Finding Out We're Pregnant | Sadie Robertson Huff and Christian Huff's Pregnancy Story!

Sadie Robertson

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    We're Pregnant! If you didn't already know -- we are expecting a baby! We wanted to share our pregnancy story on how we found out we are pregnant, and wanted to answer some questions about baby Huff. Watch the whole video to find out the step by step story of what was happening when we found out we're going to have a baby, how I revealed the baby news to Christian, and how we made the pregnancy announcement to our family and friends! - xo, Sadie
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    Video Chapters:
    - Were we trying? 00:29
    - Were we surprised? 00:39
    - Were we in quarantine? 00:43
    - How we found out: 01:37
    - Sadie had a dream: 04:19
    - Sadie took a pregnancy test: 05:14
    - Positive Pregnancy Test: 05:30
    - Praising God: 05:54
    - Christian drew a picture: 06:38
    - Sadie Reveals the Baby News to Christian: 07:40
    - Christian's reaction to the positive pregnancy test: 08:19
    - Telling Sadie's Mom and Dad they're pregnant: 09:39
    - Telling Christian's Mom and Dad they're pregnant: 10:30
    - Who had the best reaction? 11:13
    - Christian tells his brother, Chance, they're pregnant: 11:32
    - Gender predictions ~ Leave a Comment: 12:42
    - Who will the baby look like? Leave a Comment: 12:57
    - Video and Photo Montage: 14:10
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    Sadie Robertson, first introduced to the world as a star of A&E’s Duck Dynasty and ABC’s Dancing with the Stars, recognized she could be a positive voice to those in need of an inspiring presence in their lives. At the age of twenty-two, she’s become one of the most prominent voices of her generation. Sadie’s passion is to speak, to write, and to encourage. She is a sister and friend to more than five million followers on her various social platforms, which she sees as a direct line of communication to her peers.
    Sadie’s creative and entrepreneurial spirit has helped her become a 'New York Times Best Selling Author', and launch her Live Original brand, which speaks to millions across her various platforms, including KGup, social media, the Live Original blog, LO Fam Community, the Live Original tour, and her Whoa That’s Good podcast.
    Additionally, Robertson has long poured her heart into philanthropic efforts. She has loved partnering with Roma Boots, Help One Now, World Vision, and the World Food Program over the last few years. To date, Robertson has been able to be a voice and agent of change in many countries, including Peru, Somalia, Moldova, and the Dominican Republic.
    Sadie is newly married to the man of her dreams, Christian Huff, and is looking forward to continuing to learn what it means to truly live and celebrate in every moment of life.

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    1. Courtney Gray

      Is there a gender reveal video? I want to see how excited y'all were about it being a girl!

    2. Ms lucky Charm

      I didn't even know that she got married and damn she going to die down here she don't grew up wow what time does fly

    3. Nate Sargent

      I just remember YEARS ago watching duck dynasty, I was sad when the show ended

    4. Emily Dunbar


    5. Ash Pasch

      You are so cute I mean honestly I'm serious y'all are so cute and I hope y'all stay together I really do and I'm happy for y'all having a new baby coming and you have a really good family and I know all families have their squabbles and this and that and the other but if you're Christian and believe in God at the end of the day you will come together and forgive and love each other and stand by one another and that's why I love the Robertson family you said such a good example for Americans and our families here together and that's what it's about being together and staying together congratulations on your new baby coming God bless all of you stay safe and healthy and well.

    6. AddieJ

      Sadie I saw your happy birthday video I’m very happy

    7. Dani Woodmansee

      Taking care of a child will very hard , but I believe you can do it .

    8. handsome dan

      I wish Trending would put this on the front page, this channel is soo much better than all the other channels they promoted

    9. Tammy Manuel

      A beautiful baby boy with green blue eyes and dark like your Cajun cousins!

    10. Danielle Wilkinson

      Hi there and CONGRATULATIONS! I work for the show "9 Months with Courteney Cox" and we would love to hear more about your store. Participants are paid. If you are interred in hearing more send an email to:

    11. Sunny Wells

      Hey Sadie! I own a maternity boutique. I pm’d you on Instagram! Would love to send you a dress if you’re doing maternity photos! So excited for you! I look forward to hearing from you! 💖

    12. Allegresse Ngoy


    13. April Wolfie

      Congrates to the two of u its so cool :-)

    14. Hadley Idleman

      Girl- green

    15. Hadley Idleman

      This is kinda late but. So happy for you guys!!! 🍼❤️

    16. Host Mo Berry

      Congrats! Enjoyed you speaking @FC this past Sunday. To be so young, you offered up a lot of wisdom, loved that "5 seconds of uncomfortable save you a lifetime of regret."

