as Texas in Austin. They got turned down by 6 head coaches before landing on Sark. Then he got turned down by 6 defensive coordinators before landing on whoever they got.

    78. Samuel Fink

      Face it, we were a five looking for a ten. Any Tennessee fan who can’t admit that is delusional. At one point we were the hot popular girl in school, now we are the divorcee with three kids and fading looks.

      1. Rob Johnson

        @AUS10texas HOOKEM Josh has gone from a 1 loss season to 3 to 4. And just suffered UCF's worst bowl loss from a point differential (26) when he won by the most points the year before. Everything is pointing to the fact that as OLeary's and Frost's recruits have cycled out he has gotten worse but yet we're supposed trust some TX fan.

      2. AUS10texas HOOKEM

        Face it, Josh H is a 10 when your on ncaa sanctions.. His offense is absolutely explosive you guys hired the right guy sanctions or not I promise ya

      3. Rob Johnson

        "At one point we were the hot popular girl in school" and like now TN is like Neyland, dead and long gone and most of the fan base doesn't have a clue he is.

      4. Drew wilson

        That's a great analogy!

      5. Walter Savage

        @Larry Hatcher and exactly what has the greatest underachieving, overrated school of all time done?? Get outta here bullpups!! Biggest talkers & whiners in SEC. LOVE, a Bama fan

    79. :.

      As a Ucf fan I'm glad Hes gone....

      1. Kevin is Nice


      2. Magic Sam

        Phillup ondz again, no hard feelings, we wish him well. Enjoy the Heup

      3. Phillup ondz

        @Magic Sam 6-4 during an unpredictable season? 😆

      4. Magic Sam

        22trem all good, you guys enjoy Heup! We all wish him nothing but the best and are grateful for the opportunity for a fresh start

      5. Magic Sam

        Diesel 80 it’s the trend downward for us, esp how we lost. But as a fan base we are overall glad to see him go & wish him the best. This is a HUGE consolation prize for stealing our beloved AD. Thank you Tennessee

    80. Bryan Jackson

      Of course they got a lot of "NO F'N Way" from coaches!!!!!!!

    81. starstryker1

      Tennessee is the 2020 of college football teams

      1. Rob Johnson

        @starstryker1 "Last time Tennessee finished in the top 10 was checks notes TWO DECADES ago. " And even that #4 ranking stung. Beat a 2nd year Saban for a 2nd time that year and TN goes on to face Miami for the NC and guess what happened. Considered one of the worst losses in TN history considering what was on the line.

      2. kai abe

        I'm loving it

      3. David K

        @ScootMagoot46 they're not nearly as terrible as Tennesse. terrible comparison.

      4. Blake Pratt

        @starstryker1 right now Texas is a dumpster fire same with tennessee

      5. starstryker1

        @ScootMagoot46 Texas at least finished in the top 10 only a couple of years ago, and their program isn't facing sanctions. Last time Tennessee finished in the top 10 was *checks notes* TWO DECADES ago. If Texas is a dumpster fire, Tennessee is a freaking landfill fire lol