Bassmaster LIVE at 2018 Classic- Sunday


12 миӊ. көрүүлөр5

    Watch the full six hours of Bassmaster LIVE at the 2018 Bassmaster Classic on Lake Hartwell.
    Archives for more recent events are on and will be added to KGup later.

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    1. Joe Taylor

      I love the footage but it's sorry they wasn't on the leader and current champion. And even Matt... what was the reason for showing JC and GMan all day? Love them two but just curious

    2. rich galbraith

      Worst format ever please don't do again. We know you don't catch fish every cast but in tv don't want to watch cast after cast on multi screen of pros doing it. Highlights Mayb a few empty casts bit come on. Just my opinion won't be watching this again if it's over an hr again my opinion

    3. Richard De Boer

      Pitty quality of the footage, good great internet speed and high q screen. Lets get real we'are in 2018 that must and can be better 😣😣😣


      Off the hook

    5. Kenny B

      Someone should make a video on what you have to do be become a bass master

      1. D25864

        @Lamar Cantrell 😂😂😂 I been trying for 30

      2. Lamar Cantrell

        I've been working on it for about 53 years and every time I think I've got it, the Bass take my degree away.

      3. michael shoffner

        KVD and the G man have made of few videos that you may want to check out

      4. kvdbssmstr

        Lots of money plus skill. but lots of moneyyyy

    6. Kenny B

      I love this

    7. UTMike

      Hope BASS makes the changes necessary to stay in the game. Been a member for many years.