37 year old Angel Leaves Viewers in Tears After A Stunning Performance


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    Former Coronation Street actress Rachael Wooding has wowed the Britain's Got Talent judges and left viewers in tears.
    The 37-year-old star returned to the small screen on Saturday with the aim of using her musical talents to wow the judges - and that she did.
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    1. ken newbold


    2. David Hinson

      I have watched Rachel perform this song at least a couple of dozen times. I shed tears every time! Rachel Wooding should be famous from that performance

    3. JVinCC

      "Made me feel very vulnerable". That is such an amazing compliment and so true.

    4. Stella Sutton

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      1. Big D from Aberdeen


    5. Louise Sanchez

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    6. Kim D

      I think I listen to this about 10 times a week at night just because it makes me smile and its so amazing 👏👏💐💐

    7. James Ducey

      So wonderful and special. Go mom!

    8. Freddie Montanez

      I love this song. Second time watching it,because this lady sings beautiful ❤️.

    9. Shiragha Ehsanzade

      I love she's voice

    10. Facts4Reel

      I have listened to it many, many times. It is one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard and sung by a beautiful angel. A masterpiece.

    11. martin coomber

      You can see Simon thinking, oh no, musical theatre, over dramatic songs etc

    12. Jessica SCENTSY

      What is the name of this song

    13. tsg

      Besides good voice, mesmerizing singing,what I felt was she must be a very good hearted person. God Bless her and the little one.

    14. Anne Perry

      She should sing for Disney!!!😊

    15. Donald Coday

      She is fantastic.I could listen to her all day.great preformance.

    16. Pranvera Konushevci

      Omg I’m gonna stop ✋ watching this show man always gets me 😢 so many talented ppl

    17. hidesertmusic

      An amazing heartfelt performance. Her control of her vibrato is stunning. I believed every word she sang, plus she is humble and , I keep coming up with the word true. I’ve watched this many times and I feel the same way every time. Great job!

    18. Warren Mundell

      I have heard other great singers like her, sadly their age is against them. It seems the young 10 to 20 year olds get all the attention.

    19. Simon Wang

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    20. Mary Clough

      Fantastic singer supadupa

    21. winder zhao

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    22. David Cook

      This young lady makes me feel the words of that song. She truly does sing like an angel. BRAVO!!! 😊🌹👍👍

    23. Bellatrix Lestrange

      She deserved the golden buzzer

    24. Tammy Taylor


    25. TAXCOLLECTOR2017

      Nailed it. Beauty.

    26. J S

      Amazing! She doesn’t even need a sob story to be breathtaking! She does it in her own!

    27. Lynn Smith

      Sounds like a song that should be in a Disney movie.

    28. Arif Karakaya

      What song is this?

    29. Erica Hendry

      Such a pure voice ❣️

    30. The Duckling Homestead and Gardens

      I've probably watched this 100 times and I will likely watch it 1,000,000 times over again...and every time I watch it I get MASSIVE chills over my entire body and I cry!!!! Not only is her voice amazing and beautiful as is she as a person, Mom and wife, but she brings her emotions she feels as she sings that song through and one cannot help but be touched IF they have ever loved anyone at all in their life!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Bruno Mortensen

        Me too, I admit I'm a softie - I absolutely love her

      2. Bob M

        Me too

    31. Moms Daily Agenda

      Wow pure talent amazing voice! She sounds a little like Laura Branigan. Strong voices 👍💕

    32. kani fuker

      Nope, no tears here. NEXT!!!!

    33. J D

      The UK produces some Beautiful human beings

    34. Brian Hoffman

      Like I told my daughter.,I knew your mother,.. enough said.. but dam you look like me.? I'm the father your mother took to hell... love you daughter...dad

    35. Catherine J. Kane

      Simon could have stood up. He can't sing like that.

    36. Bill Hillerich

      An Angel..... here on earth.

    37. Victoria Seymour

      Absolutely amazing.. beautiful voice

    38. cummings103

      I lost my son...my only child to PTSD...this brought tears to my eyes..

      1. Andrew G

        @cummings103 thanks 🙂

      2. cummings103

        @Andrew G I hope you get the help you need..stay strong...

      3. Andrew G

        Sorry for your loss. I basically lost my brother to ptsd and indirectly Covid 3 weeks ago and this made me think of him as well. I suffer from ptsd or c-ptsd as well. May you heal from your loss on some capacity even though your heart might always be slightly broken forever.

      4. Erica Hendry

        I'm so sorry for your loss xx

      5. Dee Brown

        @M M 💔😢🙏😘

    39. Jason Adams

      O God bless u my Lord 🙏🏽

    40. Terri

      Loved it ❤️

    41. Krauser Romanov

      I thought it was iJustine at first glance and thought she was going to pull some tech reviews. lol

    42. Leonard Shevlin

      Making noise while someone is singing or playing an instrument is the height of rudeness. The audiences mar all of these shows.

    43. Stacie Ahnne

      Wow! What a voice! Wish I could sing like that! I've even heard children with that kind of voice also, but she sings like a true angel!

    44. Courtney Pepper

      I’m crying

    45. Aisling Schweiger

      Why do people go crazy only when singers hit those raspy belted out notes? Theres more to singing than that.

    46. Myboys ACA

      Bob Marshall said it best! For me, ABBA’s “The Winner Takes it All” as the background music tops it off. Wow, what a voice and song choice!

    47. Juan Trujillo

      Seriously - I could listen to her all day

    48. honey 24

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    49. Annette Frazier

      The Winner Takes It ALL🔥

    50. Breakfast Club

      this song was freaking awesome and then we have rap, that is not even music. Its awesome to see a song move a crowd like that.