    17. Carol Schifilliti


    18. Jessica Chilll

      I'm calling it... Baby girl will be a spitting image of Sadie and her brother. The genes are strong with this one... in baby yoda's voice. 😍 Congratulations from Tennessee. Lol btw my sons name is Christian Robertson.... too funny! But an even freakier thought... his dad's side of the family are Robertson's from Monroe, Louisiana. Hey yall are probably related 😊

    19. TorpedoLynn

      I also get dreams sometimes even short ones when awake of what is going to happen and they happen. I am a Church Of Christ Christian most of my Life.

    20. Lisa Hughes

      I love you to pieces but girl, you need to let your hubby talk some of the time. You talk so fast and he can’t get a word in.. Happy for you both tho.

    21. Shiy Janke

      Congrats 🎈🎊 Happy for you guys. Boy, blonde hair, brown eyes


      Still pretty weird. Bet daddO is gna be pEEEUhsT

    23. Jessie Smith

      I am SO excited for you guys!😀

    24. Ashley Argo

      A girl

    25. Shawnette Zaccaria

      Congrats Sadie! Blessings and prayers!!!❤

    26. anna noel


    27. Martha Thomas

      I love them sm already like imagine their baby I'm so so excited I can'ttt

    28. G Goble

      I think you might have a baby girl with green eyes, and light brown hair👶🏻

    29. G Goble


    30. Debbie Ford

      Congratulations 🎈🎉🎊

    31. Stacey Nelson

      Girl, brown eyes 😊👚👜👡

    32. Rick Angel

      A girl

    33. Diana Guzman 3


    34. Anyonomus a

      Everybody start praying powerful prayers, and continue to do all the way to Supreme Court decision. See Peniel Gnonde's video about this: And also, if you have time check out Michael Yeager's channel too.

    35. Sophia Grey

      Girl green eyes

    36. skatie Lynn

      not mature enough to have a child

    37. Angela Frantz

      I think it is a girl honestly.

    38. Mmampe Khumalo

      SOOOOOO excited for you guys! The LORD be with you and watch over you.

    39. Esmer Gonzalez

      Their baby is going to be so beautiful! 😭😭❤️

    40. Geraldine Baranal

      A boy! Like Jesus! Hihi. I'm so happy for you both! I want to meet you in person!

    41. cheerlife93

      I think a girl!🤗

    42. the flip show

      I remember when I used to watch duck dynasty I used to think you were so hot and I still do

    43. Michael Kuhn

      Wow you don't feel you have the RIGHT to KILL it like these abortion women. Yes it is a human NOW.

    44. VIRGELEY P.

      Smiled the entire time ☺️💕

    45. Susan Dawson

      STOP SAYING “LIKE”!!!!

    46. Jason Eastham

      We'll atleast we all know what happens when a man and woman have sex now!! 🙄 Maybe nobody will Ever be Surprised again when they find out their having a baby after having sex....Who would've ever known!???

    47. uttam mollick

      Greetings in Christ name from Bangladesh , God bless you

    48. Martha Rivera

      Congrats!! 💛💛💛

    49. Emma Elise

      Bro I always eat alot 😂

    50. Kelly Garland

      So happy for you both! Babies really are the biggest blessings from the Lord!! I'm team girl & brown eyes!

    51. Whitney Adams

      Shes grown into a wise lady. She looks so happy! Congrats to the two. (Waking up hungry while pregnant is a crazy feeling.)

    52. Jessica Nickles

      Your going to have a boy and he is going to look like both of you

    53. John Smith

      You got married 5 months ago and now your already...pregnant

    54. rhett mclaughlin

    55. Brandi Birchett

      Girl 💗

    56. rhett mclaughlin

    57. rhett mclaughlin

    58. rhett mclaughlin

    59. Cailin Ward

      this baby is the luckiest baby in the entire world. you two are the most incredible loving humans on this planet and this baby is so blessed to be made perfectly just for y’all by God💗

    60. Hope Ray


    61. Matt LeFait Music

      So cool guys! Congrats from Canada!

    62. Clarice Bechara


    63. The RA

      If you're reading this, you can read.

    64. Danielle Calder


    65. Dena Byrne

      Yes! Gods timing is always right on time 👍 I think boy 👦🏻

    66. greg higgendottom

      It doesn't matter as long as it's healthy.

