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    When it really comes down to it, in this video Gav is filming a vibrating stick in slow mo. However, not all sticks vibrate. Especially not as fast as this one.
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    Filmed with the Phantom V2511
    Ultrasonic Obliterator at 170,000fps - The Slow Mo Guys

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    1. judiel atienza

      wheres his partner?

    2. Toking 204

      And they say oil and water don't mix.....

    3. Ernesto Regaño Jimenez

      Vibro katana!!!!!!

    4. Luca 003

      Still love the time they take to make the sounds for a video

    5. Thandi Wolfe

      I feel like this would be a really loud way to make mayonnaise.

    6. Tomas Karl G

      U should try break bullerproof or unbrakesble glass with this

    7. Max Furman

      Can u drive a nail into wood with that?

    8. Leslie Bohanan


    9. Natasha Glaze

      It still doesnt mix. Neither will Iron and Clay. - hint

    10. noVoy

      *use this as an auto clicker*

    11. Danen Sosnore

      If that thing came in bigger and slower models, women would find a new use for it

      1. Natasha Glaze

        Plot twist. If that thing came in bigger and slower models, they would find use for women.

    12. markkens9

      You've just imaged what the dino-killer rock would have looked like on impact. Related, one of your exploding oranges is the best visualization of an exploding planet.

    13. Tan Thien Nguyen

      Ein Gerenation mit Schwächer Knochen bauen und Jugendlichen Theateraufführungen Betriebe werden zum Architektur im Bewusst haben....

    14. Ehab Kj

      "6:37 " Is there something bouncing on the top ????

    15. Scott B

      That be the best method to mix chocolate milk?

    16. Sergeant Oreo

      So sonic boosters?

    17. gabaskar 122

      Women, i know what youre thinking. Don't

    18. Owen Kirkham

      An old tektronix oscilloscope would look very interesting in high speed slow mo

    19. Nz540i M

      Does the oil and water stay mixed or does it separate over time? I figure it may stay mixed because it’s being broken up nearly at a molecular level.

    20. CT Thompson

      put it in jello

    21. greenscreen 33

      What would it do with magnetic powder on the tip?

    22. William DePender

      It would be cool to see a centrifuge separate DNA strands in slow-mo

    23. Thomas' Musings

      This may be your coolest video yet.

    24. noisywan

      That was the Big Bang of a galaxy that some bacterial organisms lived and prospered. It's already ancient history now

    25. Majin Vegeta


    26. أُسـامَـة أحـمَـد

      How can I order the device?

    27. carlu bambi

      Where did you pi k up that unit from. It's good enough for what I need to do

    28. Growth is Freedom United Earth Enterprise

      So, I wonder how many lab techs he stuck this in to...

    29. Harlow

      great video! May I suggest some sort of race of speed between lighting (electricity), bullet, glass breaking, explosion and something else probably slower. I mean all at once would be the best but some sort of race between any of these listed things would be awesome!

    30. Winter 4214

      how do u get a camera with 170k fps

    31. DropsInTheRiver

      4:15 might be one of the coolest shots on this channel. It’s so mesmerizing.

    32. plainlake

      Hackmith industries could probably make an IRL vibroblade out of this.

    33. J E R E M Y N O L A N

      Dewalt or Craftsman could sell this as a hand-held jackhammer

    34. botman7

      “This thing is a fire hazard!” ... “I wonder what will happen if I use it on my lab coat?”

    35. Piotr H

      What he did there with a cloth - amazing. We used to use "sonic guns" in a dry cleaners to break the stain on a garment. Just a bit of liquid and off you go! Good to see that process in a slomo

    36. Game Vlogs

      Where is Dan

    37. George Papiashvili


    38. som Karmakar

      Dental spining taar removal machine spins very fast

    39. Ethan Productions

      4:15 *_Mr. Stark, I don't feel so good..._*

    40. Ryad Arlan

      Ultrasonic piezo speakers 60khz Ultrasonic soldering iron 3000w

    41. pianobros

      When did gavs nose get so big? Does Dan’s cute little nose just balance it out so I haven’t noticed?

    42. StainStudio

      You should slow mo an Ultra Turrax ;)

    43. Kristoffer Lance

      I bet this thing makes amazing margaritas.

    44. Johnathon Sensing

      Could this technology be used to take down buildings that are over 120 stories tall? 🤔

    45. John Butterworth

      First thing I thought was vinaigrette in seconds.

    46. Samuel Contreras

      Why would anyone hit dislike on this video???

    47. Dmitriy L

      У парня гетерозиготные гены цвета глаз с неполным доминированием гена карего цвета. Зеленые глаза с коричневыми пятнами. Интересный экземпляр...

    48. MEvans023

      Would it be worth trying to do one of those things that they put the vial of blood in at the hospital, that spins rounds really fast? I don't know the name/function, apologies.

    49. topsy kretts

      not done with the video yet but 3:18 just broke my brian for a moment...

    50. Danish Gaming

      5:04 this part is like galaxy

    51. lecotatuta ofisial

      why this camara works more than my brain?