    51. Robert Organ

      I cry every time i watch this...beautiful

    52. Mia fio


    53. Bobby Jones

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    54. Rosalie Caliendo

      What a beautiful voice she has.♥️♥️

    55. Colerain Fan

      What a likable person, and lotsa talent!

    56. Heather Vargas


    57. hozzter Ostinen

      WTF, could honestly be the best singer i have EVER heard. WTF

    58. Bela

      37? Oh my.

    59. Monique Wallace

      Beautiful voice

    60. Tim Turner

      I have never heard this song before but she brought me to tears and does every time I hear her sing that song!! Beautiful beautiful lyrics and voice God bless you sweetheart

    61. Outside View

      Ok, what is the message in this song. Did her husband leave her ?

    62. G Pa

      I keep coming back to listen, and such an Beautiful Angelic singer's! We've been entertained by a Angel!

    63. husam derbala

      I don't see any one with Tears

    64. PurestReflection - Relax - Meditate - Heal

      Very warm personality. A mother and a woman who demonstrate style and class. I'd like to have known her in person. 200 well-done girl.

    65. Weaponized math

      Does anyone know the song playing In The background during her interview

    66. dave berry

      she is good, you cannot disagree really, nice to see, pure talent,

    67. camp Rich

      In people's views U need to be between the age 16 and 23 to be a perfect fit in those musical additions. Isn't that funny? Just because she said she's 37 years old. They all got reacted over that. even the so called unprofessional judges got a face about her age. What kind of world are we living in? The same reactions went for Susan Powell when she auditioned for that show because she was a certain age. Simon had something smart to say about that too. But guess what? She left them with their mouthes shut for making stupid assumptions.

    68. Max Kellerman

      One of the greatest performances ever on BGT!

    69. Holly Boyd

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    70. Iz Ro

      Wow!! 💖

    71. gigi lauv

      She really captured everyone's attention. Her voice is captivating honestly. Perfect silence indeed

    72. Will Ruha

      Lovely. So simple, sweet and sincere.

    73. Narda Karinna Muñoz Suárez

      What's going on with the face when she says how old she is? That means that if you are close to your 40s you are done? You are not longer talented? Just "young people" have the right to do it??! I think she is young and has the right of singing and having a career. She is awesome and talented!!!!!

    74. Dennis Ryan

      Such a sweetheart! Soo lovely!

    75. Fred Pettis

      What a Voice! Pure and clear tone, and a Vibrato that melts the Heart!

    76. Nancy Barber DaBaglady

      Very beautiful

    77. fran waltis

      Que d'émotions elle sait nous faire passer , un grand et authentique talent

    78. Gina Donnoe

      What is the name of this song?

    79. Rob

      She is so cute, but this song is so terrible. I don't understand why people keep singing this flat and boring song on these shows.

    80. Bruce Lee

      Epic performance. 👏👏👏👏👏

    81. rubyhunternc

      They never mentioned the name of the song. I know it's from a play but what play? What's the name of the song? If they said it I wouldn't know because of their English accents I may have missed it.

    82. paul cadman

      superb !

    83. Jaco Van Vuuren

      Can some one please tell me the name of the song.

    84. Christy Denney

      Omg how fantastic, so deserving Rachel you’re amazing

    85. Edward Katnik

      Beautiful voice, Beautiful song, Beautiful person. In my opinion better then 90% of the recording artist that are out there.

    86. Robert gray


    87. Isaac Pena

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    88. liz madson

      2021 Mar 3 your voice is brilliant and thought provoking 🙏🏻

    89. Debra Blake

      Bob Marshall ......COULDNT AGREE MORE ! ❤ GOOSE BUMPS🎵

    90. Emily Grace

      I can't even count how many times I've come back to this video and watched this. I LOVE this video. LOVE hearing her sing. Love all the antics between her and the judges. Just adorable.

    91. S. E.

      Effortless. Her voice is absolutely stunningly, crystal-clearly, Effort-less. That is so, So rare. Amazing. 03.03.21 Wed. 19:00ish

    92. 5 Whole Minutes

      I can’t believe that 8K gave her the thumbs down. What is wrong with them?

    93. Nsnci Love

      She should have defiantly got the gold button for some of the ones I seen get the gold button she should have had it hands down God bless congratulations really excellent job u have a voice that is even so far beyond amazing even there is no words or actions that could b any where close enough on how awesome that was Jesus loves everyone and u deserve hand down to make it well I will keep u in my prayers God bless and Jesus loves all and it's his father and our father to who blessed u with such a outstanding voice so don't 4 get to thank him 👍🙏👍🙏👍🙏👍🙏👍

    94. Lance Emond

      When she hits the chorus. Or whatever...omg I watch it over and over.

    95. Elaine Ng

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    96. Diane Robinson

      She is outstanding, bloody awesome. I’ve watched this video a lot, because of how humble she is. AMAZING 🤩

      1. Diane Robinson

        She’s can SING, someone pick her up, amazing 🤩

    97. Tatiana Poltavets

      Wow! Tearing up listening... She's amazing!!!👍

    98. jewel Of the Isle


      1. Fred Johnson

        Am Fred from San Jose CA, it’s been cold and windy lately here but it’s getting better now.. How about you dear..??

      2. Fred Johnson

        @jewel Of the Isle smiles...thanks Same from here too

      3. jewel Of the Isle

        Australia 🇦🇺 sees you ❤️

      4. Fred Johnson

        Hello dear❤️....I hope you are having a beautiful day..??

    99. Barry Caminiti

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    100. Gerda Muller

      How is it even POSSIBLE that 8.1 K people do not LIKE this? What is WRONG WITH THE WORLD??????? She is beautiful inside & out with the most ANGELIC voice I've heard in a long time! BEAUTIFUL!!!!!