    67. Debbie Lyn


    68. Pam Bell


    69. rhett mclaughlin

    70. Mara Doran

      bet it’s twins

    71. chase toliver

      I think boy

    72. Samantha Champion

      Boy for sure. Brown eyes.

    73. Ashley Renee Vlogs

      Awww Congratulations!

    74. Danielle Troutman

      And then I wa like wha.... yeah so then I was like wha.... and I was like wha.... wha

    75. Elise Morariu

      its a girl but only God knows :)))

    76. Journey Lynne

      Why do I feel like she talks like Jojo Siwa but grown up 😂😂😂

    77. ida alessandrini

      I’m not a breakfast girl I’m a dinner girl

    78. Lindsey Kuruc

      i guess i be pregnant too bc i always be eatin like that

    79. Toya Jones

      Boy and girl !! twins would be awesome

    80. Toya Jones

      So excited for y’all congratulations

    81. allmomdoes


    82. Terri Backhaus


    83. Terri Backhaus

      How did you not know you missed periods

    84. Terri Backhaus

      I really like you both...Sadie....please talk slower and try to stop mushy mouthing

    85. Koralee Kahika

      I love being surprised by the gender at the birth...I have 5 children and always loved not knowing what I was having. I have 1 girl and 4 boys...all little children are blessings as your child will be to you. Congratulations to you both all the way from New Zealand!

    86. Valerie Livesnaturally

      Congratulations! 💕 A child is such a blessing! I encourage you to research vaccines! It’s always better to research what you’re injecting into your child BEFORE you vaccinate, rather than deal with vaccine injury after. Vaccine injury is real, not rare. Take it from me- I was vaccine injured & only found out later in life, & became a Certified Vaccine Education Specialist. Here are some websites to start your research: Here are some Instagram accounts to check out: @theaulaniproject @circleofmamas @believemothers @detoxiskey @childrenshealthdefense @learntherisks @theyspeaktruth @justiceforevee @informedmothers @teamcrunchy Here are some documentaries to watch: * A Shot In the Dark * Vaxxed: from cover-up to catastrophe * Vaxxed 2: The peoples truth Great books to look into: * Miller's Review of Critical Vaccine Studies: 400 Important Scientific Papers Summarized for Parents and Researchers by Neil Z. Miller * The Unvaccinated Child: A Treatment Guide for Parents and Caregivers by Eli Camp, ND, DHANP Please educate yourselves! Research, don’t regret! Read the vaccine package insert provided online by the CDC! Vaccines go directly against God’s word; they contain aborted human fetal cells, tissues, and DNA, and various animal cells, tissue, and DNA. And Ps, the vitamin K shot is NOT just a vitamin, it contains neurotoxins, carcinogens, and mutagenic ingredients. This vaccine also can cause anaphylactic shock, gasping syndrome, jaundice and severe peanut allergies. Much love to you both, and happy researching! God bless❤️🙏🏼

    87. Tammy Peve

      Brown eyed blonde haired little boy with dimples!

    88. Delphinal Enosatie Akhator

      Congratulations Sadie🥳.

    89. Margaret Funk

      I'v been praying for y'all! And I hope baby is all healthy and strong! Aww little baby Huff!💟

    90. Geli Agosto

      I think it’ll be a boy but I hope for a girl.

    91. bit of everything

      I eat so much. Im pretty much a pig and my husband hasnt ever said a word. He has no right too. Its my choice what and when i eat. Im so thankful. Dont comment on what she eats shes had an eating disorder. Eating a burger and fries is normal thats why theirs combos.

    92. Amilya Nutter

      Hey so I have been a big fan of yours and your family since I was 8 and I love y’all so much and I’m so happy for you. God has many plans and everything will be okay in the end! Congratulations 🎉🎊🎈👣🤱🏼

    93. JB Bau


    94. Chad London

      Who cares your having a baby

    95. Ivy Leaf

      Congrats!!! 🤍 🎉

    96. Katie O.

      My heart is saying boy but either way hoping and praying for a healthy baby for y’all. Sadie has been a huge role model for a lot of my teenage years & I was overjoyed with y’all’s engagement then marriage & now OHHHH BABY ❤️💙

    97. Ron88909


    98. Kimberley Madden

      A girl with brown eyes, Christian's nose and hair, but Sadie's personality. Lace up your sneakers! You will be busy, busy, busy parents. Congratulations!

    99. Charlene Sikes

      Girl with brown eyes

    100. Dason Mouser