Crazy coke magic trick! (Tutorial) 🤐 #shorts

Dan Rhodes

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    Crazy trick! Don’t tell her the secret 😂 🤐

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    1. Jones Gyamfi


    2. NicolePlayz

      Amazing I’ve did this before

    3. Rosemarie Barnaby

      Wow that's great

    4. Lara Reham

      👏 wow

    5. Restu Rehan


    6. hyph ield

      He's the type of guy who thinks palm trees are a type of hand plant...

    7. hyph ield

      He's the type of guy that thinks spirit fingers are a side effect of phantom limb syndrome...

    8. hyph ield

      He's the type of to try to find a pm station on a clock radio

    9. الحربي ١١


    10. Mister JayJay

      What ? 😂

    11. Tiesha Brown

      I love the fact he never looked at the girl

    12. Glads Thomas

      SHE IS VERY CUTE 😍😍😍😍

    13. Khloe Reyes

      amizing 🤩🤩

    14. Cuong Phammanh

      70T7 991.99

    15. Ririꨄ

      The marker is on his finger💀

    16. esmerada garrido


    17. YURI\ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ\ 0_0


    18. Ay Saraツ

      Fala direito mlk

    19. FaZe septičar

      *evryone can see thats fake just why*

    20. Morgan Hamilton

      him: poppy it's time for a magic trick her: okay him: i'm gonna show you a magic trick NO WAY ITS A MAGIC TRICK???

    21. KM Wong

      Wow! You got a girl...

    22. Gülsüm araçöz


    23. Carolyn Conley

      Sit there and look pretty but she laughed also I'm the video

    24. Bree Smiley

      His finger was black

    25. Lydia Steine Bendiksen

      There is a far better version of this trick. You partially empty it by making a tiny hole, then tape over it (the hole must be tiny enough you can't see it when its taped). Then you carefully dent it in a way so that itcan be undented, and add the fake hole. Leave it anywhere, and then just pick it up and gove it a shake, letting the co2 expand, undenting it which looks like magic, and while people are distracted by that you subtly remove the fake opening. It's important that you immideatly pour out a bit so that people can't notice the lessened contens.

    26. Sheilla Civil


    27. Elsa Lopez arce

      Love Dan

    28. Aimee Langham

      Omg hi

    29. Jamila Hjeij

      It is very nice

    30. Marlasha Woodard

      She is so pretty

    31. Simyn Cristyan


    32. Kevin Nshuti

      Shhhhhhh she didnt her you

    33. Ms Singer

      He wiped on the dot and the van was never open-

    34. Jerome Pindling

      This is type of guy who show up at an event and offer the waiter water to drink

      1. Jerome Pindling

        @Khenos lmaooo

      2. McGanyu

        @Khenos Ikr

      3. Khenos

        that wasn’t funny please don’t ever try again

    35. Cardmaster99

      Will this man ever stop spilling liquids? Jesus lord almighty!

    36. Silas Ezekiels

      *Nervous fake laughing*

    37. Lama Flitty


    38. Martel S. S. Gaby

      Hiere a en un o dos minutos de juego

    39. Cedeño marcos

      Yo te conozco...

    40. Nishia James

      Is that your girlfriends

    41. Estela Silva

      Sou seu fã 😸

    42. maria Eduarda


    43. Sarika Ramnarain

      Hi love you

    44. Mars

      spiderman became a magician ?

    45. いっせい

      相手に「それ見せて」と 言われないていでいる奴


      Type of guy to use a ruler to see how long he sleeps

    47. Decimator 517

      I see

    48. Aze • Aliツ

      greetings from Azerbaijan🇦🇿

    49. White Noise


    50. ilham aja

      gua selalu ngasih fidio 👍👍👍 jempol

    51. ilham aja

      oiy bang aku orang Indonesia salam dari Indonesianya 🙏🙏🙏🙏😭😭😭😭😭🇮🇩🇮🇩🙏

    52. Kaiyah Stylez

      How do I get you off of my feed????

    53. Mr Lonely

      he drew a hole right in the cocacola slit

    54. Erika Herrera Arias

      Nadie absolutamente nadie yo tomando coca:👁👄👁

    55. Ling Rong

      It shouldve been "Poppy heer wee gugh"

    56. Rose Nkosi

      Cool but very funny there's no "he's the type of guy" comments😕

    57. yuna unnie

      she literally pretended she didn’t even hear him “sh” 💀✋

    58. Murilo hype Oliveira Dias


    59. Lisa Bristoll

      Freaking tell me please

    60. Raul G

      No mames estava pintado

    61. El AMAZON-TT

      Please put subtitles in Portuguese there are people from Brazil here

    62. arlin J. Muñoz R.

      Hyugfu bsotso sro Ghj

      1. arlin J. Muñoz R.

        Ver mi cara

      2. arlin J. Muñoz R.

        Me gustaría saber si invicto

    63. Rizzage

      She looks like Jesse tc’s gf

    64. Larita Esmalteria

      Talvez eu faça com a minha mãe ou pai kkkk

    65. nemduic

      Nobody* That guy: heee

    66. Autar Bhat


    67. E

      The real magic is the fact that he actually has a girlfriend

    68. mannfredbosch dabei


    69. Rsa Dashbbx

      I can see the marker in ur hands at the end

    70. Ali Ali


    71. Warrior cow 🐮54


    72. AC Zen

      He is the type of guy who was noticed by youtube

      1. AC Zen

        But fr, KGup actually noticed him and commented on one of his video’s.... :o

    73. Boipelo Molefi

      i love toy

    74. Ajay Singh

      Love you bro

    75. 123go

      Holly made this magictrick

    76. fesal khushaby


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      আপনি বাল

    78. EyrzyanDanisha Eyrlias

      You are...

    79. GOJIRA: The Series Shorts

      And good thinking

    80. GOJIRA: The Series Shorts

      Woooow thisss issss soooo cooool

    81. Camila Alayola Gaytan

      Pintaste la tapa. De color negro para que paresca que esta abierta

    82. Liliana Nascimento

      Quem é sua irmã

    83. Mia Alegre

      Dijo... que esta en mi coca Dijo eso

    84. ella thomas

      you can see the marker he wiped off on his hands how did she not see that

    85. akshat mishra

      He's the type of guy who can hit 11 out of 10 targets with 9 bullets

    86. Marivic Comia


    87. brenton 0p

      It wasn't empty

    88. Abdul Slam

      So nice girl

    89. Roblox Spiel_Ecrin65

      He draw the top of the coke black, safe i can do that?

    90. Andl

      He's the type of person to invite 19 people to the cinema just because it says 18+

    91. Jason Peñascosa

      Where's the he we gah, let's do this and I'm ready part?

    92. Janice De Lima


    93. meLek Adıgüzel

      oseni. seglin. 👰🤵

    94. Thxnkvibex

      I swear he just pointed his middle finger

    95. Brilynn Smith

      It sucks

    96. Me and my plushies

      Thanks for the idea because now I'm going to prank my stupid cousin when he comes over

    97. Chicken Nuggies

      Him: Here lemme just put this phone in your face and just sit there and stare into the camera! Mk? Her: *Stares into my soul through the camera* Me: DEMONS ARE REAL PPL

    98. Ariana Servin

      Ha Hah Hah Hah Hah Hah Hah Hah Hah Hah Hah Hah Hah Hah Hah Hah I don’t even know anyways she might actually know that she is fake because you can literally see a little straight or you might actually see this video as you might know this is my telling you