    52. codemiesterbeats

      This is pretty fascinating it's like just shake something until it basically comes apart at the atomic level lol

    53. Trevor Jenks

      Could you guy(s) do a close up of a chainsaw chain cutting through wood, always been super curious of seeing it up close and slowed downed

    54. juma Abu Nasser

      very interesting experiment

    55. Wojtek Reszka

      Could you try with different fluids? Like milk or eggs? Also a gasoline would be probably very dangerous but the ignition reaction with this thing could be interesting. Ps: I love your content

    56. exel001

      what about to drill concrete with such ultrasonic perforator? would that be a good approach?

    57. diegogmx2000

      Sampling theorem, unless you want aliasing you need to sample at least at twice the frequency of the object you ate recording, therefore in the first shot the aliased frequency would be around 1500hz

    58. Seth Bettwizilch

      oil+water congrats, you nearly made mayonnaise.

    59. RIDGELAKE101

      I literally turned my data on to comment about all the hair he forgot to wipe off his shirt after he shaved .lmao

    60. Leo Powell

      I am quite sure that if Dan was there, Gav would have tried that thing on his skin, just to see what it would do. 😆

    61. Bobhamburger

      Is that the same as a sonic 300 dismembrator?

    62. Bald Man

      It would be interesting to see this modified into a knife, and tried on a stab vest.

    63. Acid Reign

      well, now we know how to mix my mornin' coffee

    64. jorgbjorne


    65. Spirit Healer

      I wonder if theres anything you could detect with an mri or ct scanner? Magnets might not be great close to camera though lol

    66. Smiley TeK

      Whoa! I could use one to mix up my chocky milk! Off to Amazon.... $800+.. Nevermind. Guess I'll keep using a spoon 😁.

    67. WKY 044

      Maybe something similar like a dome tweeter vs a cone tweeter to see how the different shapes react.

    68. Gero Nimo

      Video Suggestion: Gemstones in Slowmotion. Moving about, the light reflecting in those intricate patterns and veins. I think it'd be a pretty thing to observe in a more comprehensible speed thank you for reading, have a nice day

    69. Rizki Gabut

      My science teacher just bullsh*t

    70. T G

      Put your finger on it! I'm just sayin what we're all thinkin.

    71. French Onion

      Gav rocking the Keith Buckley look I dig it

    72. Toni Džaja

      Use it on glass.

    73. Sep Fitz

      I bet this couldn't mix nesquik into almond milk

    74. Flame Sama

      How about using it on meat, like a strip of bacon, to simulate what touching it to skin would do?

    75. Hugh Williams

      I've never seen motion blur in footage from a Phantom before.

    76. dirnea Bogdan

      girls watching this👁👄👁 i want that thing

    77. Cheydinal

      I really, really just want to see the long footage of the oil and water mixing, and everything being completely stationary and moving ultra slowly, like mountains, except the tip of the thing

    78. OTM Productions

      idk why but i wanted him to try it on a tooth :)

    79. EOL

      Netflix: Are you watching Someones daughter: 7:48

      1. EOL

        8:17 *

    80. Michał Kovalsky

      8:39 😅

    81. Gebos

      Having watched most if not all of your videos, this was by far the most surprisingly interesting one. What a great idea for an episode.

    82. Kasper

      5:08 While Gavin is having a casual chuckle about the water droplets being sucked back in, an entire civilization of tardigrades are suffering the wrath of a Roland Emmerich movie. 😥

    83. Pixel Therapy

      Would love to see an ultrasonic humidifier as well, some of those operate around 1.7MHz

    84. pylon500

      After trying the wood, I thought it would be interesting to see what it does against various other materials? Lead, aluminium, copper, steel, tungsten, concrete, glass, diamond? How about some non-newtonian goo? What sort of current could it generate against any of the piezo crystals?

    85. Cool Bro

      Speaking of which, I would really want to see what the atoms look like in slow motion, because it jiggles its electron 9,192,631,770 times in a single second. Ohhhhh, right, too fast

    86. TheRandomGuy

      Here is something to try: Record something in super slow motion Edit someone (at normal speed) into the video Now it looks like one of those super-speed slow motion scenes

    87. Evil Bastage

      Now that you have better equipment you should re-visit the molotov cocktails.

    88. Trevor Seals

      Can you guys film an HID xenon headlamp bulb in slow mo? From what I hear they are a bunch of tiny lightning bolts a second

    89. Corentin T

      4:40 makes me think of a Jackhammer

    90. ars273

      Okay, but what if you made a sword out of one of those things?????

    91. Elegant W

      Magnifying glass 👌

    92. ToJo Audio

      what would be cool would be a super slow video of those cattail water reeds expanding

    93. Bethany Collins

      The cut bail ganguly fry because actor holly own under a torpid sink. left, false familiar famous ground

    94. Will Jackson

      Can you use it to shatter glass? Or what if you put it in a cup of syrup or sand?

    95. SamWize Ganji

      8:55 if you cut a air channel in the wood, you could totally start a fire

    96. Christopher Hope

      Would that ignite fuel?

    97. Brooke Murray

      The ablaze behavior nutritionally land because crush spontaneously smell as a brawny aftermath. pricey, glistening glorious cougar

    98. Colin 4sECs BOo c

      Ohh I was wondering where dan was

    99. jacob derosa

      Try it on glass. Or plastic

    100. Rani Z

      You should do slow mo popular chemical reactions